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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish Oil



pregnancy and women's health www. Find accurate and free articles on use Order online for discount prices.totalconcepti on.com www.com scribd.ehpsalmonoil .com IndianWomensHealth.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 2/17 .30/08/2010 Pregnancy Ivf alternative Premium Salmon Oil Sale pregnancy week by week At home conception package easy to Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil Softgels.

com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 3/17 .30/08/2010 Pregnancy scribd.

 Lower brain DHA levels are associated with cognitive deficits and increased behavioral indicators of anxiety.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 4/17 . 8 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A.30/08/2010 Pregnancy Fish Oil supports a child’s future  A Scandinavian study found that children born to mothers who had taken cod liver oil (2 tsp/day) during pregnancy and lactation had higher IQs than those born to mothers who had taken the corn oil placebo Pediatrics 2003. aggression. and depression in children Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2006.75:329–349.111:39-44.ppt 4/23/07 8 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils scribd.

and her reserves will remain low for 9–12 months after delivery unless her diet is supplemented Shorter time between pregnancies increases the risk of developing DHA deficiency Researchers have associated low levels of DHA with post-partum depression Seafood consumption.30/08/2010 Pregnancy Fish Oil supports healthy mothers  A woman’s demand for DHA increases significantly during pregnancy.69:15–29. J Affect Disord.ppt 4/23/07 9 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils How much DHA is required for a healthy pregnancy? In the US. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) for DHA during pregnancy have not been established  World’s leading experts on lipids conclude that during pregnancy and lactation women must ensure a minimum DHA intake of 300 mg daily Requirements for the essential omega-3 fats. Washington DC. the DHA content of mothers' milk and prevalence rates of postpartum depression: a cross-national. ecological analysis.ppt 4/23/07 10 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils DHA deficiency during pregnancy scribd. 10 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 5/17 . EPA and DHA. 2002. ISSFAL 1999: National Institutes of Health.   9 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A.

g.2004. MD.ppt 4/23/07 12 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils Is Fish Oil safer than fish?  Fish Oil is a safe and natural source of DHA ideal for pregnancy and nursing High quality fish oil products are carefully processed to remove environmental contaminants such as heavy  scribd..  12 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A.30/08/2010 DHA deficiency during pregnancy    Pregnancy The diet in industrialized nations is high in saturated. and omega-6 fats Foods rich in DHA (e.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 6/17 . trans. Bethesda.46:516–525. cold water fish) are less commonly consumed The FDA and Environmental Protection Agency have advised women who may become pregnant.  90% of women surveyed were well below the minimum recommendation of 300 mg daily Pregnant women in the United States reportedly have the third lowest intake of DHA in the world International Conference on Fatty Acids. and young children to avoid certain types of fish because of heavy metals and other environmental contaminants Women are avoiding fish when they need DHA the most!  11 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A. nursing mothers.ppt 4/23/07 11 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils Are expecting mothers getting enough DHA?  National nutritional surveys have shown that the average intake of DHA during the last trimester of pregnancy is between zero and 100 mg J Lipid Res Mar 2005.

and Dioxins  Pregnancy Studies have concluded that Fish Oil may be a h ealthier source of DHA than fish because environmental toxins can be removed from fish oil Measurement of mercury levels in concentrated over-the-counter fish oil preparations: Is fish oil healthier than fish? Arch Pathol Lab Med 2003. 13 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 7/17 .ppt 4/23/07 13 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils Prenatal DHA (DHA/ProDHA)    Provides essential nutrients. PCBs. EPA and DHA 450 mg of DHA per serving Third-party tested with no detectable levels of heavy metals or other environmental contaminants Small.129:74–77.30/08/2010 metals.ppt 4/23/07 14 Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils scribd. easy to swallow soft gel caps Absolutely pure and fresh with no fishy repeat   14 Fish Oil and Pregnancy Temp-A. Arch Pathol Lab Med 2005.127:1603–1605. Measurement of organochlorines in commercial over-the-counter fish oil preparations: Implications for dietary and therapeutic recommendations for omega-3 fatty acids and a review of the literature.

com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 8/17 .30/08/2010 Pregnancy scribd.

com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 9/17 .30/08/2010 Pregnancy scribd.

com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 10/17 .30/08/2010 Pregnancy Pregnancy Pregnancy Reads: scribd.

