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MARCH 2014

BIM gets fit for retrofit

Industry embraces Scan-to-BIM as software
upgrades to model existing buildings



Agenda mar 14

News and views

04 Lines of communication
Paul Morrell backs an initiative to
get architects and contractors
round the same table, and Stoke-
on-Trent takes on Crewe over HS2.
06 Innovations win CIOB accolades
A structural health sensor and
lightweight concrete impressed
judges in the CIOBs International

Photograph: Carlotta Cardana

Innovation and Research Awards.
08 Leader
Why we need a climate change
election in 2015.

09 Feedback
Letters; and readers come clean on
management away-day disasters.


28 Cover Story Destination retrofit
BIM is gearing up for the retrofit
Construction professional
24 Imagine theres no conflict...
market as software masters
Jeff Whitfield had an epiphany
modelling of existing buildings.
on dealing with confrontation.
12 Change management
He shares his wisdom.
Contractor Vincis leadership
24 BIM bytes
development programme is trying
The EU is pushing for electronic
to instill a shared approach across
procurement in its latest Directive.
Illustration: Adam Nickel/Synergy

the whole company. But is it

25 Case notes
An appeal against an adjudication
18 Sustainability myths debunked
award hit timing issues.
CM challenges eight commonly held
26 A new era for EU procurement
beliefs on sustainable design and
The key points in the new EU
construction where the evidence
Public Procurement Directive.
doesnt quite match the theory.
32 BIM app news + Contact
BIM for the phone, an app for 47-58
snaggers and a digital tool belt. Image of child labour in India wins
34 Round table feature CIOB Art of Building competition

In a Certas Energy-sponsored
debate on construction site CMs CPD Zone has
emissions, panellists fear that the generated huge interest
industrys carbon footprint is
from CIOB members as the
shrinking too slowly.
40 CPD: Translucent Polycarbonate
most popular destination
Panels on our website. Check it
Why the material should be on out at construction-
every facade specifiers list.
Photograph: Edward Tyler

62 Project of the month

A solution to Oxford University
Museum of Natural Historys leaky
roof is found after 150 years.

Cover image: Severn Partnership


Morrell backs dialogue with architects

Former government adviser urges contractors to open their doors for further discussion
Paul Morrell, the governments former chief Manchester-based Hodder, a former Stirling

Photographs: Morley von Sternberg (far left), Peter Guenzel

construction adviser, has welcomed an initiative Prize winner, said the event was part of a wider
by RIBA resident Stephen Hodder to open up RIBA initiative to engage with architects
communication channels between contractors clients, pointing out that a large and growing
and the architects working with them on design- proportion of architects income came from
and-build projects and contractor-led bids. contractors.
Morrell and representatives of several major Its important to inform the profession to
contractors were invited by Hodder to a round- think about how they can tailor their services to
table discussion at 66 Portland Place, the meet the expectations of clients, said Hodder.
headquarters of the RIBA, in January. Contractors The hope is we can give members the tools to
present included Skanska, Carillion, Mace, Laing think abut their services and present to them
ORourke, Willmott Dixon, Bouygues and BAM. the opportunities that exist with contractor-led
The participants discussed design procurement.
management of projects and the communication The industry is very complex and delivery of a
of design information; and how the two sets of successful building is very much about the team.
professionals view each other. All the buildings my practice has delivered have
Morrell commented: It is an overdue had contributions from the contractors.
conversation, and it is to the credit of both Its good to talk: Stephen Hodders (left) move has been Hodder and Morrell said that participants at the
welcomed by Paul Morrell
Stephen Hodder and the RIBA that they reached meeting discussed the degree to which architects
out. The competition that characterises so much This is now so embedded that there is no point working for contractors controlled the flow of
of what we do too often turns into tension or in trying to decide whose fault it is. So, lets keep design information managing the production of
confrontation between those whose attention talking, and listen to others telling us how it is drawings and the flow of information to and from
should be focused on our clients. But if those from their end of the telescope. subcontractors.
who design and those who build operate in Morrell also urged the contracting side of Hodder says the contractors were urging the
opposition to each other and, by the way, are the industry to respond to the initiative. I look profession to regain that [co-ordination] position
frequently programmed to see life in that way forward to the organisations that represent as it would lead to a more efficient process,
from the beginnings of their tertiary education contractors coming out of their trench and although Morrell cast the comments in a slightly
then whole life value is the casualty. extending a return invitation. different light, mentioning disappointment about

Learner Voice founders look to take concept to other regions

The duo behind a successful mentoring including Kier North West, Laing ORourke, Wates Cavanagh told CM that he was meeting
scheme for construction undergraduates at and Lend Lease, as well as consultancies such as representatives from Leeds Metropolitan
five universities in the north west now hope Capita Symonds and GVA. University and Birmingham University to discuss
to extend the programme to Yorkshire and The undergraduates gain advice and support extending the scheme. Were very hopeful, and
the Midlands. about the industry, career opportunities and work we also think that it could be extended into other
The Learner Voice was launched in February placements. professional areas why not IT, or engineering.
2013 by Roy Cavanagh MBE of Bolton-based He added: The major contractors who I
contractor Seddon, and Aled Williams, north west often take to task over training apprentices
chair of the Construction Industry Council. in fairness have been very good supporters
The scheme secured a merit award in the of the programme.
education and training category of the CIOBs Aled Williams added: It is important to our
International Innovation and Research awards, industry and to our students to bring employers
which recognises outstanding contributions to and education providers closer together for the
education and training in the built environment. benefit of future generations of built
It has so far matched 65 students from five environment professionals. I would be delighted
universities Liverpool John Moores University, to see the scheme rolled out nationwide.
University of Bolton, University of Central The mentoring scheme will be repeated in
Lancashire, University of Salford, and the 2014. Individuals and employers interested in
The Learner Voice team hopes that students from across the
University of Manchester with industry mentors. country such as this group from the University of Brighton
participating in the Learner Voice as mentors can
These are drawn from 30 local companies, could benefit from the scheme email

Morrell also commented on the public

sector client who said that he received
Stoke-on-Trent takes on
regular approaches from contractors as
to how they might align their service Crewe in HS2 battle
to his needs, but had never received an Ryder Architecture is to join his report on how costs for
equivalent approach from architects. Stoke-on-Trent City Council the 42.4bn project could be
The event was timed as the market at Mipim on 11-14 March to reined back, and its thought
picks up, but Morrell said he didnt promote a joint plan for a he could recommend that
anticipate that clients would return to the new High Speed Rail station the two phases are built
design adds value mindset of pre-2008, on the HS2 line. concurrently, or at least
which sometimes prioritised architecture Plans for the western overlapping.
at the expense of buildability. half of Phase 2s Y-shaped EC Harriss global head of
Too much of what went on before line linking Birmingham rail, Mark Cowlard, has told
2008/9 is still perceived as irrational to Manchester propose a CM that the proposal could
exuberance, and whilst there will always new station at Crewe, but not cut costs by reducing the
be patrons of architecture as an art, they nearby Stoke-on-Trent. impact of inflation, bringing
Contractors were invited to RIBA headquarters at will always be out-numbered by clients The council has now forward GDP benefits to
66 Portland Place
whose primary purpose in building is submitted its proposal to Leeds, Manchester and
functional or commercial. HS2 and the government, Sheffield, and giving the
the perceived lack of skill in managing the Of course they want good design, arguing that the new location bidding teams a longer
design process itself. but they also want some security. As would reduce the impact on pipeline of work.
He added: As more design gets the industry moves slowly towards the Staffordshire countryside The proposed Stoke-
passed down to trade contractors, this integration (as it must), it is generally and maximise economic on-Trent station includes
increasingly falls to contractors to contractors who have the enterprise gains for the region. international and domestic
make good. So where the boundary of and the balance sheet strength to act Stoke-on-Trent councils HS2 platforms, direct
responsibilities lies emerged (to me) as a as integrators, and it would be close to deputy leader Paul Shotton connections to local and
useful topic for further exploration. tragic if the consequence of this is that told the BBC that it was regional train services,
the real potential of good design to create important a major city like facilities for airport baggage
whole life value is sacrificed to the short Stoke-on-Trent was included check in, parking pods and
If those who design and those term needs of profitable construction. in the plans. [Crewes] a bus interchange.
who build operate in opposition Hodder now plans to continue the benefits are based on the The form and scale of its
to each other then whole-life dialogue by inviting contractors to one-to- Victorian connectivity of translucent roof are inspired
value is the casualty. one sessions with the RIBAs new head of the railway, but were not by the new age of travel that
Paul Morrell client services, Linda Stephens. living in Victorian times HS2 represents. It will provide
now, he said. cover to the full length of
Stokes proposal could end the platform environment,
Stoke-on-Trent City Council
up on the desk of HS2s new allowing high levels of natural
has submitted its proposal for
a High Speed Rail station to chairman, Sir David Higgins, daylight, minimising heat
HS2 and the government who takes up his post next gain and incorporating natural
month. He is due to submit ventilation.


Chris Blythe
Floods expose our
housing failings

This year will be

remembered for the

Structural sensor commended

severity of the weather and
in particular the flooding across the
south west of England and along the
rivers Severn and Thames.

in CIOB innovation awards... In addition, the January storms have

emphasised how feeble we are when
subjected to extreme weather. The way
sea defences just crumbled under the
Researchers from Princeton University are know it. And then you start investigating what the onslaught of the high tides was both
developing a high-tech type of polyimide sheeting problem is, said Prof Glisic. fascinating and frightening.
embedded with sensors, batteries and integrated Finally, flexible photovoltaics will be layered on There are calls for the coastal areas
circuits that can be wrapped around buildings and top, to feed embedded batteries to provide power. to be abandoned because the cost of
bridges to detect their structural health. When we started developing the system we protecting them might be unaffordable.
It might also be the case that it is not
The new product is the work of Professor Branko had bridges in mind, but we do see applications in
just the cost; the technical solutions
Glisic and Professor Naveen Verma who liken buildings as well as aeroplanes and machines," added might not be available either.
their new invention to the nervous system in the Glisic. Building structures deteriorate over time. In The scale of the flooding, especially
human body. It was highly commended in the CIOB Singapore buildings already have to be monitored in the densely packed south east, does
International Innovation and Research Awards 2013. with fibre optic strain sensors. But these can only be beg questions of our housing policy. It
The sensor system is formed of a very dense applied to certain parts of the structure. seems pointless building on floodplains
array of smart sensors which are interconnected and You wouldnt cover a structure with our sheeting, if the sort of devastation we have seen
recently is to be a feature of the future.
embedded into the sheeting. The layered integrated but you would be able to cover larger areas prone to
Getting flooded is bad enough but when
circuits collect and analyse the data and only alert damage, to monitor more of it, more cheaply.
it is accompanied by raw sewage and
the remote monitors if there is a problem. Glisic added: The aim is to improve safety of the resultant health risks, it is enough
Its like the human body, nerves dont tell you you structures, and therefore eliminate collapses of those to make us all stop and think.
feel healthy all the time, but once you feel sick youll that are only inspected periodically. Building designs need to change and
He said that commercialisation was still if that affects the cost of buildings then
some time away, but he expected that a fully so be it. It should be a cost borne by the
functioning prototype could be developed house builders as a condition for
building on dodgy land. Politically there
within two to three years.
are issues, of course. If politicians
The CIOB judges said: "The analogy of decided that all that flood plain land
the human nervous system applied for the was unfit for building and should be
purposes of structural health monitoring used as flood plains, there would be
is a brilliant idea. The sensing sheet howls from the house builders along
technology has not only shown its with the drop in their share prices.
originality in innovation, but has also But the most disturbing part of the
Left to right: The sensing sheet glued to concrete; Professor Branko Glisic
whole episode has been the disparate
and Professor Naveen Verma from Princeton University shown its scope of application.
and desperate band of politicians

while lightweight concrete wins merit award

looking for their own political angle on
the disaster.
The recent weather has been
An engineer and inventor with for example from Crossrail in product, which he said wasnt unprecedented both in terms of
a passion for concrete has London. He then mixes this rocket science. severity and frequency. It is not just a
developed a new lightweight with the normal concrete Cement manufacturers tend UK matter either. In the US Deep South,
version of the material which constituents of gravel, sand to be ingrained in ways of doing for example, they are having
unprecedented ice and snow storms
would help reduce the depth and cement. things, but Im optimistic it will
caused by arctic air pushing south and
of foundations needed for tall Said Owens: The weight of take off in the future in the same moving the Jetstream with it. Atlanta
structures like the Shard. concrete made with normal way using fly ash in concrete was caught out by the first snow storm
Philip Owens, who runs aggregates is about 2.4 tonnes/ took a while to be accepted. But I it had, but not by the second. Solid
technical troubleshooting and cum. With our lower density probably wont be around to see leadership led to states of emergencies
research consultancy Nustone, material the weight can be it, added the 83-year-old. being called, snow ploughs organised,
received a merit award in the designed to be between 1.5 airports shut, schools closed and extra
support laid on from states unaffected
CIOB International Innovation tonnes and 2.4 tonnes/cum.
by the weather extremes.
& Research Awards for the new If you were to build
Our response has been to continue to
form of concrete. structures using this lower be unprepared and believe that we can
While lightweight concrete weight of concrete they wont carry on as though nothing is happening,
is not new when formed as need such enormously deep with a few soldiers filling sandbags.
lightweight aerated blocks, foundations, which means they In a peculiarly British way, we go
Owens innovation is to mix a wont interfere with tunnels and about things the hard way, with
lightweight aggregate made such like. ordinary people doing heroic things
whilst those in charge struggle to
from detritus clay, such as Owens has yet to receive Lightweight aggregate made from detritus get to grips with the situation.
that produced from tunnelling, commercial interest in the clay is mixed with normal concrete



Will 2015 be a climate Feedback

change election? The real cost of Fees for
Mark Atkins, via website
In response to criticism of HSEs Fees for
Intervention in an online article
AS THE STORMS abate and the flood waters phase by 20%. The data on whether or not As a small company employing three
recede, they have hopefully left behind a these targets have been met is still being men and one admin staff and myself,
reinvigorated debate on climate change collated by the Green Construction Board I had a visit in November 2012 from the
and the imperative to slash carbon and is due to be published around June. HSE inspector. It was decided by that
emissions. For the first time in four years, But the round tables anecdotal view was person that we had two material
since David Cameron made his increasingly that the momentum of 2008-10 hasnt breaches. So from that point every couple
empty claims about the coalition being been carried forward as the economic of months I have been invoiced for fees
the greenest government ever, climate slowdown diverted companies attention for intervention I have just received
change has re-entered the political arena. and energy and nor did it sweep up the another today (February 2014) up to
The industry, of course, has been massed ranks of the industrys SMEs. It now amounting to 14,000 before
quietly getting on with the job of reducing will be interesting to see whether the deciding whether to prosecute and it is
emissions: from energy in use; from official data matches that view. still ongoing, no doubt a prosecution will
embodied carbon in products and supply In our feature on busting sustainability follow and a fine.
chains; from site operations, transport and myths, the focus was on energy Since when has extortion been legal
waste. But from two articles addressing efficiency, the performance gap and and how would bankrupting small
sustainability in this months CM, different buildings operations. The myths businesses promote health & safety in
and worrying themes emerge. discussed are all linked to sincerely held the workplace?
In our round-table debate on site and efforts to reduce buildings impact. But How hard would it be for anybody to
transport emissions, representatives of if they are based on theory rather than find fault anywhere if you are basically
the Top 20 contractors round the table evidence, manufacturers claims rather funding your own salary at the expense
agreed the rate at which their carbon than real-life experiences, then these of other peoples jobs?
footprints were shrinking was slowing. myths needs to identified and discussed
The low-hanging fruit has been picked so that best practice can move on. SMEs need help on BIM process
the insulated site cabins, the lower use Back in the political landscape, there Rahul Shah, via website
of generators, better fleet and transport is another dangerous myth that In response to online article How SMEs can
management. What remains is the hard sustainability isnt a vote winner. As the get started on BIM Part 2
task of driving out carbon through parties position themselves for 2015, lets This is a slightly shallow view of BIM
better design, better engagement and hope the imperative to step up action on implementation at business level, more
information flow from the supply chain and man-made climate change emerges as a tool focused rather than process. Process
new innovations in plant and equipment. key policy area. As the industry gets within is where most of the implementation
The industry, via the Strategic Forum, sight of its 2025 deadline for reducing challenges are and honestly speaking,
set itself a series of voluntary targets greenhouse gas emissions from carbon SMEs need help in that area.
for the 2008-12 period: halving waste from the built environment by 50%, a bit SMEs business challenges and benefits
to landfill; reducing construction-related of legislative stick to go with all the CSR of BIM are not different (should not be
carbon by 15%; reducing water usage carrots wouldnt go amiss. different) to that of larger construction
in the manufacturing and construction Elaine Knutt, editor companies.
The author takes an example of a small
construction firm that builds a leisure
centre in central London. That small
More Construction Manager contractor will have to:
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business level and how to integrate BIM
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Vox pop
A member of CMs team had a bad encounter with clingfilm on a
management course. What are your best and worst experiences?

