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Conquer Disease, Debts and Litigation 3

5 Vastu Corrections for
Financial Problems, Marriage Problems and Health Problems

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Tenth House
Creating Greater Career Success! 13
10th House Clues for Career Success 26
Sunrise and Sunset Timings
for November 2017
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35 This Month for You?

November 2017


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Conquer Disease, Debts and Litigation

The secret of the 6th
to the 6th house and do they allow us to overcome our habits and vices?


T he 6th house is a house of enemies, disease, litigation, digestive power

and everyday work. This house is the house of karmic difficulties that
express themselves through enemies, debts, struggles and challenges to
serving others in life. It represents the drudgery of going to work everyday
and having the discipline to do it. The key to the 6th house is the ability to
overcome our obstacles and having the courage fight and overcome them.
Of the three most challenging houses the 6th, 8th and 12th, the 6th house is the
less difficult to deal with if we are disciplined and can overcome our habits
and vices. Psychologically and emotionally, the challenges of the 6th house Barry Rosen has been practicing
teach us to: Vedic astrology since 1987. He
has visited and studied in India
Accepting with endurance, patience and having a stoic attitude on 4 occasions and has spoken
numerous times at the American
Having the discipline to go to work daily Council of Vedic Astrology
Discipline to do regular exercise and eat in moderation with diet Conferences in Sedona, AZ
since 1999 and also the British
Health issues here can be overcome with regular diet and exercise and Association of Vedic Astrologers
learning to control our cravings in London since 2006. He has
been involved in Vedic culture
Most astrologers talk about the 6th house in terms of health. If your rising sign since 1973 and is a long-time
and its owner are stronger and your Sun and Mars are strong, you have more meditation and yoga teacher and
a published poet.
ability to deal with the challenges to this house. The ruler of the 6th house will
be the carrier of disease in your body. So if the 6th house is Aries and owned Professionally, he has applied
Vedic astrology to predicting
by Mars then you may be subject to more martian health problems which financial markets since 1987
are more fire orientated and may create problems with blood and adrenals and has published numerous
etc. If a strong benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus is unafflicted in the 6th articles in leading journals
including the NCGR journal
house, it will support our health but if afflicted, it may create health issues
and Traders World and the
related to that planet. Hence if a weak Jupiter is connected to the 6th, it may Traders Astrological Almanac
cause allergies and liver aliments and if a weak Venus is in the 6th house, it and specializes in blocks to
may create reproductive problems or problems with STDs. finance in ones chart.
Recently, he has been pioneering
Afflicted planets or weak planets conjunct the 6th house ruler or in the 6th research in other areas of Vedic
house could create health issues as follows: astrology including Vedic astro-
locality, the effects your current
Sun: Heat allergies, blood pressure, heart problems physical location have on your
chart, connecting astrology
Moon: Diabetes, mental problems, stomach disorders. to hatha yoga for therapeutic
purposes and developing
Mars: Fevers, muscular problems, skin break-outs, hernia, piles transformational healing work
Mercury: Nervous problems, asthma, bronchitis, pains in arms to move through karma. He
is a neo-Vedic astrologer and
Jupiter: Liver, feet, lymphatic, diabetes uses the outer planets. He is
particularly interested in Jaimni
Saturn: Anxiety, strokes, long-term problems.
astrology and the souls journey
Rahu: Fear, poisoning, phobias through the physical world and
its karma and purpose and has
Ketu: Itching problems, mental illness; difficult to diagnose health taken live seminars in London
problems. with Sanjay Rath.

The secret of the 6th house is discipline. Are the planets strong enough in their connection to the 6th house and
do they allow us to do our exercise regularly, eat properly, do our yoga regularly and not eat that extra piece
of cheese cake at the party? If we can find the courage to be disciplined, then the challenges of the 6th house
can be overcome. If we get diagnosed with health issues connected to the 6th house, we can get through them
if we do what our doctor says and get regular exercise and be disciplined about diet. If we have weak planets
afflicted the 6th house, then we may be lazy, self-indulgent and the problems will continue.
The 6th house is the sign of enemies where we meet people who challenge us and even become hostile,
perpetually challenging and defying our sense of I. In modern times, our enemies usually turn up as bosses
or co-workers who snipe at us or try to bring us down. Malefic planets here will still have problems but they
will have the ability to defeat their enemies. If we have malefics in the 6th like Mars or Saturn or Rahu, we
have the fierceness to rise up and fight our challenges and defeat them but if we have benefics in the 6th house
like Venus and Jupiter, we may be so nice and let them have their way as we become accommodating and will
not like to make waves. On the highest level, the lessons of the 6th house teach us how to defend ourselves.
Sometimes litigation will arise so that we learn how to fight for our rights and what is due to us.
Examine the 6th house for your attitude and discipline about going to work regularly and working hard to achieve
our goals. If we have a debilitated Saturn connected to the 6th house, we might be lazy at work or be suffering
from having to hard labor and we may not want to get up and go to work at all. We may have problems with
co-workers or tenants. If we have a strong Mars in the 6th like in Aries, we may rise to the top of our field and
defeat those we compete with at work, overcome illness and be liked by our co-workers.
The 6th house is a house of self-improvement and service and we have a lot of well-off planets in the 6th house. We
will be motivated to take seminars and continually grow to become better persons, to excel at work and to grow
in our field. Hence if you have a weak 6th house or 6th house owner, then you need to work on yourself, take
those seminars, grow and not be lazy as the 6th house always benefits from hard work and discipline.
The 6th house also is connected to our digestive power and appetite which also becomes an extension of our
drive to become better and reach the top. Malefics here, like the Sun and Mars will create a lot of fire in the
belly to digest well and move forward in life. Serious afflictions to the 6th house like a debilitated Sun may
create a weak stomach with a low appetite and hence a low drive to move forward in your life due to lack of
confidence. The planets always have multiple levels of meaning and metaphor. Therefore health problems in
the 6th house will be connected to issues around our level of development, having learned the lessons of being
stoic and doing regular work and being disciplined around our health.
So be grateful for the lessons of the 6th house. They force us to stand up and fight and be disciplined and if
we do, we can master our territory, excel at work, be healthy and overcome our problems. It always takes
reaching back for the positive side of Mars, courage and the strong side of Saturn, discipline to persevere and
they are often the remedies. When we master 6th house, we are ready to move onto the 7th house. We will be
able locate and position ourselves in relation to others and learn compromise and by then we have developed
a keen understanding of ourselves.



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Vastu Corrections for

Financial Problems, Marriage Problems and Health Problems


Water Affliction in the South Direction leads to flush in finance, disharmony and more.
Similarly, Fire Affliction in the North leads to Increased Expenditure, health problems and
Litigations. Can this be corrected, the Vastu Way?

T he Science of Vastu gives importance to the primary elements and their placement with reference to a
construction. Vastu clearly identifies the primary elements based on the 9 module plan called the Peetha
Mandala. While it identifies the four cardinal sectors as knowledge areas it very clearly recognizes the angular
sectors northeast as water, southeast as fire, southwest as space, northwest as wind and the central sector of
the mandala as earth.

Water Chaos in the South

In this part, we will understand the results of the imbalance created by having water in the south sector. The
south sector consists of three modules - southeast, south and southwest. Water in the south in any of the zones
is bad and constant activation can cause displeasure and unhappiness.

Two of these three sectors can be further divided into two each south of southeast and east of southeast, south
of southwest and west of southwest. This means we have five sectors to be reckoned.

Indicative Table of Sectors


Younger males Ill health of Litigations, over Botheration Botheration to/
disturbed, females related bearing attitude to/from male from female
complexes of to heat like of women in the elders of family. elders. In
inferiority and hyperacidity, family, wasteful In business, business,
Indicative superiority, rashes, migraine, expenditure, unintelligent corrupt thinking
Results arrogance, diarrhoea, differences financial leading to
constant fear, irregular with siblings, decisions. legal problems.
friction with menstrual cycle, accidents, Marital friction. Servility.
parents and etc detrimental zeal Litigations

However if water is used for cleansing and wash purposes like toilet flushing, etc, south and southeast sector areas
can be conveniently used. As a rule water in the southwest is absolutely bad in the form of wells, underground
tanks but can be located in overhead tanks, not in the southwest, but in the west of southwest of the building. It
is pertinent to note that pollution in the southwest in the form of toilets and septic tanks can lead to disastrous
results like polluting the minds of elders with respect to the younger generation creating great disharmony in
the family (and business) and flush out finances too.


A Case Study
Deepa came to me and said that her mother-in-law was constantly negating her every move to such an
extent that she could neither concentrate on her work nor relax back at home. She said that it was a
home built as per Vastu master bedroom in southwest, childrens room in northeast, a prayer room
to its east and guest room in northwest, underground water tank in northeast and overhead tank in the
southwest. Yet life was becoming miserable because of the elder lady. When I went to their home and
checked I found that parents in law were in the master bedroom. To the southwest of their room was the
toilet. I also found that the septic tank was right on the southwest corner of the site. This young lady and
her husband who were in the process of planning their progeny were in the northeast room. I noticed
that the mother-in-law was a Martian sign with the moon debilitated. I told Deepa that some simple
relocation, shifting of the septic tank and non or minimal use of the southwest toilet could mellow the
mother-in-laws attitude towards her. I asked the parents-in-law to move to the northeast room, Deepa
and her husband to the nothwest room that had the toilet room to its southeast. I told her parents-in-
law use their new attached bathroom which was to the northwest of their bedroom. I also suggested that
the southwest room could be used as a gym for Deepa and her husband. I got the septic tank relocated
slightly off southwest. Three years later they have a bonny baby boy, both of them work and their child
is in the care of the mother-in-law. Of course the mother-in-law, with a smile on her face, has always a
word of praise for her daughter-in-law (and the kid too)!

Fire Chaos in the North Three modules of North

In the earlier part we spoke of the possible imbalances We will understand the results of the imbalance
that could occur with the primary element water active created by having fire in the north sector. The north
in the south sector. In this part, we will understand the sector consists of three modules - northeast, north
primary element fire and its placement in the different and northwest.
of north which is referred as the direction of Kubera,
lord of riches. Kubera, also known as the guardian Fire in the north in any of the zones is bad and constant
of treasures, is said to be the elder (half) brother activation can cause discontent and misery.
of Ravana and is the son of sage Vishrava. The lord Two of these three sectors can be further divided into
of North is also Mercury the planet of intelligence two each north of northeast and east of northeast,
and wisdom and rules over business activity, clever north of northwest and west of northwest. This means
dexterity, financial strength, journalism, auditing, we have five sectors to be reckoned.
public speaking, publishing, architecture & Rajo Guna.

Indicative Table of Sectors

Sector Fire in NNE Fire in ENE Fire in N Fire in NNW Fire in WNW
Financial Health, Business Marital
Health suffers, particularly of and property disharmony over
Increased elder women, litigations. petty investment
expenditure suffers. These Temperamental causes. Family
because of could be differences with finances and
Indicative Health of elders
irrational and cardiovascular, the younger education of
Results suffers.
flawed decisions cardio cerebral generation the younger
of the elders. and cardio leading to family generation
Savings suffer rheumatic. disharmony suffers
expenses grow


Fire gadgets stoves, micro ovens, air conditioners, have your electrical gadgets in the east and southeast
refrigerators, generators and transformers find areas of the kitchen.
compatibility in the east of southeast sectors as a first Those buying flats or constructing houses can take a
priority and west of northwest sectors as a second little effort to see that fire chaos is avoided based on the
priority. If kitchen has to be in the northwest sectors, above guidelines to enable them to be healthy & happy.

