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Duration: 90 Minutes Maximum Marks: 50

Read the following instructions carefully.

1. The subject specific paper consists of 32 questions carrying 50 marks, out of which question
numbers 1 to 14 are of 1-mark each, while question numbers 15 to 32 are of 2-mark each.
2. The question paper may consist of questions of multiple choice type (MCQ) and numerical
answer type.
3. Multiple choice type questions will have four choices against A, B, C, D, out of which only
ONE is the correct answer.
4. For numerical answer type questions, each question will have a numerical answer and there will
not be any choices. For these questions, the answer should be entered in the space / box
5. All questions that are not attempted will result in zero marks.
6. Wrong answers for multiple choice type questions (MCQ) will result in NEGATIVE marks. For
all MCQ questions a wrong answer will result in deduction of marks for a 1-mark question

and marks for a 2-mark question.



Q. 1 to Q.14 carry one mark each.

Q.1. For structural steel, the relative magnitudes of three elastic constants E, G and K is given
(A) E > G > K
(B) K > G > E
(C) G > K > E
(D) G > E > K
Q.2. The stress strain behavior of a material is
shown in the figure. Its resilience and toughness,
in Nm/m3 are respectively
(A) 28 x 104 , 76 x 104
(B) 28 x 104 , 48 x 104
(C) 14 x 104 , 90 x 104
(D) 76 x 104 , 104 x 104
Q.3. The number of components in a stress tensor defining stress at a point in three
dimensions is
(A) 1 (C) 6
(B) 4 (D) 9
Q.4. If all the dimensions of a vertically suspended circular bar are doubled, then the
maximum stress produced in it due to its self weight will be
(A) Doubled (C) Become half
(B) Tripled (D) Remains same
Q.5. The nonuniform loading causes a normal strain in the shaft that can be expressed as
= 2 . The displacement of end B will be




Q.6. Consider the following statements:
(P) Hardness is the resistance of a material to indentation
(Q) Elastic modulus is a measure of ductility
(R) Deflection depends on stiffness
(S) Total area under stress - strain curve is a measure of resilience.
Among the following statements, the correct ones are
(A) P and Q only (C) P and R only
(B) Q and S only (D) R and S only
Q.7. If the two principle strains at a point are 1000 x 10 and 600 x 10-6, then the maximum

shear strain is
(A) 800 x 10-6 (C) 1600 x 10-6
(B) 500 x 10-6 (D) 200 x 10-6
Q.8. A shaft with a circular cross-section is subjected to pure twisting moment. The ratio of
the maximum shear stress to the largest principle stress will be ____________.

Q.9. The beams, one having square cross-section and another circular cross-section, are
subjected to the same amount of bending moment. If the cross-sectional area as well as
the material of both the the beams are same then
(A) Maximum bending stress developed in both the beams will be same.
(B) The circular beam experience more bending stress than the square one.
(C) The square beam experience more bending stress than the circular one.
(D) As the material is same both beams will experience same deformation.
Q.10. Two shafts A and B are made of the same material. The diameter of shaft B is twice that
of shaft A. The ratio of power which can be transmitted by shaft A to that of shaft B is
1 1
(A) 2
(C) 8
1 1
(B) 4
(D) 16
Q.11. A beam has a rectangular cross-section having dimensions b x h. If a section of the beam
is subjected to a shear force F, the maximum shear stress in the cross-section is given by
(A) / (C) 3/
(B) /2 (D) 3/2
Q.12. In a cantilever beam, if the length is doubled while keeping the cross-section and the
concentrated load acting at the free end the same, the deflection at the free end will be
increased by
(A) 3 times (C) 4 times
(B) 6 times (D) 8 times
Q.13. A cast iron pipe of 1 m diameter is required to withstand a 200 m head of water. If the
limiting tensile stress of pipe material is 20 MPa, then the thickness of the pipe will be
(A) 25 mm (C) 75 mm
(B) 50 mm (D) 100 mm
Q.14. For a long slender column of uniform cross-section, the ratio of critical buckling load for
the case with both ends clamped to the case with both ends hinged is
(A) 1 (C) 4
(B) 2 (D) 8
Q. 15 to Q.32 carry two mark each.

Q.15. A square plate of dimension L x L is subjected to a uniform pressure load p = 250 MPa
on its edge as shown in the figure. Assume plane stress conditions. The youngs Modulus
E = 200 GPa.
The deformed shape is a square of dimension L - 2.If L = 2 m and = 0.001 m then the
Poissons ratio of the plate material is _________________.