Nick Bird kind of animal youd be. Im gregarious,

Head of talent, Kier but also quite private, so I dont want to
I cant imagine why wed tell people that. On one training day in
want to tie up anyone in the 1980s, there was a Polish puppeteer,
clingfilm! We run who kept dropping in on the group,
leadership programmes for line picking up on things that had happened,

Photograph: Beyond/SuperStock
managers, middle managers and and then made you have conversations
senior execs, then we also have a with his puppets about them... it was just
programme for directors where they really, really odd.
attend a course at Sandhurst. Theyre
all designed to stretch and challenge Nick Wright MCIOB
people, but for their learning needs, Contracts manager, Kier Construction
not for the tutors pleasure. Im on a two-and-a-half-year modular
On one of our senior exec modules, programme, where we look at leadership
weve introduced professional actors into styles and skills. We recently had two
the fray, who work with the participants days with a psychologist who gave us a
in small groups its called forum different perspective. The team hug: Your courses for our site managers and
theatre. Because of the quality of the We looked at the Myers Brigg analysis worst nightmare, resident liaison officers (RLOs).
or a route to better
actors, it seems quite real. The delegates personality types, then we tested our management? Its a cliche, but it really is a tool-box
are given a limited brief for instance, knowledge in role plays with actors. Then things you can use if things go wrong.
dealing with aggression, or someone there was a push-pull analysis, looking We use role playing, where we swap roles:
with personal issues then they have to at the psychology of how people react in the RLO will play the resident, the director
fish for information from the actors, so it certain environments and how you get will play the site manager, so it also
reveals their management style. the best results out of them. shows you how youd feel in someone
We were encouraged to look at the elses shoes.
Nigel Wilson areas where we need work and are less
Director of local roads, rounded, but also to develop the things Talfryn Farrell
Europe, Aecom were already strong at and not model On one Senior contracts manager,
There are good courses ourselves on other people. training day, Vinci Facilities
and bad ones. Ive taken lots there was a One game we played was
from the good ones and absolutely Carol Bailey puppeteer who having a leader and deputy
nothing from the bad ones. The good Director, communities and kept dropping get a team of blindfolded people to form a
ones have all been founded in the theory regeneration, Lakehouse in on the square shape with the rope at their feet.
and fundamentals of management, why My experience of group, picking Only the deputy was allowed to talk to
people respond differently and how you workshops and training is up on things, the team. But they forgot to clarify that
might apply techniques to get the most largely very good. Hands-on construction and then made the blindfolds must stay on at all times
out of people. The bad ones were what people can be nervous going into a you have so our leadership tactic was to say to
the chairman in the business I used to training room, but very often they leave conversations the team: Okay, take your blindfolds off
work for called candy floss fun on the feeling inspired by the whole experience. with his and make a square with that rope!
day, but with no substance. Were running leadership training from puppets. We missed a few vital leadership
Sometimes there are bizarre and Lakehouse for around 65 or 70 managers Nigel Wilson, lessons, but also taught a lesson to the
abstract exercises like asking you what across the business, and we also run Aecom facilitator never leave any wiggle room.

CostX, Navis etc). SMEs need help on BIM process Card scheme is a money maker
Think about establishing (and establish) Hazel McCallum, via website Andy Ollier, online
processes for planning team, design In response to The art of communication In response to our online news story
management, coordination, commercial, Listen to my body talk, February that the CSCS card scheme had revealed
estimating, H&S, QA, M&E. As part of my coaching practice I help details of a new shake-up that seeks to set
Once all of the above is achieved then people develop emotional intelligence a higher competence standard for holders
Contact us
your (real) work-winning BIM material is which, as you probably know, is great for of the operatives Green card by linking it
Do you have an
ready to include in your bids. You can developing self awareness, rapport and to a new Level 1 NVQ from July next year.
opinion on any
include your real project experience in general self management. of this months I think the upshot is that the new
your bids instead of worrying about I agree with the warning that not all articles? Email: card scheme is geared towards
work-winning BIM. Having said that, body language is reliable. We all have construction- making money by making people take
you may require Hollywood animation funny little habits that could really manager@atom courses that they have to pay for. What
to go in your bid. But dont confuse that throw someone off track. So body happened to experience gained through
with BIM. language needs to be used with caution! hands-on roles!?
All in.
The New Sprinter, Vito and Citan from Mercedes-Benz Vans.
Our complete range of vans are designed to meet your individual fleet needs.
Each vehicle comes with a comprehensive Mercedes-Benz support package
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Feature Management

The board
Vinci plc
invite you to
Empower Y ou r L ea de rs h ip A b il it ie s
Buckinghamshireat the De Vere Latimer Hotel,

ali gnment session
Meet your fellow Vinci managers at a half-day

, we akn ess es and col lea gue s per cep tio ns of you r management style
Discover your strengths
via a 360-degree appraisal.
the fi ndi ngs in mo re det ail in a one -to -on e coa ching session

y wo rks hop , the me d on S etting the Standard on Leadership and

Part icip ate in a two -da
Managing Performance

coachi ng session
Explore progress so far in a personalised telephone

M ost out of People
Join a further two-day workshop on Getting the
and Effective Influencing

to your place of work
Host the training facilitator on a half-day visit

pro gra mm e wit h a hal f-d ay sum mit con fer enc e and presentation
Round off the
to a Vinci board member
Feature Management

"The approach was refreshing"

Colin Howell , project manager, building division

"The business has committed a major spend on

Empower that's several thousand pounds per
delegate and senior management are all aligned
with its objectives. So it's coming down from the
top: there's an appreciation that the business
needs to improve on various aspects of its
leadership and management.
"The course has been developed in a bespoke
way, and is focused on addressing the business's
needs, it's not like sending people to the course
around the corner. And there was no age
discrimination I'm still under 60 but I've been
with Taylor Woodrow [acquired by Vinci in 2008]
for 40 years. I was recently on a large office
scheme in King's Cross, and now I'm working
on a bid for Heathrow Airport.
"You initially start off sceptical, you've seen it
and done it before, but the approach Blue Sky
adopted was refreshing. There was a toolbox of Leadership development will divide opinion in
techniques you could use in everyday situations.
For instance, a technique to look at other people's
construction, but Vinci has found that it's bringing
communication styles are they forcing their the business together. Elaine Knutt reports.
agenda on you, ready to communicate, or are Photographs by Carlotta Cardana
they withdrawn and likely to be unresponsive?
And there's the Accountability Ladder, which is
now on notice boards everywhere. On the bottom
rung people are not taking any responsibility IF YOU RECEIVED the invitation opposite to a will often be trying to manage and
for a situation, and the idea is to get them to "leadership development" programme, influence beyond their own corporate
come up the ladder, perhaps by sitting down and how would you react? If your gut reaction teams, its doubly difficult.
working out why they're not fully engaged. You is "sceptically", youre probably with the Alternatively, people absorb the
can apply it in any aspect of your life on site, with majority. Most of us have will have first- learning, but for internal reasons they
consultants, with your family. hand experience of training programmes dont apply it. In its recent paper Why
"One of the areas I found the most useful was that were stimulating, insightful and leadership-development programs fail,
the 360 feedback where I invited 10 or 12 people possibly even good fun (although the management consultant McKinsey argues
to provide feedback. It reconfirmed a lot of things wrap-your-colleagues-in-clingfilm that interventions that dont engage
in my own self-appraisal, but it also highlights bonding exercise experienced by a people below the surface challenging
things you ought to be aware of but have perhaps CM colleague was surely just thoughts, feelings and assumptions risk
chosen not to do anything about. So I've chosen a sadomasochistic). But whether we failure. The paper gives the example of a
number of areas to try to improve on, for instance actually tackled things differently manager who might know in theory that it
spending more time mentoring young engineers. afterwards, or delivered improved makes sense to delegate, but fails because
It's something I've always done, but I'll be performance... well, thats debateable. the inner dialogue in their head is: I cant
allocating more time to it." The problem is that acquiring abstract delegate because Im accountable.
knowledge is one thing, but applying it in Closing this gap between what happens
challenging work situations is another. in a training room and how we behave in
Individuals might make a genuine effort a work situation was the fundamental
to use new ideas and insights, only to aim behind Vinci's Empower programme.
make little headway in workplaces where The idea is to give 500 "senior middle
they control just a few of the variables. managers" the skills and tools they need
And in construction, when many managers to raise their personal performance, but >
Feature Management

> also to embed the new ideas deep enough and 10% from listening to someone in a
to change their thinking patterns and classroom. So this is the right sort of "It reprogrammes how you
behaviour. And by embarking on a such a
large-scale initiative with 50 "cohorts"
design, but often companies end up
paring back and the bulk of the focus
approach things"
of 10 over two years the idea is that no is on the 10%, says MacNicol. Bahar Maghsoudi, senior project manager,
one manager will try to change the status The delegates on Empower are running civil engineering division
quo in isolation. Instead, the whole projects of one kind or another across
business embarks on a journey towards Vinci's building, civil engineering and "Im an M&E enabling manager on the Crossrail
improved performance. facilities divisions, as project managers, station at Whitechapel. Ive been at Vinci for
Jo Mercer, head of Vincis learning construction managers, section engineers, three and a half years, and before that I was at
academy, was a key architect of the facilities managers or in support teams Birse and Balfour Beatty. Compared to other
programme, developed with training such as IT. While theyre not (yet) taking management courses Ive been on, Empower
consultancy Blue Sky Performance key strategic decisions, they are all is more in depth, its a longer programme, and
Improvement. A lot of standard leadership representing Vinci at a fairly senior you have more of a one-to-one with the trainer.
programmes are good at imparting level. Nor is the programme specifically Ive previously been on 6 Sigma courses, which
knowledge, but not at changing geared to succession planning or high- are all about analysing your productivity. But if
behaviours," says Mercer. "Empower has fliers. We wanted to raise the good you want to learn how to deal with behavioural
given us a common language, we now managers to great, and the great to issues, this is the perfect course.
have a large body of people in the excellent," says Mercer. "You have a lot of tools and techniques, and
business using the same language The programme is essentially a you take the ones that are suitable at that
It can be a fast-track to getting results. combination of management training, or particular time. At Whitechapel, our director
To ensure the Empower agenda is also giving people skills and techniques to get has the Accountability Ladder on his wall and
embedded at high level within Vinci, 150 the best performance out of people and he points to it from time to time! The more
senior managers have been on an edited projects; and leadership development people go on the Empower course, the more
highlights version of the programme, and encouraging them to behave like leaders. people understand what hes talking about.
a senior manager is also invited to join the Elements of the management techniques Vinci is such a diverse business, so it helps to
alignment and summit events held for appear to have left the training suite have a common language.
each cohort. Furthermore, the delegates and gone viral: the so-called Ladder "All the cohorts watch Twelve Angry Men
identify and develop a business-boosting of Accountability is appearing in poster and I think it had a big impact. Its about
project throughout the seven-month span form in site huts and making its presence where do you stand if you believe in
of the programme, and then continue to felt in difficult conversations everywhere, something and your belief is strong you have
progress their ideas once the programme and if you are meeting a Vinci Empower to make a stand on a particular issue and
is over. Andrew Ridley-Barker [Vinci delegate in the near future, you might like people will come round. Its also about showing
Construction MD] gives them a licence to to Google Johari Window. what the different characters represented and
run with it, says Mercer. how people are shaped by their background
Two other leadership development Sharing knowledge and cultures, and how not everyone sees
experts invited to comment on Empower In fact, Blue Sky says its management things the same way.
both said its linkage into board level, focus training tools are accessible to anyone "I would struggle to say Ive used a specific
on personal issues and continuation of who can go online. We believe in sharing tool, but it does reprogramme how you
project work into business as usual, were knowledge. You can try to create approach things. Im working on a pressured
all positive signs. Training 500 is unusual, something clever, brand it and sell it, but project, and its also a joint venture [with
but I think its great, theres something we believe in sharing knowledge and Balfour Beatty and Morgan Sindall] , so its
about critical mass. Some organisations encouraging people to share it. Plus a complex dynamic you cant just say 'Im
do it in dribs and drabs over a long period, theres a lot of stuff thats already making these changes. But after I had the site
but then they lose that sense of working well, so we dont need to paint it visit from Kevin, the facilitator, he challenged
momentum, says Elaine Wilson, a senior blue and change the circles to squares, me to do things differently, and thats what Ive
consultant at development consultancy says Guy Bloom, client services director. been trying to do. I really love my team, were
Ask Europe. However, she stresses that "Leadership development" is about a diverse bunch from our 20s to our 60s, but
Vinci will have to find a way to retain encouraging individuals to develop a were all pulling in the same direction."
momentum in the coming years. vision of where they want to go, and
Donnie MacNicol, director of training then building the relationships to make
consultancy Team Animation, agrees that it happen. But how do you develop
programmes should be structured over a leadership behaviour in managers who
number of months so that delegates can perhaps arent yet in leadership positions?
apply the learning at work as the course Blooms answer is that leadership is a
progresses. Research shows that 20% state of mind rather than a position in an
of what we learn comes from our bosses organisational diagram.
or mentors, 70% is on-the-job-learning, Its about challenging people to step
Feature Management

into the leadership space, and make Structuring a leadership development programme
"Training 500 is demands of others in relation to their
unusual, but work," says Bloom. "If you are operating at Elaine Wilson of Ask Europe and Donnie MacNicol of Team Animation
it's great. Some offer their tips on how to plan management training schemes
the right level, you should hold that space.
organisations Are you leading the conversation? Leading l A trend is for the call to action to independent thinkers equipped
do it in dribs the challenge? Talking about the things come from a board, underpinning it with the skills to make things happen,
with real business imperatives. But but this isnt aligned with corporate
and drabs over no one else want to talk about? the process should also get the objectives.
a long period, So Empower starts by making delegates individual personally engaged. l Every organisation has the desire to
but then they first accept theyre in a leadership role, l After the programme is completed, quantify the impact of the
lose that sense then reflect on how well theyre doing in
companies should not just drop the programme, but there are a colossal
of momentum." it. The process clearly involves heart as
initiative they need mechanisms in number of factors in play. So usually,
place to reinforce the learning, and analysis has to be a mix of qualitative
Elaine Wilson, well as head, although Bloom dispels any they need to get it on the HR agenda. and quantitative results. But
Ask Europe thoughts of construction managers in What delegates sign up to on the sometimes boards take the view that
training programme has to flow into this is the right thing to do and they
group therapy. Through video and
their ongoing performance objectives, know its got value, even if they cant
exercises, we build a challenge: do you and be integrated into the identify every pound. If it gives people
recognise there are gaps to the standard organisations goals. It has to become the feeling that progress has been
you might achieve? Its not psychotherapy, business as normal". EW made, does that actually matter?
l Leadership boils down to having a l Work-based projects are brilliant,
we stay away from it being an emotional future-focused vision, and the skills to but they have to be managed, and
process, but our emotions are involved, build the relationships to get people companies often drop them when
he says. For some it can be a nudge, for to follow you. But companies need to they realise the effort involved. They
some its a kick up the pants. be clear on what theyre developing need to consider, whos owning the
leadership for. Is it about innovation, project? Whos supporting it? Will it
These days, when every decision has to or identifying new revenue streams, cause friction in other departments?
be "evidence-based", companies investing or a focus on customer service? In It cant be coordinated by someone
in leadership development often want to the worst case scenario, you develop part-time in HR. DMacN
quantify the impact on their business. >
Feature Management

"Nothing I've been on has

had the same impact"
Liam Noonan ICIOB, project manager,
Vinci Facilities

"I'm head of the Vinci Facilities team at

RAF Mildenhall in Norfolk, we look after
the maintenance of the estate and also
do project work, for instance building a
new warehouse. We do a lot of demolition
work, then replace the buildings, and also
refurbishments. There's a team of directly-
employed Vinci staff, including six site
managers who report to me and I decide
on their workload, and we also use a lot of
external subcontractors.
"I've never been on a course as long as
this. At the half-day alignment session,
to be honest I was trying to get out of it.
I know how to talk to people, and I've got
good listening skills. There were all sorts of
things I thought I was doing on a daily basis,
but the course showed me I probably wasn't
doing it as well as I thought.
"The Johari Window has been a useful tool
to help build relationships when you meet
someone new, and I've also got a 4ft wide
Accountability Ladder in my office. I've got
scaffolders, plumbers, bricklayers popping
in, you never know who's coming through
the door and what issues they're going to
> Vinci asks every Empower manager to 10,000, but not because of the learning bring. So I'll ask them, 'where are you on
self-report and evidence their own theyd got. And all they claimed was the ladder' and nine times out of 10 they're
personal "return on investment". Its 10,000 why not more? below the line [between being accountable
notoriously complex to validate there Vinci is now roughly half way through and being a 'victim'].
are always other factors in play apart from implementation of its Empower "It's made a huge impact on me, in
your programme, comments Bloom. But programme, and is finding that feedback reference to developing relationships and
you can ask delegates if theres been a from delegates is extremely positive dealing with some of the more difficult
direct financial impact, or if theyve made 98% say they would advocate the course people, to enable us to break down the
some kind of behavioural shift. If someone to a colleague. But perhaps more barriers. By getting to know people a bit
says Im completely re-engaged with the important, theres the impact on Vinci more personally, you tend to understand
organisation, you cant put a value in staff: according to its annual employee them far better.
pounds against that, but thats great. survey, engagement among those "When I first started at RAF Mildenhall,
But in total, Bloom says that the value managed by Empower delegates is up the office was very contractual, but now I'm
added to Vinci represents 200% of the 10%. Companies can try to quantify that trying to introduce a bit of banter. People
costs which include Blue Sky, venues financially, perhaps in the value of used to be looking at the clock, now people
and catering, and taking people out of experienced staff retained or decreased are more engaged and will say 'I want to stay
their jobs for seven days. staff turnover costs. Or they can simply and send that email'.
However, others believe that there can take the view that such a sizeable "If I'm honest, none of the previous
be dangers in trying to match benefits to increase in engagement is priceless. CM courses I've been on have had an impact like
costs. Elaine Wilson says: You have to be this one because it is such a team effort,
careful companies tend to measure everyone has given it 100%."
whats easy to measure, not the real "If someone says Im completely
indicators of improvement. She refers to a re-engaged with the
company that asked delegates to recoup organisation, you cant put
the 10,000-a-head costs of their a value in pounds against that,
training, but the initiative backfired: but thats great"
Everyone claimed to have saved the Guy Bloom, Blue Sky
Not every brand of PIR thermal insulation
is as easy to install.

Because we manufacture our boards to the most

perfecting standards, installation is significantly easier.
Precision cut straight edges, greater consistency in board
size, high compression strength and a super-flat surface finish
makes installations quicker, easier and more cost effective.
So for a trouble-free, perfect build, use Recticel PIR board.


