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Advanced Module in

Masters Programme in Mechanical
Mechatronics - multidisciplinary applied
Kon-41.4151 Mechatronics basic module
Advanced module in mechatronics

Learning outcomes
Students learn the principles of
Mechatronic components and systems
Design methodology of mechatronic systems
Project and team work approach are used to help students to
learn and to apply systematic approach in design process of
mechatronic systems
Advanced module in Mechatronics

The module consists of four courses

Kon-41.3140 Mechatronics Sensors and Actuators (4 cr)
Kon-41.3131 Mechatronics Exercises (4 cr)
Kon-41.4151 Mechatronics Machine System Design (4 cr)
Kon-41.4160 Mechatronics Project (8 cr)

1st year 2nd year

Periods I-II Periods III-IV Periods I-II Periods III-IV

Kon-41.3140 Kon-41.3131 Kon-41.4160
Kon-41.3140 Mechatronics Sensors and
Introduction to the most common sensors and actuators
of mechatronic feedback systems
After the course, the student
understands the importance of physical principles and basic
theoretical background - essential properties and applications
can select sensors and actuators for a simple mechatronic
understands coupling mechanisms of interferences and knows
the principles of EMC design
Kon-41.3131 Mechatronics Exercises

A team project in mechatronics, improving the overall

understanding of functions of mechatronics devices by
hands-on exercises
After the course, the student
can design and build a simple mechatronics system based on
can design simple electronics
can choose basic components for common uses
identifies basic concepts related to embedded systems
Kon-41.3131 Mechatronics Exercises

Examples of the exercises during past years

Arduino controlled Electronic motor Solar tracker

legobot contol for go-kart
Kon-41.4151 Mechatronics Machine
System Design
Introduction to general product development
methodology in interdisciplinary mechatronic machine
system design
After the course, the student
understands the methodology of mechatronic system design
and the tools within
can define the interfaces between mechanics, electronics and
can generate the functional structure of a mechatronic system
Kon-41.4151 Mechatronics Machine
System Design

Systematic machine design methodology

Kon-41.4151 Mechatronics Machine
System Design
Design methodology in mechatronics
Kone-41.4160 Mechatronics Project

The course is built around a practical project assignment

a literature survey,
project plan generation,
presentation of intermediate project results and final report,
participation in the evaluation of the other groups
Examples of the former group assignments
participating in the Eurobot competition, or
in the Field Robot Event, or
development of research equipment