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A Performance Luminaire
to Complement Curvilinear Form
lnnovative Design: Sealed Optical Chamber
with Air Cooled Components.
S mp y stated the CCL s
revoiuLofaryl Tert yeats of
successfu y producing
sea cd opi ca chatfbers has
bcefr relned to the ! t mate
The most rneilcu oLrs y seit ed
opt ca chatnber we have evel
producecl ls now a owed to
frous r! lhat induces an
rtcffra a r flow. Sensitve
c eclr ca compoienls ale
fterna y coo ed sLrbstant a y
be or'', a owab ceve s
prornot ng mar firlm ongev ty
AS a tfjows ralura y around
the i xt!r-o. a ow piess!re alea
s created on the lead ng edlle
Th s oraws heat from the
hous tlg flerior and slart:] an
a r c rcLr ation that coni fuous y
coo s the e ectr cal
co.nponents. The opt ca
chanrber is kept a 11 !lht
cecause the one p ece
hvdrofoflned ref -ocior 1s tota y
sea ed aroulld every surface


A round shape is af
aerodynam c shape, afd
results in two malor benef ts
t promotes the nat!ra coo ug
effect and allows sma ler
poles to be used wh e
sat slylng w nd load
requ rements Extens ve
testing at K rn has shown that
arnereSmph breeze
produces te.nperat! re drops
on cr tical electr ca
components of 40'F. to 50'F
Even n abso utely st I a r,
rternal ternperatures on a
components are be o!\r their
manulacturers recommen-
dations and U.L standards
The cy indrca housing fras a
coefflc enl of drag that is 70%
ess lhan a sqLrare hous ng.
Thls has enabled K m
eng neers to reduce po e s zes
while st sat sfy n9 wind oad
requlrer.rents. Al of these
engineer ng factors point to the
CCL as the most advanced
hlgh performance um na re
ava able
lmproved Optics:
Up to 79% Efficiency with Sharp Cutoff
Start ng with our proven
opt ca systems K m has
made s ght adlustments n
arnp-rel ector ens georretry
that has substantia y
increased i ght effOency wh le
mainta n ng our d scip ne of
sharp cutoff These
rnprovements n ght output
are at the higher angles where
they ncrease po e spacing
and overa I nsta at on
efi ciency and econorny Al
th s has been accomp shed
w thout sacr fic fg cutoff As n
a Km hgh perfornance
um narres. the CCL maintains
a h gh degree of g are control
which trans ates nto good
v sibilty and seerng comfort
Two light distrbutions are
ava lab e for maximum
app cat on f ex bilty.

Asymmetric Oistribution. Square Distribution.

As a slngle fixture rnount, this Recommended as a dLJa or
d stribution s outstand ng for quad rnount, this I ght pattern
streets, drlves, and pathways adds flexlb ity to the CCL's
At the property line, a house- app ication n park ng ots or
s de sh e d option is availab e to area lighting. With so many
contro back ight nto neighbor- d fferent layouts used for
ng property. As a dual or quad parking lots, the square
mount. th s light d str butlon is distrlbution is often a better
the workhorse for park ng lots choice than the asymmetric.
area lghting, or roadway The bottom lne s pole
ighting from a med an strip. spacrng and light un formity.
U S. Patent 3 786,248 U.S. Patent 4,041,306

Parking Lot Applications

Asymmetric or Square. Light Trespass.

