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12/9/2017 Written statement in divorce petition

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Written statement in divorce petition

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Milap Choraria (Querist)

22 May 2012

Dear Experts,
When my daughter-in-law failed to black mail me by filing few criminal cases, with false allegation of
Dowry Payment, then in 2009 she filed Divorce Petition against my son.
I on behalf of my son prepared instruction for lawyers to prepared Written Statement, detailing
therein all the facts regarding her blackmailing activities, cruelties etc, which started from the 3rd
day of marriage.
My advocate suggested that proving of the allegations levelled in the Divorce Petition are the legal
duty of your daughter-in-law, so we need not to mention all such detailed facts. Accordingly he
prepared a Written Statement, with very gist of the fact.
Now she has recorded her evidence and accorrding to our lawyer she failed to prove any of her
allegations, and my advocate not raised any questions, which could have with regarding to aforesaid
Criminal Cases or which could prove that desertion and cruelties were committed by her, not by my
son, as such I changed lawyer, because he allowed closure of her evidence.
My new Lawyer suggesting that my earlier stand was correct, by which we should have referred
detail facts in Written Statement, so we can make further cross examination.
Kindly suggest me, after closure of cross, how Written Statement can bee amended? 1/3
12/9/2017 Written statement in divorce petition


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22 May 2012

Dear Mr.Milap,
Again today you have changed the thread,continue in your previous thread

Milap Choraria (Querist)

22 May 2012

If Ld. Expert could have read the contents of my queestiions regarding both the matters, than he
could have realise that I have asked different questtions?

Shonee Kapoor (Expert)

02 June 2012

There is no bar in putting questions beyond your WS in cross.


Shonee Kapoor

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