A Case Study
A young couple, the husband working in a software company, came to me saying that their twelve year
daughter was not interested in studies and would confine herself to her room, scribbling irrelevant
images in her note books. When I queried a bit, the wife told me that that she spent her time investing
in short term shares. I looked into the floor plan and found that though the kitchen was rightly placed
in the southeast, most of the electrical gadgets like microwave, grinder and refrigerator were active in
the north sector of the kitchen.

I also looked into the young girls horoscope and found that her intelligence constellation was strong. I
was convinced that the couples fights were reason for the sensitive daughters disturbed mental frame. I
suggested that they relocate the microwave and grinder to the east platform and draw the power for the
refrigerator from the west of northwest plugs that were lying idle. I also suggested them to play some
sacred chants in the daughters room during nights at minimal volume. I told them this could create
harmony. Their fights did minimise. The daughter came out of her confines and began concentrating on
her studies. The couple began to spend quality time with her and the wife started sharing her investment
ideas with the husband.

Vastu is the science of the Panchabhootha or Primary infrastructure, etc, we can live a life of good health,
Elements Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth. If we are better harmony and much happiness.
able to balance these elements in our construction
of house, apartment, corporate building, layouts, Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu! Om Tat Sat!

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Astrological Secrets to Becoming Wealthy


The Horoscope has some Secrets Hidden in It. Certain Combinations Reveal the Way in which
you can earn Wealth and Overcome your Financial Problems.

Why is Wealth Important?

Millionaires dont use astrology, billionaires do J P Morgan

Becoming wealthy is one of the important paths that you have to undertake in your life. This is supported by
our sages as well. Our Vedas clearly say that Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four purusharthas or
life goals. The second one, Artha, translates to wealth. When I say becoming wealthy, you can do it in two ways.
By earning in ethical ways, and the other by cheating. Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar have all
made large wealth through ethical earnings. On the other hand a large section of the political representatives
have made their wealth by cheating. There is nothing wrong in creating wealth so long as it is done in an ethical
Vedic Astrology is one of the greatest sciences which offers techniques to simplify and better your life in many
aspects. One such technique that we have at our disposal is to become wealthy. By showing your horoscope to
a well-read astrological scholar, you can understand the special strengths that you possess and the compatible
professions you can pursue, to earn wealth ethically.
In the present paper, I show you how to determine the compatible professions or business through which you
can earn wealth, and remedies that you can undertake to overcome existing financial problems. Read on.

How to Determine Wealth with Vedic Astrology

Your horoscope plays a major role to determine your strength, weaknesses and compatible professions. The
basic chart otherwise known as Rasi chart gives one a broad overview of these aspects, and the second divisional
chart, otherwise known as the hora chart gives specific insights on your compatible professions, problems and
challenges that you will encounter and ways or remedies to overcome these.
The Hora Chart is the chart used to see all matters related to the second house. The standard hora chart where
all the planets are in Cancer and Leo is mostly used to study the relative complexion of the body. The particular
type of Hora chart that we will be discussing in this paper is used to study the finances. Finances here indicate
the liquid cash or the regular fixed/variable income which is necessary to sustain.

How to Create a Wealth Hora Chart?

Here is a step by step guide to construct the Wealth Hora Chart.
1. The Zodiac is divided into two categories namely day signs and night signs. The night signs are Cancer,
Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn. The rest are day signs.
2. To construct the Hora Chart that shows wealth, money and finance, we first consider the sign in which a
planet is placed. If the portion of the sign is ruled by the Sun, it corresponds to a day sign in Hora chart and
if by the Moon, a night sign.
3. If the planet is in the first half of the sign i.e. < 15 degrees, then the Hora sign belongs to ruler of that sign
in Rasi
4. If it is the second half, i.e. > 15 degrees, the sign in Hora Chart belongs to the ruler of the 11th

I have simplified these in a table format. His Standard Hora Chart is as below:
Position In Rasi Chart < 15 degrees >= 15 degrees
Aries Scorpio Capricorn
Taurus Taurus Pisces
Gemini Virgo Aries
Cancer Cancer Libra
Leo Leo Gemini Chart 1
Virgo Gemini Cancer Standard
Hora Chart
Libra Libra Leo
Sun, Rahu
Scorpio Aries Virgo Moon Ketu
Sagittarius Pisces Taurus Asc
Capricorn Capricorn Scorpio Venus
Aquarius Aquarius Sagittarius
Pisces Sagittarius Aquarius
Ill use my grandfather, Dr. B. V. Raman horoscope as
an example to create the Hora Chart.

Planetary positions at the time of birth is as follows: His Wealth Hora Chart is as below:
Dr. B. V. Ramans Chart Planetary Positions
Lagna 12 Aq 01 54.26 Jupiter
Moon Saturn Mercury
Sun 24 Cn 26 17.23
Moon 25 Ta 03 20.89
Mars 22 Le 49 11.55 Asc
Rahu Chart 1
Mercury (R) 15 Le 24 24.16
Jupiter Sc 25 03.73 Special Hora Chart
Venus 3 Le 42 11.55
Saturn 11 Ta 36 43.81
Rahu 24 Pis 14 43.34
Ketu 24 Vi 14 43.34 Sun
His Rasi chart is as below:

What are the Key Houses Indicating

Saturn Wealth?
The houses with regard to wealth are 2nd, 11th, 12th and
the 10th in that order.
Dr. B. V. Raman
Asc Standard Sun
1. The 2nd house shows the overall strength of the
Rasi horoscope in terms of finances. Natural benefics
Mercury(R) in the second indicate good income level while
Venus natural malefics in the second indicates poor or
Mars bad income level.
2. The 11th house shows if there is going to be a rise
Jupiter Ketu in the savings. Malefics in the 11th house help to
increase the savings. Benefics increase the goodwill

3. The 12th house shows whether the money spent is The second house has Mars in it. Benefic Mercury
more than the earnings. Benefics in the 12th house help aspects the second house. Malefic Saturn also aspects
minimize the loss. Malefics increase the expenses. it. Mercurys influence is more as he is retrograde
4. The 10th house shows the means of getting finances. and in debilitation. A planet retrograde and in
Planets in the 10th House, viewing the 10th, lord of debilitation is similar to being exalted. Finances will
the 10th and planets with the 10th house indicate be mixed.
the means through which income can be earned. Both the 11th and 12th house has a positive and negative
Further, if the 10th house is a movable sign, it point indicating balance of income and expense. The
indicates jobs related to movement. If a fixed sign, it 11th lord is strong and this indicates that there will be a
indicates research and desk works and for common steady rise in income level. The 12th lord is along with
signs, both of mixed. Jupiter, causing Gajakesari Yoga.
Let me show you an example on how to interpret the
The 10th house has the Sun in it. The Sun indicates
chart. Ill consider the following Wealth Hora Chart.
Government service. Lord of 2nd, Venus, indicates film
industry and Saturns aspect on it indicates income
Mercury (R) Sun Rahu from common man.

The chart was of a famous actor who got his money

from the common man as they purchased tickets for
Chart 2 Saturn (R) his movies. He later became a political person and
Special Hora Chart amassed considerable money.
Jupiter (R) Which Source of Income Suits You?
Venus Moon
All planets rule money, but each planet indicates
different sources of money flow.

Ketu Mars Below is a list of planets and the source of income

they indicate:-

Planets Source of Income

Sun Gold, Wool, Government, Service, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs),
Ancestral Business.
Moon Silver, Watery products like fish, Oysters, Canned foods, Milk and milk
products, agriculture, Edible oils
Mars Minerals, Processes related to fire, weapons and those areas where physical
strength is necessary
Mercury Writing, Mathematics, Poetry, Fine arts, Economics, Business, Textiles,
FMCG, Accountants, Occult Sciences
Jupiter Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Priests, NGOs i.e. charity, consultants, Banking,
Financial Institutions, HR
Venus Gems, Cows and cattle, transportation, oil, perfumes, Show Business i.e.
artists, director, Actors
Saturn Agriculture, labor work, steel industry, menial jobs, sales job, marketing, self
work and being independent, Metal and Minerals
Rahu Software and IT industry, Telecommunication, Foreign Connections
Ketu Hardware, Computer Peripherals, Power Sector
Strong Saturn BPO
Weak Saturn Call centers

Planets Source of Income

Strong Venus & Saturn Film (Actor / Actress)
Jupiter & Mars Medicine
Saturn and Mars Civil Engineering
Strong Jupiter & Weak Mars Hotels
Jupiter & Mercury Stock Brokers
Mercury & Moon Tantric Sciences or Physics

What are the Remedies to Generate Wealth? yogas come in two forms those that generate wealth,
and those that result in poverty.
Resorting to proper remedial measures helps one to
consolidate his finances. Finances or money can come Wealth generating yogas are called Dhana yogas, while
in two ways: those that favor poverty are known as Daridra yogas.
Below is table listing the combinations favoring Dhana
1. As white money or pure form i.e. in the form of
and Daridra yogas in Wealth Hora Chart.
2. As black money or impure form i.e. in the form of Wealth Yogas Poverty Yogas
Rakshasi or demoness. (Dhana Yogas) (Daridra Yogas)
Remedial measures as given out in the classical works 2nd and 4th houses in 2nd and 4th houses in
have always highlighted the importance of welcoming Special Hora Chart have Special Hora Chart have
finances in the form of Lakshmi and not Rakshasi. Benefic Influences Malefic Influences
Lakshmi has eight forms and they are collectively 11th house has Malefic 11th house has Benefic
known as Ashtalakshmis. Each of the Ashtalakshmis is Influences. I have Influences
mapped to different planets. The mapping is as below. already written earlier
that malefic influences
Planet Form of Lakshmi on the 11th house is good.
Sun Vijayalakshmi 12th house has Benefic 12th house has Malefic
Moon Gajalakshmi Influences Influence
Mars Dhairyalakshmi Lord of the 2nd is in the Lord of the 12th is in the
Mercury Vidyalakshmi 10th or 11th 10th or 11th
Jupiter Santhanalakshmi
Remedial measures have to be undertaken when there
Saturn Dhanyalakshmi is a Daridra (poverty yoga). The planets favoring poverty
Venus Dhanalakshmi have to be propitiated in a prescribed manner.
Adilakshmi This variation of hora chart clearly helps one to gauge
a natives financial position, identify the best source of
The 9th house is the place of Lakshmi. The lord of the his income and recommend any remedial measures
9th house in the special hora chart is considered and necessary to better his financial position.
the corresponding form of Lakshmi is the deity to be
worshipped for general prosperity. Planets that are How many millionaires do you know who have
in inimical signs or afflicted can also be considered become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I
and the corresponding deity is prayed to in order to rest my case. - Robert G. Allen
minimize the malefic effects.
Vedic Astrology or Jyothisha always insists on
What are the Wealth Yogas or Dhana welcoming wealth in the form of Lakshmi and not in
Yogas in Vedic Astrology? the form of Rakshasi. Let us all take help from these
special Wealth Hora Charts and earn wealth in an
In addition to the above remedial measure, you will ethical manner.
also have to understand the various wealth Yogas or
Om Tat Sat
combinations that occur in your horoscope. These

10th House Clues for Career Success


A Proper Evaluation of One's Chart will indicate the exact reasons why one is presently enjoying
Career Success or Frustrations. The same horoscope will also enable one to have Clarity in one's
most Ideal and Dharmic Career in one's life.

