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Abong the 26 different brands the main brand of otobi are:

World class chair

Computer table
Home furniture
Table and file cabinet

World class chair - chair that satisfies one need

Table - create one ideal office environment

S wivel chair - Beauty one can see

Product lines:

office furniture
Household furniture
Computer table
Hospital furniture
Decorate items
Kitchen cabinet
Special built items
Work station various engineering production
Interrior projection

Product features:

Multiple colour
Elegant design
After sales service
Competitive price
Knock down system

Tagline : "keep reinventing"

Direct competitors:

Navana furniture
Partex furniture
Studio 45
Hatil furniture
Legacy furniture
Akther furniture

Indirect competitor:

Iron furniture manufacturers

Plastic furniture manufacturers
Bamboo furniture manufacturers
Cane furniture manufacturers
.......... furniture


1. Necessary office
2. Custom furniture
3. Wooden furniture
4. Flat pack furniture
5. Laminated board


Only local brand that has also gone international

Export quality products
Stylish yet simple
Design furniture
Innovation design
Light weigh furniture
High brand value
Mark tasking furniture
Leader in terms of quality

Unique selling proposition :

The usp of otobi is its high quality. Advertising should give a consumer a compelling reason
to buy a product that competitors could not match. So designing ads was placed on
communicating a distinctive unique.

OTOBI Economy :

This may be a trivial sacrifice to compete more efficiently with its competitors abd capture
longer share in the market.

SWOT Analysis :

low labor costs

hand carving skills
large domestic market
high growth rate
workers are easy to train
existence of strong weather industry
high quality of available workforce
capacity of product differentiation
entrepreneursal skill


high cost of capital

majority raw materials are imported
failure to follow JIT
price of the product is high


growing market share

changing culture
growing concern on forestation
growing real state................

Competitive advantage of OTOBI:

OTOBI is a preferred lifestyle solution brand because of its best customers experience,
constant innovation, advanced technology, manufacturing capacity in the widest range of
distinction network and time tasted after sales support with creative reinvention through
the entire organization. OTOBI has integrated the entire furniture solution platform in home,
office, insdustry and interior design through its operat. The marketing strategt of OTOBI
stands on three dimensions of value discipline which are customer intimacy, product
leadership and operational excellence.


We can differentiate OTOBI from the other companies beacuse each and every product has a
different finishing, service and purpose will be more customers oriented.

OTOBI don't compromise with their qualeof the product. The quality of OTOBI is much better
than its competitors as they use wood-tex for their products. Other companies normally use
jute-tex in their products. More than 100 man powers are working for maintaining the
quality of the product.

Job responsibility:

Direct dealing with customers

Making the annual report
Other objectives

Consumer in store experience :

* Education and knowledge intermediary

- Inspiration

- Innovations

- Stimulation of senses

- Recreation

- Special activities

Competition with other brand:

The marketing amd efficiency:

The marketing strategy that a company adopt can have a major impact upon the efficiency
and costs structure of an enterprise.

To archives its scale:

OTOBI goes for a large volume of production together. For this purpose they do not leave
out the small orders also.

OTOBI gives emphasis on the experienced worker:

it a little bit higher pay is also required they are ready to pay but it always try to hold up
their experienced and old employee.

OTOBI does not leave out single customer :

again they are also careful that in the process of customization cost does not run out of

OTOBI use TQM approach to find defect:

moreover OTOBI produces its production in smaller size, thats why even it defective
products are produced their number remain smaller which also decrease wastage.


the era of internet OTOBI can open own website to assist its customers to know about the
company, its products and services. A website can also promote onlin selling. In addition,
OTOBI can send emails about their new products and offers to customers as a remain of
promotional activities.

For promotion of products OTOBI can sponsor different events. This would help the
company to expand its image to the outsiders.

To gain high recognition among the mass OTOBI can increase the number of commercias
program on television, advertisement on billboards, newspaper and magazines.

........ price is one of the companies main weakness. OTOBI can counter this by openig a nrw
brand like...........