App cat o-: exlb ty s tlre kei V:lrt! corltll]e'c a rt:r1 iLrl alrii
lo prov al ng efer!! ellc enl or corpo'at of dele oprrertg
ril)l]l efl--cl ve pt:K r!l ct are ocilted feri io res deri .
.llrt flt \\' trr a clro ce ol propert,y' or n c L e.-i ilraL lra!,,o
iSi/--iretr C c :qu.tfe !lht ght l cspnss a\,!r Thc CCL
il ri'b!lofs ilrd s r ll]olnt naj :i iiv:l irlr -- \f llr af r)pi Of :l
,rrrarnqemef l:r Llre CCL ciirl lrouse:r de !lr e d to resLr ct
irirar)i la iif,\r i-.nrk l]!] ot ql-t 1'ofr r e qhbofnq p'operli/
!eollrelr',i ly(]! rre !fsLrc of t'"'l-ell f riLrrcs mLrsl bc ocatc
lhe beril .lr0.e :r:ik the K "l at tfre properi!, l]e
r\frf,. cirt ors Ef q ncci r!l
L)epal imert for a. des qr
scf eme:ttC coit'pLrl-.r pr f loirt
v\ie car q! lrk V detcrfir it-- llre Wall Mount.
lteSl aoItll r,al o,t !rl l!Jlt: Whefele' par9: ! e ire CCL
al str ll-riion nroLrnt nq sfo! iJ l)-- ,/'ir llro.]fled for
iir'!fra,lell]ef l orlef liti ort amp !hLfll af-o:lii Icose
iifrl \,1ratt:r!le pc e he !lrt. anal pror rir ly kt tlr.l bLr .i r-!l
f)o e spac flj to !l \'e t,oLr tlre Ecorrc[] c ed,/itf ta,aes ar'e
ltesL ross lr e :ro Lrt or or)v i)ir:, iis p! e cosi :
Fcmc-r,ter. the ! 1fiil-- le:it ri e - f aied itfral !fd--(tra!rt(l
'.!'lr--tlrer ilra L'i tii Tes cir't !1/ r nq[se : redl]cea]
ml nta n th|i !lh1 c./c:i :rfTc' For !4ra ll]ount rq 1fe CCL
'rc:r,s at'operitl of Paat--!i 6 a, prc! a-red ,," th:t citsi ir 7 te !\'lr!'the CCL s rui]!fl [r l]riickc: i.s s'to!,/ l
.r reqLra ed I ih 5 aL ty or piiles l0 1T

Roadway Applications

0 From the Curb.

The asymmetric ght d str bu
tlor was carefully des gned to
provide uniform coverage from
near curb to opposite curb,
wh ie a so prov d ng good s de
walk lumlnat on. The lght
throw is w de enough to ght
most roadways from one s de
on y nsta ng fixtures on bolh
sides is on y reqLr red for very
wide streets or where h gher
light leve s are des red.
From the Median. Light Trespass.
For this s tuation a dua mounl As residential ots get smaler.
with asyrn.netric light d str but on houses and condomrn ums are
is the ogica cho ce The cost of ocated closer to the street.
LrndergroLrrd wir ng s reduced Street ighting can become an
becaLrse on y a s ng e run ls invas or of prvacy and source
requ red down lhe med an. ol annoyance W th our
Fewer po es are reqL.r red optional houseslde shie d ng
because two lxtures are be ng th s prob em has been v rtua ly
he d by one pole. CCL e minated whie st retaining
photometr cs produce enough lght for sidewalks See
erce ent po e spacings w th cata og Ag for photometr cs
un Iorm I qht coveraqe

lmportant Features

Aswith a Kmhgh
perlorraralloe prodlcts, srmp e
and rapid nstal alior !!as il
major des gf parameter. Since
a CCL components are
modular, the hoLrs nq s eas y
altached to the po e w th the
ba a:rl an{l reflector r.todu e
removed. inter or dra\,! bo Ls
are used to preserve clean
exter or deta ling. F e d wires
are pLr ed throuqh the po e
and the fra ast and fef ecior
modLr es are snapped fto
p acc QLr ck d sconnect p lgs
aremated f edwresare
cofnected at the pole top and
the I xture s operat ona This
ent re procedure s fast.
s mp e. and resu ts I
cons derab e labor sav ngs to
the contractor

Since po e moLrnted llxtLrres
requ re I It un ts for servic ng,
tme scrtca WththeCCL
rap d nsta at on feai!res a so
become rap d serv ce ieatLrres
Fo. re amp fg the ens frame
s opened q! ck y,/vlth capt ve
qLrarler tLrrn latche:r For
ba ast access tfre .ef ector
a so lr nqes open !s ng
quarter'tL.rrf atches A tlro!gh
the rellector mod! e can be
snappedout t s not
necessa.y as adeq !ate room
s prov ded for ba ast remova
A spare ba ast sraps nto
p ace for m I mum ft trLrck
trfe wh e the o d modLr e s
returned to the shop ior repair
and futL.rre Lrse Th s system
has becn cxtrcrnc y successfLl
irl other K m urn na Tes over
the pasl len years