I n Medieval Europe, city folks used to carry lit lanterns to illuminate

their way at night time. Commonly, when sighting the shadowy figure
of another passerby, startled men would shout in the dark, Friend of
foe? This image well fits the mysterious sixth house, its characteristics,
blessings, and difficulties.

In fact, the 6th bhava (or house) in someones birth chart rules enemies,
litigation, debts, health matters, hard work and selfless servicea far cry
from a place of fun and instant gratification. Yet even the sixth house can
Lalitha Devi is a Pillai Center teacher
contribute to a satisfying, prosperous and balanced life, provided that we
and author of many articles and blogs
on the Tamil Siddha tradition, yoga
become aware of its pitfalls. Also, this house has incredible potential for
philosophy, Jyotisha and other Vedic our human evolutionas hardship can often lead us to both maturity
arts and sciences. She holds an advanced and wisdom.
certification in Vedic astrology and lives
Saturns House
in New York, USA.
We have three revealing definitions for understanding the 6th house, its
results, the ruling graha or planet, and the planets placed there.

The first is dusthana, which carries a negative connotation, as the three

dusthana bhavasthe 6th, 8th, and 12th housesnotoriously bring losses
and stress into our lives. The second is upachaya, a more positive, hopeful
qualitymeaning an overtime improvement of this house. The upachaya
houses are the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses. The third is artha or the house
of gains through our work and trade.

Unlike the dushtanas, the upachayas can give us strength and even bring
us material wealth.

One of the rulers of the natural 6th house is Shani (Saturn), the slow
planet of longevity and wisdom. This makes sense, as Saturn usually
delays and raises the proverbial bar, bringing unwanted challenges.
Yet very few planets can reward you so immensely through your sincere
efforts, long-term commitment and compassionate service to the


Planets in 6th House Mercury

This position might bring broken studies. Yet Mercury
According to Parashara, the 6th house also signals
will help in health matters and will bring intelligence
maternal uncles, stomach ailments such as ulcers, a
and good knowledge in his or her work field. Its
step-mother and risk of death. If you wonder what
important not to work too hard in mental activities
a house of loss and enemies can possibly look like in
or this might affect sleep, bringing restlessness and
billionaires charts, the answer is either in the harmless
nervous disorders.
conditions of this house or its malefic nature has been
neutralized by other positive factors. Jupiter
K. N. Rao says that to understand a charts results, Jupiter in 6th from either the lagna or the Moon forms
we also must keep in mind the effects of planets in a Vasumati Yoga that brings wealtheven if a person
mutual 6th - 8th positions from each other. And to give is not employed. Money can come from family
good results, the 6th house should not be crowded with members, a spouse, victory in litigation or another
planets. source. But this yoga is more powerful from the lagna.
From the Moon, two or more upachayas must be
Sun occupied by benefics. Although, the sage Varamihira
Although he is considered the soul, the Sun is also believed that positive results from Vasumati Yoga will
a malefic, cruel planet. The results of the Sun in the be considerable only when all the upachaya houses (3rd,
6th house had the great Rishis disagree quite a bit. In 6th, 10th, 11th) are occupied by benefics (Moon, Venus,
general, we consider malefics as well placed in the 6th. Jupiter, Mercury), this of course, isnt a common
Also, the Sun is supposed to bring wealth in this house. occurrence.
Its important to keep a healthy lifestyle because the
Sun rules vitality and the 6th house is the place for both Venus
healing and disease. Health will be good and a person may even be able
to charm his or her enemies. Its important to take
Moon care that relationships remain harmonious and avoid
The Moon can bring hard work, a healing profession, jealousy and quarrels.
and some issues with ones mother. Perhaps different
views can cause suffering or the mother can sometimes Saturn
experience difficulties. The waxing Moon will bring There will be perseverance and defeat of enemies.
better results. Of course, the best scenario would be The person takes on much work and is unrelenting in
an exalted Moon. his or her duties. There may be problems with
coworkers or some respiratory ailments. If Saturn is
Mars exalted, the person will be lucky in all matters and
Mars is said to destroy enemies and competitors in remain healthy.
the 6th house. The person will be passionate. Success
is likely and much courage will be available to help Rahu and Ketu
overcome any obstacles. Its important to try to get The north lunar node Rahu and the south lunar node
along with coworkers. These good results will be greatly Ketu help to defeat enemies. But Ketu can bring
reduced in case of Mars debilitation. ailments that are difficult to diagnose.


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Case Studies

He needs no introductionas one health and a strong edge over enemies and competitors,
of the richest men on earth can who will be easily defeated. This placement is also
hardly go unnoticed. supposed to bring great wealth. We know this is true
for Bill Gates.
In general, a powerful malefic
planet is considered best placed Scorpio is ruled by Marsthe planet of courage,
in a dushtana, including the 6th. energy, engineering and building. Scorpio is the
In Bill Gates D-1 chart, Rahu passionate domain for deep research and investigation,
occupies the 6 th house from the and Rahu is a shadow planet of obsession and great
lagna. And even though this north lunar node is focuswhich would explain why Gates has been
considered debilitated in Scorpio, Rahu is said to quoted saying that he has such a great desire to create
be very well placed in the 6th house, giving good that he doesnt even want to sleep.

Its also interesting to note that the Jataka Parijata the conjunction or interaction of Mars and Moon in
mentions that Rahu is strong in Vrischika or Scorpio kendras (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses).
(as well as in Mesha, Kumba, Kanya, and Kataka).
The 6th (and 11th) lord Mars is placed in Virgo and Dr. B.V. Raman considered this a powerful yoga for wealth
conjoined with exalted Mercury, the 1 st lord. The only when Mars and the Moon are in mutual aspects
presence of the 6th lord in the 4th house isnt supposed to just as in Bill Gates chart.
be impressiveand brings a break in education (Gates Since the 6th house is also a house of litigationits
dropped out of university to pursue his Microsoft worth mentioning Bill Gates historic win against Apple
dreams). in 1994. Apple had filed a copyright infringement
But more importantly, Mars is the 11th lord that forms lawsuit against Microsoft. After six years, the Federal
a Chandra Mangala Lakshmi Yoga with the Moon Appeals Court ruled in favor of Bill Gates and
in Pisces. These planets are both wealth planets, as Microsoft. This was a monumental victory, confirming
2nd and 11th lords. In general, this yoga is formed by the strength of this 6th house.


He is a close friend of Bill while Buffet was going through his Rahu Maha Dasa.
Gates and is also considered Chemotherapy was used in the healing treatment. I
one of the richest men alive. consider chemo a domain of Rahuas it has some
From the Scorpio Moon, toxic side effects.
Rahu is again placed in
the 6th house. Buffet has Remedies
conducted his business very Needless to say, few individuals become multi
ethically as seen by Saturn billionaires and we need to remember that the 6th
(the lord of the 2nd dhana and 3rd houses) in Sagittarius, house indicates the hardships we often face in our
which receives its own lord Jupiters aspect. His profession. It also reminds us of the hard work most
companies have rarely been involved in litigation yet individuals do to earn a living. Most still struggle
in those rare cases, Buffet has met with success. For financially and accumulate debts. This is the reason
example, in his merger of the Burlington Northern with why both the Rishis and Siddhas devised many remedial
other U.S. railroads, he successfully won all anti-trust steps to reduce the negative effects of the 6th house
lawsuits and other legal objections. and the planets involved with it.

The 6th lord Venus is placed with exalted Mercury in Prayers to Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, through
the 10th housemaking it two natural benefics in an mantra recitation and fire rituals are very powerful
upachaya, the powerful 10th house dharma and karma |and life-changing. Having faith and trust in the
yoga. Venus forms a Neecha Bhanga raja yoga with divine is, of course, a prerequisite to experience
exalted Mercury, ruler of Virgoso its debilitation is miracles. The seed or bija mantra for Lakshmi is
cancelled. Yet Venus, being the 6th lord in the 10th house Shreem. Reciting it on Fridays 1008 times is believed
Virgo, has likely been a reason for Warren Buffets to bring the Goddess intervention and will shift your
decades-long separation from his first wife before consciousness from poverty thinking to positivity and
she died. Hes now involved in a new, committed wealth consciousness. After all, the planets affect us
relationship, as reported in the media. through our karmic thoughts, so mantras will protect
the mind.
According to the Rishi Parashara, Venus (the 6th lord
from lagna) rules semen. Warren Buffet has told the Invoking Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe
media about his healing from a prostate ailment. (The and Lakshmis consort, is believed to bring money
prostate gland is involved in the secretion of semen.) So miracles and well-beingwhich is good to remember
Venus (the 6th lord from lagna) might have contributed because, as weve seen, the 6th house is connected with
to this health issue. However, the Neecha Bhanga yoga disease and healing.
(or reversal of debilitation) and Venus placed in Virgo
The fire ritual (homa) is a divine technology that
(a sign of health) have contributed to his healing.
works through fire, sounds (or mantras) and offerings.
The good placement of Rahu in 6th from Chandra This ancient technology is both time-tested and
Lagna (Moon) has helped with the healing in 2012 effective.

Brihat Jataka (transaltion by Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao) Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (translation by R. Santhanam)
300 Important Combinations (Dr. B.V. Raman) Jataka Parijata (translation by V. Subramanya Sastri)
Ancient Hindu Astrology (James Braha) Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time (Prof. K. N. Rao)

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Jupiter Enters Libra


(Continued from September 2017 issue)

Jupiter enters Libra on Sep 2017, accelerates to Scorpio, retrogrades to Libra again, and then exists Libra in
October 2018. Read how this influences different Moon signs, and what remedies you'll have to undertake.

Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1
Jupiters transit in your 11th house is the best thing that could happen to
you when Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are not favourable to you. Jupiter is
the lord of your 1st, Janma rasi and 4th house, house of mother, home,
vehicles, happiness etc. is moving into your 11th house, house of gains,
relationships, fulfilment of wishes/desires, friends etc. As rasi lord is placed
in the desire fulfilment house, you can expect all your pending wishes
coming true. Your ability to plan and execute will help you achieve all
your hopes and wishes in true life now. Your professional life will change
for better. You will be given recognition and monetary benefits for your
A third generation astrologer, with 25
past work. You will also have gains through past investments. You may
years of learning & experience in the field
of astrology. She holds a post graduate go for expansion in business. New partnership deals may strike now. But
degree in Commerce, and a student of carefully go through all the paperwork before signing them. Your social
psychology. life expands and relationship with siblings get better and closer. Others
Her expertise is in fixing the right muhurta would seek your support and strength in times of their hardships. Friends
for right occasion. She's currently doing would be a major source of strength for you. Charity and social work
research in Vedic astrology with an come naturally for you and you will extend your help to many. All the
emphasis on horoscope matching and issues prevailing between married couples will fade away and you will
have a romantic time together now. Eligible singles will tie knot now.
This is a good time for those who are in love to move into married life.
Your children may bring you some proud moments. Students will have a
fabulous time. Those who plan for higher studies may get admission into
universities of their choice. Jupiters 5th aspect on your 3rd house gives
you gains through communications. Your courage and confidence will help
you achieve the desired results. You may take up lots of short travels. Your
younger siblings well prosper very well. His 7th aspect on 5th house, house
of children, education, fame, love, knowledge, speculations etc. gives a
boost to the areas concerned. Your children will do well both in sports and
academics and will make you proud. Those who are planning to have a
child, will be blessed with one soon. Your health will improve. Speculations
will prove lucky now for those who are under good dasa period. Jupiters
9th aspect on your 7th house, house of marriage, partnership, business and


spouse, ensures a blissful time with your life partner. them. Your family will support you unconditionally.
Partners in business will be very supportive and help Occasional rifts with spouse may disturb you. Your
you. You may go for a long pending vacation with your son/daughter may move to a different city for higher
family and get to spend time with them. The retrograde studies or job. Students will have to burn midnight oil
period of Jupiter will slow down or reverse some of to score well. Success is possible only for those who
the things said above. If your natal chart and dasa and really work hard. You may develop interest in spiritual
bukthi are strong, you are assured of a great time now. matters and may start following some principle.
Marriage proposals may get delayed. During Jupiters
Moola: Money comes to you with little effort on your
retrograde, you will enjoy a better life. If your natal
part. Health issue of a family member may bother you.
horoscope and Jupiter are strong and your dasa-bukthi
Poorvashada: You will be attending more social is also favourable, you will definitely have a better
gatherings and events. Now the time seems apt for period.
starting and accumulating your wealth.
Jupiters 5th aspect falls on your 2nd house, house of
Uttarashada 1: Opportunity has to be grabbed as and wealth, family, speech etc. Your family life will be the
when you find one. Those who are working abroad will best now. You will get love and support from them. You
gain more now. may be the most sort after person for guidance among
subordinates. You are likely to gain popularity and
Remedies prestige. His 7th aspect falls on your 4th house, house
Donate books and note books to poor children. of mother, property, vehicle, home, happiness etc. may
Also visit your old teachers and get their blessings. make you spend on renovation of your existing house
or on building a new one. It is wise to do so as lord of
MAKARA (CAPRICORN) 12th Jupiter will make you spend more. You may also
buy a new vehicle. Your mothers health will be good.
Uttarashada 2, 3 4, Sravana, Dhanistha 1, 2
Jupiters 9th aspect falls on your 6th house, house of
Jupiter is your lord of 3rd house, house of courage, disease, hurdles, debts, enemies etc. Your enemies
younger siblings, communication and 12th house, house may make a U turn and will start supporting you. If
of expenses & losses, is now moving to your 10th house, you are applying for a loan for constructing your house
house of profession, fame, wisdom etc. It is not going or other development purpose, it will get sanctioned
to be an easy time at your work place. The atmosphere now. The health issues which were troubling you will
at workplace may not be cordial. You may be asked subside slowly.
to work extra hours. Yet your superior may not be
happy with your performance. You may not get the Uttarashada 2, 3 4: You might have to spend more
results matching your credentials. You may also feel money on your childrens welfare. Your monetary
like changing the job. A disgrace may also come upon position will keep you happy.
you for no fault of yours. Always be alert in work place. Sravana: Your plan for expansion of business has to
One of your siblings may suffer from a sudden health be shelved for a year. You will be blessed with spiritual
problem and undergo medical treatment. Financial guidance.
position will continue to be good. Your earnings will
improve. Accumulation of wealth is indicated. But Dhanistha 1, 2: <RXPD\HQMR\FRQWLQXRXVRZRIIXQGV
do not go for speculative investments. Unnecessary WKRXJKWKHH[SHQVHVNHHSVKRRWLQJXS<RXUFRQGHQFH
expenditures may be the cause of concern. Failure in ZLOOIHWFK\RXVXFFHVV
efforts may spoil your enthusiasm. Motivate yourself
to avoid negativity setting in. Those who are in media Remedies
& communication fields will suffer. Your childs health Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam regularly on
may need some attention. You will take both local and Thursdays. Donate yellow dhal or channa to poor
foreign travels. But you may not have gains through pandits.


KUMBHA (AQUARIUS) Dhanistha 3, 4: You may have gains through sources

from abroad. Birth of a child is indicated.
Dhanistha 3, 4, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3
Jupiter is the lord of your 2nd house, house of wealth, Satabhisha: Success in your professional arena, make
family, speech etc. and 11th house, house of gains, you work more vigorously. Unexpected gains will
friends, elder siblings, fulfilment of desires etc. is surprise you and elevate your status.
moving to your 9th place, which is said to be the most Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3: Family and friends become
favorable one for Jupiter to transit. 9th house is about your first priority. Hike in earnings keeps you happy.
luck, father, guru, higher education, travel abroad,
Pilgrimage is on the cards.
spirituality etc. Jupiters transit in Libra is going to
bless the native with its Midas touch. You will be highly Remedies
supported and praised by your superiors at work.
You may be given an out of turn promotion now. All Donate liberally to the differently abled people.
the problems in the work arena, will fade away. You Get the blessings of your parents before you start
anything new. Give away clothes to old people.
may receive income through multiple sources. Your
subordinates will follow your suggestions and happily
treat them as commands. Your opinions are valued MEENA (PISCES)
high even by your superiors. Just have a check not Poorvabhadrapada 4, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati
to go overboard. There will be good inflow of money
and wealth. You will enjoy doing religious deeds. You Jupiter is the lord of 1st, Janma rasi, and 10th house,
will be organising auspicious functions at home. Long house of profession, honour, fame, wisdom etc. Lord
distant travel on the cards for some of you. You will of your rasi moving into 8th house, of transformation,
continue to have very good relationship with elders longevity, inheritance, hurdles etc. may affect the
and extended family members. Couples will have a prospects of the houses he is concerned. You may
romantic period now. Love is in the air for Aquarians. not have a smooth professional life now. Those who
People in love relationships will move forward to tie are waiting for promotion, pay hike or any other
the knot. Married people planning for a child are recognition may not get it easily. Things will get delayed
going to get their bundle of joy soon. Those who have and sometimes denied. You may have to answer your
children, will enjoy the proud moments their children superiors for no fault of yours. Your reputation may
earn in their academics. There will be spiritual gains be questioned. Some of you may be forced to take up
for those who seek it. Students will be very happy with a transfer. Do not make a hasty decision and quit the
their teacher properly guiding them towards their job. This transit is more to do with your personal and
goal. It is the most awaited time for them to encash. internal growth and transformation. . Accept changes
Jupiters 5th aspect on your 1st house, janmarasi, paves as it comes and transform yourself accordingly to
way for self-improvement and all round progress. You reap best benefits. As far as the financial position is
may want to hone your technical skills and fine tune concerned, it will continue to be good and prosperous.
your talents to upgrade yourself. Serene and peaceful For people in partnership business, it is a good time.
moments fills your heart. Jupiters 7th aspect falls on Your business will take a new diversion. You may also
your 3rd house, house of courage, siblings, change, have to deal with managing resources of other people
short travels, communication etc. You will be gaining or concern. Accumulation of wealth is also indicated.
more business with your communication skills and get Your mother will be the pillar of support to you. There
rewards for the same. Your siblings will prosper well may be an increase in the income of your spouse.
and be supportive to you and the family. You may take Family life will be peaceful and serene. Married people
up short pilgrimage with family. Jupiters 9th aspect falls will have a romantic period now. Your expenses will
on your 5th house, house of children, education, love, go up drastically due to auspicious functions at home.
speculative gains etc. assures the best of happiness You will be spending money happily as you will have
one can get through their children. For those who are more gains through all possible sources. Your spiritual
ailing, health will improve. Those who are in love will inclination will drag you to take pilgrimages. You may
have a wonderful time together. Overall it is going to meet a great Guru and get his blessings now.
be a wonderful period for the water bearers.


Meditation and yoga will help you keep calm and aspect on your fourth house, house of mother, home,
composed during this period. Your children may need vehicle, happiness etc. confirms the growth in all those
your guidance in choosing their future path. Avoid long areas. Your spending on your house, vehicle and on
distance night driving. Anyways this time Jupiter is happiness will ensure you get a better living. Mothers
going to be in his star from December 9th 2017 till the blessings and support is the best thing happening now
next transit. During this time period you can expect a for you to cross this period.
better result for assignments you undertake. Especially
if your dasa-bukthi is good, you are sure to get a Poorvabhadrapada 4: Your hidden talents will get
better result from the benevolent Jupiter. Students exposed now and you will be celebrated for the same.
are expected to stay away from distractions & put the Spend time with family and friends as it will be the best
extra efforts needed. Jupiters 5th aspect falls on your time utilised ever.
12th house, house of losses, expenses, etc. This period
Uttarabhadrapada: Your self-discipline helps you
shows that you will be spending on auspicious things
manage the situations well. Accumulation of wealth
like arranging functions, marriages, poojas etc. Also
is assured now. Do not give promises.
you will take up long travels and pilgrimages. Stay away
from speculative investments now. It is wise to invest Revati: Avoid taking getting into any sort of debt.
in building house or getting a new vehicle as expenses Family life will be brimming with happiness. Your
related to those areas are prominent now. Jupiters earnings may reach to the highest level so far.
7th aspect falls on your 2nd house, house of wealth,
family, speech, etc. ensures you have continuous flow Remedies: Visit nearby temple where navagraha
of funds to manage the expenses. Your family life will are worshipped. And make 16 pradhakshinas on
be at its best now. Your ideas will be regarded as the Thursdays. Donate channa to temple priests or pandits.
best ones by your colleagues and superiors. His 9th Help poor girls in their marriage.

Obituary Note by Nirupama


Dr. Chakrapani Ullal passed away on October 28th, 2017 at Los Angeles.Referred to as a 'National
Treasure', Dr. Ullal, who academically had a master's degree in Law, travelled widely, taught Jyothisha
and lectured and at the same time maintained a very busy practice of astrology with high profile clients as
well as the common people. While Dr. Ullal owes his great knowledge to his father, he also acknowledges
Dr. Raman when he says in an interview in Jyotish-Star of Christina Collins. He tells the interviewer
Juliana Swanson that "... When I completed high school, I took more interest in astrology because of the
inspiration I received from Dr. Ramans writings".
The Astrological eMagazine pays tributes to a great astrological scholar and conveys its deep condolences
to the bereaved family and innumerable beneficiaries of his advice (and his students) worldwide.