Find out why Recticel should be your preferred choice: or call 0800 0854079


Feature Sustainability

Were all on a quest for a low carbon industry, but that means
watching out for wrong turns and dead ends. Katie Puckett
finds eight examples where theory doesnt quite match the
evidence. Illustrations by Adam Nickel.
Feature Sustainability


While often seen as synonymous, rather than energy use, so compliance

In a typical
carbon emissions and energy was possible by simply changing fuel
consumption can be very different type rather than improving efficiency.
things, which can lead to nasty surprises In fact, the 2013 update to Part L
for the occupiers of buildings designed of the Building Regulations should account for 30-
to be low-carbon in operation. help to bring reality in line with user 50% of energy
People expect to have low energy expectations, by imposing a mandatory use, and they
bills, but thats not necessarily true, fabric energy efficiency standard before tend to be
warns Steve Cook, principal sustainable low-carbon technologies can be taken electricity,
development manager at Willmott into account. which is more
Dixon. Different fuels have different Another source of confusion is expensive than
carbon intensities, but that doesnt that regulations cover only emissions heat.
mean theyre any cheaper. The carbon associated with the base building, Alasdair Donn,
emissions associated with biomass, for rather than the unregulated emissions Willmott Dixon
example, are almost seven times lower produced by the many appliances
than conventional gas (0.028kgCO2/ whirring away inside. It can be quite
kWh, compared to 0.198kgCO2/kWh). significant, says Alasdair Donn, energy
But in cost terms, it can be much more solutions engineer at Willmott Dixon.
expensive. In a typical non-domestic building,
The propagation of this myth is partly unregulated emissions account for 30-
the fault of Building Regulations. 50% of energy use, and they tend to
The 2006 and 2010 versions of Part be electricity, which is more expensive
L set targets for carbon emissions than heat.


Controlling a buildings M&E systems is an essential part buildings over the last 10 years. Now were finding out
of reducing energy consumption. But those systems are through post-occupancy evaluations that it isnt always
becoming increasingly complicated often unnecessarily the answer.
so, argues Professor Bill Gething, an architect and BAM recently carried out a post occupancy evaluation
sustainability consultant. on Cressex Community School in High Wycombe, which
Sophistication should not be confused with opened in 2010. The project was aiming for a 60%
complexity, warns Gething. Unfortunately, even when reduction in CO2 emissions, but reality failed to live up
systems should be relatively simple for domestic to the targets. The design team had included an array of
heating, for example we add features just because technologies to meet the many regulations governing
we can, and then provide an unintelligible interface school design, including a biomass boiler, ground source
which has clearly never been tested on real users. heating and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery
Then people just end up turning the whole thing off (MVHR) instead of openable windows.
with the big red switch. There was a very sophisticated building management
Domestic and non-domestic systems alike suffer from system to deal with the multiple technologies, but the
this relentless embellishment. On more sophisticated school didnt have anyone who knew how to operate
installations, the problem is compounded by the fact that it, so they ended up using a lot more energy than they
Adam Nickel/Synergy

design, commissioning and operation are split so no one expected, says Putzel. Better management has since
person has a clear understanding or responsibility for improved the performance of the building considerably,
making it work, adds Gething. but for him, the lesson is clear: We now promote the use
At BAM Construct, senior sustainability manager Jesse of passive design measures on all our projects to reduce
Putzel agrees. A lot of technology has been thrown at energy and keep things simple.
Feature Sustainability

Significant performance gaps have results varied far more than we would THREE TIMES A DAY
been highlighted between how houses suggest is reliable, but this doesnt
are designed to behave and their undermine the performance gap. This is the industry norm for
performance once occupied. But while The research actually underlines calculating potential water savings in
it may be straightforward enough to how robust the test procedure is, schools, usually achieved by installing
find out how much energy a building argues Gorse, given that it was carried efficiency measures such as save-a-
uses, measuring the actual out by inexperienced teams under flush bags or hippos in cisterns and
performance of its fabric is not as easy. variable conditions and still appeared low-flow basin taps.
The performance gap was first to achieve an accuracy of around 80%. The problem is that its a wild
identified using the co-heating test, The NHBC teams still found the exaggeration. According to a survey of
which has been developed over the performance gap, its just that their 609 pupils carried out by consultant
past 20 years by Leeds Metropolitan results would not have been as reliable ech2o, the average number of toilet
University, and which measures how as ours. As long as youve got control trips per day is just 1.34. Less than
well new homes retain heat. But over the equipment and the conditions a quarter of pupils did use the toilet
research late last year from the NHBC are right, you will get an accurate three times or more, and more than
Foundation cast doubt on the test measure of how much heat the building half went only once or not at all.
itself, however, when assessments of is losing to within a few per cent. Among the secondary school pupils,
the same houses by seven separate The test involves heating the building 65% never used the toilets at all.
teams produced very different results, to a predetermined temperature, and Ech2os director Cath Hassell says
ranging from 17% better than then measuring the amount of electrical that this leads to an overestimate
predicted to 11% worse. The reports energy required to keep it there for two of water savings in primary schools
tests are being
authors claimed that this showed the weeks, so it can be expensive. by a factor of two, and in secondary
developed by
test was of limited value and needed The industry argues that it wants a schools by up to six. She believes
us and others
more work before it could be useful to cheap test, but we dont want a cheap manufacturers and consultants are in
and those who
the housebuilding industry. test if that means inconsistent results, danger of shooting themselves in the doubt the
But such a discrepancy is hardly adds Gorse. This research was a first foot: If we overstate the case, then performance
surprising, says Professor Chris Gorse attempt to see how robust the co- when those savings dont transpire, gap will be
MCIOB at Leeds Met. Some of the NHBC heating test is when carried out theyll turn around and say obviously facing a real
expert teams were undertaking it for cheaply and quickly, and it showed that the technologys crap. Head teachers, challenge
the first time, while Leeds typically it produces variations. But now bursars, facilities managers all talk to when their
trains researchers for between three commercial tests are being developed each other so the word will spread. buildings are
and six months just to carry it out, let by us and others and those who doubt Hassells previous surveys have shown to
alone analyse the results. Its a the performance gap will be facing a also debunked the five-minute underperform.
scientific procedure, not a commercial real challenge when their buildings are shower, revealing the average is Chris Gorse
test, says Gorse. The NHBC test shown to underperform. closer to 10, and that many of us MCIOB, Leeds
shower for much longer. Metropolitan



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Feature Sustainability


There has been something of a backlash against many

renewable energy technologies recently introduced to
the UK. It may be true that some systems do not live
up to the sales pitch, but for everyone who thinks a
particular technology is useless, there almost always
seems to be someone else who has implemented it
successfully. Often someone in Germany.
For example, some homeowners who installed
air source heat pumps to provide cheap, renewable
energy have been disappointed by their performance,
complaining that they delivered little heat for the mains
electricity needed to power them and were expensive
MYTH 5 to run in cold weather. This has given them a bad
reputation among many in the UK construction industry.
EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE At contractor Lakehouse, head of sustainability
A RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM Simon Green believes they do work if theyre sized,
installed and commissioned properly. Its often not the
Installing a rainwater harvesting system system were 40% higher than for mains technology thats to blame, its the wrong application
is essential for meeting the higher levels water, and 100% higher for systems of the wrong technology in the wrong place, he says.
of the Code for Sustainable Homes. But using greywater. Over 30 years, the Elsewhere in Europe, things like air source heat pumps
while collecting the rain to use in place carbon footprint of a rainwater harvesting are normal. Theyre tried-and-trusted technologies that
of mains water is a simple, appealing system in an average 90 sq m house is have been used for 50 or 60 years.
idea, determining the actual benefit is approximately 1.25-2 tonnes, equivalent The crucial difference is that in countries such as
more complex and many suspect that in to a year of emissions for a house built to Germany and Denmark there is a mature supply chain
reality these systems are delivering little Level 3 of the Code. which knows what its doing. Installing an air source
more than ticks in the box. On top of this, rainwater harvesting heat pump is different to installing a hot water system
Rainwater harvesting systems often systems are high maintenance. Without and there does need to be an education process for the
stack up on a school or office building, a diligent, hands-on owner they quickly supplier base. Its not rocket science, it just needs
where there is a large collection area stop working, a key issue for both a different approach, says Green.
and high consumption, but on a domestic individual homes and social housing. Mistakes are inevitable when building practice is
scale, they are unlikely to ever pay back Weve got to look at what makes changing so fast, and especially when unfamiliar
the energy they use to pump and clean sense in a particular situation and technologies are hidden behind walls or above
the water, or the high embodied carbon in whether your money could be better ceilings: one consultant reports excavating an
their tanks, foundations or pipework. put into doing something else, says apparently failing MVHR system to discover that
According to research by the Ech2o director Cath Hassell. You dont the ducts had not been cut to length and were not
Environment Agency, the carbon say this is a great technology, lets put actually connected to anything.
emissions associated with a typical it everywhere.


The atrium (left) runs
from four storeys at
the southern end
and forms the seven-
storey main entrance
to the north (right)

Feature Sustainability



The construction industry is increasingly adept at Modern, well-insulated homes need much less winter
building very efficient, high-performing structures. But heating, but there is growing evidence that they
our understanding of the embodied carbon in these suffer from a new phenomenon for the UK: summer
structures and whether the operational savings they overheating.
deliver are worth it is much further behind. On an anecdotal level, most people living in houses
Consultant Sturgis Carbon Profiling has been built in the last 10 years say they can get a bit hot,
researching different ways of delivering Passivhaus says Pete Halsall, chief executive of the Good Homes
homes, and its preliminary findings reveal that the Alliance, which is currently researching overheating. A
net carbon savings over a buildings lifespan can highly insulated building is very vulnerable to internal
vary significantly. The study compared embodied heat gains. Coupled with solar gain and the inability of
and operational emissions of three different types of the building to cool itself on summer nights, this can
Passivhaus construction cavity wall, external wall result in quite dramatic overheating.
insulation and timber frame with a standard Building Its not the insulation itself thats the problem, says
Regulations dwelling. The cavity wall and timberframe Halsall, but the fact that building designers have not
buildings generated net savings of 20kgCO2/m2 and considered how it will affect thermal comfort in the
47kg CO2/m2 over 60 years respectively compared with summer. Single-sided flats are worst off, especially
the Building Regulations example. But the Passivhaus where ventilation is restricted or where noise or
with external wall insulation produced 23kgCO2/m2 security concerns stop people from opening windows.
A highly
more than the Building Regulations comparator. The solution is to design in solar shading and effective
The additional embodied carbon is more than the building is very natural ventilation so that glare from the sun cant get
carbon you would save in meeting the Passivhaus vulnerable to in and heat generated within homes can escape.
standard, so youre actually doing more harm than internal heat This will only increase in importance as the climate
good, says Sturgis partner Gareth Roberts. Youd be gains. With warms, warns Halsall. If its a problem now, its going to
better off sticking to Building Regulations. There solar gain and become much greater in the future. Designers need to
are clever solutions that you can use to get round the inability of make sure they understand the consequences and can
this, but it shows that you have to think about the the building to design appropriately.
whole-life perspective. cool itself, this
At the moment, there are two groups of people doing can result in
two different things M&E engineers concentrate on overheating.
operations and architects on materials and theres not Pete Halsall,
much integrated thinking going on. Good Homes
Always moving forward

We know you dont stay ahead by standing still. To keep moving

forward were always innovating; whether through new product
development, process improvement or service enhancement.
Our two most recent innovations are the new
Innovation provides you with roofing and cladding solutions that
Opus panel and sinusoidal profiled sheet.
are as ground-breaking as they are practical and as valuable as they
are cost-effective. Put simply we innovate to provide products that
are relevant and useful to you.
Opus is the new plank panel
that is available as part of an
Some of our recent product innovations include Vieo, Opus,
Elite system, a LINEAR Rainscreen sinusoidal cladding, integrated solar panels, transpired solar
and a LINEAR Rainspan system, collectors, and a more efficient stainless steel halter for standing
as well as being ideal for use as seam roofs.
a soffit plank.
A culture of innovation is present throughout our supply chain,
with Elite Systems using only Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and Colorcoat
Prisma from Tata Steel. These Colorcoat products are available
with Confidex Sustain to offer the world's first CarbonNeutral
Investment in state-of-the-art building envelope and are certified to BES6001 Responsible
manufacturing machinery
enables us to provide the
Sourcing standard.
increasingly popular sinusoidal
profile on a short lead time and
at a competitive price.

Wentloog Corporate Park Cardiff CF3 2ER

T: 029 2079 0722 E:

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra, Colorcoat Prisma

and Confidex Sustain are registered
trademarks of Tata Steel UK Limited.
Construction Professional

Imagine theres
no conflict...
A potential clash on a tube train led Jeff Whitfield
to rethink his attitude to confrontation and conflict.
He tells us how the lessons can be applied at work.
A FEW YEARS AGO I was attending an FA Cup in turn, stared at their leader, who walked
Final with my wife, and we were both the length of the carriage in our direction.
wearing our red Middlesbrough FC shirts. Adopting my stoic look to mask any panic,
At a central London tube station we saw a I found myself smiling. He smiled too as
packed Wembley bound tube train about he placed his beefy, colourful arms around
Could a chilled out
to depart, so we leaped into the end our shoulders and said to his friends, approach help more cooperation and friendliness, and not from
carriage. As the doors closed behind us Come on, then, round of applause, these managers achieve sniping and criticising.
we noticed the carriage was packed with two are all right. To resolve differences we need to
Chelsea supporters. Our two red shirts It has been my experience that in the identify, with precision, what they are,
seemed to shine like a beacon among a construction industry we often perceive agree that these are the real differences
sea of blue as every eye turned on us. threats where there are none. Despite between us and look for solutions, not
A tattooed and shaven headed man my fears, were a bunch of supporters necessarily compromise. The first step in
at the far end of the carriage began really going to harm a man and woman finding any such solution is to recognise
singing a Chelsea song that called for the who could easily have been their parents? and occupy the common ground.
death of the opposition fans us. The Probably not. Burdened with project In that tube train we found common
whole carriage joined in. This journey pressures we can often foresee a conflict We often ground a joint passion for football,
was destined to be a long 45 minutes. where, with appropriate action, there perceive affection for our home town team, the
There followed two more songs before need be none. threats where shared anticipation of the spectacle of
the shaven headed leader began the I have given evidence in many there are none. the FA Cup Final. These were the binding
chant of Boro, Boro, give us a song, a construction arbitration hearings since Burdened ties that made us fellow travellers, rather
chant that is usually an invitation to a 1992 and I have had hundreds of with project than simple opponents. I learned
thousand red-shirted young adults, not meetings with opposing parties. Every pressures we a valuable lesson that day.
an inappropriately dressed commercial such meeting offers an opportunity can often These are my rules for a happier
director and his wife. for conflict, for the exacerbation of foresee conflict existence for project managers who
As there was no escape, and to their contention and for the adoption of where, with regularly face contentious situations:
total surprise, my wife and I sang a Boro unreasonably held opposing opinions. appropriate Examine the alleged dispute carefully.
anthem, in dialect. Expecting the worst, When faced with these tense situations action, there Ensure that reasonable positions are
we stared at the silent Chelsea fans. They, the best outcome usually results from need be none being adopted by both sides. Often

BIM bytes: Electronic procurement

The draft of the new Public Procurement freedom to provide services. The principles across the European market.
Directive was approved in January. It pushes that derive from that are equal treatment, The key is that such communication of
for electronic procurement as a way of opening non-discrimination, proportionality, and requirements must be non-discriminatory.
up competition but, in approving the Directive, transparency. There is a question as to whether differing
the European Parliament has spoken about the The European Parliament believes that technical formats or processes and standards
care that must be taken to ensure that the electronic means of information and could potentially create obstacles to
tender process is fair. There are clear warnings communication can greatly simplify the interoperability and therefore restrict
for anyone tendering a project using BIM. publication of contracts and increase the competition. For example, to participate in a
It is a general rule that the award of public efficiency and transparency of procurement procurement procedure in the absence of open
contracts must comply with the principles of processes. Standardisation of the electronic formatting of a BIM model, accessible to all,
the Treaty on the Functioning of the European means of communicating tender requirements would competition be unnecessarily restricted?
Union: in particular, the free movement of should enhance the possibilities of companies The UK governments push for BIM may well
goods, freedom of establishment and the to participate in procurement procedures be an advantage in this respect because the
Richard Hildricks
Case notes
Aspect Contracts (Asbestos) v Higgins Construction
Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 29 November 2013
The first instance judgement of occurred at the time of the
the Technology and Construction survey work.
differ where it is absolutely necessary to Court (TCC) in this case was Aspect appealed against this
do so. reported in the October 2013 decision, which otherwise left it
Develop friendly relations with your issue of CM. However, unsatisfied with no opportunity of pursuing
with the outcome, Aspect decided recovery of the 650,000. The
opposite number. Take time to be friendly,
to refer that decision to the Court Court of Appeal reviewed the
build rapport and share interests. of Appeal. terms of the parties contract,
Dont deceive, lie, withhold information The dispute related to which included the Scheme for
or mislead; trust may be lost forever. additional asbestos contained Construction Contracts in relation
within buildings to be demolished to adjudication. Importantly, the
Be complimentary where it is possible,
by Higgins under a contract for Scheme stipulates that the
and it is always possible. the Notting Hill Housing Trust, in decision of an adjudicator is
Be honest all of the time. Hounslow, London. Higgins had binding upon both parties, until
Dont resort to sarcasm, inappropriate previously been successful in that dispute is finally determined
obtaining an adjudicators decision by legal proceedings, or by
humour or belittle anyone. in its favour and a sum of over agreement.
Share the workload, share the product 650,000 had been paid by The Court of Appeal Lords
of your work, and then share the success. Aspect. The award related to the unanimously held that the TCC
Accept praise and compliments damages suffered by Higgins judgment was wrong. In doing so
because Aspects survey did not they found that a previous TCC
gracefully. identify all of the asbestos. decision in Jim Ennis Construction
As a former construction director I have However, the overall timeline v Premier Asphalt [2009] had
disputes arise because one side is being worked, dined and socialised with many involved here was significant. The correctly concluded that the cause
Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy

