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Kathryn Manning

1928 Weybridge Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia August 2017 - Present
Master of Arts in Teaching: TESOL

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia Graduated: May 2014

Bachelor of Arts: Linguistics Major GPA: 3.61

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) August 2014-August 2017
Taught English to over 200 students at 1 kindergarten, 2 elementary schools, and 1 junior high
Coached three 1st place and four 2nd places winners in the local annual English Recitation contest
Evaluated the speech-giving ability of junior high school students biannually at a neighboring citys
English speech competition
Organized a school-wide Halloween Murder Mystery activity involving over 100 students and 6
Presented on teaching methods and cultural sensitivity at two JET Program training conferences

Chinese Bilingual Faculty Program

Classroom Assistant February 2013-May 2014
Administered preliminary language proficiency assessments
Engaged Chinese professors and promoted effective teaching strategies in weekly Oral English for
Academic Purposes and Classroom Communication classes
Elevated professors presentation and communications skills by 50%
Co-led a 3-hour training session to orient new assistants
Maintained weekly office hours and cultural excursion opportunities with a participation rate of 80%

Hirono Town Board of Education June-July 2015, 2016, 2017
Australian Homestay English Conversation Class Co-Teacher
Co-led 5 weekly sessions aimed at increasing junior high school students ability to communicate
effectively in English during their week-long homestay in Australia

Miyako Senior High School February 2015

Guest Presentation Judge
Evaluated 6 student group projects based on five presentation criterions
Assessed students abilities to formulate answers to targeted questions in English


Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Program May 2014
Earned through the Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC) at the University
of Virginia

JET Program Translation and Interpretation Course October 2015-March 2016

Completed vigorous coursework assigned by the Council of Local Authorities for International
Relations (CLAIR) and actively participated in an intensive, week-long translation and interpretation