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Volume : 2 | Issue : 7 | July 2013 • ISSN No 2277 - 8179

Research Paper

Heritage Walks Providers and their KEYWORDS : Heritage Walk,
Marketing, Strategy, Providers
Marketing Strategy: A case study of Delhi

Dr. Arvind Kumar Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator – BTS, BHM, MHA, EMBAHM,
Dubey MIHM, NCHMCT programmes & MCC.

ABSTRACT Heritage walk is not just an activity but a very important tool for creation of understanding related to
changing cultural landscapes and the past. The role of heritage walk provider/heritage interpreter/ guide is
very crucial in creating heritage and cultural understanding. They not only interpret the heritage but also engage the tourist in cul-
tural activity so that understanding of that region is profound. In Delhi, there are a number of heritage walk providers with numerous
products, clientele and marketing strategies.
The present paper examines a few dimensions related to the heritage walk providers of Delhi namely, their products, clientele, market-
ing strategies etc.

Introduction: groups and the costs involved are nominal.
Heritage is a valuable resource of society. Ways and means of
recreating heritage and showcasing it to tourists is a major Both Indian and foreign nationals who are living in and around
concern of the heritage industry. Tourism focuses itself on this Delhi or visiting Delhi come for the walks on weekends. On
aspect and it is observed that Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, weekdays, heritage walks for individuals, customized and pri-
NGOs, Government Organizations, Associations and individuals vate tours for Embassies, Corporate Houses, Travel and Tour
who provide heritage walks on regular basis or occasionally are Operator Companies, Public Sector Undertakings, Hotels etc
engaged in enriching this component of the Tourism Industry. are organized. In some cases groups are also escorted to places
At Delhi there are certain NGOs and associations who provide around Delhi like Jaipur, Agra, Shekhawati etc. Spiritual tours,
heritage walks on regular basis. Some Travel Agency/ Tour religious tours and eco-trails to Doon Valley, Mathura, Vrinda-
Operators cater to customer (tourist) demand and arrange for van, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc., are also designed.
such walks as and when there is demand. Some Government
and private organizations conduct heritage walk occasionally Customized walk is organized as per demand of tourist/walker.
and on specific dates. Here the heritage walker has freedom to choose the area to be
explored, day and period of visit, time of visit, type of activity
Objectives undertaken and the starting and ending point of the tour. It de-
The main objectives of the study are as follows: pends on the interest and motivation of the walker. These kinds
· To find the type of heritage walk providers at Delhi. of walks are conducted on the basis of special requests received
· To analyze the planning and marketing strategy of heritage by the tour operators. Prior information or advance registration
walk providers may be online indicating the day; area of interest etc is required.
· To understand the role and significance of walk providers, Accordingly, heritage walk providers will prepare an itinerary
business and their products. and separate fee for the heritage walk will be worked out. Its
cost is much higher than that of Regular walks.
In order to fulfill the objectives of the study, secondary data In planning of heritage walk, street, type of monument, locality,
pertaining to travel agency business has been collected from approach, starting and ending point, route, population willing-
various books, guide books, pamphlets, brochure and website. ness and behavior, type of vegetation, historical significance and
A research questionnaire related to heritage walk providers was continuation, architectural value, personality association and
prepared. The data were collected through personal interaction area selection are very important.
and filling up the questionnaire by the tour operators, NGOs, ho-
tels etc. Some responses were also obtained via email. The itinerary, area and above mentioned aspects are researched
by conducting detailed survey and by visiting associated areas.
Planning of Heritage Walks After this appropriate site, route, monument, locality, starting/
Heritage walk is an important activity to create awareness ending point and area is selected, a comfortable route is de-
among people (owner of heritage /culture) about historicity of cided. As per the route identified, detailed and minute script is
areas and related cultural values. Through heritage walk, inti- finalized including monumental/cultural/social details, special
macy and association with available historic settlements, and features of the area, environment/ vegetation / fauna character-
environment can be developed. It motivates tourists, and local istics, architectural value and description of associated person-
population to visit rich cultural/ archaeological/architectural alities. A script is prepared which may be modified from time
sites which may not be linked with offered itinerary. These to time as per market demands. Marketing is a key to success
experiences have the capacity to sensitize local populations of such walks. Given hereunder, is a list of marketing strategies
towards the historical and cultural values of resources. It also used by the heritage walk providers of Delhi.
encourages populations to preserve and conserve their own
culture and heritage. Through this, a sense of pride is inculcated Marketing strategy of heritage walk providers at Delhi
and people start appreciating available heritage and culture. - Direct sale to travel agency, tour operators, hotels, Embas-
Heritage walk is the best medium to initiate community based sies etc.
efforts for conservation and preservation involving volunteers, - Direct sale to Corporate Sectors, School and College.
citizens, political leaders, media and other organizations. - By word of mouths
- Through online booking and website
In Delhi, heritage walk providers are offering basically two - Through advertisement in paper, magazine, journals, cable
types of walk i.e. Regular walk and Customized walk. Regular network, TV, Cinema halls etc.
walks are conducted either on daily basis or on weekends. In - Linkage and collaboration with Travel Agency/ Tour Opera-
regular walk the area of walk, its itinerary, type of activity, start- tors and Hotels.
ing and ending point, meeting place and cost are fixed and com- - Publication of pamphlets, handouts, display, brochure.
municated to walkers in advance. This kind of walk is done in - By printing T-Shirts etc


