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Raymundo, April Joyce A.

Field Trips and Seminar

BS Chemical Engineering/ 201210116 Engr. Erison C. Roque

Reflection Paper
#PPP Prevent. Preserve. Protect: A Seminar on Basic Safety, Health and Environment Program
in the Workplace

Safety management prepares children and young people for specific situations. It prepares

them for unanticipated or unknown situations, where they may have had no specific instruction or

learning opportunity. Good practice in safety education requires us to "teach safety" and "teach

safely". Often, we make judgements intuitively and unconsciously when in different settings or we

base our decisions on our own experience, on our feelings and on information which is easily

available to us. But knowing the right way on how to manage these situations, people can have

made a systematically and on the best available information in assessing the potential benefits

involved in the activity.

Last September 4, Monday, our classmates conducted a seminar entitled #PPP Prevent.

Preserve. Protect: A Seminar on Basic Safety, Health and Environment Program in the Workplace.

It was an alumnus of Adamson University, Engr. Gumali who shared her knowledge about the said

topic. She discussed what are Occupational Safety & Health legislative requirements, industry

standards, and best practices in a variety of workplaces, the Application of risk management

methods to identify, anticipate, manage, and control workplace hazards and how to have a solid

understanding of health and safety management at workplace. She pointed out the concept of

Heinrichs Axiom of Industrial Safety. The sequence of accident factors is as follows: Bad Social
or Environmental Condition, Personal Defect, Unsafe Act and Unsafe conditions,

accident/incident, Injury. There is also a Domino Effect theory which is related to that. Once a

single domino fell, everything will follow. Just like in the company, if there is a wrong process or

if you did not follow the rules, you may cause troubles that could affect not only your work but

also other peoples work. In the same way that the removal of a single domino in the row would

interrupt the sequence of toppling, Heinrich suggested that removal of one of the factors would

prevent the accident and resultant injury; with the key domino to be removed from the sequence.

In retrospect, as a student, Learning safety practices and standards will help people

especially the graduating students what to expect in the incoming years of their life. Becoming

aware of these aspects will provide people enough knowledge on how are they going to reduce,

eliminate or change the working processes that is risky for everyone.