wholly unreasonable. former business competitors, opposing asbestos survey work was done in of action in relation to the
early 2004, but the removal work payment of an adjudicators
Ensure the alleged dispute is based on experts, adverse companies and lawyers. was not done until mid-2005. The decision accrued at the date of
the facts before you, and not a surrogate I have received recommendations and adjudication was not brought by the payment, as opposed to the
for another dispute, for example a clash instructions from those who I previously Higgins until mid-2009, and time of the breach. The wording
of personalities, or revenge for a former worked against, and where possible I Aspect did not instigate litigation of the Scheme was held to be
aimed at recovering the money clear, in that an adjudicators
perceived slight. reciprocate. Generosity of spirit is a gift paid out following the decision was subject to an
If the dispute is being passed up the that you can freely give in the knowledge adjudication until 2012. entitlement to have the matter
line to you and the two warring parties that it will be repaid many times over. The contract was not made as a finally decided in legal
deed, so a six-year limitation proceedings, or by agreement.
are being unkind to one another, try to Everyone chooses their own path,
period applied. The first instance Aspect was therefore not out
be a peacemaker. Set rules of conduct but I choose this one: understanding, TCC judge held that Aspects claim of time after all. It had six years
and standards of behaviour that will take charitable cooperation and friendship, for repayment of the 650,000 from the date of its payment of
some of the heat out of the situation. because I truly believe that it trumps the was out of time, as it was brought the 650,000 in 2009 in which to
more than six years after the bring proceedings to attempt to
If the opposition wants to fight alternatives. A successful project is a
cause of action, which had recover that money.
every point, dont engage. Try to agree wonderful destination and is all the more
issues that are not really in dispute fulfilling if the journey is enjoyable. Richard Hildricks analysis
and then move to the easily resolved Jeff Whitfield is a director and This Court of Appeal judgment For example, the parties can
or minor issues first. When the less testifying quantum expert witness clarifies a potential clash say in their contract that the
between the right to have a adjudicators decision is binding
contentious disputes have been agreed, at Hill International based in Dubai.
previously adjudicated dispute until finally determined in legal
keep going, and the desire to resolve He is the author of Conflicts in finally decided by litigation/ proceedings, which must in turn
the more contentious issues will have Construction (Wiley Blackwell) and arbitration, and the normal be commenced within, for
renewed momentum. A Good Practice Guide to Loss and limitation period of six years example, 28 days after the date
(12 years for Deeds). of the decision itself. In this
Do not dispute for the sake of it, only Expense (RIBA Books).
A losing party in an way, the parties are effectively
adjudication therefore has saying that if no legal action is
a six-year limitation period instigated in this period, the
(or 12 years as the case matter is deemed to be finally
may be), starting at the binding by agreement.
industry has an opportunity to practice by economic operators and time of the payment of the Parties should also note that
influence the standardisation of contracting authorities and how well it adjudicators decision. whilst the losing party enjoys a
technical formats that will be accepted has worked. It is notable, however, that fresh limitation period from the
as open and competitive. The government has up to two years both the Construction Act and date of the adjudication
the Scheme for Construction payment, the other party
The European Parliament has to implement the Directive in the UK Contracts include the rider that remains restricted by the
specifically directed the European and this fits with the timelines for the adjudicated dispute may original limitation period in
Commission that when it is considering implementation of BIM. The industry also be finally determined by respect of any counterclaim
whether there is a need to enhance has a real opportunity to embed tender agreement. So it is possible for which they might wish to raise.
contracts to be drafted in a way This means one party can be
interoperability between differing practices for BIM projects that comply which places a much shorter within its limitation period in
technical formats or impose specific with the principles of the Directive and time limit within which a losing respect of a desire to overturn
standards (if necessary), it must take become EU standards. party can refer a previously an adjudicators decision, while
the utmost account of the opinions of By Assad Maqbool, a partner adjudicated dispute for legal or the other party is time-barred
arbitration proceedings. from bringing a counter claim.
the stakeholders concerned... [and] at Trowers & Hamlins
Richard Hildrick MCIOB is a quantity surveyor, contracts consultant and
consider the extent to which a given specialising in projects and adjudicator. Tel: 01347 811155; email:
standard has already been used in construction
Construction Professional

A new era of EU procurement

Rebecca Rees examines the key points in the new EU Public Procurement Directive.
THE DRAFT OF THE EUs new Public abnormally low in the current market. authority publishes a modification
Procurement Directive (the Directive) Unhelpfully, the Directive does not offer notice in the Official Journal of the
has now been approved by the European guidance as to what might constitute an European Union;
Parliament. Here is a summary of the more abnormally low price or cost. l where the change is below the relevant
thorny procurement issues the Directive EU value thresholds and does not exceed
has attempted to clarify and/or simplify. Contract variations 10% (services and supplies contracts)
The Directive codifies current case law or 15% (works contracts) of the initial
Valuation of contracts and provides a useful steer as to the The new contract value.
The Directive clarifies that the value of circumstances in which amendments to Directive The Directive also clarifies that where
a contract for the purposes of deciding a contract post award are sufficiently imposes a a new contractor replaces the initial
whether the EU procurement regime material to amount to creation of a new general duty contractor a new procurement process
applies or not is the total revenue that the contract and hence trigger an obligation on contractors will be required. (Unless the original
contractor is likely to receive relating to to reprocure the contract via a further to ask suppliers tender provided for an unequivocal review
that contract. This is particularly relevant EU-compliant procurement procedure. to explain the and replacement procedure or a new
to energy companies obligation (ECO) A material change is one that is price or costs contractor succeeds to the business of
contracts, with significant revenue being likely to: proposed in a the initial contractor following a corporate
paid to contractors directly by the utility l introduce conditions which, had they tender that restructuring, takeover, merger etc.)
companies, rather than the client (which been part of the initial award procedure, appear to be
will often consider that it is receiving the would have allowed for the admission abnormally low Life-cycle costing at tender stage
works for free or at a discount). of tenderers other than those initially The Directive makes it clear that clients
The Directive, which codifies existing admitted and/or accepted; may assess tenders on the basis of a
case law, makes it clear that the value l extend the scope of the contract life-cycle costing approach, which it
of the ECO grant/contribution needs to considerably to encompass works/ defines as all consecutive and/or
be taken into account by the client when services not initially covered; interlinked stages, including research and
estimating the value of a contract. This is l change the economic balance of the development to be carried out, production,
useful clarification for clients, which will contract in favour of the contractor in a trading and its conditions, transport,
now need to consider all revenue streams, manner which was not provided for in the use and maintenance, throughout the
rather than simply the amount they will terms of the initial contract. existence of the product of the works or
be paying under the contract. The Directive provides a list of the provision of the services, from raw
scenarios where post-contract awards material acquisition or generation of
Abnormally low tenders will be permitted without a resources to disposal, clearance and
Given the increased competitiveness in reprocurement, for example: end of service or utilisation.
the current marketplace, there have been l where any increase in value/price This is a useful clarification and
a number of challenges before UK and does not exceed 50% of the value of hopefully will drive quality and
European courts concerning abnormally the original contract and the contracting sustainability by encouraging clients to
low bids and the question of whether move away from evaluating the lowest
there is a general duty on a contracting delivery cost towards a consideration
authority to investigate a bid where the Directive enshrines social value of the whole-life/long-term cost of the
tender prices look abnormally low. The new Directive states that it aims to better integrate social works or asset it is procuring.
The previous Directive simply stated and environmental considerations into the regulated
that such a duty existed only where a procurement procedures and re-emphasises the ability of clients Conclusion
to incorporate social aspects of the works, services or supplies
client wanted to reject the tender. The We look forward to reviewing the Cabinet
to be provided into the evaluation criteria or contract
new Directive imposes a general duty on performance conditions. Offices draft regulations in due course.
contractors to ask suppliers to explain Such evaluation criteria and/or contract conditions must comply It has said that it will adopt a light touch
the price or costs proposed in a tender with the EU Treaty principles of non-discrimination, fairness approach to the implementation of the
and transparency and must be linked to the subject matter of
that appear to be abnormally low. A client the contract. It is useful to note that the provisions of the
new Directive and while this remains to be
will, therefore, be at risk of challenge Directive are complementary to the Public Services (Social Value) seen, it is encouraging that the Directive
from an unsuccessful bidder if they fail Act 2012 (the Act). has clarified a number of difficult issues
to investigate a suspiciously low tender Further, the Directives move to embrace life-cycle costing (as facing clients and bidders in the UK on a
noted above) will help clients in complying with the Act by
price. Obviously this is more onerous for ensuring that social, environmental and economic value forms a
day-to-day basis.
clients, which will want their procurement standard part of the designing, developing and procuring the
team or consultants to provide clear relevant services. Rebecca Rees is a partner, projects &
guidance on whether a price is or is not construction at Trowers & Hamlins

For over 50 years Sika Sarnafil has provided high quality single ply roofing
solutions, backed by decades of expertise and market leading guarantees.
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working with the best.
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Feature The BIM journey

As BIM continues to move
forward with increasing speed,
a new technique has emerged
modelling of existing buildings
for retrofits and with it comes
a whole new set of challenges.
Stephen Cousins reports.

MENTION BIM TO MOST people and it will system is still time consuming. building can be challenging as original 2D
conjure up ideas of crisp 3D computer- There is also a lack of commonality drawings and records of any subsequent
generated models of new buildings filled among BIM practitioners over the extent additions are often inaccurate or missing.
with complex MEP services concealed of laser surveys and levels of detail the A full 3D scan using a high end scanner
inside the walls. But a new world is associated BIM retrofit model should such as a Leica ScanStation can help fill in
emerging around the use of BIM on include, explains Robert Klaschka, any gaps, but the technology can be
retrofit projects, using various sources director of architect Studio Klaschka. prohibitively expensive and therefore not
of survey data to create datasets from The practice recently created a BIM model practical on smaller jobs.
which to plan refurbishments, renovations of existing buildings on a site in Enfield Main contractor Vinci Construction
and conservation projects, or to plan new for Bouygues UK as part of its bid to found itself working with a patchwork of
build projects that interact with existing redevelop the Ark John Keats Academy. survey information when preparing a BIM
structures. When builders commission a 3D laser retrofit model for development of the
New software and scanning survey from a surveying company they Whitechapel Crossrail station, currently
technologies are improving the accuracy often get it produced to a high level of under construction in east London.
of BIM retrofit models, while reducing detail across the entire project, then find The project is being carried out in
the time and cost required to put them they are demolishing or stripping out joint venture with contractors Balfour
together. The latest 3D laser scanners buildings they have paid top dollar to have Beatty and Morgan Sindall and involves
are capable of capturing geometric data modelled, complete with all their interior construction of two new 30m-deep
across large surfaces to accuracies of fixtures and fittings, says Klaschka. concrete station access shafts, an
+/-3mm and at speeds of up to a million The latest laser scanning equipment integrated ticket hall, connections to
points per second, while innovative digital is able to deliver high levels of geometric allow easy passenger interchange
photogrammetry software, such as detail, but creating a BIM model with between Crossrail and the Hammersmith
AutoDesks ReCap Photo or its free that level of accuracy is pointless if, for and City, District and Overground lines,
counterpart 123D Catch (see page 32), example, youre just redecorating a room. platforms, and a 1,200-tonne station
The problem
enable users to develop less complex 3D when creating concourse bridge and canopy.
surveys using a smart phone camera, or a Levels of complexity historic The BIM model, produced in Bentley
camera on a flying vehicle or drone. The process also threatens to create buildings in BIM AECOsim, was needed to coordinate the
But BIMs move into the realms of unwanted levels of complexity when is the library of design and installation of services
retrofit is not without challenges. preparing a BIM model, adds Klaschka. If historic objects through the shafts and highlight areas
Contractors feel that BIM software the survey reveals that the walls or floors doesnt exist as where new build elements interact with
packages, such as AutoDesk NavisWorks are not entirely flat, do you take the time sophisticated the existing station. It also links with 4D
or Bentley AECOsim, need to simplify the to model that in BIM or simply model it flat parametric project planning software to coordinate
process of converting point cloud data and add attribute information explaining parts the ongoing construction work.
from 3D laser surveys into BIM objects it? The industry still has a long way to go Dr Maurice Recreating the existing structure from
such as windows or columns, which in to understand how all of this will fit Murphy, Dublin different survey resources, which included
most cases is still done manually. And together and work effectively. Institute of a 3D survey model provided by Crossrails
uploading large 3D data files to a desktop Developing a BIM model of an existing Technology designer and more conventional 2D
Above: Autodesks ReCap software was
recently used by the municipality of Milan
in Italy to create a highly detailed 3D
model of the Teatro Lirico, one of the citys
oldest public theatres.
Below: Studio Klaschka recently produced
a BIM model of existing buildings at Ark
surveys, has been a big job, says Yazhe John Keats academy.
Li, building information modeller at Vinci
Construction. Although the files were
easy to federate because they utilise the
common DMG format, the survey
information was often conflicting, which
made it difficult to decide the most
precise information to include. Part
of the Vinci job involves diverting
existing signal cabling, but
because we didnt have survey
information around these elements,
just site photos, we had to exclude
them from the model.
Although the 3D point cloud data
provided valuable detail on some existing
structures, manually converting it into
3D BIM objects that could be tagged
with attribute information was labour
intensive, she adds: There needs to be a
more convenient way of doing it, perhaps
using software that can automatically
recognise certain shapes and convert
them into objects. I expect that will be BIM modelling is essentially based The HBIM project basically involves
where the software evolves in future. around 3D CAD software with parametric getting one 3D world to communicate
The process of converting point clouds and other information added into the with the other, says Dr Maurice Murphy,
into BIM models, more commonly known library of objects that make up a building. who heads up the research at DIT. The
as Scan-to-BIM, is still in its infancy and DIT has extended that concept and current problem when creating historic
while there are some applications on the created a BIM library of parametric objects buildings in BIM is the library of historic
market that offer some interpretation of specific to historic buildings, such as objects doesnt exist as sophisticated
the cloud, such as finding vertical faces Victorian and Georgian windows and parametric parts. We have found a
and defining them as walls, the classical ionic, doric or corinthian columns. solution to that aspect and also
technology has a long way to go. In addition, it has developed software introduced a scripting language called
Important research in this area is that is able to map the complex shapes of geometric descriptive language to
being done by the Dublin Institute of historic building details onto point clouds enable better automation when mapping
Technology (DIT), which is pioneering in a process intended to speed up the BIM 3D objects.
the concept of Historic BIM, or HBIM. modelling process. Other technologies have been >
Feature The BIM journey

Severn Partnership pioneers Scan-to-BIM

Laser Scanning involves shining a Partnership scanned the Royal
laser line over surfaces to collect Alexandra Childrens Hospital,
3D data. The surface data is completed in 2004, which sits in
captured by a camera sensor a complex of older buildings. The
> developed to speed up the surveying subsequently converted several times mounted in the laser scanner surrounding site is due to be
process and make point cloud data simpler including during Mussolinis fascist rule. which records accurate 3D points redeveloped (subject to Treasury
and more readily available. Laser scanning Apart from creating a valuable historical in space. These are combined to approval) and the design and
traditionally involves putting up reference record of the theatre, the data informed form a point cloud that construction team wanted an
represents the surface surveyed. as-built BIM model. Severn
targets throughout a building before development of a detailed BIM model, Point clouds can be viewed in Partnerships 3D BIM modellers
completing a survey, which are which will be used by the contractor thats multi-hue colours (based on signal were able to accurately recreate
automatically recognised by the software awarded the contract to carry out the intensity return) or true colour the site using Autodesk Revit
and aligned to a pre-defined grid. theatres forthcoming renovation. from a digital camera (see scans, from the laser scan data.
above right). The data can also be Severn has now taken Scan-to-
However, Autodesks ReCap application The only records of the building linked to topographical surveys, BIM a step further in its Seeable
is able to align the survey data without available were old 2D drawings that or elevations and sections. app, where laser scan data is
the need for targets, saving time on site, were completely inaccurate, laser scans Scan-to-BIM involves creating used to create 3D models in a
and allowing an engineer to check the were the only means of accurately a 3D BIM model from surveyed Unity games engine with BIM
3D laser scan data, as with this attribute data added. The result
captured data directly at the workface on capturing the state of the building as example of the Sussex County is a serious game that allows
a laptop rather than needing to return to it is today, says Tatjana Dzambazova, Hospital site in Brighton. users to explore the models and
the office and view it in Revit. senior product manager for reality capture Specialist consultancy Severn read the attribute data.
The ReCap system was recently used at Autodesk.
by the municipality of Milan in Italy to Over four days, a Leica laser station was
create a highly detailed 3D model of the moved in 550 positions to capture 10
Teatro Lirico, one of the citys oldest million points and targetless registration
public theatres built in 1779 for opera allowed ReCap to quickly create the 3D
and ballet performances, but point cloud, which is also in colour to

Laing ORourkes BIM model arrives at Waterloo

A complete BIM model of Londons Waterloo Station hundreds of positions after the last train at
has been built by Laing O'Rourke for Network Rail. around 12.30pm.
The BIM model covers the entire station's Converting the mass of point cloud data into
infrastructure, including the main platforms and usable 3D object information was a challenge,
concourse, the international terminal, Waterloo East, says Chris Northwood, digital engineering lead for
the underground tunnels beneath the station and the Laing ORourke: Our scanners recorded millions of
external facades, and was created using a mixture of points that are stitched together to give a highly
existing drawings and new laser scanning data. accurate representation of a rooms geometry and
The model will be used by the client to plan the individual features.
future development of capital works at Waterloo over Traditionally the data would have been used to
next seven to 10 years. The model was a standalone generate a mesh representation of objects, but we
contract for Laing ORourke, with no building works had to adapt that information to create objects that
involved or even scheduled. can be clicked on and embedded with information.
The model will have sufficient detail to include It makes things much smarter than before.
individual elements such as columns, steel I-beams The BIM model was built using a combination of
and parts of track, each embedded with attribute Autodesk Revit and Graphisofts ArchiCAD software.
information including material, finish and dimensions. Mapping architect Nicholas Grimshaw's famous
The contractor's surveying team had to work late zig-zagged roof over the international terminal was
shifts to avoid any disruption to commuters, setting particularly tricky and meant utilising a different
up an advanced Leica laser scanning station in software package to deliver the required results.


