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Colonization in Senegal

Scramble for Africa

A process of invasion, seizure and
colonisation during the period of New
Imperialism between 1881 and World
War one in 1914.
Scramble for Africa
Africa encountered with the massive

colonization of European imperialist

Even though African Societies tried to

resist, most of them eventually became

the colonies of Europeans

Scramble for Africa
There are three main aspects that drove

this colonisation in africa which are

economic, political, and social

Economic aspect Social aspect
Cheap labors
Raw material
Social displacement

Political aspect

Strong military
French and Colonisation

What made France colonise Africa

France had interest in the region along the

coast of Mediterranean

It lost most of its overseas colonies

General Louis Faidherbe
Dreamed to expand colony from Senegal to red sea.

Created a vast colonies

Developed a system of administration & education

Governor of Senegal
Brief information about Senegal
Brief information about Senegal

Senegal is the country in Africa that

is the westernmost point of the

continents. It is also known as the

Gateway to Africa. Senegal is

diverse in term of environment

Brief information about Senegal

Before the colonization, Senegal was

a part of the ancient Ghana and

Djolof kingdoms and import part

of trans-Saharan caravan routes.

Brief information about Senegal

Senegal can be considered as one of the

most important colonies for French during

period of time as it was as the site for

penetration into the interior of the former

Brief information about Senegal

a. Area is approximately 1,810,00 square miles

b. Most of the area is covered by Sahara deserts

c. Senegal River Valley is one of important place

D. Senegal is Muslim country

Colonization in Senegal

Late 1800s: France expanded influence and

controlled all of Senegal region

1855: Conquered the Kingdom of Waalo.

1880: France built railway system centered around

Colonization in Senegal

1895: Senegal became parts of French West Africa

1914 : Blaise Diagne elected as Senegal's first

African representative to French parliament.

Colonization in Senegal

Established a trade port at Saint Louis around 1659

Focus on Senegal River areas and its hinterland

Focus on Staking in West Africa

Began major expansion around 1854 after

Faidherbe became the Governor of Senegal

It is the process where people become similar to another by using their custom and
absorbing into their culture.

Political Assimilation
Western Africa government based in Dakar.

Granted French citizen in four major cities

Participate in government election

Sending black people to study in Paris

Economic Assimilation Cultural and social assimilation

Natural resource
Dehumanized the local Africa into
Economic Pact
the system of poverty & presentation
Control over economic and
Implanting culture
financial decision

Factor that lead to failure

Different in culture and custom

Different in religion

Improper education
Important resource Senegal
Example of Crops in Senegal

Peanuts Corn
Important resource Senegal
Valuable resource for France

Iron ore Phosphates Oil


Western Africa government was based in Dakar

Local assemblies for each region

Senegal at Saint Louis

Federal assembly for all of French West African

Imperialism Effect on Senegal

Positive effect
Populated the population

Population can speak French which had a

positive impact in communicating

Gain extended knowledge in growing crop

Imperialism Effect on Senegal

Negative effect
Loss of indigenous African culture

Relied on France support

Lost of land value

Decreased in quality of life

Conflict during Scramble for Africa

The conflict of the Gambia between

France and British

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