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F Rating 2 & 3 Hr (See Item 2)

T Rating 2 & 2-3/4 Hr (See Item 2)

1. Floor or Wall Assembly Min 4-1/2 in. thick reinforced lightweight or normal weight (100-150
pcf) concrete floor or min 5 in. thick reinforced lightweight or normal weight concrete wall. Wall
may also be constructed of any UL Classified Concrete Blocks*. Max diam of opening is 7 in.
See Concrete Blocks (CAZT) category in the Fire Resistance Directory for names of

2. Through Penetrants One nonmetallic pipe to be installed either concentrically or eccentrically

within the firestop system for used in closed (process or supply) or vented (drain waste or vent)
piping systems. The annular space between pipe and periphery of the opening shall be min 0 in.
(point contact) to max 1/2 in. Pipe to be rigidly supported on both sides of the floor or wall
assembly. The following types and sizes of nonmetallic pipes or conduit may be used.
Pipe Type Nom Diam, [in.] F Rating [hr] T Rating [hr]
PVC, ABS or FRPP 1-1/2 to 2 3 2-3/4
PP 1-1/2 to 2 3 3
PVC, ccPVC, ccABS or FRPP 3 to 4 2 2
PP 3 to 4 3 2-3/4
ABS, CPVC or Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit++ 6 2 2

3. Firestop System The firestop system shall consist of the following:

A. Firestop Device* Collar Collar to be installed in accordance with the accompanying
installation instructions. Collar to be installed and latched around pipes such that collar
completely overlaps periphery of opening. Collar secured to underside of floor or both
sides of wall with min 3/16 in. diam by min 1-1/4 in. long steel expansion. Min of two, three
or four anchor bolts, symmetrically located, for nom 2 in. diam (or smaller), nom 3 in. diam
and nom 4 and 6 in. diam pipes, respectively.
Passive Fire Protection Partners Plastic pipe Collar (PPC) 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 6.0

09/16 (1)
Continued C-AJ-2324

B. Packing Material Min 4 in. thickness of min 4 pcf mineral wool batt insulation firmly
packed into opening as a permanent form, flush with bottom surface of floor assembly or
both sides of wall. Packing material to be recessed from top surface of floor or both
surfaces of wall assembly to accommodate the required thickness of fill material.
C. Fill Void or Cavity Material* Sealant Min 1/2 in. thickness of fill material applied within
annulus, flush with top surface of floor or both surfaces of the wall assembly. At point
contact location between penetrant and periphery of opening, an additional 1/2 in. diam
bead of fill material shall be applied at the concrete penetrant interface on top surface of
floor assembly.
Passive Fire Protection Partners 3600EX, 4800DW

* Bearing the UL Classification Mark

++ Bearing the UL Listing Mark
** Tested in accordance to Canadian Code Requirements for closed (supply) piping systems. Not tested
to 50 Pa pressure differential as required by Canadian Code Requirements for combustible DWV pipe.

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