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Kate Gravitt

Dr. Mitchell

UWRT 1104

TR 11:00

How to be civilized in an uncivilized society

In this day and age, social media and new online technologies are taking over as a main

form of communication. Some who live in Florida can easily contact a friend from Japan with a

few clicks of a button. Everyone is accessible to anyone who wants to talk to them. Online there

are no rules, no guidelines and no one to tell one what to and what to not post daily. Opinions are

shared, pictures are liked and everyone goes about their day as if none of it happens. One of the

many dangers of social media and online communications is the risk factor one has when they hit

the submit button on a post. What one says and whom they say it to is never censored or

viewed before being posted and the affects that the comment may have on an individual is often

over looked. Behind a phone screen, an individual can be whomever they want, they can say

however they feel and have no regressions. In this generation, millennials suffer from severe

cases of online bullying. As stated previously, people can say whatever they want to whomever

they want without anyone there to tell them no. This problem has only increased over the years

and has led to many incidents including deaths and suicides. This is how one becomes

uncivilized within a civilized society, tearing down others to the point of no return. If one wanted

to break the norms of society, bullying would no longer be an issue. At its core, bullying may be

resolved by the simple action of respect. Respect not only means that one necessarily agrees with

whatever they are seeing online, but respects the other individual enough to understand and learn

instead of ridiculing and emotionally draining others.

Kate Gravitt

Dr. Mitchell

UWRT 1104

TR 11:00

Point of view: If you were saying the things that you write to people online face to face, would
you still say them?

Assumption: If you cant assume how the person will react to what you are writing why would
you still say it?

Consistency: Bullying statistics have seen a peak in online bullying within the past couple of

years, if we as a society addressed this situation more seriously, would the statistics finally

dwindle down?

Purpose: Online bullying has taken the lives of many and has rarely been resolved completely,

would having core values such as respect could possibly eliminate this problem?

Logic: If an individual online does not know another yet still targets them online, how and why

is that okay? Why are there not reparations for online harassment?

Many girls are harassed every day for things as little as the wrong brand of shoes they wear to

their horrible taste in music. Online bullying has more of an effect on teens than they may

realize. One may be a part of a case of harassment from just the click of a button. I have found

special interest in this topic because at a young female adult, I understand the hurt and pain that

can be caused from just an online screen. This isnt only a problem, but a growing problem that

needs to be stopped before it reaches its peak, it has taken enough lies already. I believe that as a

generation and as the next generations are raised, problems like this could be easily solved if the

individuals morals and values differed from many today. Lessons on simple acts like respect

would make all of the difference between hurting someones feelings online and or respecting
Kate Gravitt

Dr. Mitchell

UWRT 1104

TR 11:00

the other enough to argue to make fun, but to keep going along with their day and let the other be

themselves without having the feeling of judgement. In this society, it is easy to become

uncivilized behind a phone screen, where there is no one watching you to make sure that you are

doing the correct thing all times. If parents raised their kids to have general respect for everyone

and all walks of life, bullying could be resolved. One can be so uncivilized in a civilized society

when they drop all of their personal morals for a good laugh or to see how many likes they can

get on a hurtful comment, like it brings them some personal fulfillment.

From here, I will conduct research on bullying and statistics on cases and what their

verdicts were to obtain true data about online bullying cases. I will also need to find some form

of research that shows lessons and morals that todays generations are raised with and how many

of the children hold onto them as they grow up. In addition, I think it would be useful to figure

out what age children acquire these online devices averagely, to determine the age range that this

may affect within the long run. Kids are progressively getting more and more caught up in teen

and young adult conversations, activities and forget their place within this society. I believe that

young adults and children deal with online bullying the most due to the lack of parent consent

and knowledge of what their child really says when he or she isnt looking. If all families raised

their children on basic beliefs of qualities like respect, the ideals of judgement and harassment

would be extinct and seen as ridiculous instead of the new way of life. Overall, the best way to

attack a paper like this is with a lot of data and also logos. Most of the time, when standing

outside of the situation, one may see a resolution from a far that those within the argument think
Kate Gravitt

Dr. Mitchell

UWRT 1104

TR 11:00

seem so far away. Finally, increasing families values or ideals like respect could severely help

bullying and online harassment and hopefully one day may it no longer a life threatening issue.