Superior Optics.
O K m opt c:r :r,!tetfs c.lI lt-- sLrttlttl.rT zecl ',er\r a '-oc1 r, tfey
o!t oetlo - aNr r)lhar :i'i:rtef_5 :l!it iiLt c Ther-o itle t'""o
al gtrc:re:,{totst,.,r.ti: rrl.!-. F.rt Kll_ ref eclor:raleoi
sL,pet or dc!.lrr l)ackea !t .i 'al il illlil 1t contr! !roll'iir" r'
tr'taiILr;itaiL| 'ril O r 'r, rrtc p ec-- lrtdtrlormitd rcf clro'r. are u::ed.
I qf y fro :lreal nril ilotectrtl fr!rltrii|iilcealetelo'iit!rrbr-:lre
erc Lr:i re A z:tkF iroceS: Sccilrral llel,, irre l_et cLl ,' :l-oil ed
arcLrfc c!,ef_ 3Lr'la,cc t! rrsLrr-- ii lr !llr e!e of m.tlrtta feal aJllt
oLripLrt on tl-e lOll il\/tr e ctl-er alpl .al sl",:tc.a9 rnp (l y ilac.lrfLr lte
d t: bLr,tl:r !firolj i]fd an! SlLre ( - ! stii!, c alilrl v-!i]r i:llLer
-a nti fr fll ii r!llr percefrilile ol r t a lhl lLrlf)rl

Adaptability to Futu re Technology.

E|etgy conser'.,ilt cf s a fat ona comm itfent. and lfcreas fg
eferey costs cha enlJe tr-o dete opmcnt ol few amp afd ba ast
tcchfo olly. Recoqi z r! thal afrp manLrfactL]l--rs are cor:jlaft -v
de!,e op f q glrt soJrccs thai are mcle ef el!l-v eif c erri lrle CCL
fas been ereJ feercd 10 accept these soLlTCes as thel; -ono !'e
Th-- key:o th s aCaplab ty' es n modtr ar lx:uTe des qu l{,here
a corf llorents that may leqLr Te lLlt!r,' rlloij I cat of or
rcp ilcerrent are eas y accesscd I olj ca !lrc!ps Consequcrt !'.
the CCL has bcen r1 '/lded nto f ne []od! es hoLl: nll cns lralle
rel ector socket and ba asi No CCL feed eveT iecome
obsoele or fellceft t stfLrva l--l m-o lvesirrlefl backed by
the maf Lrlaclur rg afc l nanc a strelrglN ol K m L ght fg

11 7
Uncomprom ised Photometric Testi ng
and Reporting
L gfrtng des gfers respons b e for ocat ng equ pment to prov de
p|ed ctable leve s of um nat on must depend on accuTate
app cat on data furn shed by manufacturers Tl-re rrore accLrrate
and dependab e the dala. the better the opportunity fo. a
des grer to prov de the profess ona serv ce Tequ red ol h s or her
d scip ne n house photomet.ic tesls and data der ved frorn
a.ithmetic or geometric proport on nq s mply wof l do Lamp
wattaqes and modes withln a ref ector system perfornr rl
unpred ctab e re at onsh ps Consequenty Kmempoysan
ndeperdeft aboratory to perfornr a tests ut lzed for our
pub shed photometr c data. lr add t on every amp mode
wattaqe I xture cor.rb nat o|r is ind vidua ly tested so that lhe
Lr tirnate data caf be emp oyed with comp ete coniidence

70 HPS Photornetr c test f!l of the CCL ine was extens ve afd thorough
:j ]OO HPS
Every I xture size (20'1 25" and 29") was tested w th every
relecLor amp and wattalte olfered n th s cataloq There were
|ro corarpTorrr ses. The resu ts are pub shed n our A9 cata og

\,\,h ch conta n9 comp ete ndependent data, p Lrs po e spac fg
]50 FIPS charts tor area afd street ght ng Th s cata oll demonsirates
'[ K m s comm tment to thorough and hofesL lesl nC, so essent a
N 250 to !lht nll des !tfers whef trakinlj ca cL atiofs ard propos ng
re abe ayouts A of our.rdepefdeft aboratory test data s
H 175 [4H ava ab e 10 the spec 1ier. Just ask your Kim Representatlve ior
cop es ol the or g na docurnents We nv te cornparisons w th
competit ve data der ved nasmi armanneT.
r[ 250 [4H

r 175 l'"4 V

tur 250 MV

rr ,100 NPS

I[ .,100 [4H

r 400 [./V

r 1000 HPS

Lr 1000 tul!