help users visualise the space. The point
cloud was used as a reference by If you you are
architects to create BIM model with just streaming
material attribute data added by students 100MB of
at a local polytechnic. points to the
Meanwhile, Bentley is developing local areas of
software that will speed up the process of the model you
accessing point cloud data files, which on are working in,
larger projects can be several terabytes in it could become
size, by allowing smaller portions of data a very powerful
to be streamed directly into BIM. and fast piece
If you you are just streaming 100MB of of technology
points to the local areas of the model you Robert Klaschka,
are working in, instead of having to Studio Klaschka
reference entire point clouds into the
application, it could become a very
powerful and fast piece of technology,
says Robert Klaschka. It will also be able
to run on mobile platforms, providing an
incredible tool for working on retrofit
projects, he concludes. CM

Observe, record, control and complete
Laing ORourke has produced
a complete model of Waterloo Join the mobile technology revolution
station for Network Rail
BIM app news

Survey reveals
true cost of
project defects
Pictures taken on Apple devices An online survey of UK construction
can be rendered into 3D models
using Autodesks app
professionals carried out by software
company Accede, with the support of CM,
has found that the cost impact of

Get into BIM on your phone construction defects can be between

2.5% and 7.5% of the overall construction
value on four out of 10 projects.
Autodesks free app produces 3D models for use in BIM packages Estimates of the cost impact of defect
management ranged from under 1% to
The free app 123D Catch provides many of the thousands of pounds and involves a very laborious over 5% of the overall value of a project,
functions of high-end laser scanning software by process of moving it into the correct positions, while 40% of respondents said defects
stitching together images from an iphone camera. recording and processing the data, says Dr Maurice added 2.5% or more to a projects cost.
Developed by Autodesk, the app creates realistic Murphy, a lecturer and researcher in the School of The survey also found low use of
3D models of buildings, or other objects, by analysing Construction and Surveying at Dublin Institute of mobile devices for defects data capture.
a series of photographs taken at various angles. Technology. But 123D Catch only requires the user Just 13% said they used mobile defects
It can be downloaded from Apples App Store or to walk around taking photos with the iPhones 8MB management applications, while 68%
viewed in a web browser. camera and the resulting model can be imported into managed defects using paper-based
The software makes use of digital photogrammetry the free 3D modelling package Google SketchUp to processes, email and Excel spreadsheets.
techniques, also employed in professional-grade create a very basic but useful BIM model. Accede chief executive Brett Winstone
software such as Autodesk ReCap, to analyse one The app will not support precise measurements in said: Accede has now launched a mobile
or more photographs, using complex mathematical the same way as ReCap, but Dr Murphy says it can defects application in the UK and we
algorithms and determine spatial relationships. function an important tool for visualising a building wanted a view of what the market wants.
Although commonly used to create topographical during the early design stages of a retrofit Getting a clear view of how snagging
maps, the technology has previously been used by or renovation project. or defects management is handled can be
architects, in manufacturing, and police investigation. Where the average small firm has to invest at least difficult. Numerous different individuals
Similar to a 3D laser scan, 123D Catch generates 20,000 to gain a foothold with BIM, software like and different disciplines can be involved,
a point cloud, from which a mesh model is generated this can provide impressive results. My students use and the task is rarely discussed in detail at
and dressed with texture and colour from the it in combination with SketchUp all the time and there professional conferences. Our survey gave
photographs. are other free software plug-ins to enhance the data some insights into what snaggers want.
A traditional 3D laser scanner can cost tens of that can be included in the models generated.

Start-up launches digital tool belt to speed up information flow

A new start-up has recruited SME contractors in May, involves creating a ticket each time the
running projects in the 1m to 6m value contractor creates an RFI. The online cloud-based
category to help it develop a forthcoming system then emails the designer reminders as
smartphone and tablet app geared to speeding up the due date approaches.
information flow and Requests for Information. GenieBelt is also drawing on the experience of
GenieBelt has been set up by Gari Nickson with industry veteran Stuart Howie FCIOB, who said:
Bob Leung, who was also responsible for the On a project, you can come to a grinding halt
project collaboration platform Woobius. because details are missing on the drawings. So
It now plans to launch a digital tool belt for this seems an excellent process for getting
the SME construction sector that includes the detailed records of RFIs, and accelerating the job.
RFI app and a programme management tool. Howie says the target project value range was
Nickson told CM: Information flow on small chosen because projects below 1m usually
projects isnt matched by the sophistication of arent tied up in contract formalities, and over
the tools available today. Everyone still uses 6m youre probably dealing with larger
Excel spreadsheets to manage RFIs, it makes GenieBelts RFI app companies that have a QS or site manager
me tear my hair out. will be part of a keeping an eye on the process for them.
digital tool belt
GenieBelts system, due for commercial release
Collaborative solutions for every
stage of the project lifecycle


4Projects specialises in collaborative solutions for building, infrastructure and energy.
Discover how true collaboration improves project and enterprise-wide communication
while reducing your risk. Control. Collaborate. Integrate. +44 (0) 845 330 9007

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Sponsored feature Sustainability

At the cutting edge

on carbon A CM round-table debate addressed the issue of how
much progress the industry has made in reducing its
operational emissions and how much it still has to
cut to achieve its long-term carbon goal.
Elaine Knutt and Nicky Roger report.
Photographs by Edward Tyler.
IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS, sustainability has waste away is a relatively small part
had to jostle for position with many other of the overall total but a large chunk of
agendas, from simply staying in business the emissions the industry can directly
to the downward shift in average project control. So in 2008 the industry adopted
Certas Energy is one of the
values to the BIM phenomenon. But now a voluntary target to reduce these
largest independent fuel and
lubricant distributors in the UK, that we are emerging into slightly better operational emissions by 15% by 2012:
supplying domestic, commercial, times and coinciding with a more urgent we are still waiting to hear from the Green
agricultural and industrial debate on climate change cutting our Construction Board and UKCG whether
customers. It provides innovative
carbon emissions has taken on a renewed that has been achieved.
alternatives to traditional fuel
supply arrangements and prides focus. So is the industry on track to meet But is that an ambitious enough target
itself on providing the highest its goals, or has the recession slowed or should it have been set higher? Is the
standards of service to its momentum to the point where were in industry adopting the innovations in
customers, offering tailored
danger of falling behind? plant, in transport, in self-organisation
solutions to meet their individual
energy needs. The industry is working towards that will allow us to go above and
an over-arching target of cutting beyond this target? These were some
emission from the built environment of the questions CM wanted to address
by 80% by 2050, and 50% by 2025. in a round-table debate, sponsored by
Emissions directly attributed to national fuel supply company Certas and
construction operations site activities attended by senior industry figures and
and transporting materials to site and CIOB members in logistics, procurement
Sponsored feature Sustainability

seem more
committed and
have reporting
set up but
and manufacturing. The debate sought to carbon reduction, and going forward would
trying to
gather views on how much progress the require far more input from supply chains. drag the
industry has made and still has to make. David Hollywood MCIOB, construction subcontractors
The 15% target for 2008-12 seemed category director at Carillion, noted: into it is
like a good place to start. Simon Attwood Certainly three or four years ago the rate difficult.
MCIOB, sustainability manager at at which our carbon footprint has been Alan Crowe,
contractor ISG, whose brief includes reducing has dropped off, due to the nature Interserve
reporting on carbon management and of our work and the margins within it. Construction
mandatory emissions, has concerns Were finding it very difficult to get buy-in
that figures collated by UKCG will not from some of our contractors, especially at
necessarily be an accurate reflection of that SME level.
whats happening: As a business we have And ISGs Attwood wasnt even sure
struggled with measuring and reporting that everyone would be reporting
carbon usage. What is our carbon? What construction-based emissions to the same
is our supply chain carbon? The biggest standard. Yes, there are protocols but
problem is the supply chain getting that within those theres scope for what can
information, particularly in a recession. be included and what cant be included
Alan Crowe MCIOB, procurement and its difficult to measure eggs for eggs.
manager at Interserve Construction, had It is getting better, particularly in larger
similar concerns: We feed our figures companies, but SMEs will be the harder
into UKCG and various other bodies and people to get the data from.
there are some question marks about
how valid the earlier figures are. The Push technology
large construction companies have got Technology and innovation in plant and
their heads around what they need to machinery could potentially be a major
do but you take a step further down the driver in reducing operational carbon. As
chain which is where most of carbon Fermin Torres, logistics manager with
lies and trying to get that information Mace, points out, it should be possible
out of the subcontractor, well its not to develop a solar-powered crane, but
their first priority. Manufacturers seem the plant sector is hardly leading from
more committed but trying to drag the the front. Cranes have been driven by
subcontractors into it is difficult. diesel for many years and although solar
The problem of measuring and then power is being investigated you need
reducing carbon emissions through the [reliable] power and you need to know it
supply chain was a recurring theme. There is safe. Its a big question for us in terms
was a general view that Tier 1 contractors of big equipment: is it safe to use with
had picked the low hanging fruit of new technology? Manufacturers need to
When youre
investing large investigate it and the technology needs to
As a business amounts of address more than just cost efficiency.
we have capital its a And where innovative products have
struggled with huge risk, and reached the market, cost is still a barrier:
measuring and you need to Interserves Crowe tells of how its Site
reporting know those
carbon usage. Services plant division researched hybrid
numbers are generators (that use batteries connected
Simon Attwood, solid for five,
ISG to solar arrays and are used to power
10, 15 years. site cabins). The gas reduction can be
Mike Cowell, substantial but I can see it struggling for
Hope investment. As for actual site equipment,
Construction the only hybrid excavator it found was an
Materials off-putting 50% above normal cost.
As Mike Cowell, chief operating officer
for Hope Construction Materials, points
out, when youre investing large amounts
of capital its a huge risk, and you need
to know those numbers are solid for five,
10, 15 years. The company is currently
investing in new Euro 6 engines, which he >
Sponsored feature Sustainability

Were finding The benefits [of

it very difficult a consolidation
to get buy-in centre] are a
from some reduction in
of our lorries visiting
contractors, sites It reduces
especially at emissions in an
that SME level. efficient way.
David Hollywood, Fermin Torres,
Carillion Mace

> anticipates will be more fuel efficient if the distributor directly about availability.
driven and maintained correctly. If UK Power Networks could give you the
Jim Williams, director of national power earlier they would be selling more
accounts at fuel solutions firm Certas energy to you directly. If they said we
Energy, points to an example where have the capacity here, next door to your
todays technology can both reduce site, come and take a feed, then we could
carbon and save money. The company get in there earlier and use it. The people
offers a fuel management telemetry who are distributing it are the people who
system for construction sites which allows really understand what theyve got. They
fuel levels to be read, and eliminates the could give us all a big map.
need for dipping the tanks and reduces
over-ordering. If everyone started using Generator shortage
it we could make a demonstrable saving One option that ISG has explored is lower-
on carbon. It also reduces administration emission gas generators with Calor but
and associated movement of vehicles, supply of product was an issue, says
it helps maintain continuity on site and Attwood. The problem is that when we
provides evidence on what youre doing have a site that needs a generator and
to reduce carbon useage. Its a smart we try to procure one there arent many
technology. in the marketplace so we find theyre
The data capture side of the proposition not available at the right time. We need
might be of interest to Interserves Crowe: people like Calor to push their product into
he refers to an analysis the company the manufacturing arena.
carried out on its fuel usage, which To boost fuel economy, Certass Jim
showed 44% of the fuel it used powered Williams says Certas is working with its
its site generators. And 6m of that 44% major suppliers to develop an additive
was spent on gas oil, and 3m on [hiring] for gas oil that would mirror the fuel
generators, he says. Why dont we just economy improvements seen in white
get the power on earlier? diesel in the retail market, a product he
Of course, swapping site generators for expects will be available in 12 months.
permanent (or temporary) power supplies That could look increasingly attractive
is an obvious way to cut emissions, but as red diesel becomes subject to the
Interserve, ISG, Carillion and Mace all Road Traffic Fuel Obligation legislation, The people who are
bemoaned the lack of responsiveness in which will add an increasing proportion distributing it [power]
the utility sector that makes this harder of biofuel to commercial diesel. It might are the people who
than it need be. Weve all been there be a sustainability-driven measure but, really understand
its a horrendous job to get permanent unfortunately, the end user is getting what theyve got.
supplies, never mind temporary, says penalised in terms of cost, says Williams. They could give us all
Carillions Hollywood. Another route to reducing operational a big map.
One option, as Mace logistics director carbon is examining the logistics of site Andy Brown, Mace
Andy Brown MCIOB suggests, is asking deliveries and waste disposal. Mace uses >
You need
to nail
it by
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Sponsored feature Sustainability

The next big

step is BIM, and
the changes
that can bring
to the way we
ability to lock design down so we cant
do things.
Michael Brown, use it and go back to traditional methods
CIOB and an increase in fuel. We always start
with great aspirations around modular
and offsite, but frequently either the
procurement or design process prevents it.
So will increasing use of BIM, with its
ability to identify clashes and cut out
waste, be part of the answer? The CIOBs
Michael Brown, formerly deputy chief
executive, certainly thinks so. The next
big step is BIM, and the changes that can
bring to the way we do things. Look at the
way Magnet puts a kitchen into a house
< consolidation centres on its central London adds Brown. He is involved in the works of its using these principles, and theres very
projects, as Torres explains: The benefits CLOCS Construction Logistics and Cyclist little waste. We might get it at the bottom
are a reduction in lorries visiting sites, as Safety which is looking at the design of [of the industry] and the top, but Im not
the big lorries one or two a day go to the large construction vehicles from a safety sure what well have in the middle.
consolidation centre. It reduces emissions point of view, but which could have knock-
in an efficient way. It is driven in London on carbon efficiencies. Theyve all been Forward march
by having more European suppliers: we built like Tonka toys over past 20 years. Taking the temperature of the industry
can have larger artic vehicles coming from But they dont need to have no windows on carbon reduction, participants were
continental Europe but if they experience and be that heavy. If you change them confident the industrys Top 10 or 20
problems on the road it means they cant back to a design like a modern day refuse contractors were achieving or over-
make the slot on time and its chaotic for vehicle with a low cab, lots of glass it achieving their targets, but that the
the site. A consolidation centre takes those reduces the weight of vehicle with the industry as a whole needed a new
problems out of the equation. benefit that it will use less carbon. concerted focus if emissions were to
Maces Andy Brown would like to take Certass Williams supports this view: If shrink at a fast enough pace. At the
the idea further, suggesting an app that you reduce the weight of vehicles you can principle contractor level there are not
would fill empty delivery vehicles. Bricks carry more and reduce the number of trips. too many differentiators any more, were
are all coming down from the Midlands The other way to reduce operational all on a particular level, says Carillions
so logistics companies are sending back carbon emissions is to design projects Hollywood. The next step is onerous and
empty vehicles. So the challenges is to fill for minimal site emissions in the first expensive are people willing to pay for
them to reduce CO2. In the world of apps place, using offsite fabrication, modular it? But Tier 1 and subcontractor level need
what if there was an agency who said construction, and increasingly BIM. But support, whether its from us, the clients
theres are all the spare vehicles going its not quite that simple, acknowledges mandate or government agenda.
back between Dover and the Midlands? Carillions Hollywood. Youre building more Interserves Crowe added that main
Another option the industry is beginning efficiently and you have less logistical contractors and manufacturers are
to consider is the actual vehicles used, issues. But modular is held back by its making great strides but the onus is on
them and clients to put pressure on the
supply chain. Construction clients and
If everyone large contractors have a responsibility
started using fuel
to proactively drive carbon reduction
throughout the supply chain. The pace of
telemetry we
improvement so far has been driven by
could make a
cost of energy and fuel, thats been the
saving on carbon. push factor. As clients and contractors, we
Jim Williams, need to be the pull factor motivating this.
Certas Energy And ISGs Attwood also echoes these
sentiments: Government has a big role to
take. Legislation drives our clients, it drives
us. But standardisation of measurement
across industries not just ours would
help. Mandatory reporting may be the way
forward. At the moment its set for large
companies and in 2016 it will be reviewed
to maybe include smaller companies, so
perhaps thats the way forward. CM
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Continuing Professional Development
Translucent Polycarbonate Panels
Panel features and benefits
How they are manufactured
How they are installed

Clear cut reasons

Rodecas Deco-Colour
polycarbonate panels
were specified for the
Chill Factor E centre in

for polycarbonate

Tougher than glass, lighter than steel, translucent

polycarbonate panels should be on every facade
specifiers list, says Graham Kent-Jackson.


pioneered as far back as 1971 and eye-
catching examples of their use can be
found on a range of building projects
throughout the world. The toughness of
the material, durability and lightness are
some of the main advantages.
The panels are primarily used as an
alternative to glass or GRP (glass
reinforced plastic) for facade applications
for new-build and refurbishment projects
in the commercial, industrial, retail,
education, healthcare and sports and
leisure sectors.
The panels can be used to provide
large-scale rainscreens or curtain walling
that bring a monolithic element to the
building envelope, to glazing elements
such as light bands or window strips. They
can also be used for roofing, canopies,
rooflights and interior design elements.
By backlighting with LED or ambient
lighting systems polycarbonate panels
can also bring a wow factor to a building. 43dB is achievable with a double-wall lightweight support systems (which can
Polycarbonate panels are also popular construction. That said, they do not have help to reduce build costs).
because they perform well on a variety of the same sound reduction qualities as Durable, with a standard 10-year or
fronts. Thermally, they can they can be glass so consideration needs to be given if optional 20-year guarantee. The product
manufactured with U-values as low as they are being considered for a sound can also be produced with UV protection
0.71-0.77 W/mK as a single-wall sensitive area. on both the external and internal face for
construction and 0.36-0.43 W/mK as a In addition, polycarbonate panels are: double-sided walls or open screens. This
double-wall construction. As such, they Weather resistant, having been tested reduces solar gain without blocking
can be used to allow natural daylight (with for air and water permeability, including a natural daylight and negates the need
light transmission of up to 66%) into a simulated hailstorm test at Swiss testing for a separate film over the panel. A
building without compromising its thermal laboratory EMPA. They remain stable naturally high refractive index helps
integrity. Panels with U-values as low as across a wide range of temperatures, from reflect heat radiation.
0.36 W/mK, compared to double glazing -40 degrees C to 115 degrees C (up to Fire-resistant, with a very high ignition
at 2.8 W/mK and single glazing at 5.8 W/ 130 degrees C temporarily). temperature of approximately 450
mK, are capable of reducing energy Highly impact resistant, being 200 degrees C and minimal smoke production.
losses by up to 80%. times tougher than glass (and it does not Easily and quickly installed with their
They also perform to a high level crumble or splinter). Even an ice hockey tongue and groove coupling and

acoustically, despite their light weight, puck hurled against the element at aluminium fasteners.
with a sound insulation value of up to 80mph does not cause damage. Fully recyclable, and manufactured
27dB meeting DIN EN ISO 1640-3 in Lighter than glass or solid wall from up to 30% recycled material.
test facility conditions. A value of up to systems, therefore only requiring Though the material is highly flexible in
Continuing Professional Development
Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Panels get a piste of the action

