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Journal Name: Innovations in System and Software Engineering

The purpose of doing this assignment (journal analysis of our field) is to know about the procedure
of publishing your research paper and what type of things we need to check about journal before submitting it.
General information about journal is given below in table:
Table 1: General Information about Journal [1]

Publication History 2005-Present

Publisher Name Springer Verlag

Publication Type Journals

Total number of Volumes 13

Total Number of Issues 46

Total Number of Articles Published 325

Type of Writing Published Peer Reviewed Research Articles/Magazine/Newspaper

Impact Factor 0.77 [2] (General) & 1.094 per paper

Index 20 H

Editors Michael G. Hinchey, Shawn A. Bohner

The journal Innovations in System and Software Engineering is managed by NASA to cover
the innovation and issues of Computer Science such as innovations in System Engineering, Software
Development, System Integration and Software Engineering [3]. The aim of this journal is to update the world
about NASA missions and also to address the innovations and develop solutions for the issues occurred in NASA
projects or missions, people are also most welcome to submit their research paper that do not address NASA
current missions or projects but this topic NASA might want to consider in future [4]. It published in many
different formats such as journal, magazine, newspaper and computer file.
The research articles solicited from NASA, contractors, government employees, NASA
supported academic and industrial partners and other such as non-NASA supported academic and industrialists
[4]. This journal is publish in English and researchers or experts in information technology (all over the world)
read it because it includes information about NASA initiatives and NASA missions. When this journal started,
maximum two issues came in a year but in last four years, maximum four issues started coming in a year [4].
Some issues come with a name tag special issue (e.g March 2014, Issue 1, Pages 1-75 Special
Issue: Quality in Information and Communications Technology), it means this issue will include the articles
related to the quality in information technology [4]. In this journal, mostly articles have the same format such as
abstract, keywords, introduction, background/literature review, process or methods, conclusion and references
(IEEE citation format). The interesting thing about this journal is that they accept articles from people who are
not connected to NASA but they wrote a very interesting research article which NASA might think about
working in future.
This assignment helps me to identify the key aspects of doing research and publishing it such as
what are the most common requirements in publishing article in any journal and what type of format they use
and which format of files such as .docs or .pdf is better.


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