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Stefanie Gonzales

ECE 251

Spring 2017

Celebrating the 4th of July


Age/Grade: 1st Grade

1. Curricular Domain: Physical

Activity: Amazing Fireworks. In this activity the teacher will provide a painting of

fireworks in the sky. The students will then be told to copy her painting onto their own

canvas. The teacher will provide only 5 colors and the students are required to use each

color for the fireworks in accordance to the teachers painting.

2. Curricular Domain: Cognitive

Activity: The History of the 4th! In this activity the teacher will read a book regarding the

history of the 4th of July. After the reading there will be a class discussion with questions

and answers. At the end of this activity a quiz will be handed out to test the knowledge

of the material just learned.

3. Curricular Domain: Language

Activity: 4th of July vocabulary test. In this activity the children will have 10 words from

the reading that they did in the previous activity. They will take home the list to study.

The next day the teacher will provide a vocabulary test.


Age/Grade: 1st Grade

1. Curricular Domain: Social

Activity: 4th of July as seen by me! In this activity students will be broken up into

groups of 5. They will be given instructions to create a play. In this play they will

need to act out together their interpretation of what the 4th of July means to them.

They will be allowed to use costumes and props and design anything on a backdrop.

They will perform this play in front of the class.

2. Curricular Domain: Aesthetic

Activity: Fireworks! This activity is an art project. The students will have a variety of

crafts such as glitter, tin foil, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, etc. They will be given

several different examples but then be led to use their imagination and create their

own work of art. After the students have completed this project the art pieces will

then be put in a class gallery.

3. Curricular Domain: Cognitive & Language

Activity: Art critiquing. This activity will be a follow up on the Fireworks! activity. The

students will be asked to view each of the art pieces in the class gallery. After

thoughtfully choosing 1 piece, the student will then need to think about what they

are receiving, taking away, or feeling from that particular piece. After they have

taken some time to jot down some thoughts about the art piece they will then be

asked to write 3 sentences about their thoughts.