how to come. environmental. considering all aspects like historical continuity. brief description. Hope Project (Shan-E-Nizam) is spe- to aspiring heritage walkers. In Delhi. This group is very much interested in A few walk providers are marketing the same by advertise- the creation of awareness about heritage and culture of Delhi ment and by direct sale to corporate houses and embassies.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 513 . historians. They are creating heritage awareness among so as to make it a profitable and meaningful business. walk leader/guide. tour operators. Sometime heritage walk is conducted in collaboration modern communication facility tourists are able to get all types with INTACH. NGOs. and thematically. Saket. in association with Delhi Tourism and Transportation - Heritage walk providers are not employing guide on perma- Development Corporation (DTTDC). like minded people are in touch ments and temples (Hanuman Mandir). conducting heritage walks of sleepier side of Delhi’s street life. The study shows that middle tivity so that understanding of that region is profound. These walks are responsible for interpretation of heritage and culture are conducted on every weekend. This trend is motivating the rise of some more Travel Agency / Tour Opera- In Delhi there are a few individual specialized heritage walk tors and individual escorts or guides who are specialized in pro- providers like Navina Jafa. Similarly Fox History and Entertainment Channel study has indicated the need to promote the heritage walk in- in collaboration with INTACH have initiated a project called “My dustry and work out strategies for streamlining the approaches city My History”. there are a number of heritage walk providers with - Maximum walk providers are deciding area of heritage numerous products. In most of Missions 3G and Delhi based Heritage walks in collaboration are the cases some Travel Agency / Tour Operators are contacting organizing heritage walks of lesser known areas of Delhi and its either INTACH or guides for executing such type of walks. Sanjeev Chatur. tance of walk. duration. The INTACH’s Delhi - All the walk providers are taking feed back from the tourist chapter is involved in a variety of programmes and activities and using the same to improve the business. cost. who can come. tection - Take required medicines (special) and Keep your camera Heritage Walk Providers Business slung around neck or in bag A research questionnaire related to heritage walk providers was - Take small hand bag and Sunglass on face or in bag prepared. and neighboring areas. Candani Chowk. Hotel - Take care of your wallet and Photography by permission. randomly age (INTACH). 2005. It implies that the itage walk provider/heritage interpreter/ guide is very crucial business of heritage walk is at infancy stage. through Heritage walks. This is a good in the direction of heritage awareness and conservation. INTACH Delhi chapter is conducting regular and cus. Through this. But it is not a regular Day by day importance of heritage walk is increasing and with feature. specialized heritage walk guides. It was also sent by email to some walk providers. The - Creation of blog etc. scientists. clientele and marketing strategies. start of walk. map of walk route etc are pasted. IJSR . Similarly. interpret the heritage but also engage the tourist in cultural ac. medium is “Basant Prabhat Pheri” and “Sair-e-Virasat. During walks. Flora and - The study shows that heritage walk providers are getting Fauna (if applicable) of that region/ area. Surekha Narayan. The role of her. hotels. In heritage walk. These factors conducts Heritage Walks of Delhi. walk is for Paharganj and New Delhi Railway station. viding heritage walk. budget and up budget tourists are more inclined towards heritage walk. historical/relevant facts about monuments.Research Paper Volume : 2 | Issue : 7 | July 2013 • ISSN No 2277 . heritage/culture is situated. Before decides the satisfaction