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Eli Ottinger

Prof. Fielding

WRTC 103


Title IX PSA Reflection

A public service announcement is a great way to show an issue with little verbal wording

and more of an interpretation. I created this PSA to argue that college athletics promote gender

inequality. The source of my information is Linda Flanagan and Susan H. Greenbergs article

How Title IX Hurts Female Athletes. The purpose of this PSA is to stress the disadvantage

women get from college athletics opposed to men. The audience this PSA appeals to is anyone

involved in the college athletics community and college athletes. The focal point of this PSA is

when I say, different treatment? because it is in a different, red, and bolded text and this

catches the viewer's attention. The ad draws in the viewer through its varying color and similar

pictures because I am trying to prove a point through my PSA.

The action and figures that appear in my PSA is two college basketball plays, one male

and one female, driving through the lane and taking a lay up. These images are used to express

that these sports are the same in every way except for gender and their treatment. The feeling

this evokes is confusion. The image and text reinforce the ads purpose because they portray a

visual and verbal idea all in one. They are related to the article because they emphasize the

disadvantage women have from the get go in college sports. The cultural concern this PSA

conveys is gender inequality and unfair treatment towards women's college athletics.

The main points about the ad that seem most persuasive is the inequality is shows. The

two pictures play a big part because it is proving the point that sports are the same, but if I look
deeper into the sports there is inequality because of gender. My PSA shows ethos because,

Flanagans, Greenbergs and my own opinion on the issue is clearly present when I collaborate

my words and images. My PSA displays logos by using detail. The detail I use is through the

pictures. The pictures have to be examined thoroughly to get the reaction I want. Paying

attention to detail in my pictures will lead the audience to realize that there is a male and female

doing the exact same action. Pathos is displayed by the emotion I intertwined when making this

PSA. The emotion I tried to seek out was confusion because of the unfair treatment and risks a

female has in college athletics. My design choices persuade my audience by giving detail and

life to the viewer because of my images and the way I used colors to draw attention to specific


The greatest challenge I faced was finding the right pictures to portray my message

because of the limited images about Title IX, but i found a way to make two ordinary sports

images work. One major revision I made to my PSA of my initial draft was color changes

because I figured that making words and the background different colors would draw attention to

specific ideas. The greatest strength of my PSA is the two pictures I have because they show an

obvious message of gender inequality.

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