An in-depth guide to interpreting the

Sixth House

N o man is really happy. Some who have immense wealth are worried about the health of their wives and
children. Others are denied the happiness of seeing the face of a son. Still some others who have every
other comfort on earth are tortured by the most awful kinds of diseases. Failure in profession causes anxiety in
some and there are many who feel depressed because they are not able to save a pie in spite of their enviable
incomes. But of all these, the most lamentable thing is the failure of ones own health. Health is the foundation
on which the edifice of his plan for the future is built. Health is the real wealth. Now, has the sixth house in a
horoscope anything to do with this? What else does it signify? This is what I propose to discuss in this short article.
The sixth house is one of the three baneful houses in a horoscope. It represents abdomen, wounds and
sores, diseases, debts, fear, thieves, scandal, disappointment etc. Mars who denotes fire, enemies, weapons,
perseverance, courage, leadership etc., also should figure prominently along with the lord of six and planets
occupying and aspecting the sixth when judging the effects of the sixth house. It is said that the strength of the
house reduces its bad effects and we know the strength of the lord of any house is the chief factor which makes
the house powerful. Thus if the lord of one is powerful and well-disposed, health, honour, prosperity etc., result.
If it is weak, ill-health, adversity etc., will be experienced. This rule holds good with regard to all auspicious
houses. How does it stand in relation to houses six, eight and twelve? Does the strength of the lord of six confer
good health or ill-health; success over enemies or defeat at the hands of the enemies? Here opinions apper
to differ. The Harsha Yoga described in Phaladeepika is stated to give happiness, fortune, strong body, success
over enemies, fear in doing evil deeds, leadership of famous men, wealth etc., and for the formation of this
yoga the lord of six should be placed in inauspicious houses, it should be aspected by or joined with malefics, or
malefics should join the sixth house. The same author expresses a different view when giving AsthraYoga which
is formed by benefics joining or aspecting six, when its lord does not occupy eight or twelve but occupies other
auspicious houses and has good strength. This Yoga would give a good physique, argumentative nature, scars
over the body, a mind to do cruel actions and courage and strength to defeat and kill his powerful enemies. The
contradiction that we find here is with regard to physique and courage of the person and we are left in doubt
as to whether it is the strength or the weakness of the lord of six which confers a strong and healthy body and
courage to vanquish the enemies. How can success over the enemies, a strong body, etc., result under entirely
different conditions of the strength of the sixth house? We are confused. But the clue to interpret the effects of
the strength of the lord of six is furnished by the last verse of chapter 6 of the same book. According to that, if
the lords of six, eight and twelve are strong and posited in kendra or thrikona when the lords of one, ten, four
and nine occupy six, eight or twelve and are weak, that configuration goes by the name Dur-yoga and it would
produce all kinds of misfortunes. On the contrary, if lords of six, eight and twelve are weak and ill-placed when
lords of one, four, ten, and nine are strong and well-disposed the native of such a horoscope will be happy,
righteous, fortunate and wealthy. This shows the lords of good houses should be comparatively stronger than
lords of six, eight, and twelve to confer good results. Now we can reconcile the difference in view regarding the
strength of the lord of six in this manner, viz., if the lords of good houses especially the lord of one is strong, the
sixth house lord need not be weak to minimise the bad results of the house. But if they are not strong enough,
the sixth house should necessarily be weak. In other words, the beneficial houses should always be stronger than
the baneful houses. The yoga described in Phaladeepika under chapter 16 goes to prove this. Therein it is said
that if the lord of one is much stronger than the lord of six and is standing in a benefic navamsa with benefic
conjunction and aspect when the lord of four is strong and posited in kendra or trikona, the native would be
strong, healthy and fortunate, Sarvartha Chintamani says (Chapter 5, verse 112) that if the lord of six is weak and
aspected by malefics or posited between malefics, the native will have fear from enemies. From the very next
verse we see that under the same conditions if the lord of one is powerful, the native will conquer his enemies.


The lord of 6 in a benefic's house, its association with Rahu. If benefics join or aspect the above combination,
benefics, benefic aspect over it and benefics occupying this result should not be predicted. (10) The native gets
6 would according to Sarvartha Chintamani make urinary diseases if Moon occupies 6 which is a watery
one so magnetic and powerful that even his enemies sign, and if the lord of 6 is aspected by Mercury who
would treat him as their friends. This Yoga is almost also is situated in a watery sign, (11) If the lord of 9
akin to the Asthra Yoga mentioned before. Both stands in 6 with the aspect of the lord of 6 or if the lord
stress the need of strength of the lord of 6 and the of 6 is in conjuction with Mars and Saturn, the native
benefic association with it and the 6th house. The will have troubles from thieves and fire. (12) If malefics
occupation and aspect of benefics over the 6th house. join 6 and lord of 6, when Rahu combines with Saturn
The occupation and aspect of benefics over the 6th the native's health will be always unsatisfactory.
house are good to curtail the evil effects of the house.
But when it comes to a question of the strength of the (HFWVRI3ODQHWVLQ6L[
lord of 6, it should never go above that of the lord of
Sun.-Intelligent, few enemies, a terror to the enemies,
1. this is what I personally feel. At least the lord of 6,
good digestive powers, passionate, strong, good
if a diminution of the unhappy results of the 6th house
executive ability, equal to king.
is desired. The situation of benefics in 6 is good as I
have already said. We know that lagnadhi yog is caused Moon.- Poor, thief, lean, lazy, troubles from cousins
when all the benefics are posited in 6. and enemies, intelligent passionate, somach trouble,
weak digestion, and poor longevity if Moon is weak.
I shall now enumerate a few combinations involving
the lord of 6, the 6th house, and the different planets. Mars.-Landed property, loss to enemies, wealthy, good
digestion, passionate.
(1) The lord of 6 in 1 or 8 with malefics or the lord of
6 in 10 with malefic aspect gives rise to skin disease. Mercury.- Interrupted education, quarrelsome, few
(2) If the lord of 6 and 1 join kendra or trikona with enemies, loss of wealth, respected by kings, disease
Saturn, the native suffers imprisonment. If instead of of feet and finger, laziness, success in litigation and
Saturn, Rahu or Kethu joins them, the native will be clever in arguments.
handcuffed. (3) If Saturn, Rahu and Mandi join the
Moon posited in 6 when it receives the aspect of the Jupiter.- Fond of joking, victory over enemies, dyspeptic,
lord of Lagna, the native will die an unnatural death. many cousins, laziness, weak body, won over by women.
(4) If the lord of 6 joins Venus when Sun or Saturn joins Venus.- Immoral habits, veneral disease, destruction to
Rahu or Kethu in cruel Shashtiamsa, the native will enemies, many cousins and grand children, not liked
be beheaded. (5) If Sun occupies 6 with malefic aspect by women.
and conjunction, the native will have sores in naval
region owing to 'Pithakopa'. If Moon in malefic Rasi Saturn.-Courageous, stubborn, few enemies, wealthy,
or Amsa occupies 6 with malefic aspects, the native will few children, quarrelsome, gluttony, brooks no
get diseases caused by 'Vatha'. Mars occupying 6 in a opposition.
similar manner gives rise to 'Raktha Pitha'. Mercury,
Jupiter and Venus under the same condition subjects Rahu.-No wife, few enemies, much enjoyment, many
the native to diseases caused by 'Kapha-Vatha', boils cousins.
and urinary diseases or dysentry respectively. Saturn Ketu.-Chief among his community, quick speaker, fond
produces gastric troubles and Rahu and Kethu diseases of women.
caused by evil spirits. (6) Moon in 6 with Mars gives
mental disease, anaemia and high blood pressure. But Here, a blind application of the configurations given
if Sun joins the above combination it brings about skin above will never yield correct results. One should
disease and colic. (7) If Mars in malefic Rasi or Amsa look at the strength and benefic association of planets
occupies 6 with Mercury when it is having the aspect concerned. Suppose Mars in 6 is in its debilitation
of Moon or Venus, it causes consumption. (8) Saturn sign. It will not give the native good digestion, physical
and Mars in 6 with the aspect of Sun and Rahu when strength etc. If there is a malefic conjunction to or
the lord of 1 is weak give rise to chronic diseases. (9) aspect over it, the result will be still bad. But if, on the
Asthma, consumption etc., are the result of Saturn and contrary, Mars is exalted and with benefic association,
Mandi occupying 6 with the aspect of Sun, Mars and the native will have strong body, courage, good


digestion, etc. In a similar manner we should judge

the results of other planets also.
Saturn Venus Mercury

Lord of six in 1: Illness, fame, few enemies, wealth, Lagna

honour, self respect, etc. In 2: Courage, fame, travel Mars
throughout the country, too much interested in Chart 1
one's own affairs. 3: Short temper, timidity, hostile 26-5-1999
to brothers, vascillating temperament, wealth, Moon
4: Unhappiness to mother, wealth, envy. 5: Happy, Jupiter
selfish, kind, fluctuating income. 6: Average happiness
from wealth and other things, hates relations but
remains friendly with others. 7: No happiness
from wife and children, famous, good natured,
honourable and wealthy. 8: Ill-health, on inimical In case of Chart no. 1, the lord of 6 is in a friend's
terms with others, greed for other's wealth and house both in Rasi and Amsa. The sixth house is free
wives, dirty, cruel. 9: Dealer in timber, firewood or from malefic conjunction and aspect. The lord of 6
chemicals. loss from litigation, occasional gains also is joined with a benefic. the native is clever, tactful,
accrue. 10: Fame, oratorial powers, happiness in able, and gains friendship of others quickly. Anybody
foreign countries, very much devoted to one's who happens to talk to him will be easily won over.
own profession. 11: Money from enemies, daring, When in his presence even his enemies will be tempted
honourable, little happiness from children. 12: Ill- to behave nicely towards him. In the beginning of
health, enemy of good people, misanthropy, interest Chandra Dasa he had an operation in the abdomen.
in others' wives. In the same dasa, he was involved in a murder case
and was sentenced to death. Yes, the Moon did show
/RUGRI'LHUHQW+RXVHVLQ6L[ his qualities as the lord of 6. But the strength of lord
Lord of 1: Ill-health, cruelty, worry from enemies if of Lagna who is Vargottama, and the conjunction
unaspected by benefics. 2: Gains through enemies if of Jupiter with the Moon, thereby minimising th
the lord of 2 is with benefics and losses if with malefics, eevil effects of the Moon, saved him from gallows.
diseases of the anus and thigh. 3: Enmity with brothers, there was popular discontent over his conviction and
timid, wealth. 4: Unhappiness to mother, short temper; sentence. Even Gandhiji had expressed his resentment.
cruelty, roguery. 5: Children, hostile to the native, consequently, the death sentencewas commuted to one
early death to children, wealthy and famous children. of life-term imprisonment and he was released from
jail long before the expiry of the term of imprisonment.
6: Average happiness from wealth and other things,
He is a leader of political party and has much influence
hates relations but friendly to others. 7: Unhappy, short
over the masses.
tempered, wife unhealthy, 8: Success over enemies,
ill-health even from childhood, fear from reptiles and
water. 9: Little fortune, no happiness from uncle, fear Saturn
from enemies. 10: No happiness from father, poor Moon
eventhough clever, fear from enemies. 11: Cruelty,
ill-health, fear from enemies, dependence on others,
living in foreign countries. 12: Enmity with one's own Lagna Sun
people, cruel, short-tempered, interested in other's Chart 2
wives. 8-8-1912 Mercury
So far I have given the effects of various positions, Venus
aspects conjunctions etc., of planets which influence Mars
the sixth house. But it will not be of much help unless
a few horoscopes are examined in the light of what I Jupiter Ketu
have discussed in the foregoing paragraphs:-


Here, the lord of 6 is stronger than the lord of Lagna.