Lrr 1000 [,4V

Every amp and wattage

comb iat on were tested ln
A three I xture s zes irnd the
r the r alai alr e f xtLfes. even
correspondifg opt ca systerns f dup cat on v/as requ .ed
were tested beiween f xl rre s 7-os
Kim Computer Layout Service

-r 'i'i:,,:6rt4-

The conrpulei has prov ded ihe .-jht f! ndLrstry ''! th arr !ighyfunctofa equ pment reqt] res a tota comm t.rlelrt bythe
opportun iy 1o nake more cltens v-o af d meaf ngfLr Lise of manulaclurer to ald n ts app cat ort Al K rN we emp oy des gn
app cnliorr data I tre pl:t po 11 ty po nt ca cLt et orlg vr'ele so persofne fanr ar with a aspects ol oLrtdoor l!,lllt ng app cat on

o abor ous tNit by delau t nverage !m lat o'r evc s'/r'efe lhe
!f versa standard ELrt .ln av--ritlle Lrll] fat on cve rr oLtldool
apD calio-r is fot clloLrgh !!-her cors dei n!l secur tl,/ ilfd ab ty
Whef ca ed Lrpon. we caf ptov de des grl proless or a s w lll
suggested ayouts. and po'nt by po ft compJter printoLlts to
assist yoLr n yoLrr job requ rernefts n add lLoil average 10
/:\: K - ,,,/e ut ze rhe rnost soph 5t cated pfoljram.c tc p'of dc m n rnllm and -rax mLrrt to rtr rr rntTrt -tfil fai oll rat os ale eas y
mearr r!fLr anC accurate apD cat o. rfo ltat ou Fesporse turn derved toconlrm cornpiafce wih I E S recomniendeal plactce
aroufd t me s coni.o ed tlro!!lh 1fe usc of I fto!se. h gf YoLr. oca K n' Reprcserlat ve call tra,lsn- t tlle pert llent
capac ty complter eal! pment paranreters lor qu ck resLlofse to yotrr prolect req! remefts

One of thc qreilt feilL!res 01 our

co'r0!1e'DrollTan s the ab ty
t0 Lr'(rvr.le polnt by po nt !lhl
eve p'lftoLrt: TO SCALE o'r
t.arsoarellt \/e !n' Whef th s
ove'a! s p aced oll !/our p oL
p af yoLr cai ngtafr y see lfe
e\act ght eve s oleT tfe
cFt 'c d--9 gf I prob cm nreas
e>: st 1 s easy lo v slra ze
\,1/ferc adlLrslre rts can bc
.nide I order to prccuce the
de9 re.l resLr ts A of o!r
sca ed co.fputcr pr ftouLs are
,r l',/lA NTAINED rn nat o|
\,!h ch accolf t-q fo'estimated
arf p iltd L||ila re
deorec at ot Netu/ecn
ll]a ftenarce cyc es A K rn
pr |r:oLrts are b:sed of data
eftered o!r computer
.l rect y from fdepefclenl
:esl fg aboratory reports for
each f xtL.rre a:'llp comb f at on

A7 q
Fixture and Mounting Details

Mounting Arrangements
P an View
TF G-C% cdo C+C

Catalog Number 1A 28 2L 3T 4C 1W

Recornrnended As',mmetrrc
. a6\
Distr butiors

Fixlure Delails Mounting Details

Standard mount ng for a um num

or steel po es only

*Fie d wlre connections

For mount ng arrangernents

H28 {21 Haa3T }+a4C

25" Da
\ Photocel Receptac e Opt onal wood po e mount rg


For mount ng arrargements

Optional Lexan Shield O. 14 1r1 23
in p ace of glass
CCL325/ CCL525 lso 400 Watt
250 Watts Max.

u plron a Opt ona wal rnount ng

for concrete wa s only.