FaulknerBrowns Architects was adamant it wanted to use
Rodecas translucent cladding panels on the UKs largest
indoor ski/snowboard centre, Chill Factor E at Manchesters
Trafford Park.
Some 4,000 sq m of Rodecas Deco-Color polycarbonate
panels were specified as a rainscreen system to the lower
halves of the sides of the two main elements of the 31m
centre in sky blue for the main slope (at 180m, the longest in
the UK) and raspberry red for the smaller training slope.
The 250,000 sq ft of internal floor area at Chill Factor E is
divided into two distinctive zones: a warm Alpine streetscape
containing bars, restaurants, shops and an ice climbing wall;
and the snow slopes which are themselves divided into three
pistes to cater for skiers and boarders of all abilities.
When it came to the specification of external envelope
materials the Rodeca panels were up against metal cladding
systems and GRP, but project architect/partner Ben Sykes said:
We resisted a lot of pressure to replace the cladding feature
with a lower spec option.
The Rodeca material is backlit by night and reveals the
structural depth of the construction. It also has the ability to
lift the appearance of the more basic cladding components.
Rodecas 500mm-wide panels are manufactured with a
tongue and groove coupling and are typically fixed with
aluminium fasteners.
At Chill Factor E, the exterior Deco-Colour panels were lined
with Rodecas 40mm-thick Kristall panels by specialist
contractor Lakesmere for main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine
and client Extreme Cool. Lakesmere laid them vertically onto
mill finished continuous aluminium fasteners spanning
cladding rails at typically 1,800mm centres.
Graham Perrins of Lakesmere said: The areas of Rodeca
cladding to the bottom of the ski slopes where they were
cantilevering were subject to severe wind loads from front and
back so we were tasked with providing structure to these
zones, capable of withstanding the imposed loads.
The system is usually provided with individual aluminium
clip fasteners, but a continuous fastener was specified due to
the nature/height of this project and the wind loads subjected.

use, it can be more expensive than glass performance, polycarbonate panels have illuminated facades created by combining
and other plastic. Also, polycarbonate been tested and certified with regard to them with LED or ambient lighting
panels are not very resistant to scratching, fire resistance. Depending on the systems to give the ultimate design
marring and abrasive surfaces. As a result, thickness of the element and the aesthetic. As a thermoplastic,
denting is possible on the surface if care composition of the material, typical polycarbonate can also be curved to
is not taken. products can meet DIN4102 B1 (low create completely bespoke elevations.
Polycarbonate panels are sensitive to inflammability) or B2 (normal They can also be specified where the
abrasive cleaners, alkaline cleaning inflammability). Panels achieve class 1Y Blocks of interior panel is coloured differently than
products and solvents. But the product of BS 476 Part 7: Surface Spread of Flame, coloured the exterior panel to give a 3D effect,
can be cleaned with soapy water so there and polycarbonate ceilings meet class where the actual panel is coloured
panels can be
is no need for an abrasive material B-s1, d0 (the highest rating) of EN 13501. differently through its own thickness,
designed into
which can also scratch glass. We would They are tested to European standards with a metallic-look pigmentation, or with
always advise clients wanting to, for for fire and have achieved Class B for ACR
patterns and a fluorescent surface that glows at night.
instance, bond vinyl graphics to the fragility tests.
illuminated All can be backlit for additional effect.
surface of the material to use the right facades
polycarbonate-compatible adhesive. Aesthetics created by Roofing
Translucent polycarbonate panels are combining All the qualities that made translucent
Standards available in a wide range of standard and them with LED polycarbonate panels eminently suitable
In addition to helping project teams bespoke colours and degrees of or ambient for facade applications, also make them
meet key acoustic and thermal regulations transparency. Blocks of coloured panels lighting ideal for roofing ones.
and air and water permeability can be designed into patterns and systems These range from curved and flat >
Continuing Professional Development
Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Whos a pretty poly? Oxford school sports

The Studio at
Magdalen College a new facade
School features
translucent panels Translucent cladding panels from Rodeca feature
interspersed with on a new extension to an independent school in
coloured glass Oxford. Some 1,402m of Rodecas Kristall panels
were specified by architect Original Field of
Architecture for the first floor element of a new
sports building that also incorporates three new
classrooms and a new office for the geography
department at Magdalen College School.
The sports department now features a new
entrance to the sports hall, new offices, a team
debrief and seminar area, and a sports analysis
suite. But the most exciting addition has been the
multi-function room The Studio which provides
seating for up to 200 and with its sprung floor can
be used for a wide range of activities from dance to
table tennis and fencing. Here, the Rodeca panels
are interspersed with feature windows of coloured
and bi-coloured glass.
It is this element that features the 50mm thick
Rodeca panels as cladding which was installed by
Roclad Systems for main contractor Benfield &
Loxley onto an anodised aluminium frame with
60mm clip fasteners.
The Kristall panels comprise 10 layers of
polycarbonate capable of delivering U-values as low
as 0.80 W/m2K, and in the case of Magdalen College
School, were supplied with a 20-year UV guarantee.
Original Field of Architecture had not used
Rodeca panels before and was impressed with their
use on the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and
Dance in Greenwich, London.

> rooflights and canopies, through north easy to incorporate into existing roof and returns to a solid state upon cooling.
lights and gable roofs, to rooflights for constructions with profiled sheeting or It has a glass transition temperature of
corrugated sheet applications all composite panels where maximum natural about 150 degrees C so it softens
elements that introduce natural daylight, light is needed. gradually above this point (the
and the energy savings associated with recommended processing temperature
that, into large or small interior or exterior Rooflights is around 280-300 degrees C).
covered spaces. Like canopies, translucent flat and curved It is a member of the group of
Translucent tiles suitable for roof rooflights are available for pitches and engineering thermoplastics which are
pitches as low as 15 are available in a radiuses as low as 5 and 3m respectively grouped together not because they are
range of colours for all panel thicknesses and in customised lengths and widths similar in chemical structure or
between 30mm and 50mm and in flexible with closed edges, all of which are easily morphology but more due to specific
widths with closed edges. These give and quickly installed using prefabricated properties that allow them to be used in
excellent U-values as well as the option interlocking modules. Rooflight systems rigorous applications, particularly in the
for a special finish to minimise solar gain. can be accessorised with flaps to aid construction, electronics, automotive and
natural smoke and heat ventilation while manufacturing sectors. Polycarbonate is
Canopies the absence of glazing bars and minimal used in motorcycle helmets, for example,
Translucent flat and curved canopies are use of alloy composites creates an almost while acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is
available for pitches and radiuses as low seamless interior finish. used to manufacture car bumpers and
as 5 and 3m respectively using an dashboard trim, and polyamides (nylons)
aluminium glazing bar system that makes Manufacture are used for skis and ski boots.
them especially suitable for high free Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic a Translucent polycarbonate panels are
spans and the bypassing of such. polymer that becomes pliable or manufactured in a very similar way to
Customised sizes make them especially mouldable above a specific temperature many thermoplastic products. >
Continuing Professional Development
Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate CPD test paper

panels can be used
in a wide range of Translucent Polycarbonate Panels
applications The CIOB requires members to assess and fulfil their own CPD needs.
Members can therefore choose to study the CPD articles published in
CM as a valid part of their personal record of CPD activity.
To complete the questionnaire printed below, members should log
on to then click on this months
CPD article. Scroll down to the end of the article, and you will find
a link to the online questionnaire (see example pictured below)
and the five multiple choice questions printed here. Select your
answers, fill in your contact details, then click submit. If all five
questions are answered correctly, you will be invited to download
and print a PDF document confirming your successful completion of
the questionnaire. If one or more questions is answered incorrectly,
please reread the article and try again, pressing submit to resend
the amended form.
We no longer offer the facility to send questionnaires by fax or post.
Please email any questions regarding this CPD service to
> To begin with, polycarbonate granules Supplied anodised, mill-finished or
are fed into an extruder which heats them polyester powder-coated to any RAL
to flow temperature. The molten is then colour, this framing is fixed to the 1 What is the sound insulation value of a
extruded through a die head in the shape structure. The translucent panels are polycarbonate panel:
of the panel. Colour and UV stabilisers are delivered, depending on the finish, with 27dB 43dB
added via secondary or co-extrusions. protective foil on one or both sides and 34dB 72dB
Then, as the panel moves along the this should be retained throughout the
2 What is the lowest degree of pitch that polycarbonate
automated line, a protective film is applied installation process.
panels are suitable for:
and the panel is trimmed to length. The panel ends are sealed with a 50o
Polycarbonate does not require specialist combination of aluminium/butyl tape and 15o
tools for cutting, a fine-toothed circular vent tape to prevent water, insects, gases 5o
saw is usually sufficient. and other fine particles from entering. 25o
Extruding a panel uniformly, however, All sealants and tapes have to be
requires many variables which require polycarbonate-compatible, and all silicone 3 What is the expansion coefficient for polycarbonate per
degree celsius and per metre:
strict control, primarily the cooling of the has to be neutral and solvent-free.
0.65mm 65mm
material and the speed of the process. The first panel is inserted into the 0.065mm 0.056mm
If these variables are not controlled perimeter frame and held in place by an
sufficiently, the panels shape and aluminium fastener that slots into the 4 What is the lowest u-Value that can be achieved by a
structure will be affected and irregular. panels tongue and groove joint. Clips, polycarbonate panel in a single wall construction:
Polycarbonate is fully recyclable, with continuous fasteners or translucent 0.77 W/m2K 0.017 W/m2K
up to 30% of reworked or recycled mullions may be used depending on 0.71 W/m2K 0.071 W/m2K
material used in each panel produced. wind loads, fixing centres and aesthetic
5 Across what range of temperatures do polycarbonate
Polycarbonate scraps from industries such requirements. panels remain stable:
as luggage fabrication, car production, Once the fastener is fixed to a 4degC to 151degC
electronics and household appliances, horizontal rail the next panel is inserted -14degC to 105degC
and digital storage media such as CDs and pushed into the first panel which -40degC to 115degC
and DVDs, are all a tradable commodity. covers the aluminium fastener from -24degC to 95degC
external view. This process continues
Installation along the wall structure.
The tongue and groove coupling of a A key aspect of this method is that the
polycarbonate panel is an exemplar of panels are retained rather than fixed,
modern and lean construction, with large- allowing them to glide along the fasteners
scale building widths of up to 500mm when thermal expansion and contraction
enabling facades of more than 200m long takes place. The expansion coefficient for
to be erected and panel heights of up to polycarbonate is 0.065mm per degree C
25m to be mounted in one piece. per metre three times the expansion
A typical polycarbonate wall system coefficient of aluminium. As a rule of
uses an air- and water-tight framing thumb, it expands 3mm per metre per 50
system comprising aluminium perimeter degrees C difference in temperature. CM
channels with head, base, side and corner
sections, and front and rear thermoplastic Graham Kent-Jackson is managing
elastomer gaskets. director of Rodeca
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The Chartered Institute of Building | Members Newsletter | Issue 120 | March 2014


Desperate Measures takes top spot in

Art of Building photography competition INTHISISSUE

> A student and amateur

photographer from Canada
has scooped this years Art of
Building Photographer of the
Year title. Hundreds of people
worldwide showed their support
by voting for Kirsten Quists p48 ON THE RADAR
photograph Desperate Measures, All the latest news and developments
from the CIOB at HQ and in your
which revealed the use of child area including this years Novus
labour in Indias construction challenge and a chance to hear a
industry. futurologist talk.

As well as the title Art of Building Dr Georgios Kapogiannis on why
Photographer of the Year, Quists image a service was needed to afford
SMEs access to sustainable
has also earned her a cash prize of construction advice.
3,000. Quist said she was honoured Desperate Measures, the winning shot that judges said has a photojournalism quality
to win. I never imagined that I would
win a photographic competition of this Hong Kong. saddened to witness the poverty
magnitude at such an early stage in This year, the judging panel included and hardship that many Indian people
my career. Although I am only 20, and broadcaster, photography critic and endure. In particular, I was struck by
I still have a lot to learn when it comes editor, Sue Steward, award-winning the struggles of this young boy as he
to photography, its wonderful to be photographer Matt Wain, and Elaine toiled to complete an adults work,
recognised for my work, she said. Knutt, editor of CM. she said. Building is an endeavour p53 IN GOOD COMPANY
The award-winning restoration of
Thousands of votes were cast Speaking about the image, Matt which contains great potential for Durlston Castle
to determine the overall outcome, Wain said Quists photograph makes artistry, beauty, and creativity but
reflecting the continuing worldwide for uncomfortable viewing and the unfortunately it can also be distorted
interest in the CIOB contest whose brief truth it tells is inescapable. It has a real and diminished by inhumane actions
is to encourage people to explore and photojournalism quality to it which such as child labour. Thanks to those
discover the art of building as well as voters were clearly moved by. who were touched by the message in
celebrate creativity in the construction Quist took the shot last spring after Desperate Measures and to all those
industry. The 15 finalists hailed from all volunteering for two months with who voted for it.
over the world, including Indonesia, the the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, p54 LEARNING CURVE
Are you taking advantage of Career
Ukraine, Portugal, Canada, the UK and and travelling around India. I was See more at Zone? Plus One to Watch, Jose Cava


Take advantage of exclusive member
this months dates for your diary
The new headquarters Ascot, the Institute took use, CO2 emissions, waste, profile list of companies,
of the CIOB in Bracknell the decision to create water, materials, pollution, including Mott MacDonald,
has achieved a Ska Gold a sustainable office transport and employee RWE Npower and
sustainability rating. environment that puts wellbeing. Nationwide, that have
Operated by the technology and employee Chris Blythe, CIOB chief achieved a Ska Gold rating. p58
RICS, a Ska rating is an comfort at its centre. executive, said the move THE TOP
environmental assessment Project managed by required a practise what Learn more at CIOB
tool for sustainable fit-outs. Morgan Lovell, the we preach attitude with uk/knowledge/more-services/ stalwart John
Prior to moving from headquarters achieved 39 regards to sustainability. professional-services/ Dalton
its long-term home in measures across energy The CIOB joins a high- ska-rating-/
Contact | Mar 14

site visit news in brief

Students see BIM and new construction > NEW COLLEGE, NEW APPROACH
Around 600 students will benefit from a
new approach to learning construction skills

methods in action during Belfast site tour when a new University Technical College
specialising in construction and engineering
opens at Chatham Waters in Kent.
The UTC will provide a technically-focused

education for students who attend for 40
In January Members of Novus in Northern weeks of the year, with a typical working
Ireland visited the 32m Centre for day from 8.30am to 5pm, to reinforce its
Experimental Medicine (CEM), currently under business approach.
construction for Queens University Belfast. The UTC will enable a degree of
specialisation before the age of 16 that is
The tour was led by site manager Seanie currently unavailable. Students will also be
OHare and design manager Eamon Laverty taught core subject GCSEs, but there will be
from main contractor OHare & McGovern, no homework as all work will be done during
school hours.
one of the few Chartered Building Companies
The UTC is sponsored by the University
in Northern Ireland. of Greenwich, MidKent College, Medway
Council and BAE Systems.
Aspects covered during the tour included:
H  ow Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being
used to streamline the construction process. The Humber, York & North Yorkshire
H  ow new construction methods are being used to Centres AGM will be held on 26 March.
improve the mechanical and electrical installation. The AGM will start at 6.30pm followed
by a Health & Safety Update and
C ompliance with health & safety, quality and
Invasive Plants presentation. Venue
environmental management standards. to be confirmed.
D  esign and buildability challenges to achieve the The Leeds & West Yorkshire Centres
required Building Research Establishment AGM takes place on 3 April at 5pm
Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating. followed by a tour of Carnegie Pavilion.
Sheffield & South Yorkshire Centres
Students and Novus members tour the CEM in Belfast AGM is taking place on 30 April at the
Construction students from South Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in
Eastern Regional Colleges (SERC) to the students in their career development. Rotherham. There will also be a
Bangor campus were part of the Gerard Graham from the Novus Northern Ireland presentation on the Green Deal/
Sustainability at 5.30pm prior to the
group and David Larkham, lecturer called the tour first class. AGM at 6.30pm.
from SERC, said the tour was an opportunity for the From the restricted access for site vehicles, to the To register your interest in attending
students to see how the construction technology requirement to carefully manage dust, noise and a Centre AGM and/or the seminars,
please email:
principles they have been introduced to in their studies vibration as the site is adjacent to a major hospital,
is applied on a real-life project. The visit to such a we got a full overview of the challenges being
professionally organised site is of tremendous benefit carefully managed on a daily basis, added Graham.



