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THIS AGREEMENT is made as on _______day of _________, Two Thousand Eight and

effective as on ______________, 2008 at Bangalore.


______________________________ S/o _________________________, aged around

___ years residing at __________________________________________________


SAP India Private Limited, a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and
having its registered office at # 30, Vaswani Victoria, Victoria Road, Bangalore – 560
047, duly represented by Mr. Venu Madhav Vadlamani and Mr. Rajiv Subramanian,
authorised signatories (“SAP”)

WHEREAS the terms SAP and Lessor shall, wherever the context so admits and allows,
mean and include its successors and assigns.

WHEREAS the Lessor is the absolute owner of the house property located at
more fully described in Schedule A hereto (“Scheduled Premises”) along with furniture
and fixtures more fully described in Schedule B hereto (“amenities”)

AND WHEREAS SAP wishes to take on lease the Premises and Amenities for a term of
____________ months commencing from ___________, 2008, for the use of its
employee __________________________ (“the Occupier”) and the Lessor is
agreeable to lease the same to SAP on the terms as detailed hereunder.


1. Term

The term of this Lease shall be _____________ months commencing from

___________, 2008. Upon expiry of the above term, the lease shall be automatically
renewed for a further period of ____________ months unless written communication is
received from the Lessor.

2. Rent, Other outgoings and Security Deposit

2.1 SAP agrees to pay a sum of Rs. ____________/- (Rupees

_______________________Only) as lease rent (“Lease rent”) per month for the
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Scheduled Premises and Amenities and for this purpose it shall be a Calendar
month. The monthly rent shall be payable by Cheque or Demand Draft by the
10th day of the month for which it is due and shall be subject to deduction of tax
at source, if applicable.
2.2 Occupier agrees to pay the electricity charges as per the separate meter to be
installed by the Lessor and as billed by the appropriate authority
2.3 Occupier agrees to pay water charges as billed by the appropriate authority, the
monthly Maintenance Charges will be paid by the occupier directly to society.
2.4 Occupier agrees to pay the telephone charges directly to the Department of
Telecommunications (DoT). The Lessor agrees to pay all the deposits/expenses
of a capital nature, as required by the Society / DoT.
2.5 The Lease rent above said shall be enhanced by 5% of the rent then payable at
the end of every ____________ months.
2.6 SAP shall pay a sum of Rs. _____________ /- (Rupees
________________________Only) as Interest free Refundable Security Deposit
(“Security deposit”) to be refunded, without any deductions whatsoever, except to
arrears of lease rent, society charges and telephone charges due up to the date
of termination in case of termination under Clause 8.1 hereto, by Demand draft
payable at Bangalore at the time of handing over vacant possession of the
property. In the event of a delay in refunding of the Security deposit, Lessor shall
be liable to pay interest @ 24% p.a. from the due date of payment until the date
of payment and SAP shall be entitled to continued possession of the premises
without payment of any further rent.

3. Taxes

The Lessor agrees to pay and keep current all payments towards property and other
taxes, rates, cesses, assessments, duties and other outgoings payable in respect of the
Scheduled premises to the Municipal Corporation or any other Government authority.

4. Maintenance

4.1 Occupier agrees to maintain the Scheduled premises in good order and
condition, and the Lessor hereby agrees that SAP shall not be responsible for
damage caused by natural wear and tear, reasons beyond its control or Acts of
4.2 The Lessor shall bear the cost of and complete all major and structural repairs to
the Scheduled Premises and all major repairs to the amenities that may be
4.3 If the Lessor fails to carry out the repairs as provided in Clause 4.2 above, the
same shall be carried out by SAP and SAP shall deduct the cost of such repairs
from the Lease rent payable, provided prior intimation is given to the Lessor.

5. Additions and Alterations

SAP shall not be entitled to make any additions or alterations to the Scheduled Premises
which involve structural changes without the written consent of the Lessor. SAP shall,

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however, be entitled to fix telephone, light and electric fixtures. SAP shall be entitled to
remove the same at the time of vacating the Scheduled Premises and shall ensure that
the same is done with minimum damage.

6. Use of premises

SAP agrees to use the Scheduled premises for the residential purposes of its
employees, consultants, associates and guests. SAP agrees not to use the Scheduled
premises for any commercial or business purposes.

7. Inspection

The Lessor shall, at all reasonable hours and after giving due notice to SAP, be entitled
to inspect the Scheduled premises and to carry out such works within the Scheduled
Premises as required for general upkeep.

8. Termination of the Lease.

8.1 The Lessor shall be entitled to terminate this Lease only if SAP is in default in the
payment of the rent two months after the same has fallen due.
8.2 Either party shall be entitled to terminate the Lease by giving one month’s notice
without assigning any reason whatsoever.
8.3 Upon termination of the Lease, SAP agrees to hand over peaceful and vacant
possession of the Scheduled Premises and Amenities in its original condition,
normal wear and tear excepted subject to receipt of the Security Deposit.

9. Lessor’s covenants

9.1 The Lessor covenants that he is the lawful owner of the Scheduled premises,
and has the right, title and power to grant the Lease of the Scheduled premises
to SAP
9.2 The Lessor further covenants with SAP that SAP paying the Lease rent and other
charges as per this agreement and duly observing the terms and conditions
hereof shall be entitled to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Scheduled
premises during the subsistence of this agreement without any obstruction,
interruption or disturbance by the Lessor or any other person or persons claiming
through, under or in trust for the Lessor.
9.3 That if the Lessor at any time during the period of this lease or extended period
thereof, as hereinafter mentioned, sell and/ or transfer its rights in the scheduled
Premises as a whole or in any part or parts thereof to any person or more than
one person then in such event SAP shall attorn to such transferee or transferees
on the same terms and conditions as are contained herein. However the transfer
if any shall be subject to the conditions of this lease agreement.

10. That this transaction has taken place at Bangalore and as such Bangalore Courts
shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute arising out or in any way
touching or concerning this Lease Agreement.

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11. Counterparts.

This Agreement may be signed in two counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an
original and which shall together constitute one Agreement.


Apartment No. _________ measuring about ________ sq feet on the _________ floor of
_________________________located at __________________________________and
comprising of _____ Living and ______ Dining, ______ bedrooms with attached baths,
Basic Amenities, _____ kitchen with full electrical fittings and Cabinets, and _____ Car
Parking space.


(Please give details)

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date
hereinabove mentioned.

Accepted Accepted
For SAP India Private Limited LESSOR

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Name: Mr. Venu Madhav Vadlamani Name:
Title: Finance Controller Title: Owner of the Premises
Date: (Lessor)

Name: Mr. Rajiv Subramanian
Title: Chief Financial Officer

In the presence of:

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