HDF: History

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Human Development Foundation
1989 APPNA SEHAT A rural health care project of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America was launched.

1993 Society for International Health Education and Literacy Programs (SIH) was incorporated. It established a collaborative relationship with Tameer-e-Millat Foundation in Pakistan and later through its’ affiliate DIL with the Malik Maula Bukhsh Memorial Trust (MMBMT) for development of literacy programs in rural areas of Pakistan.

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1994 The APPNA General Body recommended the establishment of a Task Force on Literacy.


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The recommendations of the Task Force on Literacy were approved, but the implementation was deferred because of the evolving concept of a comprehensive intervention in the form of a “Human Development Project”. The President of APPNA appointed a “Human Development Committee” in October 1996 following the APPNA Strategic Planning retreat.

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1997 February The first formal meeting of the Human Development Committee took place in Chicago. The Executive Council of APPNA voted unanimously to approve the establishment of a foundation for Human Development to launch an “Apolitical movement for a positive social change through mass literacy and universal primary education, enhanced quality of education, primary health care, and poverty alleviation”. A seminar on Human Development was organized by APPNA at its 19 th Annual

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HDF: History

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Meeting in New York. The Human Development Foundation of North America was formally launched following the seminar as an autonomous entity. A Consensus Statement was issued on this occasion outlining the broad principles under which the new foundation was to function. The Board of Directors and The Board of Trustees of the Human Development Foundations of North America held their first formal meetings in Atlanta and proved the MISSION, VISION, and STRATEGIC GOALS FOR HDFNA.

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1998 February The Team leaders met in Chicago to outline the goals for 1998.

1999 June HDF Pakistan officially started on June 1,1999. HDF-P started out with the name Human Development Pakistan, and later registered as HDF.

2000 April July August Sept. October HDF office established in Shamsabad region, and starting out with 8,000 people. The Mardan region was expanded to include 10,000 people. The Rahim Yar Khan region was established and started out with 8,000 people. The National Office for HDF Pakistan was established in Rawalpindi. The construction on a Delay action dam at Shahabzai (near Zhob, Balochistan) begins.

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2001 January Through its Drought Relief Program, medicine was distributed at Noshki Camp at Chaghi District and Zhob; Water distributed at Zarkho; seed and food distributed at Tharparker. The Zhob regional office was established and started out with 13,000 people. The Mardan region expands again to around 15,000. The Karachi Katchi Abadi regional office was established and started out 8,000 people. The Shamsabad region expanded to cover around 16,000 people. Chief Executive (CE) General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, constitutes task force on human development. The CE’s constituted Task Force for Human Development was meant to “develop a plan of action for promotion of adult literacy and primary education, primary healthcare and economic development with community participation at the grass roots.” General Musharraf, as the Chief Executive, was the patron-in-chief of the task force while Pakistani-American physician and human development activist Nasim Ashraf chaired the body. Other members of the task force included HDF CoChair Khalid Riaz and HDF Secretary Musadik Malik. The Delay Action dam at Shahabzai (near Zhob, Balochistan) was completed. The Shahabzai Dam: A Communal Effort

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “Giving charity is incumbent upon every bone of every human being every day that the sun rises: To judge fairly between two people is charity. To help someone mount his animal is charity. To help someone load his pack is charity. To say a good word is charity. To remove any harmful thing from the road is charity.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

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HDF: History


HDF started its first Adult Literacy Program with plans to establish 168 Adult Literacy Centers by the end of 2002, out of which 105 are expected to for female adults alone. This program will graduate 2,520 literate adults, of which 1,575 will be women. A Success Story

2002 Started in early 2002 A Youth Committee (YC) entails of: Young people ages 18 to 24 Initially interviewed and chosen for Adult Literacy Has a President & a Secretary Act as activists on behalf of HDF Organize different activities for HDF in future exhibitions, ceremonies, etc. January Chief Executive (CE) General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, accepts the recommendation of HD Task Force and appoints a National Commission for Human Development. Nasim Ashraf was asked to lead the Commission. HDF of North America releases a position paper on relationship between HDF and the National Commission for Human Development, expressing desire to collaborate while maintaining autonomy in decision-making, and governance. The first elected Board of Directors for HDF Pakistan was constituted to replace the Interim Board of Directors constituted at the time of incorporation. Khalid Riaz was elected Chairperson. HDF and Khushali Bank sign a Partnership Agreement. HDF & Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) joins hands to expand the HDF services to another 100,000 beneficiaries. The first HDF local Volunteers Network was established in Karachi. Representatives of HDF of North America, Shahnaz Khan and Attiya Khan attended the meeting.



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