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Good News!

Catholic Parish of St Mary & St Thomas More

2 Hallcourt Crescent, Cannock , WS11 0AB,
Parish Priest: Fr Peter Weatherby tel: 07766 335591
10th December 2017 Advent Two Deacons : Rev Michael Vickery, Rev Paul Hender
Welcome to everyone at Mass today, especially if you are Parish Sister: Sr Sebastian & Sr Callista (temporary)
new to our church or haven't been to Mass for some time. New Cross & Cannock Hospital Chaplains: 01902 695098
Practising Catholics, clear in conscience that they are St Marys Centre (Meals and Functions) 01543 579364
properly prepared, may receive holy communion. Others &
are invited to come forward for a blessing. If so, please Cafod Representative : Jo Burrowes
place your hand on your heart to indicate this to the priest, Safeguarding: Jo Burrowes & Ann Hinsley
deacon or minister. (Birmingham Diocesan Trust: Reg Charity No. 234216)

Masses, Intentions & other services Prepare a way for the Lord!
Check mass intentions online at
Welcome to our Family This Sunday:
10th December 2017 Advent Two Hope Mass on Sunday morning! the Blessing of
Sat 9 5pm Muriel & Sam Taylor RIP This is the Going Forth the Bambini!
Sun 10 8am Sean Costello RIP Mass for those recently The baby
10.30am Thanks to people of parish conrmed. Jesuses from our
(Houghton family) Christmas Fair Thanks to home Christmas Nativity
all those who worked so scenes will be blessed this
Tue 12 9.15am Celia & Norma (Sick) hard to make the fair a weekend, and in particular
7pm UCM Advent Mass great success. Including the at the Family Mass at
Wed 13 9.15am Tom Erangey RIP rae we raised 2,506! 10.30am.
(School Mass) There is a list of prize The Music Group will sing
Thu 14 9.15am Anne Dunbar RIP winners in Church. at the Christmas Day 10am
1.45pm Holy Souls Mass and welcome anyone
Fri 15 9.15am Joan & Harold Goode RIP Christmas Card List for
Aid to the Church in Need who would like to join
Sat 16 10 am Parish & People them. Practices on Wed 13
is on the notice board.
17th December 2017 Advent Three Joy Contribute to the Charity in & 20 Dec at 7.30pm in
place of money you would church. More info from
Sat 16 5pm Albert Wood RIP Chris Wilson 07593 523999.
Sun 17 8am Tyrell Family RIP have spent on cards.
10.30am Alan Price RIP Christmas Mass Times
Christmas Choir (for
postcards, for distribution
Christmas Eve 6pm &
Saints Days 13th St Lucy, 14th St John of the Cross. 6.30pm) practice Thursdays to families, neighbours and
friends are available from
Childrens liturgy during the Sunday 10.30am Mass, 14th at 6.45pm and on 21st
Church and our schools -
except on Dec 10th when there is a Family Mass 1t 6.30pm. All Welcome!!
please distribute them
Cardinal Grin
Family Mass: Sunday 10.30am; Next year on 14 Jan, 11 Feb, widely!
Christmas Party has been
11 Mar, 12/13 May, 10 Jun. 8 Jul,
rescheduled because of the Readers and Ministers -
Baptisms: Sundays 12pm: 31st Luna Chattwood. weather last week. It is now please put your name on
the paper at the back of
Funeral: Pat Molloy Funeral Mass on Tuesday 20th on 14th December, from
Church to indicate which of
December at 12.30pm, followed by burial at Stile Cop. 2pm to 4pm.
the Christmas masses you
Exposition Saturday 9am-9.50am. Food Bank: thanks for the intend to be at. A rota will
most recent donations, be published next weekend.
Rosary 8.50am before Mass on Thursday and Friday which came to 36.2 kg.
Morning Prayer 9.40am Saturday Please keep the donations
coming over Christmas.
Confessions Wednesday 6th 6.30pm; Fridays after Mass;
Saturdays 9am-9.50am, 10.30-11am, 4.30pm. However, not Cafod World Gifts booklets
on Saturday morning 9th because of the Retreat Day. are available from Church.

Second & Retiring Collections: 3 Dec Poor Parishes; 10

Dec Christmas Flowers; (3rd and 10th have been swapped
around); 17 Dec Clergy Training (retiring collection) St Marys Centre 01543 579364
Sunday Carvery 12-3pm 6.95
Parish Income 3rd December: Collection 487 (Gift Aid Wednesday Carvery 5.30-8pm 2 for 10
213), Flowers (Gift Aid) 62, Poor Parishes 188 Thursday OAP Special: 12-2pm 4.00 (5.95 non oaps)
Saturday Menu 4-8pm 2 for 9
Christmas Oerings the collection at the Christmas
Mass is your oering for the priest. Envelopes are available Please ring the Centre (01543 579364) to book
from the entrance of the Church if you wish to use them.

