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Text Creation

English 20-1

Character Analysis: Fakeook Assignment

Step 1: Choose one character from your novel.

Step 2: Complete a character analysis of the character you have been assigned
using the Character Analysis chart (attached).

1) Go through what weve read so far of the novel and jot down different
characteristics of your character (personality traits, physical descriptions,
strengths, weaknesses, relationships with other characters, etc.). Place
the information in the correct section of the chart. This may be done in
point form.

2) Copy down 3 key quotes that support your findings and analysis. Include
page references for each quote. Place the quotes in the correct section of
the chart.

3) At the end of the novel, complete a summary of your character: Who is

he? This should include the various characteristics you have looked at, the
relationship your character has with others in the novel, etc. The summary
should be approximately 150-250 words and in paragraph form. Write this
in the correct section of the chart.

Step 3: Using the information you have obtained and compiled through your character
analysis, create a Fakebook for your character.

1) Use template provided as a guide for what your Facebook page should
look like and what it should include. You may adjust the template and/or
add additional categories/components.
You may also use an online Fakebook generator
such as;

2) Some of the information will be based on your analysis, some of it will

involve some creativity.

3) As we progress through the novel, you will need to update your

characters facebook page.
Example: If Piggy makes a new friend in the novel, add a Friend Request
to his Facebook page.
Example: If Ralph has a terrible meeting with the choir, update his status.

You will need to submit in your character analysis, as well as your Fakebook


Text Creation
English 20-1


Text Creation
English 20-1


Knowledge and Understanding: Your understanding and knowledge of the character

is clearly demonstrated in your Facebook page and your character analysis chart.
Your character analysis is very thorough and includes all of the necessary
information/components. You have updated your Facebook page appropriately.

2 4 6 8 10

Application: Your Facebook poster accurately portrays your character. You have
effectively taken information from your character analysis and transferred it to your
Fakebook creatively; it is free from spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

2 4 6 8 10

TOTAL: /20