There is a malefic planet in 6 aspected by another
Moon Saturn
malefic. The native's health is not satisfactory. But the
aspect of Jupiter over the lords of 6, 1, the sixth house
and planet posited in it removes much of the malefic
Lagna Mars
effects and enables the native to get on fairly well.
Jupiter Ketu
Moreover, there are two benefics aspecting Lagna. Chart 3
The situation of the Sun in 6 in its friend's house made 25-10-1915
the native bold and conferred on him good executive Rahu
ability. He is a terror to his enemies. Since lord of 7 is
in six, there will not be much of marital happiness. Lord
of 6 in 4 is not conducive to happiness from mother Sun
and in this case the native's mother died when he was Mercury
very young. Venus

In Chart 3 also the lord of 6 is more powerful than The health of the native is very bad. The situation of
the lord of 1. There are two malefics. in 6. They do Jupiter at the very centre of Lagna bhava and its full
not receive any benefic aspect. The lord of 6 also has aspect over the lord of Lagna are the only redeeming
no benefic aspect. features which enable the man to get on somehow.


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then these will represent the very same, career frustrations, difficulties
and even failure that one will end up experiencing within ones career life
Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology has consisted, primarily of transits and dasas
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struggling and suffering in his career. We looked at his 10th house and
has the same title as this article.)
found that Jupiter, in debilitation was in Capricorn.





Sunrise and Sunset Timings

for November 2017
Date Bengaluru Chennai Hyderabad Mumbai New Delhi Thiruvananthapuram
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
local Sunset local Sunset local Sunset local Sunset local Sunset local Sunset
time time time time time time
1 6:14 17:52 6:03 17:41 6:15 17:43 6:39 18:04 6:34 17:35 6:12 17:59
2 6:14 17:51 6:03 17:40 6:15 17:43 6:40 18:03 6:34 17:34 6:12 17:59
3 6:14 17:51 6:04 17:40 6:16 17:42 6:40 18:03 6:35 17:33 6:12 17:59
4 6:15 17:51 6:04 17:40 6:16 17:42 6:41 18:02 6:36 17:32 6:12 17:58
5 6:15 17:50 6:04 17:39 6:17 17:42 6:41 18:02 6:36 17:32 6:12 17:58
6 6:15 17:50 6:05 17:39 6:17 17:41 6:42 18:02 6:37 17:31 6:13 17:58
7 6:16 17:50 6:05 17:39 6:18 17:41 6:42 18:01 6:38 17:30 6:13 17:58
8 6:16 17:50 6:05 17:39 6:18 17:41 6:43 18:01 6:39 17:30 6:13 17:58
9 6:16 17:49 6:06 17:39 6:18 17:40 6:43 18:01 6:39 17:29 6:13 17:58
10 6:17 17:49 6:06 17:38 6:19 17:40 6:44 18:00 6:40 17:29 6:14 17:58
11 6:17 17:49 6:06 17:38 6:19 17:40 6:44 18:00 6:41 17:28 6:14 17:58
12 6:17 17:49 6:07 17:38 6:20 17:39 6:45 18:00 6:42 17:27 6:14 17:58
13 6:18 17:49 6:07 17:38 6:20 17:39 6:45 17:59 6:43 17:27 6:15 17:58
14 6:18 17:49 6:08 17:38 6:21 17:39 6:46 17:59 6:43 17:26 6:15 17:58
15 6:19 17:49 6:08 17:38 6:21 17:39 6:46 17:59 6:44 17:26 6:15 17:58
16 6:19 17:49 6:09 17:38 6:22 17:39 6:47 17:59 6:45 17:26 6:16 17:58
17 6:20 17:48 6:09 17:38 6:22 17:39 6:47 17:59 6:46 17:25 6:16 17:58
18 6:20 17:48 6:09 17:38 6:23 17:38 6:48 17:58 6:47 17:25 6:16 17:58
19 6:20 17:48 6:10 17:38 6:24 17:38 6:49 17:58 6:47 17:24 6:17 17:58
20 6:21 17:48 6:10 17:38 6:24 17:38 6:49 17:58 6:48 17:24 6:17 17:58
21 6:21 17:48 6:11 17:38 6:25 17:38 6:50 17:58 6:49 17:24 6:17 17:58
22 6:22 17:48 6:11 17:38 6:25 17:38 6:50 17:58 6:50 17:24 6:18 17:58
23 6:22 17:49 6:12 17:38 6:26 17:38 6:51 17:58 6:50 17:23 6:18 17:58
24 6:23 17:49 6:12 17:38 6:26 17:38 6:52 17:58 6:51 17:23 6:19 17:58
25 6:23 17:49 6:13 17:38 6:27 17:38 6:52 17:58 6:52 17:23 6:19 17:59
26 6:24 17:49 6:13 17:38 6:27 17:38 6:53 17:58 6:53 17:23 6:19 17:59
27 6:24 17:49 6:14 17:38 6:28 17:38 6:53 17:58 6:54 17:23 6:20 17:59
28 6:25 17:49 6:14 17:38 6:29 17:38 6:54 17:58 6:54 17:23 6:20 17:59
29 6:25 17:49 6:15 17:38 6:29 17:38 6:55 17:58 6:55 17:22 6:21 17:59
30 6:26 17:50 6:15 17:39 6:30 17:39 6:55 17:58 6:56 17:22 6:21 18:00

All times are in local time for the respective cities


Panchanga for November 2017
First column gives the English dates and next to it the names of the regional months and dates. The ending moments of
Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are given in the 24 hour clock extending to 30 hours.
Of the Nityayogas, Vishkumbha, Parigha, Vyatipata, Vajra, Vyaghata, Vaidhruthi, Sula, Ganda and Atiganda are generally
spurned for auspicious events and they are marked in red in the Panchanga. Vydhruti pervades from 34640 to 360 and
Vyatipata from 21320 to 22640 of the sum of the Nirayana longitudes of the Sun and the Moon. Vydhruti and Vyatipata
punyakaala are observed on the day when the yogas prevail for 1 hours or more, when Sraddha is performed by the
astute. These two belong to the shannavati -96- Sraddhas ordained for a householder. Considering the astronomical
implications, the Sayana Vydhruti and Vyatipata days are also indicated in the Panchanga. The auspicious Amritayoga
and Siddhayoga and inauspicious Maranayoga and Prabalarishtayoga come under Amirtaadiyoga scheme and are different
from the Nityayogas.
The Karana is the half of the Tithi. They are mainly classified as Sthira - fixed or immovable and Chara or moveable.
The Chara Karanas are seven in number and the Sthira are only four. The fixed ones are inauspicious. They are Sakuni,
Chatushpada, Naga and Kimsatugna. The seven movable Karanas are in their order, Bava, Baalava, Kaulava, Taitila,
Gara, Vanija and Vishti (or Bhadra.) Among the movable Karanas Vishti or Bhadra is considered to be of dreadful. The
forbidden Karanas are marked in red for easy identification.
We have most of our religious observances pegged on to the Tithis. Pournamipooja Chandradarisana, Sankataharachaturthi
Vrata, Shastivrata, Ekadasi Vrata and Pradosha are specially mentioned in the Panchanga. Pournamipooja is done in the
evenings on days the full Moon is prevalent. Chandradarisana is observed on the evening on the day when the crescent
Moon appears for the first time in the west after the Amavasya. Chaturthi of the Krishnapaksha or Bahula Chaturthi of
every month is known as Sankataharachaturthi. The evenings of Sukla and Krishna Trayodasi days are specially observed
as Pradosha Vrata days.

The important dates and festivals for November 2017 are as follows:
01 Wednesday Tulasi Vivaha, Martyrdom day of Bhagat Kanwar Ram (Sindhi), Brindavana Dwadasi, Madana Dwadasi Vrata end, Sadhu
Masaya Vrata end, Ksheerabdi Nadtha Pooja, Shukla Paksha Pradosa, 02 Thursday Vaikuntha Chaturdasi (Pradosa), 03 Friday Vaikuntha
Chaturdasi, Rasayatra (Smartha), Tripurotsava, Pournima Pooja, Chandra Jayanti, 04 Saturday Rasayatra (Vaishnava), Kartiki Pournima,
Rathayatra (Jain), Guru Nanaks Birthday (Sikh-According to Tithi), Puskar Fare, Vyatipata Sraddha, Bhishma Panchanga Vrata end, 05
Sunday Krittika Vrata, Asunya Sayana Vrata, 07 Tuesday Sankatahara /Angara Chaturthi, 09 Thursday Chelhum, Krishna Paksha Shasti Vrata,
10 Friday Sayana Vaidhruthi, Kala Ashtami, Kala Bhairava Ashtami (night), Rudra Ashtami, 11 Saturday Prathamashtami (Odisha), Rudra
/ Kala Ashtami, Vaikkom Mahadeva Ashtami, 13 Monday Vydhruti Sraddha, 14 Tuesday Childrens Day (Nehrus Birthday), Krishna Paksha /
Rama / Utpanna Ekadasi, 15 Wednesday Akheri Chahar Shumba (Moslem), Yama Deepa, Krishna Paksha Pradosa, 16 Thursday Kartika Pooja,
Masa Shivaratri, Thula Snana end, 17 Friday Death Anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai, 18 Saturday Shahadat-e-Imam Hasan (Moslem), Sarva
Amavasya, Lakshmi Prabodhani Dina, Karthika Snana ends, Akhanda Deepa Pooja ends. 19 Sunday Lakshmi Vrata begins (11 days),20
Monday Birthday Celebration of Prof. Ram Panjwani (Sindhi),Chandra Darshanam, Dindhirini Gauri Vrata, 21 Tuesday Abhiyoga Triteeya,
22 Wednesday Masa Chaturthi, Badri Gauri Vrata, 23 Thursday Sayana Vyatipata, Naga Pooja Panchami, 24 Friday Guru Tegh Bahadurs
Martyrdom Day, Guha / Champa Shasti, Subrahmanya Shasti (S.India),Champa Shasti (Maharashtra),Mulakrupini Shasti (Bengal), S h u k l a
Paksha Shasti Vrata, 25 Saturday Mitra Saptami, Sravana Vrata, 26 SundayBanu /Vijaya/ Durga Saptami Soorya Vrata, 29 Wednesday Lakshmi
Vrata ends, 30 Thursday Mauna Ekadasi (Jain), Gita Jayanti, Ksheerabdi Sayana Vrata,Vydharani Vrata,Shukla Paksha / Kaisika / Mokshada
Ekadasi, Vyatipata Sraddha.

The MOON in Kumbha rasi enters : Meena on 01st at 01h 45m., Mesha on 03rd at 05h 29m., Vrishabha on 05th at 06h 28m., Mithuna
on 07th at 06h 41m., Karkataka on 09th at 08h 02m., Simha on 11th at 11h 43m., Kanya on 13th at 18h 00m., Tula on 16th at 02h 29m.,
Vrischika on 18th at 12h 49m., Dhanus on 21st at 00h 48m., Makara on 23rd at 13h 46m., Kumbha on 26th at 02h 01m., Meena on 28th at
11h 15m., Mesha on 30th at 16h 13m.

The SUN In Tula enters Vrischika on the 16th at 12h.22m., In Swati nakshatra enters Visakha on 06th 13h.40m., and
Anuradha nakshatra enters on 19th 19h.40m.


