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Name: Holly Maxwell Lesson 9

Student Learning Objective(s) and Related Assessment(s):

Discuss and understand why children would not be allowed to witness releases in The

Compare North Korea to The Community and The United Stated after reading Total
Control in North Korea. Students will give short answers for questions pertaining to
Total Control in North Korea.

2.2.a.ii. Determine two or more central ideas in a text and analyze their development over
the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text. (CCSS: RI.7.2)

2.1.a.iii. Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact (e.g., how setting
shapes the characters or plot). (CCSS: RL.7.3)

The Giver

Learning Activities:


(3 minutes) Welcome and review of learning targets

(10 minutes) Writing Day

Students will choose and respond to one of the following writing prompts:
- If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that everything in life was now free,
what is the first thing you would do?
- If this week had a theme to it, what would yours be?
- If (and when) you become the Supreme Ruler of the World, who will be your
top advisor?
- If you cannot write about any of these prompts, you may choose your own!

(2 minutes) Transition Students should take out books and put away all other

Lesson Development:

(10 minutes) Read chapter 4 of The Giver. We will read this chapter out loud as a

(10 minutes) Whole Class Discussion - As an entire class, we will discuss our
reactions to chapter ten of the text.
1. What questions do you have about this chapter?
2. What new things did we learn about Jonas? The Community?
3. Do you think that at age twelve, you are ready to become an adult?

(15 minutes) Read Total Control in North Korea with a partner.

(15 minutes) Answer the discussion questions about North Korea. Students may
answer these questions with a partner after both students have read the article.


(10 minutes) Whole Class Discussion As a large group, we will discuss what
students learned about North Korea and how they can compare different
government systems to our own government. Students will also be instructed to
turn in their short answers at the end of class.

Individuals Needing Differentiated Instruction:

ELL: As a class, I would help students define challenging words from the both The Giver
and Total Control in North Korea. Hopefully by doing so, ELL students will have a
better understanding of the texts we are reading. I would also give verbal and written
directions when switching activities.

Special Needs: Because the lesson plan for this day breaks into many different sections, I
would use transition times to help these students focus on the next task. This would allow
me to check in with individual students throughout the class period and see how I can
help them succeed.