I J-llox ln
wa I by others. ".&.


For mount ng arrangement
Ot 1W only
Specif ications:
Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Fixture shal be Underwriter s Laboratories nc. sted. Houseside Shielding sha
cons st of two cornponents
Housing shal be one p ece heavy gauge aluminum spinn ng of permanently lnstalled at the
a oy 6061, and sha have a m n mum thickness of 125" after
Kim factory. One component
sp nn ng. S des sha I lle stra ght and smooth w th a maximum
shal reduce llght dlrectly trom
l"of taper and sha be of consistenl thickness around the the amp, and the other sha
per meter. Top sha i be peaked lor effic ent water run-off. ard
reduce reflected light
have a sharp radi!s transit on lnto the side wa . A I interna
mounting brackets shal be extrLrded a um nurn sect ons. and a For asymmetric distr but on
heavy cast a urninum re nlorcing plate shal be provided at the only. Not aval ab e for
arm conneclion p us a casting for mount ng the door lralne phosphor coated amps or
hinges. The entire hous ng sha I be rotationa y sanded as a base 1000 Watt High Pressure
for either pa nt or anod zed f flshes Sodium.
Lens Frame Assembly sha I conslst of a one piece permanent
mo d aluminum casting, and 3/16" thick f oat tetnpered clear g ass Lexan Shield shall be one-
ens enc osed by a one p ece gasket that is extruded and heat p ece vacuum {ormed c ear
vu can zed into one p ece. Lens and gasket shal be reta ned in polycarbonate to replace the
the frame cast ng by z nc p ated steel c ips spaced no greater standard glass lens as an
than every B" of per meter. Lens frame assemb y sha I be ntegra and ful y gasketed Part
attached to the housing us ng zinc plated cold rol ed steel hinges of the lens frame 250 Watt
w th siain ess sleel p ns. A z nc-p aled steel self-locking stop arm rnaximum in 20" ot 25"
sha be prov ded to ho d the ens frame rigldly open and prevent fixtures. CAUT ON Use on Y
acc denta str k ng of the po e. Lens frame shal tight y sea when vanda ism s anticipated
against the ref ector f afge usLng four se f retained quarter iurn to be h gh. Useful life is imited
atches, and provide a m nimum of r/s" a I gap for interna coo ng by discoloration caused by UV
of the e ectrica components. Lens lrame sha I be flnished n a lrom sun ight, rnercurY vapor
natural a um num baked ename to b end w th the ref ectorlange. and metal ic ha ide amPS.
Optical Chamber sha I cons st of a one p ece hydroformed Photocell Receptacle sha I be factory nsta led top center, and
ref ector produc nq e ther an asvmrnetr c or square ight pattern shal accept NEN,4A base photocells. When 2, 3 or 4 fixtures are
dependincl on um naire ordered. Bef ector sha be highly mounted per po e only one f xture sha I be furnlshed wlth an
poL shed to a specu ar fin sh, and protected by the A zak@ instal ed receptacle (plus a relay when required) to operate the
process. A socket sha I be mounted ln a one plece cast ng wh ch others Photocells shalL be furnished by others.
s fuly qasketed at the reflector surface. A lw res to the socket
shai be gasketed at point of entry into the optlca chamber. wood Pole Mounting sha be by a mod fied arm conta ning an
Reflector shal be des gned to keep ref ected energy to lhe lamp access ho e to a low I eld sp ces wlthln the artn A bearing plate
below amp manufacturers im ts for maximum atnp ife. A I MH sha I be furn shed between arm and wood po e, and a I

amps a I HPS amps 400 Watts and greater and al [lV amps compofents sha I be f n shed to match the fixture. Ava lab e
400 Watts and greater sha be prov ded w th a gasketed snubber for 1A or 2B mountlng on y
support the lamp 1ip. A HPS amps sha be supp led wiih the Wall Mounting sha I be by a modll ed arm contalning an access
appropr ate 4KV or 5KV puise rated socket. Optlca chamller ho e to al ow fle d sp lces wlth n the arm A wal embedment
sha be lotaly sea ed around a surfaces, and sha be bracket sha I be provided to accept f xture mount ng rods and a
suspended w thin the hoLls nq to al ow internal air t ow between irlm p ate sha I be prov ded to cover the wal ernbedded lunction
the opt cal chamb,er and hous ng lnlerlor for coo ng ol e ectrica box (Junction box by others) A exposed parts sha be fin shed
components. Ref ector shall snap nto and out of housing by to rnatch the tixture. For concrete mounting orly
fo 1oo sprinq h nqes, and sha be secured in place by two Anodized Finishes sha be Duranodico black or dark bronze
quarter turn alches
applied over a sat n po ish according to Architectura Class1