Panchanga for November 2017


Panchanga for November 2017


Yoga Vashishta 23 *
eesie Jeeefme

Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha SwamijiWKHMXQLRUSRQWLRI'DWWD3HHWKDPUHIHUUHGDVBala SwamijiE\


Discourse delivered on August 7th, 2014 In the 14th sarga, in the episode of Jeevita Garhana,
Jaya Guru Datta Rama gave us some pointers about life and criticized
its negative points. His intention is to caution us. We
Sri Ganesaya Namaha, Sri Saraswatyai Namaha |
identify ourselves with our life. We commonly refer
Sripada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswati
him/her is seeing, talking, eating, and doing. But when
Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namaha | he/she is dead, it is called a corpse, a dead body. We
Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Sadgurubhyo Namaha | do not even call the body by the name of the person.
Asato ma Sadgamaya, Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya | He/she ceases to do anything. We tie ourselves to the
body. It is not correct.
Mrityor ma Amrtam Gamaya, Om Santissantissantihi ||
Rama begins to speak about how life force enters the
Yoga Vashishta Dhyana Slokas
body like a serpent and torments it. For some snakes
Yatassarv i Bhtni Pratibhnti Sthitni Ca like pythons, food intake is not necessary every day.
Yatraivpaama Ynti Tasmai Satytman Nama || 1 They simply survive on air for a few days. If we keep
Jt Jna Tath Jya Dra darana Dryabh ingesting poisonous air, we will harm ourselves. A
snake charmer entertains us without paying attention
Kart Htu Kriy Yasmt Tasmai Japtytman Nama || 2
to how much he harasses the snake after removing
6SKXUDQWL6NDU<DVPWQDQDQGDV\EDU9DQDX its fangs. Unless we nourish the body with good
6DUYP-YDQDP7DVPDL%UDKPQDQGWPDQ1DPD|| 3 deeds, it will wither away. Unless we protect this


body with meritorious activities, it will get eaten away this entire world with the five elements, makes a very
like animals eat away plants. If we abuse this body detailed plan. When we gently separate the two blades
without removing its fangs, it will sting us like a snake. of grass, the middle portion comes out easily. We must
If there are termites, if we do not remove the termites not keep whirling in this wheel of rebirth. We are
from the body, they will destroy us. An object eaten complicating this by our wrong thinking.
by termites will appear beautiful. If you touch it, it
We are the soul, not the life energy. Life is waiting to
will collapse.
swallow us up. While we live, we must utilize this body
A cat waits for the mouse patiently. We do not have well. When we go out, the cat goes before us. Like
that kind of patience. It is as if it does penance. If it is that the life force is always with us doing everything
chased away, it returns when no one is there. It comes we do. But it does not contemplate on God as we do.
very quietly to catch the mouse as it comes out of its We give treatment if a remedy is available. Sometimes
hole. A cat stealthily comes and drinks our milk. A cat the doctor says bluntly that the surgery will not help
will be waiting to catch the mouse and eat it up. It will the patient. At such times we tell him not to perform
tease the mouse even if in the process the mouse bites it. If anyone tells us that he will make us immortal, it
the foot of the cat. This life is like a cat. We must not is wrong to believe such a person. We must respect the
become like mice. law of nature that death is certain.

We think that our life force is I. We feel that Rama gives many examples. Life is compared to a
without life we cannot exist. We wicked woman. A womanizer does
are not the life force. It is only not respect the people at home. He is
in common parlance that we say lecherous towards women. He goes to
that he exists as long as the life an old womans house. She knows that
is in him. But the Bhagavad Gita he eats sumptuously. The woman feeds
explains as no other science explains him well. He eats, sleeps and returns
it. We were invisible before we were home. Such a wicked woman distances
born. We again become invisible us from the virtuous damsel called
when the body drops away. What liberation. It is a very useful advice for
it is that activates the body comes society. To catch fish they use bait. The
unseen and leaves unseen. We build fish comes rushing to catch it and the
an attachment with the body. It gives fish is caught. A fishermans net catches
us pain. When a dear one leaves, a lot of fish. His investment is minimal.
we shed tears and do the funeral His profit is great. Life is like that.
rites. We wish for the persons
Money, people, and youth you have
souls smooth passage. It is useless
to be very cautious with these three.
to keep crying about departed
These three are very dangerous. In
souls. We are born to be happy.
youth the elders are disrespected. In prosperity the
We are not here to keep grieving. Keep remembering
poor are disdained. Popularity makes people proud.
the good qualities of the departed ones. This kind of
These three things make us commit sins. It is possible
sorrow occurs to everyone. We only know the body
to get rid of our bad traits. There are remedies.
that came into the world. We spend a happy time with
that person/body. Lifespan is like the tail of a lizard. Fear about death is meaningless. Death is natural for
The tail falls away. everyone. Even Viswamitra could not make Trisanku
immortal. Trisanku was thrown out of heaven. He could
If we are the life energy that departs, how are we able
not land here. Some dosha/evil aspect of a planet may
to be born again and again? We plan so much even
be there. You can do something as an antidote. Do
for preparing a dessert, a stew and so on. We think of
not worry too much. Do not allow anxieties to get to
the ingredients, the dishes to use. God, who creates


your head. Change your perspective. That is spiritual life that occupies a body. Its nature is death. Rama has
pursuit. Get rid of your fear. What harms you is not analyzed it very keenly.
death but fear of death. Live well. Do good things.
15th sarga, Ahankara Jugupsa disgust about ego or
Learn good things.
repulsion towards ego. Repulsion we feel towards
Some children go after drugs and go to jail. They objects, people, and circumstances.
waste their lives. They are branded as criminals. They
We must ponder over all these points and firm up our
suffer lifelong. In youth many temptations occur. A
understanding and convictions. Rama is handing to us
wicked man leaves his wife and goes after other women
many important concepts to strengthen our minds. This
because the wife lost her beauty. Siva offered a woman
will lead us further to something even more important.
a boon. She said let me go on a pilgrimage with my
That is what Rama feels, repulsion towards ego. Either
husband. Siva agreed gladly. The husband was offered
one has to hide it or go away from it.
a boon. He wanted to go for a picnic with a woman 30
years his junior. Siva agreed after raising his eyebrows. What is Ahankara? Modern youngsters (not related to
At once the husband became a 90-year-old man and age) who are ignorant and foolish think that without
went with his 60-year-old wife. Such a man nourishes ego you cannot engage in worldly affairs. You look for
false attachments to beauty and fleeting pleasures of recognition in the world and reciprocation for your
life and lifespan itself. actions. But from the spiritual aspect what is ego? We
benefit greatly by giving it up.
Rama says that he forfeits his love for life, and his
fear of death. Since childhood we have to train our Kaara is spice that causes irritation to the stomach
youngsters to cultivate some devotion and detachment. when taken in excess. The notion that I am doing
It is like adding some honey to their milk. If good denotes ego. We commonly boast we did it.
habits are cultivated early in life, they will protect us
throughout life. Soon with discretion we will give up Can infants help themselves? Birds and animals
bad thoughts. If an unwelcome guest comes to the are self-sufficient even at a very young age. Even a
house, if you fail to feed him, he will go away. As you newborn is left and it survives. Human babies cannot
keep adding ghee, the fire glows more strongly. survive if there is no nurse, mother or caretaker. We
speak so highly of humans but for so many years a
Foreigners are surprised at the long-term success of human is dependent on parents or others, unlike birds
marriages in India. Their divorce rate is very high. and animals that can take care of themselves at a
Our tradition itself is different. During the Saptapadi young age.
ceremony, there are significant rules laid out. During
different situations in life the couple promises to No human does anything unique. Humans merely
remain loyal to one another. But in liberation each gather many things. You pick a flower and offer it
individual is left to attain it individually. to God. You have not created the flower. We do
Gayatri mantra first thing in the morning. We get
A wicked bachelor looks at the beauty of a woman. But inner stimulation from God to engage in actions. Only
in marriage one looks for virtue. Everything changes some people achieve great things. They have received
in nature. Beauty does not last. We must preserve our the inner stimulus. We must pray for such energy and
culture of protecting the tradition of marriage. Rama inspiration from the divine. A parent holds the hand
views life in a very objective and philosophical way. of a child while walking. The parents energy is taking
We are obsessed with the thought of our body and give the child along. Gods energy and initiative make us
it too much importance. Rama says that he does not move and do things.
like to go after transient pleasures. He is seeking what
is permanent. He observes that life is temporary. He Jaya Guru Datta | Sri Guru Datta | Om Santissantissantihi ||
sees that all pleasures that the body offers are fleeting. (to be continued)
The body does not give enduring happiness. It is very
cheap and inferior. There is nothing worse in life than


This Month for You

November 2017

The Sun enters Scorpio on 15th, Mercury enters Scorpio on 1st, Venus enters Libra on 1st, Mars enters
Libra on 27th, Jupiter remains in Libra, Saturn remains in Sagittarius & Rahu and Ketu remain in Cancer
and Capricorn respectively

Krittika 1: Real estate dealings may bring you profits

MESHA (Aries) now. Change in job or place is inevitable.
Aswini, Bharani, Krittika:1
Mars till 27th, Mercury, Jupiter are
favourable this month.
Krittika 2, 3, 4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1, 2
Those who are in own business will see a sudden
momentum in business activities and gear up to grab Sun till 14th, Mars from 27th and Rahu
the opportunities. If you were trying to open up a are in favour of Vrishaba natives.
branch outside the country or waiting for a tie up with Some of your plans and projects could move in a slower
a foreign firm, its the right time to do so. If you have a pace, leaving you frustrated. You may be involved in
legal battle going on property matters, you may get the tedious jobs at work place. The problem you see in your
judgements in your favour. You may have gains from
career will be temporary and short lived. Avoid taking
Government authorities. Some may get transferred to
any risks in your investments. Be careful while signing
a different city and have to stay away from home. If you
new contracts. Avoid arguments both at workplace
are happy with your present job, it is a good time to
and with family. Cultivate a healthy outlook in life and
discuss your career development plan and promotion
have a flexible approach in general. Those who are in
prospects with your boss. Financial position will get
politics and in charity organisations will have a good
improved. Gains through your spouse is seen during
month. Avoid real estate dealings as it wont bring any
middle of the month. Health issues especially with
excretory organs may bother you. People suffering profits to you now. Those who are in medical, media
from diabetes need to take special care of their food & entertainment industry will flourish. You may see
intakes. Family life will be smooth. But health of an increase in spiritual activities. You may take up a
family members also will cause you worries. Students short pilgrimage tour with your family. Your children
may have to put that bit of extra efforts to achieve the may come up with new demands. Health of your spouse
desired results. Stay away from distractions. will have to be attended. You may miss the harmony in
family life now. Students have to concentrate well on
Aswini: Those who are waiting for Government
their studies to achieve good results. Deviations from
approval for their project will get clearance now.
their work may prove to be costly.
Unexpected gains will increase your wealth.
Krittika 2, 3, 4 : Minor issues will arise between
Bharani: Your spouse will be the main source of your
happiness and prosperity now. Take care of your health. couples. Stay calm and avoid arguments.
You will command respect and honor in society.


