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4 Lista de Exerccios Engenharia Mecnica

Disciplina: Termodinmica II

9,18) A reversible adiabatic compressor receives 0.05 kg/s saturated vapor R-410a
at 200 kPa and has an exit presure of 800 kPa. Neglect kinetic energies and find
the exit temperature and the minimum power needed to drive the unit.
(T2=22,7C; W=-1,92KW)

9.24) Consider the design of a nozzle in which nitrogen gas flowing in a pipe at 500
kPa, 200C, and at a velocity of 10 m/s, is to be expanded to produce a velocity
of 300 m/s. Determine the exit pressure and cross-sectional area of the nozzle if the
mass flow rate is 0.15 kg/s, and the expansion is reversible and adiabatic.
(P2=357,6KPa; A=0,000174m).

9.40) A turbo charger boosts the inlet air pressure to an automobile engine. It
consists of an exhaust gas driven turbine directly connected to an air compressor,
as shown in Fig. P9.34. For a certain engine load the conditions are given in the
figure. Assume that both the turbine and the compressor are reversible and
adiabatic having also the same mass flow rate. Calculate the turbine exit
temperature and power output. Find also the compressor exit pressure and
temperature. (Wt=13,05KW; P2=348,7Kpa)

9.44) A two-stage compressor having an interstage cooler takes in air, 300 K,100
kPa, and compresses it to 2 MPa, as shown in Fig. P9.44. The cooler then cools the
air to 340 K, after which it enters the second stage, which has an exit pressure of
15.74 MPa. Both stages are adiabatic, and reversible. Find q in the cooler, total
specific work, and compare this to the work required with no intercooler. (w12=-
408KJ/Kg; q23=-368,2 KJ/Kg; w34=-978,8KJ/Kg)

9.47) As a first approximation, it may be assumed that the turbine and the pump
processes are reversible and adiabatic. Neglecting any changes in kinetic and
potential energies, calculate
a. The specific turbine work output and the turbine exit state(w=1569KJ/Kg;
b. The pump work input and enthalpy at the pump exit state(w=-20,12KJ/Kg;
c. The thermal efficiency of the cycle(n=0,428)

9.83) A geothermal supply of hot water at 500 kPa, 150C is fed to an insulated
flash evaporator at the rate of 1.5 kg/s. A stream of saturated liquid at 200 kPa is
drained from the bottom of the chamber and a stream of saturated vapor at 200
kPa is drawn from the top and fed to a turbine. Find the rate of entropy generation
in the flash evaporator. (Sger=0,01855KW/K)

9.99) A counter flowing heat exchanger has one line with 2 kg/s at 125 kPa, 1000
K entering and the air is leaving at 100 kPa, 400 K. The other line has 0.5 kg/s water
coming in at 200 kPa, 20C and leaving at 200 kPa. What is the exit temperature
of the water and the total rate of entropy generation? (Sger=1,54KW)

9.121) A steam turbine inlet is at 1200 kPa, 500oC. The exit is at 200 kPa, 275oC.
What is the isentropic efficiency? (n=0,872)

9.132) A compressor is used to bring saturated water vapor at 1 MPa up to 17.5

MPa, where the actual exit temperature is 650C. Find the isentropic compressor
efficiency and the entropy generation. (n=0,8539 e 0,1492KJ/Kg.K)

9.133) A refrigerator uses carbon dioxide that is brought from 1 MPa, -20oC to 6
MPa using 2 kW power input to the compressor with a flow rate of 0.02 kg/s. Find
the compressor exit temperature and its isentropic efficiency. (117,7C e n=0.952)

9.136) A turbine receives air at 1500 K, 1000 kPa and expands it to 100 kPa. The
turbine has an isentropic efficiency of 85%. Find the actual turbine exit air
temperature and the specific entropy increase in the actual turbine. (951K e
0,1268KJ/Kg.K) Bons Estudos!!