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Desmos Activities

Lesson Duration: 30-45 min. each

General Learning Outcomes:
Linear Equations
o GLO: Use patterns to describe the world and to solve problems (Patterns)
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Linear Equations
o SLO: PR1. Generalize a pattern arising from a problem-solving context, using a linear
equation, and verify by substitution.
o SLO: PR2. Graph a linear relation, analyze the graph, and interpolate or extrapolate to
solve problems.
Resource #1: Desmos Activity: Picture Perfect:
Resource #2: Desmos Activity: LEGO Prices:
Laptops Send the activity links to the students
1. Desmos Activity 1: Picture Perfect
Have the students get started on their own
They may need me to suggest skipping the second problem if they express too much
They will likely also need my help with realizing that they can come up with an equation for
the tables instead of just adding up the numbers for each box
Review the activity once they have completed ityou can look at the students work on

2. DESMOS Activity 2: LEGO Prices

Get the students started and provide guidance as needed
Lots of this can be self-guided exploration
I let the students work with a partner

3. Bright Lights Puzzles (Optional)

If they finish early, they may do bright lights puzzles on Khan Academy
My grade nine class worked hard today. They all got started on the Picture Perfect Desmos activity
within ten minutes. They worked on the activity for the whole class with minimal disruptions. They
students moved around a little, but I was OK with this as long as they were working.

The students were very engaged in the LEGO activity. Most students finished the Desmos activity
early and had time to do the bright lights puzzles. They had fun with the puzzles! When we had the
conversation about the activity at the end of class, the students were ready to go eat, but they still
had some good things to say about the Desmos activity. We mostly talked about its applications.
Overall, the lesson went very well!