Rohini: : You will have immense faith in divine power. KARKATAKA(Cancer)

You may go on business trips and these will add to
your income. Punarvasu 4, Pushya & Aslesha
Mrigasira 1, 2: You will experience a sense of security Mars till 26th, Venus and Saturn are in favourable
and self dependency in financial matters. Your brothers positions.
and sisters will do well..
YYour boss or guide will help you get the position
or transfer you have been waiting so for. Income
MITHUNA (Gemini) from foreign sources is also on the cards. Colleagues
Mrigasira 3, 4, Aridra & may get disappointed with you due to some reason.
Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 Government jobs are possible in the last two weeks
of this month. You will continue to see growth but
Sun from 15th, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in excessive work load can tire you. Family life will have
favourable positions. its share of tensions. Try to adopt compromising
A passion for earning more money will make you find attitude. Even though arguments crop up, it will not
new income sources. Investments will fetch you good affect the smooth relationship. At times, you may have
returns. You might have to face a sudden change in to tighten your purse strings to keep financial balance.
Please follow a diet regime to avoid stomach related
professional life for good. Frequent short travels are
problems. Your friends will be your lucky charm now.
on the cards. It will be both professional and personal.
They go out of the way to make you feel good. Your
Those who are in media/communication field may
family life will be normal. You might have to spend time
face some obstacles. You are likely to spend more on
and money on your spouse health. Students should
entertainment, fun and luxuries of life. Do not react
overcome the lazy feeling. Should realize hard work
impulsively in tense situations. Have to keep a watch
will pave the way to success. Group study will help.
on your health, especially abdomen and eyes. Your
brothers or sister's health may get affected. You will Punarvasu 4: Your hard work will be appreciated by
earn the love and support of your spouse. Having too your seniors and will be given additional responsibilities.
many expectations does not always work well in love. Pushya: Channelize your expenses in building or
There might be a dissatisfied feeling at times. You may renovating your house or buying a car.
plan to go on a long trip with your loved ones and this Aslesha: Will enjoy material prosperity. Try not to set
will increase your happiness. Your children will bestow an over ambitious time frame for your commitments..
their love upon you. Be prepared to spend more on
your childrens education. You may see an increase in SIMHA (Leo)
spiritual activities. Students have a good month. They Makha, Poorvaphalguni and
will succeed in their educational pursuits. Uttaraphalguni 1
Mrigasira 3, 4: There would be lot of positive
Sun till 14th, Mercury, Venus, Mars
developments in career as well as family life. You will
from 27th and Ketu are in your favour.
be attending more social gatherings and events.
First two weeks of the month will not be favourable.
Aridra: You will take decisions with clarity and courage. You may feel low and dejected. Last two weeks will give
Financial position will stabilize. you better results. Things will happen in your favour
Punarvasu 1, 2, 3: You will be brimming with vigour but after a delay. Good revenue from agriculture. You
and vitality. Success of children will ring about lot of will get dues from the government and your financial
lot of happiness in your family. status will improve. Do not get into arguments with
anyone as it may turn into separation. An unexpected
change or transfer to a distant place is possible. Those
who are in medical, media & entertainment industry


will flourish well. Gains through siblings will be there. for higher studies. Students who are in research field
You will see expenses going up during last two weeks will do very well now. Others have to work hard to
of this month. You might face disturbed sleep patterns. reach the goal.
Your health will improve. Health of children needs
Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4: Financial prospects are bright
to be taken care of. Family front will have its share
if you are ready to put in the extra effort. Family life
of problems. Talk them out with your partner to
will be peaceful.
avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Your children
may take interest in spiritual matters and willingly Hasta: You would also do well in overpowering your
participate in related programs. Students will have to colleagues and competitors at work. Short travels are
work on their memory retention. on the cards.
Makha: May have to compromise your stand on a Chitta 1, 2: There will be increase in the regular
domestic issue. It is better for the harmony of domestic income. But keep your expenses in control.
Poorvaphalguni: An unexpected change or transfer TULA (Libra)
to a distant place is possible. Younger sibling will be
Chitta 3, 4, Swati and Visakha 1, 2, 3
very supportive.
Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in
Uttaraphalguni 1: Your prestige may get a boost and favourable positions.
you may also get honoured. Gains through your mother
is on the cards. A switch in career is seen. It may be a crucial time in
your career now. You may be indecisive whether to
take up the opportunity from a smaller company/start
KANYA (Virgo) up or to continue in the same place. Better to consult
Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4, Hasta and your guide or mentor and decide. As some loss is
Chitta 1, 2 indicated, take cautious steps before investing your
hard earned money. You may have to spend money on
Sun from 15th, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu are in a
repairing your car or house. You may get income from
position to favour you.
abroad through your overseas contacts. Your spouse
You may get the long awaited promotion with a transfer will bestow love and affection upon you. If you are
now. If not, its the right time to talk about it to your single, marriage proposal will click now. You may face
boss. You are expected to get a huge benefit in your sleepless nights due to stress. Your younger sibling may
business with the help and support of your spouse be indisposed. Short travels are on the cards. Do not
family. In general money matters look promising now. commit beyond your limits, you might face problems
Expenses might shoot up in the first half of the month. due to that. Guard yourself against injuries while you
Second half would bring in some relief. Career wise its travel. Your friends will go out of their way to help you.
a good month. Be tactful while taking decisions. Do Your children will make you proud and happy with
not invest in speculations. Those who are in medical, their academic achievements. Students can expect a
media and entertainment field will do well now. You more than ordinary month. With the blessings of your
will have to spend money on renovation of house teachers, you expect very good grades.
or repairing your vehicle. Never allow ego to get in
Chitta 3, 4: You may meet your close friend after few
while you speak. Parents will feel happy to be with
years. Take up the challenge in work, you will come
you. Mothers health may need your attention. Your
out successfully.
friends circle may grow larger and closer. Your spouse
may get her inheritance now. General weakness and Swati: Your own efforts would help you tremendously
tired feeling will trouble you often. Check your blood to expand your business and your presence of mind will
pressure levels. One of your children may go abroad be the reason for success.


Visakha 1, 2, 3: You will have a pleasant time with You would be in the good books of your boss as he
family and friends. Both your income and expenditures recognises your soft skills and hard work. Promotion
will go up. might get delayed by few weeks. If planning to switch
to a new job, this is not a good time. There will be a
steep increase in returns on your investments. If you
VRISCHIKA(Scorpio) are into business, partners would be loyal and will enjoy
Visakha 4, Anuradha & Jyestha high returns. You will enjoy the support of women in
your office. There can be some tedious short journeys,
Mars till 26th, Venus, Rahu and Ketu
which you cant avoid. Never pick up an argument with
are in favourable positions.
superiors. This is a good month for financial growth and
There may be gains through government polices as starting new ventures. Spouses health may cause you
well as rise in pay and promotions in job. You may get worries. Do not let anger or stress set in you. You would
new opportunities at work, where you need to decide experience a calmer month after a long time. Mothers
positively setting aside your inhibitions and confusions. health will improve. Family life will be blooming with
You may get income from aboard through your foreign love. Occasional tensions might come and go. A long
contacts. A sudden gain in wealth from an unexpected overdue holiday with family could materialize. You may
source is possible. Take financial decisions wisely and be blessed with progeny. Father will be very supportive.
channelize your money in the right way. Do not invest Students are required to put in extra hours of study.
in speculative plans, as loss is indicated around the end Those preparing for competitive examinations will do
of this month. Relationship with boss may get strained. very well.
Expenses will steeply go up. If you are in love, avoid
confrontations with your partner. Married people may
now. Do not engage in arguments.
not enjoy their domestic life due to misunderstandings
with their partner. High chances of you suffer with Poorvashada: If you are running your own business, it
insomnia. Try meditation to calm your mind. You may will be very brisk but dont go for expansion now.
have to take up long distant travels which may bring Uttarashada 1: Real estate will bring you profits. Your
you more gains. Students may become lazy and will wise investments would fetch you high returns.
postpone important activities or leave them undone.
This may affect your preparations.
Vishaka 4: You may be going on a sponsored trip to a
MAKARA (Capricorn)
foreign country. Your childs health may require your Uttarashada 2, 3 4, Sravana and
attention Dhanistha 1, 2
Anuradha: Some sort of confusions may cloud your Sun and Mercury come to your rescue this month.
mind. Seek the help of friends and move on.
Jyeshta: You may buy a vehicle or trade in your old business acumen and the diplomatic approach will help
one for a new luxury one. Family ties improve you gain a lot in your business development. Though
the expenditures keep on increasing, your ability to
DHANUS (Sagittarius) will help you very much. But do not take impulsive
Moola, Poorvashada and decisions while you are angry. Think twice and consult
Uttarashada 1 elders before you take big decisions. With the kind of
energy level you possess, you can have a very healthy
Sun till 14th, Mercury, Mars from 27th, Jupiter and
lifestyle. Your spouse may behave with aggression.
Venus, are in good positions.
Avoid unwanted disputes as it may ruin the harmony


in family life. Mothers health may cause you worry. Dhanistha 3, 4: : A sudden gain through an elder
Frequent short travels are on the cards. It will be both sibling or a friend is on the cards. You will spend money
professional and personal. You will go on a pilgrimage on fun and entertainment.
to places you have been waiting to visit for a long time. Satabhisha: You will get good revenue from agriculture.
Students are required to put in extra hours of study. You will get long pending dues from your clients which
Those preparing for competitive examinations will were written off.
do very well. Your travel plans will fructify at the last
Poorvabhadra 1, 2, 3: A promising time ahead in
love affairs and married life. Investments will fetch
Uttarashada 2, 3, 4: Try spending more time with you good returns.
family to improve the ties. You may invest in land/
MEENA (Pisces)
Sravana: Your spouse will bring in prosperity and be
the pride of your family. Do not travel in the night. Poorvabhadrapada 4,
Uttarabhadrapada and Revati
Dhanistha 1, 2: Mood swings may affect your health.
A travel will bring you honour and gains. Venus, Saturn and Ketu are in favourable houses.
Professional activities will end in success though you
KUMBHA (Aquarius) may face some constraints in the beginning. With the
kind of decision-making ability you have, this seems to
Dhanistha 3, 4, Satabhisha, and be the perfect time to formulate new plans and pitch
Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3 new project ideas. You will get support from elders,
Sun from 15th, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and bosses and other people in high positions. But you
Rahu are in favourable houses. may face some troubles through your ex employees
or competitors. Your health has to be taken care of.
Your best traits of logical reasoning and decision Especially your digestive organ needs your attention.
making skills help you achieve the professional success. Politicians have a tough phase now. You may go on
If you are doing business, good time to launch your official trip to foreign countries. It will be great if you
new product. You may get success in whatever you dont trust a new relationship immediately. Though
do. Some of you may change your job or get transfer. there will be frictions in domestic life, you will tactfully
Trading in share market may bring benefits to you. Do handle it. Spouse will be supportive. There may be
not give false promises. Those in the field of media some difference of opinion with your children. You may
and entertainment fields will find it going tough and receive some share of property through your maternal
tedious. Never start an argument. Better agree with grandfather. Students may have to double up their
your boss to avoid unnecessary tensions. Auspicious working time to maintain the grades. A trip to your
family functions like marriage will take place during family deity temple will bring you desired changes in life.
the month and there will be happiness and bliss around.
Domestic life will be happy and peaceful. Treat your Poorvabhadra 4: You are advised not to take drastic
spouse as you wanted to be treated by her/him. Your decisions in job related matters. Transfer is on the cards.
child will do well in studies as well in extra-curricular Uttarabhadra : Savings and wealth accumulation
activities. would continue to grow at a steady pace. Take care of
Short travels are on the cards. Watch the food you your health.
eat while on travel. Students should hone their Revati: You may have to undergo stressful moments
communication skills. Time is favorable for them to at work. Financial position will be good. Practice
take up competitive exams. meditation.


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