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Overview of Long -term planning

Duration: From: October 24th to November 28th

Group(s): 6th Grade

Overview of the 5-week period

LES: Characters Unit 4
This LES will be based on the workbook that I am using during my internship (see footnote). It will be the beginning of the
second term of the school year and we will be focusing on subject and possessive pronouns, the simple present tense and
the words most and least through the theme of legends.
Main language goals:
Learning subject and possessive pronouns, the simple present tense and the words most and least
Reinvestment task/Final Task?
A book cover project

ESL Competencies to be developed:

C1: Interacts orally in English
Key Features targeted Evaluation Criteria Observable evidence Tools
-Reacts to messages using - Participation in oral - Use of English with some -Group discussions
strategies interaction learning strategies and the -Oral presentation of
-Takes the initiative to transmit teachers assistance book cover project
oral messages using strategies - Use of target language

C2: Reinvests understanding of texts

Key Features targeted Evaluation Criteria Observable evidence Tools
-Demonstrates understanding of - Use of knowledge from - Identifies and briefly describes -Exercises in workbook
oral and written text using texts in a reinvestment task certain key elements
strategies -Demonstrate understanding of
the overall meaning of texts

C3: : Writes and produces texts

Key Features targeted Evaluation Criteria Observable evidence Tools
-Composes text using strategies -Participation in the writing -Short, well-structured text with a -Exercises in workbook
-Revises his or her texts process meaningful goal -Book cover project
-Content of the message -Production of text that is pertinent -Oral presentation
-Formulation of the to the instructions given and apply
message to the target language

Cross-curricular Competency (ies) Pick one that you will GIVE FEEDBACK ON
o Exercises critical judgment
o Adopts effective work methods
o Communicates appropriately
o Cooperates with others

Baxter, G. Hionis, J. Spirals: English as a Second Language Elementary Cycle Three Year Two
Student Workbook. Cheneliere Education. Canada; 2011.
Targeted learning for this period (from Related Content/Progression of Learning
Language Repertoire: Functional language Developing:
(List some expressions you will encourage students to
use when interacting orally) -Expresses others feelings interests, tastes, preferences
Example: The legend my classmate likes most isbecause
The legend my classmate likes least isbecause


-Expresses own feelings interests, tastes, preferences

Example: The legend I like the most isbecause The legend I
likes least isbecause

Language Repertoire: Vocabulary

(List vocabulary words you will focus on) -Uses personal pronouns and possessive forms in context to talk
about others:

Subject Pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, you (all), they
Possessive Pronouns: My, your, his her, its, our, your, their

-Uses targeted vocabulary to carry out tasks:

Most and Least

Theme Related Vocabulary: crushed, sewers, ships, drain, dust

and raft
Language Conventions: Focus on Form/Grammar I will explicitly teach:
(Grammar and forms you will teach either explicitly or
implicitly?) -When to use the words most and least
-Subject Pronouns and Possessive Pronouns
-The Simple Present Tense

Strategies: (List strategies you will teach students how Developing:

to use and provide practice)
-Self Evaluation
-Use of Prior Knowledge


Date Goal Teaching and Learning Activities Assessment Resources / Material
Expand language Think Pair Share Introduction to the Grammar lesson: In groups of two do Mini individual -Mini Quiz
repertoire (most Activity unit, discuss goals Explicitly teach how to page 100 in the multiple choice
and least) and project. use the words most workbook (a review quiz
What is a legend? and least on the grammar
What words does it Read What is a lesson)
make you think of? legend? on page
92 and do the follow
Do a mind map with up true or false
1 a partner. activity
October 24th Share as a group

Do a large mind map

on the Smart Board
with all the words that
come up. Have
students come up to
use the Smart Board.

Expand language Oral Interaction / Have students vote Watch a scary movie Exit card: Which - Netflix (Hotel Transylvania,
repertoire (most Group discussion on which scary + Return corrected character did you Monster House,
2 and least) movie they would quiz from last class like the most? Goosebumps, Casper,
DAY: Which candy do you like to watch Which character Scooby Doo)
October 31st like the most? Which (suggest options) did you like the -Smart board
Halloween candy do you like the least? And why? -Handout with a list of
least? Answer in full adjectives
Expand language Oral Interaction / Play Hangman on Grammar lesson: JIGSAW: -Mini individual -Workbook
3 repertoire Group discussion smart board Explicitly teach the quiz -Smart board
(Subject Word: The Simple simple present tense Step 1: -Jigsaw book -Handout of subject versus
7th pronouns and Discuss fun facts, Present Tense and review subject The class will be cover possessive pronouns
possessive holidays and versus possessive divided in three. -Template for the front cover
pronouns and the historical events for pronouns Each student will of a book
Date Goal Teaching and Learning Activities Assessment Resources / Material
simple present the month of have to read one of -Crayons
tense) November Use of prior three legends. On -Mini Quiz
Does anyone know knowledge: Ask pages 93 and 94
how to say students what they
November in another already know about Step 2: Those who
language? Is it pronouns and the read the same
anyones birthday in simple present tense legend will group
November? together to fill out a
Have students use section of the table
ICT- Do examples on in their workbooks
smart board, have with questions such
students come up and as where does it
write their answers on happen? Who is the
the board legend about? Etc

Do a mini individual Step 3: We will form

quiz for review new groups where
there must be 3
students who
worked on different
legends. Together
they will discuss one
anothers legends,
fill out the table in
their workbooks.

Writes and Oral Interaction / Briefly review the Introduce project in In groups of 2 or 3 -Check if students -Workbook
produces text Group discussion simple present detail Have students are on task, check -Class list for class
tense, pronouns create a cover book if work is done management
4 What is the funniest and the words most for a legend they and time in class -Self-assessment
DAY: thing that has ever and least read last class. is being used -Dictionarys
happened to you? wisely
- Self-Evaluation
Date Goal Teaching and Learning Activities Assessment Resources / Material
Writes and Oral Interaction Review book cover Students will have to -Have a model
5 produces text project (instructions continue doing a book -Posters
DAY: Do a talk for 30 and rubric) cover for the legends -White paper
November seconds challenge they worked on last -Crayons
21st about the topic of class.
their choice

Writes and Oral Interaction Practice -Begin presentations Hand out the Oral presentation -Pretend money
produces text presentation of of book covers in a readers choice of book cover -An award
Do a talk for 30 book cover science fair fashion, awards project - A timer
seconds challenge half the class will
about the topic of present first, the other
their choice half of the class will
6 present second.
DAY: -Give students
November pretend money, have
28th them write down a list
of the books they
would like to buy and
why. The book which
gets the most sold
copies wins the
Readers Choice