All Electrical Components shal be UL isted and mounted specif cations.

ins de the flxture houslng. Ba ast and re ated components sha I

be integrated onto a s ng e mounting frame as a se f contained

module A components shal be pre wired w th qu ck disconnect
p ugs, and the ent re module sha I mount to the housing with key
slots. Bal asts shal be cornponent type capab e of prov dlng
lamp starting down to -20'F w th power factor of 90% or better
(High Power Factor).
Fixlure Arm sha be a one piece reclangu ar aiurninum 'Lexan s a lrademark olGene.a Eeclrc
exlrus on w th nternal center ng guides Luminaire-to-po e
'Duranod c s a trademark oi A coa
A 7:k s a irademark ol A coa
assemb y sha lle made through a mechanica draw bo t
attachment ins de arrn e lmlnating al exposed fasteners and
we cls. Arm assernbly sha I nc ude a pole re nforc ng p ate wh ch
w I mount ins de the po e for added strength at the arm io nt
Standard Finish on flxture and arm sha I be semi gloss b ack
dark bronze or natural a um num baked ename appLled over a
.d rpo, d-o A'odi ^o l id epr^^.
WARNING: This fixture must be grounded in accordance w th
ocal codes, or the Natlona E ectr c Code Failure to do so may
resut n serious persona lnlury.
A7 11
Ordering lnformation

Orderinq Guide
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 |u:trlr:lll'
:' -'
-r,.r1,.r,"ils*$;;,1,.6 i;.'i, .;*'*"
: , Y T; ; ;
exanp e 28/CCL325/250Hp5277/BL- A/ LS/HS/A-25lpCCL-258/ BL-A

Arrangements pran v ew
o- c{ Ho C+C

N,4ou nt
Cata og Number 1A 28 2L 3T 4C 1W

Recom.fefded A"ymmetr r 6
L ght
Distr butions

Cata og number nc udes I

cor.rp ete f xture and optica 25"

system with stafdard mount ng

arm and baked ename f n sh Cat No CCL320 Cat. No CCL325 Cat No. CCL329
Less Ba ast N,4odu e and amp 70 Watt lo 250 Wali 150 Watt to 400 Watt 1000 Watt
Asymmetr c r/A A\ymmetrc Asyrnmetr c
D slr fr Lrt on $9.J Drslr but on Distribut of

25" 29"

Cat No. CCL520 Cat No. CCL525 Cat No CCL529

70 Wall to 250 Watt I50 Watt to 400 Watt 1000 Wall
Square Square Square
D slr bLrT on Distrib!t on Distr but on

See Catalog A9 for determination of proper

tixture and mountlng based on photometric results.
Ballast Bal ast Mlodule Cata og I
3 Module Numt)er and Avallability per
F xture Size, NA : Not Avallab e

