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Arabic Nouns have 4 characteristics

Gender Definiteness

Male Female Definite Indefinite

Everything else 1. Words that end with taa marbutah ()/ THE= A/AN =

There are 2 steps to making a noun definite i.e. (start
2. Words which refer to females: (a sister) Any noun ending with any
with the)
of the above 3 tanween

( a cow) into (the cow)?

signs is the indefinite form.
3. Parts of the body that come in pairs: (an eye) How do I turn the noun
Meaning it will begin with

4. Historically feminine (these words have to be learnt
1. Add to the beginning of the noun:

( a cow)

2. Remove one harakah from the ending:

Nominative Accusative Genitivie Number

Dual Singular Plural
A noun in the nominative A noun in the accusative
A noun in the genitive ends Refers to two of something Refers to one of Refers to three or

ends in ends in in Attach following to the end

depending on case of noun
something. more of something

Sound Plurals Broken Plurals

1. The SUBJECT of the 1. It is the OBJECT of the 1. A preposition comes
sentence. sentence. Nom: Acc/Gen: Have to be
before it. Masculine Feminine
2. The MUBTADA 2. Noun is controlled by 2. It is being controlled learnt
For feminine words: add the

(beginning) of a Mansoob controllers. by something. individually
sentence. endings after taa marbuta
End in End in