level and future of heritage walk. The walk leader is a street child who was once working and living on the The Marketing strategies ensure that practical tips are provided same street. They not only - Heritage walk is a specialized tour. only a few groups per to changing cultural landscapes and the past. The INTACH is a Non Governmental Organiza. area of walk is decided by of them is Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Herit. ant Utsav” for 4 days at Mehrauli and Archaeological Park. Heritage society and Delhi Development Author. time. in creating heritage and cultural understanding. It requires willingness. Another mode of mar- keting is publicity by word of mouth. The - No passport at the time of visit and keep your Valuables at summary / conclusions are as per follows. date. India Habitat Centre also organizes heritage Conclusion walks of Delhi for distinguished guests. Manjit Singh. The surroundings. The questionnaire was filled up on personal visits to - Scarf for covering head (religious places) and During com. Since sign for further development of the industry.8179 - Collaboration of Entertainment channel and NGO’s school children. city’s monu- way of marketing. have regular heritage walk feature but if targeted group (tour- ist) demand heritage walk. Sujit Kumar etc. But these organization / individual do not vedi. After that. guides tomized heritage walks in various regions of Delhi. Municipal Corporation of nent basis. They conduct Regular as well as Cus- tomized walks. This may be responsible for non availability of ity (DDA). The Her- itage Walk”. - Organizing lectures of prominent personalities like art and architectural experts. cuisine but a very important tool for creation of understanding related and historical monuments and sites. illustrated information and material containing This is an area of great concern. have led to an increasing demand for heritage walk. A few such tips are listed below: cialized in conducting heritage walks of Hazarat Nizamuddin - Wear comfortable shoes/ clothes and Ensure for sun pro. - The present status of the business of heritage walks is good. culture. Communicators Cooperative (group of people) organizes “Bas- ists etc. Wander Globe and Yar Khan Travel Agency also of information related to heritage and culture. Interpretation and this interpretation is the base of heritage walk which is done by knowledgeable and experienced walk guides. They function with employing persons on tem- Delhi (MCD). dis. travel agencies. Some providers are us- Delhi Heritage Walks is an association of people from Delhi ing websites and printed brochure as medium of marketing. Aulia’s Dargah and adjoining areas. competition the business is quite good with fairly good fu- textualized within the surrounding living environment in which ture prospects. time and disposable income. Salaam Baalak Trust City wear. and a route map etc maximum number of business due to linkage with travel are given to visitors. what to carry and com” for conducting walks of Delhi. They are specialized in with each other. agency / tour operators and hotels. There are only a few players in the market who are special- Heritage Walks Providers ized in providing heritage walks and since there is not much Delhi’s heritage entity is a living heritage which should be con. Similarly Delhi Urban Adventures is a team who are In modern day website and emails are the best and cheapest conducting walks of spice market. booking number/address/contact number. they came to forefront. meeting point. The information of walk area. A group of friends has created a blog called “Klodb. month are willing to go for heritage walk. blogspot. Heritage walk is not just an activity - In spite of availability of lots of exotic culture. do and don’ts. food. porary basis. One walk on theme basis. tion (NGO) established in the year 1984. and individual in- muting hold your belongings tightly terviews.

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