Start ng
Lamp others) 33i#3
zo"2? I zs" 33i ;3i |zg"?3'-|13
;33 12s,,331#: Amps
BB 075
70W Hlgh Pressure SodrLrm 88 0.45
Cleat. E 231/2,5800 lumens BB 0.37
BB 0.35
88 0.21
130 1.30
100W Hioh Pressure Sod um 130 076
cleat, E ,3Y2 9500 lumens 130
r30 0.60
130 033
1BB 204
150W High Pressure Sod um lBB 1.15
Clear E-2312 16,000 umens lBB 1.00
55 Volt 188 085
188 0.50
250W High Pressure Sodium 045
C ear E-18, 30,000 lumens 0.40
120 465 2.82
400W Hlgh Pressure Sodium 208 465 r.56
CIear, E-l8 50,000 llrmens 244 465 1.36
277 465 1.18
480 465 0.75
1000HPS120 810
1000W Hlgh Pressure Sodium 1000HPs208 4.74
Clear, T-T8, 140,000 umens 1000HPs240 414
1000HPS272 3.50
1000HPS480 240
120 0.90
175W N,4eta ic Ha de. C ear 208 053
BT 28, 15,000lumens. Socket 244 0.46
provided for curved arc lamP 277 0.40
480 0.23
124 294 140
250W Meta lic Hallde. C ear 208 294 OBT
BT28, 23,000 Lumens. Socket 244 294 471
provided for curved arc lamP. 217 294 0.60
480 294 0.35
455 150
400W Metallc Ha ide, Clear 455 087
BT-37, 40,000 lumens. Socket 455 0.75
prov ded lor curved arc lamP. 455 0.65
120 4.00
1000W Metalllc Ha ide. C ear 208 2.40
8T'56 107.800 lumens 244 200
277 1.70
480 100
124 205 170
T75W Mercury Vapor, De ux 208 205 098
Whlte, E 28, 8150 umens 240 205 085
277 205 0.74
480 245 4.44
290 2.40
250W Mercury Vapo( Delux 290 140
White, E-28, 11,500 lunens 294 1.24
290 1.10
290 060
400W Ny'ercury Vapor, De ux 2.04
White, E-32 21,750 lumens 1.70
124 4.30
1000W Ny'ercury Vapor, De ux 204 2.50
White, 8T-56, 60,000 lumens 240 220
277 1.90
480 1.30

Fixture Finishes Standard baked enamel Optiona Architectura C ass 1
4 linishes: anod zed f flshes at extra cost
Standard baked enamel
frnrshes are app|ed over a Cat. No. Cat. No
artlng sain polish and Alodrne or BL-E B ack baked ename BL-A Black anodize over
mps lrr dite pr mer Optional over sat n poi Sh. sat n polish.
).75 anodize lin shes are app ed DB-E Dark Bronze baked DB-A Dark Bronze anodlze
).45 over a saiin po ish. ename over satin over satin po ish.
L37 pol sh. Resembles
).35 For a fin shes ens frame s
Duranodic@ 313 in co or
t.21 fatural a uminum baked enamel
NA-E Natural A uminum baked
.30 to b end with reflector flange.
enamel over sat n poiish.

Ontional Lexan Shield Optional Houseside Shield
ro0 $ 6
.15 Cat No. LS Cat No. HS
'- p,ond -o d'r i'r - O t rr " .cl f------=l-- Houseside Shield consists of
arJ;1 ,\ j o01 ,
I tU two components permanently
installed at the Kim factory. For
asymmetric distribution on y
vand: sm is antic pated be ./ Not available for phosphor- Houses de
Lzo hqh Uselu fe rs lrm ted by = coated lamps or'1000 Watt
d sco oratron caused by UV Hiqh Pressure Sodium. See
Irom sun ight mercury vapor catalog A9 for photometrics.
1.36 and meta c ha de lamps.

8.10 7t Optional lvlounting o- 23 Re ay supp ied
[.70 Phoiocell O Relay suppl ed
Receptacle % 2L in add tion O*O
+c in add tion

i.oo Factory nsta led

060 "T to receptacle. to receptac e.

Iro top center for NEN4A base Wattage 400 1000w
photocells (by A-25-1 r 20V A-25-1 12AV.
|'.40 others). One 4.25-2 2A8V. A-25-2 208V.
photocell N25-3 24AV. A-25-3 244V.
lBl receptac e per A-25-4 277V A-25-4 277V
1.71 po e. See specs. paqe 1 1. A-25-5 480V A-25-5 480V
.50 Poles

See specifcat on sheets
marked as ava lab e for
CCL fixtures only.
I *Ava
lable with
exclusive Kim
.00 Hinged Base
.74 in he ghts
.00 12', up to 14 ieet. 16, 12',
.74 to U.S. Patent to to
.98 30' 4,079,559. 50' 50' 35'
.44 I

il I

.70 Po e type and Non tapered Tapered
.50 rnateria Round Round Round Larninated
Aluminum A um num Steel Square Wood
Spec Sheet:

A7 14

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