Details on how to vote and a I nsert your PIN as your date of competency assessment on Guests will gather at the Gosforth Park
ballot paper have been sent birth in the eight-digit format your behalf, so reward the most Marriott Hotel on 21 March for the North
to all eligible (MCIOB/FCIOB) (ddmmyyyy) able by voting for them. East Annual Dinner. Peter Reid, former
footballer, manager and pundit will
members. However, you do F ollow the instructions on the Make your voice heard
provide the after dinner entertainment and
not have to wait for your ballot ballot site. and exercise your vote. Chris Chivers FCIOB, vice president of the
paper you can vote online at The deadline for voting is Remember, only corporate CIOB, is the guest speaker. The event will
CIOB News Wednesday 9 April 2014 at members who have paid their raise money for local charity Cash For Kids.
Tickets are priced at 59 + VAT per
C lick on the election banner 12 noon GMT. All candidates 2014 subscriptions by 28
person. Tables of 10 and 12 are available.
I nsert your membership standing in the election have February 2014 will be eligible Contact Diane Thorpe on
48 number been through a rigorous to vote. uk or on 0845 070 6151.
If you have moved or changed any of your details recently, dont forget to tell
us. You can update your details online simply log in to members area of the
website Or email us at or call our
membership customer services team on +44 (0) 1344 630706 for further help.
If you would rather post your details send them to: The Chartered Institute of
Building, Englemere, Kings Ride, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7TB, UK

north west obituary

he represented CIOB

Are you tough enough for this years at a senior level at a

great number of

North West Novus challenge?

development events.
He was an

Assessor with the
After the success of the Novus North Higher Education
Funding Council
West challenge last year the group will be Dr MAX GRAHAM (HEFC), member of
holding another intercommittee challenge on BSc, BA, MSc, PhD, the Quality
5 July, organised by Distant Horizons. MinstP, FCIOB Assurance Agency
(QAA) Building and
Max Graham has Surveying Group,
In September last year six teams from Novus groups passed away at the and an External
around the country competed in a tough kayaking age of 60. He leaves Examiner at a total
challenge in the Lake District. his wife, Louise, and of seven institutions
The challenge this year will be The Cumbrian children Amelia, 17, throughout his
Marcus,14, and career.
Cross Lakes Route. This involves paddling the length Louis ,11. Such was his
of Windermere in tandem sea kayaks, biking from Max was assistant thirst for knowledge
Ambleside via back roads to Dunmail Raise summit and head of school at the he pursued an Open
by foot ascending and traversing the Helvellyn Ridge, University of South University degree
Wales. He was a and was awarded a
finishing in Keswick. gifted academic and BA (Hons) in 2001
This will be a competitive race with the winners being an outstanding having studied
crowned Novus 2014 National Champions with their teacher. modules in the
After graduating areas of science,
region engraved on a trophy.
with a BSc (Hons) in mathematics,
The aim is to create a great networking opportunity Construction from astronomy,
for the Novus committees as well as having fun and a Heriot Watt planetary science,
little competitive banter. University Max renewable energy
gained several years and thermofluid
The event will culminate with a hog roast.
experience working mechanics. He went
in the family on to tutor between
Take the Novus challenge: a three-part tough event Book through business Graham 2005 and 2009.
Brothers (Builders). Max was chair of
However, he wanted governors at his
to return to childrens school
west midlands
education to where in 2006 he
research building helped deliver an
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: physics, building extension and
THE ROLE OF BEHAVIOUR services, acoustics
and lighting. He
IN SAFETY went on to gain his Keeping fit was
FRESH APPROACH TO SAFETY PROVES MSc in 1980 from an intrinsic part of
POPULAR UMIST and his PhD in Maxs life. A runner
1983, also from since his teens, he
UMIST. He joined the took part in several
Polytechnic of Wales half marathons and
Safety talks often focus on points of law, so the same year. competitive events
a fresh approach was welcomed by nearly His contribution around the country
was huge and he and completed the
40 construction professionals recently who engagement and culture. Wharton talked played a very big London Marathon in
attended a presentation on safety that talked through different corporate cultural models part in the 1996. He also
about how to engage staff when addressing as well as what influences behaviour in order development of earned a black belt
the courses and in martial art Aikido
safety issues. to understand better how individuals trigger
institutions in Gakko Ueshiba.
The presentation was given by Nick Wharton safety issues and can therefore envisage the which he worked. Max will be
of consultant JOMC, arranged by Novus West consequences of their behavior. Max was a CIOB remembered by

Midlands and hosted in the state-of-the-art He went on to talk about how to engage Fellow and former friends, colleagues
chair of the Cardiff and CIOB staff as the
offices of Royal BAM in Solihull, a company that people in the process of safety as well as how
Centre. As deputy kindest, most gentle,
feels strongly about staff engagement. to deal with unsafe behaviour. The presentation chair of the CIOB funny guy who told
The primary focus of the event was prompted a lively Q&A session. Accreditation Panel such stupid jokes. 49
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forthcoming event

See into the future of sustainability CONFERENCE
> Futurologist Melissa Sterry will be one
of the key speakers at an event on
sustainability in April.
The Fourth Annual International
Sterry is a leading design scientist and Construction Management Day
champion of technology whose work Conference will take place on
11 March at The Department of
looks at how technological advances Building and Civil Engineering at
will shape our futures from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology,
potential of ICT to improve cities to Dublin Road campus. The conference
leading-edge innovations in bionics. At this event in is jointly sponsored by the Western
Centre of the CIOB in Ireland and
Coventry she will talk about Sustainable Challenges Western Branch of the Society of
within an International Context. Chartered Surveyors Ireland.
The event, run by the CIOB and Coventry University, is CPD event includes tour of ECB building This popular conference provides
part of the Sustainable Building Futures (SBF) project, a an ideal opportunity for built
environment professionals from the
unique venture that offers services and support to SMEs University Guide 2014. Guests who attend the event West of Ireland and further afield to
in the West Midlands looking to access sustainable will also be able to take a tour of the Engineering and gather and discuss the current hot
construction technologies so that they might compete Computing Building. The BREEAM excellent, 55m topics in the industry. The Conference
is of interest to contractors, surveyors,
and grow in todays challenging business environment landmark building acts as a live demonstrator for
property professionals, engineers
(see Comment on pXX for more information). sustainable construction. and architects and others with an
Professor Mark Gaterell, a professor of sustainable Sustainable Challenges takes place on 7 April at 6pm. interest in the built environment.
construction at Coventry University and director of the To book a place contact The conference provides a number
of plenary sessions of general
Low Impact Buildings Centre, will also talk at the event
interest and a variety of technical
about sustainable retrofit technologies. For more on SBF visit break-out sessions that are tailored
Coventry University was named Modern University of supporting-your-business/sustainable-building- towards the various professional
the Year by The Times and Sunday Times Good futures/ disciplines. Ample time is made
available to question the speakers
and for networking opportunities.
student challenge
Attendance is free.
The conference also provides an
TO GO FORWARD TO NATIONAL FINAL professional development (CPD)
and certificates of attendance can be
provided upon request.
For full details email martin.taggart@
The University of Ulster was Lisburn and third was Belfast ready to present it to a panel of or visit http://events.ciob.
this years winner of the CIOBs Metropolitan College. The judges, he said. org/events/annual-international-
Northern Centres Student report and presentation from Little added: This event is construction-management-day-
Challenge competition held in the University of Ulster team a very worthwhile exercise for conference#sthash.i2ftR4CT.dpuf
January at the University of will be judged against the the students as it gives them
Ulsters Jordanstown campus. winners report from Limerick an insight into the challenges
Ulster saw off competition to determine the Irish winner. they are likely to face in
from five other teams: Belfast David Little, chairman of the industry. Just as in a real-life
Metropolitan College; Northern CIOBs Northern Centre who construction project, the
Regional College Ballymena; headed the judging panel, key to performing well in this
South Eastern Regional College praised those who participated. event is for the individual
Downpatrick; South Eastern It is very challenging to be students to come together and

Regional College Lisburn; and given a brief in the morning work as a team.
South West College Omagh. and by that afternoon have Thanks go to the University
In second place was South researched the options, of Ulster and to NHBC for
50 Eastern Regional College prepared a proposal and be sponsoring the prizes.

CIOB reveals the 2013 stars of innovation and research

> The winners of the International
Innovation and Research Awards run by
the CIOB have been announced after a record
Research Paper Award
Professor Craig Langston from Bond University,
Australia for his paper Validation of the Adaptive
number of entrants. Reuse Potential (ARP) Model Using iconCUR
The awards celebrate excellence in academic (published in Facilities, Vol. 30 No. 3/4, pp105-123,
research and industry innovation. A total of 2012).
24 countries took part in the 2013 awards Innovation Achievers Award
submitting more than 200 entries all judged Finlay White from ModCell, UK for ModCell
by an 18-strong panel of leading figures from Prefabricated Straw Bale Wall and Roofing System.
academia and industry. The judges said: ModCell is a highly innovative
idea. It comprises a system level of innovation in
Professor Stuart Green, chair of the judging panel, both prefabricated building product and process. It
said: It has been immensely gratifying to see has also shown a strong application and a clear
Winners of the I&R awards celebrate
the highest ever number of entries to the CIOB commercial viability. The panel was extremely
International Innovation and Research Awards. I impressed by the progress that has been achieved.
have also been delighted with the overall quality Digital Innovation Award Safety through Problem-Based Learning.
of the applications across all categories. Especially Julian Brooks from LightUp Analytics for LightUp The judges said: This initiative is not only
rewarding this year was to see so many strong Analytics Software Plugin. refreshing in its simplicity, but also in its novelty.
entries from industry in the innovation categories. The judges said: Julian has clearly identified a gap It provides the means of overcoming a significant
Undergraduate Dissertation Award in current software provision for the computer barrier in terms of students default reaction to
Yu-Qian Ang from the National University of simulation of daylight and sunlight effects in urban the subject of health and safety. The scenario
Singapore for his dissertation Benefits and ROI of design. The LightUp Analytics Software is an constructed around opinions and typical reactions
Building Information Modelling for Multi-Disciplinary innovative application that can be used at very early of students to health and safety offers a compelling
Project Management: A Singapore Perspective. stages of masterplanning in an efficient and user- and innovative learning vehicle. There is a core
Masters Dissertation Award friendly way. It is an affordable product with great idea that can be replicated in other courses and
James Delvin from Queens University Belfast for his commercial potential. other institutions.
dissertation An Investigation into the Barriers and Innovation in Education & Training Award
Challenges of Delivering a Domestic Retrofit Dr Fred Sherratt (University of Bolton, UK) for her For a full list of all those recognised in the 2013
Programme in Northern Ireland. submission Teaching Construction Health and awards please visit




Held at the Royal industry while enjoying a reflect the dynamic This years award Committed to a
Armouries, Leeds, the three-course dinner at the nature of the construction categories are: Contractor of the Year
Awards are a showcase most prestigious awards industry and highlight Committed to Renewable Committed to
for the professionalism, event in the region. the broad spectrum of Technologies Collaborative Working
excellence and innovation The awards celebrate construction excellence Committed to Training Committed to The
that are at the heart of high quality work by West delivered by businesses Committed to Excellence Environment
the regions construction Yorkshires construction working in the area. They & Quality Committed to a Project of
community. It is an industry supply chain demonstrate what can be Committed to Innovation the Year
opportunity to entertain including developers, achieved through strong Committed to Tickets are 50 + VAT per
your guests, admire designers, builders and partnerships, a clear vision Sustainability person/500 + VAT for

construction projects end-users, both large and delivery through high Committed to Health & table of 10. To book email
and network with local and small. The awards quality implementation. Safety

To find out more about the awards evening, please watch our video at 51
dr georgios kapogiannis

Tooled up
Dr Georgios Kapogiannis outlines an initiative to
help SMEs compete in sustainable construction

he West Midlands has long been innovation, collaboration and sustainability. technologies or reducing the environmental
a strong manufacturing area, As a result the SBF project provides access impacts of current products;
but the recession that began in to a number of events, ranging from topic Be investing in new technology and looking
2007 brought with it the decline of the workshops and networking events to new to grow the business;
construction supply chain in the area. The technology demonstrations. In addition, it Be likely to increase market share;
European Union and the European Regional provides one-to-one business support in Be looking for support that is within the
Development Fund (ERDF) set up a fund for areas such as research and development; scope and capability of the Sustainable
architectural, engineering and construction concept development; marketing Building Futures project.
(AEC) SMEs to help keep those businesses strategies; developing business plans for The CIOB Coventry and Warwickshire
and their markets thriving. new products or markets; market research; Centre is holding a joing event with SBF
One result of this funding is the prototype development and student/ at the state-of-the-art Engineering and
Sustainable Building Futures (SBF) project: graduate placement for a specific project. Computing Building at Coventry University
a unique venture at Coventry University The SBF team is working closely with on 7 April. Futurologist, Melissa Sterry, will
the Faculty of Engineering and Computing talk along with Professor Mark Gaterell.
at Coventry University. I have worked with See page 51 for details.
According to the 2020 Construction Coventry-based architectural practice SD
Studio to undertake a feasibility study of an For more information about SBF
Industry Report three elements can online portal which resulted in an extensive see
resurrect architectural, engineering partnership with the universitys Serious supporting-your-business/sustainable-
Game Institute for its development. We also building-futures/
and construction SMEs: innovation, placed a third-year architecture student
collaboration and sustainability with SD Studio for an internship for mutual View the Construction 2025 report at:
To receive funded assistance, businesses system/uploads/attachment_data/
that engages with eligible SMEs in the must meet the criteria below as defined by file/210099/bis-13-955-construction-
collaborative development, assessment, the ERDF: 2025-industrial-strategy.pdf
and implementation of innovative Have fewer than 250 full-time employees;
environmental technology products and Have less than 50m (35m) turnover;
services for use in sustainable construction. Have less than 43m (30m) balance
Dr Georgios Kapogiannis is an
The project endeavours to provide support sheet net worth; associate lecturer in Engineering,
to SMEs, based in the west midlands, to Be less than 25% owned or controlled by Project Management & Finance,
CIOB Column

help them compete and grow within todays a non-SME; Civil Engineering, Architecture and
challenging business environment. Be based in the West Midlands region; Building in the Faculty of Engineering
According to the Government report Be active within the building technology & Computing at Coventry University.
Construction 2025 published last July, sector; He is also the chairman of the CIOB
52 three elements can resurrect AEC SMEs: Be evaluating environmental Coventry and Warwickshire Centre.


Specialist craftsmen were key to the award-winning renovation of a listed castle

IN March 2013 Greendale Construction

was named National Winner for
Commercial Projects in the Federation of
literally stick a screwdriver through the timber or
rusty steel work.
Greendale, with its experience on working at
The castle was in a
precarious state and at a
Master Builders 2012 Master Builder of the
Year Awards for its restoration and extension
Highcliffe Castle and other grade I and grade II
listed buildings, had the skills and capability to rise
tipping point, needing urgent
of Durlston Castle, Swanage. to the challenge. major conservation and
After a long and competitive OJEU tender Three dedicated site managers oversaw specific restoration works to save
Greendale was awarded the main contract
as principle contractor for the Durlston World
areas of conservation work. One of the major
elements was the stabilisation and strengthening
it. It had serious structural
Heritage Gateway Project on behalf of Dorset of the level four roof and the strapping back of defects. One could literally
County Council. Greendale worked very closely
with the councils historic environmental manager
heavy stone cornices. A stainless steel ring beam
was introduced within the floor zone from which
stick a screwdriver through
to meet the fairly onerous heritage requirements straps supported the cornice stones. the timber or steelwork.
and conditions on the project. Award-winning Around the perimeter of this level, balustrading
London architect Long & Kentish designed the was formed using ornate terracotta elements
renovation and new build extensions. between stone piers. At the outset one poorly Other project works included:
The overall value of the project was 5.5m, degraded bay existed from which moulds were The refurbishment of the interior of
a large proportion of which was funded by the taken to cast new elements and they were the existing buildings, including the
Heritage Lottery Fund and other benefactors installed in four fired colour shades to restore the transformation of the existing observatory
including the Fine Family Foundation. Many other original balustrade feature. In public observation into a new function room.
local and national companies and organisations areas the original height was below current The building of new spaces, such as a
contributed to the project. The contract value health and safety requirements which required the timber-clad Exhibition Gallery and
Greendale undertook was around 4.3m. a secondary galvanised handrail and balustrade a rock room for displaying fossils and
The castle was originally built by George Burt system to be installed inside of the original. geology.
between 1887 and 1891. Burt was the nephew The new shop bank had to be stabilised with The demolition of a 1930s extension, to
and business partner of John Mowlem and he gabion cages to provide a solid foundation base be replaced with a new stone-clad space
inherited the Mowlem building firm when John for the new build steel frame construction. for a shop, which in turn will recreate the
died. Much of the materials used by Burt were The project demanded many traditional symmetry of the original frontage.
leftovers from his sites in London and used as craftsmen including terracotta experts, stone The demolition of a 1970s extension and
ballast on the boats returning to Swanage. masons using lime mortar products, lead workers, transfer of the award-winning Lookout
The castle and country park are populated by coppersmiths, ceramic tilers, carpenters and cafe into the refurbished main building.
cast iron bollards with London Boroughs inscribed joiners. Greendale either used its own experienced The improvement and restoration of
on them and the two large granite bollards at the labour for this or carefully selected specialist external hard and soft landscape areas.
entrance to the castle are in fact rejects from subcontractors to work within the cost and time Construction of two cantilever look out
Trafalgar Square. parameters of the contract. areas around the East Keep.
The castle was the first stage in developing Improvements to aid pedestrian circulation
a high-class residential estate built to attract and car parking, with new links to the
buyers to the area, which is now the Durlston public transport network.
Country Park. George Burt died before the estate A new exhibition centre with external
could be built and the castle and Great Globe are amphitheatre has been built.
all that remain. The renovation and conservation A cafe/restaurant has been built within
project started in April 2010 and finished in the castle as George Burts original
November 2011. concept. The walls of the restaurant
are adorned with backlit glass panels
Beyond repair? displaying all of the flora and fauna that
The castle was in a precarious state and at a exists in the park with descriptions in
tipping point, needing urgent major conservation both Latin and English.
and restoration works to save it. It had serious
Case Study

structural defects, including wet rot, dry rot, The public and visitors now benefit from a
and water ingress. Many of the timber and steel spectacular country park in a unique environment
structural elements, particularly on the south west with visible spectacular geology and diverse flora
elevation, were completely rotten and one could The derelict castle has been restored with care and fauna. 53



Last year the CIOB Benevolent Fund offered of unemployment and illness. The Benevolent
grant assistance exceeding 46,000 to members Fund visited this family, advised them about
facing uncertainty or hardship. finances and provided regular grants until their
The CIOB Benevolent Fund provides information circumstances improved.
and advice to hundreds of members and families every And when a retired member living in conditions
year. This is made possible as a direct result of the of hardship needed some help to obtain essential
support of CIOB members. We take this opportunity household items, the Benevolent Fund provided
to extend our thanks to all those members and financial help to ensure that this member was able
supporters who have donated to the work of the to improve his day-to-day quality of life.
Fund so generously over the years.
How can we help you?
How the Benevolent Fund helps The CIOB Benevolent Fund is here to help
members and their families:
It can address concerns about
members. It is a resource made possible
by members and for members. Whether
employment and offer advice on it is practical advice with employment HOURS AT THE OFFICE
entitlements and options. matters, addressing housing issues or
It offers help and confidential advice facing consequences of ill-health or early
on financial issues, alternative sources retirement, the service is available and the norm: 9-5 is more like 9-8.
of income, and financial commitments. can offer confidential advice and support. According to one survey 82% of us
It can provide direct grant assistance to All enquiries are entirely confidential. work more than 40 hours a week (up
members facing hardship. If you would like further information about from 68% in 2011), while 28% clock
up more than 50 hours a week (a 9%
It can offer home visits and continued liaison with the work of the Fund or if we can be of service at any increase from two years ago). Staying
members where this might help. time, please contact us or visit our web page at late might be unavoidable if youre on
One member had been unemployed for a year and deadline, but if its happening regularly
you need to tackle it.
needed to refresh his health & safety capability. The
Fund was able to provide a one-off grant to meet the Frank MacDonald, CIOB Benevolent Fund,
costs of that short-term course. 1 Arlington Square, Downshire Way, Bracknell RG12 1WA BE REALISTIC
In another case a young family faced crisis because 01344 630780 Be honest about what you can achieve in a day.
Dont automatically say yes to work projects if it
means staying behind for ages to get the work done,
and ask yourself whether youre delegating enough.


