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Annex 11

Title of the Proposal: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name: ____________________________


Design Solution Inadequate Developing Adequate Accomplished Mastery Points

2 4 6 8 10
40 % Originate Does not attempt or Unsuccessful design Fundamentally sound Interesting design solution Compelling design
successful design is unable to solution due to lack design solution with showing consistently solution showing
solutions to complete design of creative use of moderately creative creative development of highly original
fundamental solutions. concept, limited use of concept, concept, original creative
architectural exploration of fundamentally development of development of
problems by technique and/or appropriate technique and original concept, innovative
integrating application of technique, and application of principles. application of
concepts, principles. Little effort adequate Solution shows ongoing techniques and
formal/visual to challenge application of creative inquiry and exemplary use of
principles and creative boundaries principles. Solution exploration of design principles. Solution
techniques. resulting in obvious shows some effort to potential with largely shows rigorous
or poorly developed challenge creative effective results. creative inquiry and
*this includes solution. boundaries with investigation
schemes and limited or uneven throughout design
diagrams; success. process with highly
architectural successful results.
drawings and
details as
applicable to your
study; other
drawings as
deemed necessary
to your studies

Formal & Spatial Inadequate Developing Adequate Accomplished Mastery Points


1 2 3 4 5
20 % Demonstrate Does not attempt or Limited Basic functional Clear understanding of Advanced
fundamental is unable understanding of understanding experiential quality of understanding of
understanding and to complete design experiential quality of experiential quality architectural form and experiential quality of
application of solutions. of of space architectural form
architectural architectural form architectural form resulting in successful and space
formal + spatial and space and space architectural solutions. resulting in exemplary
principles as they resulting in largely resulting in Minor architectural
relate to human unsuccessful fundamentally problems with scale, solutions. Effective
experience. architectural sound architectural materiality, sequence, use of scale,
solutions. solutions. circulation, enclosure and materiality,
Significant problems Moderate problems or sequence,
with scale, with scale, circulation, enclosure
materiality, materiality, sequence, and visual
sequence, circulation, enclosure perception.
circulation, and or visual
enclosure or visual

Design Process Inadequate Developing Adequate Accomplished Mastery Points

1 2 3 4 5
20 % Demonstrate Does not attempt or Inconsistent levels of Consistent levels of High levels of critical Excellent levels of
a rigorous design is unable to critical iterative critical iterative iterative production critical iterative
process through complete critical production resulting production resulting in resulting in a mostly production resulting in
critical iterative iterative production. in a flawed and a basic design successful, thorough a highly successful,
production. uneven design development design development comprehensive
development process. Regularly process. Consistently design development
process. Regularly meets daily progress, meets all daily progress, process. Reliably fulfills
fails to meet daily attendance and attendance and and exceeds all daily
progress, participation participation progress, attendance
attendance and requirements. Usually requirements. Consistently and participation
participation shows evidence of shows evidence of critical requirements.
requirements. Does critical response response through regular Unfailingly shows
not document or through basic level of research, sketchbook evidence of self-
respond to critical continued research, documentation and disciplined critical
input from class sketchbook iterative design response through
presentations in documentation and development. sustained, relevant
design iterations. iterative design research, rigorous
development. sketchbook use and
exemplary iterative
design development.

Communication Inadequate Developing Adequate Accomplished Mastery Points

1 2 3 4 5
20 % Does not attempt, or Significant problems Basic competence in Advanced achievement Exemplary
Communicate is unable to with presentation presentation materials in presentation materials presentation in
design solutions complete design materials and/or and techniques resulting in successful materials and verbal
effectively using solutions techniques resulting resulting in an design communication of presentation resulting
architectural in unsuccessful level acceptable level of systematic consistency. in highly effective
presentation of design design Presentation materials design
materials and communication. communication of comprehensive, detailed communication of
techniques. Major errors, general and well organized with clarity, detail and
omissions, completeness. minimal minor errors and precision.
(presentation of consistency or Presentation materials requiring no further Presentation materials
drawings may be quality problems in showing basic explanation. Verbal at portfolio quality
done manually or drawings, process elements of design communication well suitable for transfer.
with other and models. Poor organized and planned and executed No errors or omissions.
applicable verbal comprehensible. No and effective resulting in Verbal
software; drawings communication major errors, further discussion communication
and other inhibiting discussion omissions, consistency highly effective
presentations beyond rudimentary or quality problems in resulting in advanced
should be in A3) level. drawings, process or discussion of design
models. Verbal solution.


A score of ZERO may be given for criteria that are not at all satisfied

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