Non-fiction > Health & Lifestyle Tags: omega3 fatty acids Rated: Pregnancy Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document This is a private document. Triple Action Omega Reads: 144 12 p.Arial.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 11/17 . font-family: Helvetica.S Related 1.. Reads: 215 12 p. Experience Our Omega-3 Fish Oil Fr.scribd..scribd. 12 p. The World’s Finest Fish Oil From.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy Embed Size & Settings: Width: (auto) Height: 300 Start on page: 1 Preview View: Scroll Auto <a title="View Pregnancy on Scribd" href="http://www.. webeagle Follow ERROR Share & Embed Link / URL: http://www. Reads: 181 scribd.30/08/2010 993 Uploaded: 09/22/2009 Category: Books .com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy" style="margin: 12px auto 6px auto..

Reads: 31 9 p... The DHA Story: How Nature's Super ... Diet Secrets E-book . Fish Omega 3 Chart Reads: 0 19 p. Omega 3 Buyers Guide Reads: 117 7 p. Reads: 53 Pregnancy More from this user scribd. 19 p. Omega 3 Buyers Guide Reads: 135 4..com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 12/17 .Sources of O. Omega3 Presentation Reads: 493 3. OMEGA-3 RESEARCH Reads: 219 40 p. Reads: 951 2 p. Environmental Protection Agency: C. Pure One Prenatal Omega-3 Algae Oi. Top 6 Sources Of Omega-3s Reads: 179 9 p.. 12 p. Triple Action Fish Oil Reads: 299 6 p.30/08/2010 2. Reads: 396 5.. 9 p. Omega3 Fats Fish Oil Reads: 566 160 p. 22 p..

Terror From: webeagle Reads: 92 2.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 13/17 ..30/08/2010 1. Ram Ada An From: webeagle Reads: 94 6 p. 64 p. Qadyan Ka Awara NABI_01 From: webeagle Reads: 112 1 p.Pictures From: webeagle Reads: 655 4. Qadyan Ka Banaspti NABI From: webeagle Reads: 100 3. Ma A From: webeagle Reads: 97 38 p. 5 p.. The Prophet's Methods From: webeagle Reads: 246 62 p. Pregnancy scribd. The Prophet’s Methods for Corre. From: webeagle Reads: 268 2 p. 19 p. Hajj-Guide-Step by Step . Quran From: webeagle Reads: 253 23 p. 6 p.

Page 1 of 18 From: webeagle Reads: 187 4 p. Please Take Care From: webeagle Reads: 145 7.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 14/17 .30/08/2010 Fatwa Darul Uloom From: webeagle Reads: 105 6 p. Assan Azkaar From: webeagle Reads: 214 5. 14 p. 18 p. Water & Coke From: webeagle Reads: 260 3 p. TopTenFat BurningFoods From: webeagle Reads: 236 6. Weight Loss Diet From: webeagle Reads: 120 6 p. Shifa From: webeagle Reads: 129 6 p. Omega3 Fatty Acid Foods Pregnancy scribd. 1 p. Dua From: webeagle Reads: 123 1 p.

LaIlaj Amraz From: webeagle Reads: 113 2 p.30/08/2010 From: webeagle Reads: 177 6 p.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 15/17 . From: webeagle Reads: 687 3 p. 1 p. Importance of Breath From: webeagle Reads: 299 11 p... Nuskha-e-Baghdadi From: webeagle Reads: 214 8. 241 p.. Oily Skin is Shiny. From: webeagle Reads: 205 9. Thick and D. Seven Ways Your Body Gets Bette.. Girls From: webeagle Reads: 154 Pregnancy Login to Add a Comment Submit scribd.

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30/08/2010 Desktop Uploader Pregnancy scribd.com/doc/20048660/Pregnancy 17/17 .

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