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GLEX2308 - Climate and Society

Semester 3 – 2007-2008
Lecture 2

“Climate Change or a Freak Change in Weather”

Khairulmaini Bin Osman Salleh
Department of Geography
University of Malaya
University of Malaya’s Center for Climate Affairs
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Consultation Times : (1) Virtual (Anytime) (2) Formal (4-5pm after Lectures)
Room – U2-11A , 2nd Floor FSSS
Group Project Research (2-3 in a Group) - 50%

Research Topic – “Group decides BUT I must

agree!, - and MUST be related to ”climate and


End of Semester Exams - 50%

End of Semester Exams – MCQs (50Qs, 1 ½ hrs)

Abnormal Weather ? Changing Climate?
Climate Century ?
Global Warming – What is it? Is it the
The Debate on Global Warming
Global Warming and Climate Change
What’s Weather got to do with it?

• Weather definition
the short-term state of the atmosphere, as
distinguished from the long-term conditions of climate;
this includes temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind,
visibility, and other factors, chiefly considered in terms of
their effects on life and human activity.

• Climate definition
the long term manifestation of either the condition or the
course of the weather
the statistical collection of weather conditions for a given
region during a specified interval of time, usually several
Hurricane Mitch 1998
Cyclone Orissa
Super Sandstorm China
Web lines referring to Super events
What about El Niño? and La Nina?
Sejak setengah kurun yang lepas terdapat satu tren yang menunjukkan El Nino akan
bertambah ketara (suhu permukaan lautan). Pada tahun 2002 hingga 2006 berlaku El
Nino TETAPI tidak begitu kuat dan El Nino 2006 – 2007 sedang merosot. Para Saintis
berpendapat El Nino yang kuat seperti pada tahun 1987/88 akan tiba tetapi bila?
Major Media Coverage:
El Niño 1997-98
Major Media Coverage La Nina:
La Niña -1998-2000
Global Warming – What is it?
Hot Earth - Cartoon

Global Warming –
That’s Just It !
The Earth is
Having a Fever!

Help Me! Please!

The Debate on Global Warming
Increasing Geothermal Energy? A Cooling Earth?
Climate change follows the temperature trend
The Consensus – Climate is Warming!
Global Warming – Climate Change
Increasing Trends and Patterns
“Extreme Events”
Increasing - Intensities, Frequencies, Time
Onset, Length of Occurrence and Spatial
Global Warming and Climate
Its in the Media!
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This Afternoon (21.05.08), 2- 4 PM

Decides Group Members

Group Member Discuss “Potential
Research Topics”
Group Members Inform Ms NorFarhana
of Members Particulars and Tentative
Proposed Topic(s)
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site Reference;