Please submit notices and items for publication to Fr Peter by hand, by text 07766 335591 or by email to
10th December 2017 Advent Two

Please Pray Sheila Houghton, Mark

Advent & Christmas

Travers, Geo Tipping.
The Holy Father's Prayer
for the sick or housebound:
Intention for the Month of
Norah Perry, Mary Rowley,

in St Marys Church
December 2017 is that the
Kath Turner, Stella Skillen,
elderly, sustained by families
Annette Mason, Doris Crabb,
and Christian communities,
Jean Golik, Joanne Jeavons,
Please refer to the schools themselves for may apply their wisdom and
Bob Evans, Nicola McCulloch,
events taking place inside school. experience to spreading the
Celia Hurdiss, Dee Fellows,
faith and forming the new
Tue Dec 12th 7pm UCM Mass, Carols and Dinner David Holt, Theresa Hadley,
Dr Peter Hayward, Fr Pat
Wed Dec 13th 2.15pm & 6.30pm St Marys Concert (KS2) for all those persecuted for Farrelly, June Weatherby.
Thu Dec 14th 6pm St Thomas More Carols their faith, during December
for those who have
Tue Dec 19th 2pm St Marys Carols and January for Christians
died recently: Pat Molloy
from Iraq trying to return
(funeral 20th December) and
Advent 4 Sat 23/Sun 24 Masses at usual times. home, and for Christians
Teresa Burrowes
(no music on Sunday morning) remaining in Syria but
lacking basic necessities. for those with anniversaries
Christmas Eve (Sunday 24th) for peace in the world,
about this time: 3rd Maria
4pm Family Nativity Mass Rowland; 8th Margaret
especially in Yemen
Children: please come as a Nativity Character Jordan; 10th Muriel Taylor,
for those who were Lydia Madgwick
Adults: wear your Christmas Jumper! conrmed recently by the
6pm Carols, Archbishop Please add anniversaries of
6.30pm Mass of Christmas Night. for our Alpha Course, and your loved ones to the
all those taking part and Memorial Book in Church.
Christmas Day Mass 10am
helping to lead the meetings Please let Fr Peter know if
for Ed Sargeant, training you wish to add any petitions
for the Permanent Diaconate or thanksgivings onto this
Saint Lucy 283-303 for those receiving prayer list.

13th December is the feast day of Santa Lucia - communion at home: Don
Saint Lucy. Lucy, whose name means 'light', is the and Brida Hinton, Don
McCulloch, Gerry Marriott, for good results and the all
patron saint of the blind.
Lilian Handley, Billie Wyles, clear!
Lucy was born in 283 AD in Syracuse, Sicily, and
Maria Wacawski, Catherine for Michael Scherfenberg,
was martyred there in 303 AD during Roman
Holloway, Bernard Deakin, Hannover, making excellent
persecution under the Emperor Diocletian.
Mary Casey, Iris Robertson progress after surgery
There are many stories associated with St Lucy. One is that ... for those undergoing or for Shirley Weatherbys
as part of her tortures, her eyes were put out. This is often recovering from treatment: success in receiving an MA in
represented in pictures, statutes and icons. In another Ray Bishop, Winifride Religious Education and
story, Lucy travelled with her mother to the tomb of Saint Haynes, Norma Rowley, Catechesis
Agatha. As they prayed at the tomb, Lucy saw a vision of Deacon Michael, Audrey from Ray Bishop, for
Saint Agatha and her mother's longstanding illness was George, Mitek Karasinska, successful surgery
miraculously cured. Lucy's mother converted to Emma Chapman (Anderson),
Christianity. for a successful conclusion
Rev Laurence Walsh, Cath
to the Alpha Course (Journey
Saint Lucy's Day is marked by celebrations in the USA and Hunt, Betty Murphy, Cath
in Faith resuming after
Europe, and especially Scandinavia, where (rather Rockey, Christopher Cooper,
dangerously) a crown of candles is worn.
Please indicate swaps on the copy in Church
Readers Ministers Readers Ministers Readers Ministers Cleaning
ROTAS Sat 5pm Sat 5pm Sun 8am Sick Visiting Sun 10.30am Sun 10.30am
Counters Stole Washing

December D Bruce, C Team 1

P & C Garnett
10th Josie Morris Hunt Michael A & R Hinsley G. Keeling, David Gleve
Schools Jo Burrowes & Nancy Costello
Advent 2 Clare Jackson Teresa Smith Burrowes D & M Hibberts C. Bridges Peter Garnet
R Cranney
(Year B) M Sargeant I Savage
December Callum S Clancy, E
A & R Hinsley Team 2
17th Sister Margaret D & G Korzonek Pearce Sargeant, E. Clancy,
D&M S & P Kilgallon Nancy Costello
Advent 3 Morna Doyle Tym P & C Wilson Colman Amy Pritchard G. Dockery
Hibberts G Dockery
(Year B) Whitelaw Sister