Q.16. A steel bar AD has a cross-sectional area of 260 mm2 and is loaded by forces P1 = 12 kN,
P2 = 8 kN, and P3 = 6 kN. The length of the segments of the bar are a = 1.5 m, b = 0.6 m
and c = 0.9 m.
If the bar does not change in length when three loads are applied then
P3 must be increased by amount (in kN) ________________.

Q.17. A bar AB of length L is held between rigid supports and

a elastic and heated non-uniformly in such a manner that
the temperature increase T at a distance x from end A
TB x3
is given by the expression = , where is the
increase in temperature at end B of the bar. The
compressive stress in bar will be

(A) 2
(C) 4
(B) 3
(D) 3
Q.18. The figure shows cross-section of a beam subjected to bending. The area moment of
inertia (in mm4) of this cross-section about its base is ________________.

Q.19. A beam is loaded as shown in the figure.

The bending moment, in Nm, at point R is _________________.


Q.20. During a test of an airplane wing, the strain gauge readings from a
450 rosette are as follows: gauge A, 520 x 10-6, gauge B, 360 x 10-6,
gauge C, - 80 x 10-6. The maximum shear strain will be
(A) 911 x 10-6
(B) 890 x 10-6
(C) 810 x 10-6
(D) 440 x 10-6
Q.21. The beam ABCD shown in the figure has overhangs at each end and carries a uniform
load of intensity q. The ratio b/L for which bending moment at the midpoint of the
beam will be zero is
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 8
Q.22. The maximum principal strain in a thin cylindrical tank, having a radius of 25 cm and
wall thickness of 5 mm when subjected to an internal pressure of 1 MPa, is ( taking E =
200 GPa and Poissons ratio as 0.2)
(A) 2.25 x 10-4 (C) 2.25 x 10-6
(B) 2.25 (D) 22.5
Statements for Linked answer question 23 and 24.

A mass-less beam has a loading pattern as shown in the figure. The beam is of rectangular cross-
section with width of 30 mm and height of 100 mm.

Q.23. The maximum bending moment occurs at

(A) Location B (C) 3225 mm to the right of A
(B) 2675 mm to the right of A (D) 2500 mm to the right of A
Q.24. The maximum magnitude of bending stress (in MPa) is given by
(A) 60.0 (C) 200.0
(B) 67.5 (D) 225.0
Q.25. A hollow shaft (do = 2di where do and di are the outer and inner diameters respectively)
needs to transmit 20 kW power at 3000 rpm. If the maximum permissible shear stress is
30 MPa, do is
(A) 11.29 mm (C) 33.7 mm
(B) 22.58 mm (D) 45.16 mm

Q.26. The strain energy stored in the beam with flexural rigidity EI and loaded as shown in the

2 3 4 2 3
(A) (C)
3 3
2 2 3 8 2 3
(B) (D)
3 3

Q.27. A square bar of side 4 cm and length 100 cm is subjected to an axial load P. The same bar
is then used a cantilever beam and subjected to an end load P. The ratio of the strain
energies, stored in the bar in the second case to that in the first case is
(A) 16 (C) 1000
(B) 400 (D) 2500
Q.28. A frame of two arms of equal length L is shown in the
adjacent figure. The flexural rigidity of each arm of the
frame is EI. The vertical deflection at the point of
application of load P is

Q.29. A small element at the critical section of a component is in a biaxial state of stress with
two principal stresses being 360 MPa and 140 MPa. The maximum working stress
according to Distortion Energy Theory is
(A) 220 MPa (C) 314 MPa
(B) 110 MPa (D) 330 MPa
Data for Q. 30 and 31 are given below. Solve the problems and choose correct.

The state of stress at a point in a two dimensional loading is such that the Mohrs Circle is a
point located at 175 MPa on the positive normal stress axis.

Q.30. The maximum and minimum principal stresses respectively from Mohrs circle are
(A) + 175 MPa, - 175 MPa
(B) + 175 MPa, + 175 MPa
(C) 0, - 175 MPa
(D) 0, 0

Q.31. The directions of maximum and minimum principal stresses at the point P from the
Mohrs circle are
(A) 0, 900
(B) 900, 0
(C) 450 , 1350
(D) All directions
Q.32. For the component loaded with a force F as shown in
the figure, the axial force at the corner point P is
4 3
4 3
4 3
4 3