BE Senior commercial manager, Qatar Rail, Doha,
chairman of the CIOB Middle East and North
Assess how much youre actually getting done.
Break bigger jobs down into smaller tasks to make it
INSPIRED Africa regional council and regional president. feel more manageable. And if you genuinely need
more time get in earlier when your brain is fresh.
WORKING IN CIOB membership has definitely NARIC, which verifies Youll get the work done much faster.
THE MIDDLE EAST helped me get work in the Middle
East. Having MCIOB helped me
qualifications from around the
world, concluded that MCIOB LET GO OF THE GUILT
get a visa to work in the UAE as was comparable to a degree Finished your days work but feel too guilty to leave
director of operations for a and FCIOB to post-graduate level. while colleagues are still at it? Think about if they are
CIOB Career Development

property development company I love the multicultural making you feel bad or if its coming from you.
based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. working environment here, and
I moved to Qatar in 2012 the lifestyle suits my family. REMEMBER THAT WORK DOESNT
with Turner & Townsend, where There are huge opportunities ALWAYS HAPPEN AT WORK
I was seconded to Qatar Rail. here with so much investment Entrepreneur, author and major advocate of the
When the opportunity to work being made in infrastructure. benefits of being away from the office, Martin
for Qatar Rail on a permanent Doha is like Dubai 10 years ago, Bjergegaard, says: All the important ideas Ive ever
basis came up, I jumped at the though the development is had have been conceived either while on holiday or
chance, but needed to prove I had being carried out in a more when out running, not at my desk.
54 a degree. Fortunately by this time considered way.
Jose Cava
Vice chairman
for CIOB East
of Scotland


Q Why did you choose a learning chess. If I keep playing
career in construction? hard I will turn into Grandmaster
Since I was in high school I before I turn 50.
wanted to become a building
professional. There are other Q Whats the best bit
things that I enjoy, such as of advice youve ever

> The CIOBs newest member

benefit is a comprehensive
interactive careers portal providing
about the things that help people achieve
career satisfaction and success. Users
complete a short questionnaire and receive
painting, cycling or poetry,
but sometimes I get tired
or frustrated. That never
been given?
My dad always taught me to
work hard and with
all kinds of advice for both employees an output report plus recommended happens with construction professionalism, whether I am
and employers. actions and resources to help increase it has something enigmatic involved in a skyscraper design
This ranges from the basic things their career agility in seven areas. that attracts me. or building my dog house.
like how to ask for a pay rise and
write a CV, to interactive tools that CareerPulse: an approach based on Q Whats been your worst Q Whats your most
allow you to ask questions on how to describing scenarios of real situations professional mistake? embarrassing work
develop your career and achieve a people face, then providing a careful I decided to broaden my career moment?
good work/life balance. selection of resources to help them think chances by studying project The first day on a building
through these scenarios. management when the site, the site manager told
The new website has been developed in recession began. Although me to leave because of my
conjunction with, a Interactive tools, information pages, I quite enjoyed my years in haircut and sent me to get
leading careers specialist and is free for downloadable guides and checklists. uni and gained valuable him some coffee. So I did. I felt
members to use. knowledge, I think I should very ashamed. Once I came
Find out more by logging into the have stayed on the path of back, he and rest of the joiners
Resources on the site include: members area of the CIOB website at building design. were laughing at me. That was
Career Healthcheck: based on evidence the best joke someone has ever
Q What would you have played on me.
done if you hadnt worked
Boost your career
with the CIOB online in construction? Q If you were starting
resource purely I probably would have became a your career again what
for members
painter or photographer. would you do differently
and why?
Q How do you relax when I think I would be pretty much
youre not at work? the same. Although I would
I like to wake up early and go dedicate more of my free time
out for some running, cycling or to learn new skills to
swimming. At the moment I am apply to my job.

Dont forget this month

you can register for Chartered Construction Manager
status. It might be that the designation Chartered
Builder doesnt quite capture your job: perhaps youre
CIOB Career Development

working with BIM or setting strategies for carbon

reduction, or you might be on site, or equally be sitting
at head office, supervising teams and setting corporate
strategy; or you could be working at any point within
the lifecycle of a structure, from inception to recycling,
then the new designation might be more relevant.
Go online for more details.
E KG Get a free insight into Hill and CIOBs Masterclass series

T > The CIOB and Hill Internationals Masterclass was presented to a packed room in Saudi
Arabia last month. With a range of speakers from around the globe the event had a truly
international flavour and around 70 delegates learned new things about construction law,
real estate in the Middle East, delay and disruption.
One of the papers from the Masterclass is apparently not. Last year 80 people There are also plans for events in
available for you to download to obtain a came along to find out why construction Turkey, Brazil, Ireland and possibly
copy, email all-risks insurance might not always cover South Africa. Book now to secure your
Future Masterclasses in 2014 will all risks and how to ensure you cover the place at these ever-popular events and
include events in London focusing on right things and manage risks properly. ensure you dont miss out on the latest
construction insurance. You might think This years event will be in London on crucial education for managing your
insurance would be relatively simple, but 12 June. commercial risks and disputes.

For more information go to or call Gregory Hill on 020 7618 1200.

LU ER RESOURCES Build on your foundation of knowledge

> BRE Connect Online gives you immediate online access to all new and
published BRE titles and more for an annual subscription of 399 + VAT.
View more than 1,700 BRE clear technical advice, practical illustrated practical guides to good
publications with an easy and guidance and solutions from a building and repair work.
powerful searching interface, source you can trust. Specify IT (Silver) a searchable
and benefit from the unrivalled database of more than 90,000
expertise and insight of BRE, You get access to: construction product catalogues from
the UKs leading centre of 700 books, reports and guides research, 9,000 suppliers and over 30,000 CAD
excellence on the built environment. innovation, best practice and case studies. drawings from over 80 manufacturers.
BRE Connect Online provides a 250 Digests authoritative state-of- Abstracts of 26,000 documents from
huge resource for architects, the-art reviews. over 475 other construction publishers CIOB HILL INTERNATIONAL
designers, consultants, surveyors, 600 Information Papers BRE research (including BSI, TRL, CIBSE and CIRIA). MASTERCLASSES
planners, local authorities, Hill International and CIOBs
and how to apply it in practice. In 2014 we are adding more than 50
Masterclass training series
contractors and suppliers, giving 150 Good Building and Repair Guides new titles worth more than 1,000.
Tel: 020 7618 1200
Call now on +44 (0) 1344 328038 to find out more or arrange a free trial

OFFER Wealth management review for members IHS

Critical technical
RE > Tax, investment, retirement... managing your personal finances properly is key to information and
decision-support tools
achieving your lifestyle and financial goals. A new offer for members will help you do that.
FTSE 250 company St Jamess Place Investment Planning The right wishes to mitigate an inheritance tax
Wealth Management, through partners investments, arranged tax efficiently, liability or needs care fees guidance, it
Martin Capel Smith and Michael Ison, is are the foundation of a successful is important to obtain quality advice.
delighted to have formed an exciting wealth management strategy.
new relationship with the CIOB as its Retirement Planning With people If you would like to arrange a
"exclusive provider of wealth living longer and savings being confidential, face-to-face review of your
management advice". squeezed, strategic retirement finances, without obligation, please call
0800 953 3030, email CIOB TRAINING
St Jamess Place Wealth planning is a key part of an overall or visit CPD-approved courses
Management, through its national wealth management solution. Advice is provided by representatives Tel: 020 7665 2432
network of partners, can meet Protecting Wealth Protecting the of St Jamess Place Wealth Management (quote WIZ1272)
(which is authorised and regulated by
and consult with CIOB members, wealth of our clients families is a vital
the Financial Conduct Authority) for
conducting a no obligation review element of our service. St James's Place the purpose of advising solely on the
of your personal finances. is a specialist in providing insurance- groups wealth management products
Whether you are looking to minimise backed solutions to protect individuals, and services.
personal taxation, invest for growth, as well as companies and the people For more details, visit
CIOB Member Benefits

plan for your retirement, arrange long- who own and manage them.
The title "Partner" is a marketing term used
term care for parents or mitigate Estate Planning As we live longer, to describe St Jamess Place representatives.
inheritance tax, St Jamess Place can inter-generational planning is CIOB is an appointed introducer to St Jamess
Place Wealth Management, which is
help you and your family achieve your becoming a key element in wealth authorised and regulated by the Financial
Car Leasing
lifestyle and financial goals. management. Whether your family Conduct Authority.
Tel: 0845 052 5268

EAST OF ENGLAND NORTH EAST SOUTH EAST Law in Building Information Modelling
Membership Progression Workshop North East Annual Dinner Site Visit: Chichester Festival Theatre 19 March, 6pm, Coventry University
12 March, 6pm, Radisson Blu, 21 March, Newcastle Marriott Gosforth 3 March, 2pm, Chichester Festival Contact:
Stansted Airport Park Hotel Theatre, Chichester Do We Have A Contract Or Is It All Over?
Contact: Contact: Contact: 25 March, 6pm, Shakespeares,
Building Regulations Update and AGM Part L Building Regulations BIM and Soft Landings Explained Temple Street, Birmingham
18 March, 6pm, Holiday Inn Orwell, 1 April, Darlington College 11 March, The Holiday Inn, Guildford Contact:
Ipswich Contact: Contact:
Contact: Kent Novus: Soft Skills Workshop and YORKSHIRE
Knowing and Managing Your Risks NORTH WEST Networking Evening Professional Review Workshop
19 March, 6pm, University Centre Site Visit to Manchester Central Library 12 March, 7pm, Village Hotel, 11 March, 8am, Sheffield Hallam
Peterborough 4 March, Manchester Central Library Sandling, Maidstone University
Contact: Contact: Contact: Contact:
The Dos & Donts of Disputomania with Grants from CITB Building Regulations Update Committed to Construction in West
Tony Bingham 25 March, 6.30pm, Leyland Golf Club, 18 March, Holiday Inn, Oxford Yorkshire (CCIWY) Awards
19 March, 7pm for 7.30pm, SDC Training Lancashire Contact: 21 March, 6.30pm, Royal Armouries
Centre, Chawston Contact: Joint event with the Society of Leeds
Contact: H&S: Lone Working at Height Construction Law Contact:
Alternative Dispute Resolution 26 March, 6pm, Glyndwr University, 19 March, Offices of Blake Lapthorn, BIM from a Constructors Perspective
20 March, 6pm for 6.30pm, Lancaster Wrexham Eastleigh 19 March, 8am, Sheffield Hallam
House, Norwich Contact: Contact: University
Contact: Site Visit to Isle of Man Mapping Centre The National Trust Approach to Contact:
Essex Centre AGM & Wind Farming DVD 27 March, time tbc Heritage Projects Humber, York & North Yorkshire Centre
20 March, 7pm, Anglia Ruskin University, Contact: 19 March, Cantley House Hotel, AGM and H&S/Invasive Plants seminar
Chelmsford Milton Road, Wokingham 9 April, 6.30pm, venue tbc
Contact: SCOTLAND Contact: Contact:
Hertfordshire Centre AGM & CSCS Update Site Visit to University of Kent Library
25 March, 7pm, Mercure Hotel, Hatfield ABERDEEN CENTRE Redevelopment
Contact: Invitational Dinner 27 March, 2pm, University of Kent,
7 March, 7pm, Trinity Hall Canterbury
EAST MIDLANDS Contact: Contact:
Ground Source Heat Pumps Annual Seminar: BIM practical Project Management Lessons from the
19 March, 6pm, Hilton, Leicester Application and Legal Opinion Past, followed by Oxford Centre AGM
Contact: 21 March 3 April, Holiday Inn, Oxford
27 March, 6pm, Novotel, Nottingham DUNDEE CENTRE
Contact: Topical Health and Safety Subject SOUTH WEST
Legionella 11 March, 5.45pm, Room 3522, MacLennan LSE Green Roofs
2 April, 6pm, Hilton, Leicester University of Abertay ,Dundee 12 March 6pm, Trouville Hotel,
Contact: Contact: Bournemouth
Please book your place at least two Contact:
IRELAND weeks prior to event Sustainability and Chartered
Eastern Centre Committee Meeting EAST OF SCOTLAND Environmentalist Event
11 March, 6pm, CIF Offices, Dublin 2 Mediation A Practical Alternative to 13 March 6pm, The Devon Hotel, Exeter
Contact: Dispute Resolutions Contact:
Northern Centre Committee Meeting 25 March, 5.45pm, Room G34, Legal Update
24 March, 4.30pm, CITB Nutts Corner Heriot Watt Chadwick Building 27 March 6pm, Truro
Training Centre Contact: Contact:
Contact: Please book your place at least two Guernsey Centre Lunch Meeting and CPD
weeks prior to event 27 March 12.15pm, Yacht Club
Defined and Disallowed Costs under ECC BIM Seminar
6 March, 6pm, Turner & Townsend 19 March, 4.30pm, Inverness College WEST MIDLANDS
Offices, 7 Savoy Court, Strand WC2 Contact: Protected Species
Contact: Please book your place at least two 11 March, 6pm Sixways Stadium,
Principles of Station Design weeks prior to event Worcester
19 March, 6pm, The Gascoigne Room, WEST OF SCOTLAND Coleman & Company Specialist
The Union Jack Club, Waterloo SE1 Building Air Tightness Cutting Services
Contact: 3 March , 6pm, Room K505, 13 March, 6pm, Birmingham City
Fellowship Workshop Buchanan House, adjacent to University, Millennium Point
31 March, 6pm, The Burns Room, The Glasgow Caledonian University Contact:
Union Jack Club, Waterloo SE1 Contact: Part L Building Regulations Update
Contact: Please book your place at least two 18 March, 6pm, Wolverhampton
weeks prior to event Racecourse

CIOB Member Benefits

To find out more about events in your area

go to or look out for
your electronic news and event updates from
your CIOB branch or CIOB centre. To receive
If you have a smartphone,
information from the CIOB visit iPhone or tablet,
uk and log on to the members area to input/ why not search your
update your details and preferences. apps for a free
downloadable QR reader
and scan our details.
Q&A The Chartered Institute of Building
The Chartered Institute of Building is at the
heart of a management career in construction.
Our focus is on those entering and already in a
management career in construction. By delivering
qualifications and certifications that meet the
needs of a changing industry. We work with
members, employers, academia and governments
across the globe to drive forward the science,

practice and importance of management in
OUR VISION: Built environment professionals
making a difference
OUR MISSION: To contribute to a modern,
progressive and responsible construction
industry, meeting the economic, environmental
and social challenges of a global society

> john dalton chairman ciob, scotland OUR VALUES:

Creating extraordinary people through
professional learning and continuous
professional development.
Promoting the built environment as central to
quality of life for everyone, everywhere.
ON HIS CAREER curriculum vitae
Achieving a sustainable future worldwide.
Being socially responsible and advocating
HIGHLIGHTS exemplary ethical practice, behaviour, integrity
1961-1971 and transparency.
Being involved in the development of a Employed in private Pursuing excellence in worldwide management
New Town was an exciting time with architectural practices as practice and technological innovation rooted in
architectural technician evidence based research.
the local community growing, which in To be the inclusive valued Institute of choice
turn brought industrial and commercial for built environment professionals.
Joined Irvine New Town
interests to the area. We have over 47,000 members around the
Development Corporation. world and are considered to be the international
With the housing association it was Started within the voice of the building professional, representing
particularly rewarding, working with architectural department an unequalled body of knowledge concerning
and ended up as the the management of the total building process.
the local authority and the Scottish
property maintenance Contacts
government to provide housing manager for the last 16 General Publications
developments that included, within the years of the New Town Main CIOB telephone Magazine subscriptions
before it was transferred to number (non-members) 01344
social housing provision, homes for the +44 (0)1344 630700 630811
housing associations and
elderly and special needs in rural areas. Chief Executive Construction Research
the local council. Chris Blythe 01344 and Innovation (CRI)
It meant elderly or disabled people 1997-1999 630701 01344 630811
could live in suitable housing and remain Worked part time in Member Services Construction Manager
Head of Member & 020 7490 5636
within the same community that they property management Business Development Contact 07704 336835
1999-2005 01344 630852
had lived in sometimes for many years. Joined Dunbritton Housing Change of Address Policy and External
I was also involved in the Association as technical 01344 630789/630731 Relations
Direct Debit Enquiries Deputy Chief Executive
regeneration of an existing difficult services manager 01344 630831 01344 630702
ON HIS CAREER housing area, restoring it from a non- 2005-2013 Membership
Press Office 01344
Joined The Richmond
I began my career as an architectural desirable area to one where there was a Fellowship Scotland
01344 630720 Web Site Enquiries
Membership Enquiries/ 01344 630738
technician and joined the Irvine New waiting list. as Technical Services Progression
Town Development Corporation in Coordinator 01344 630706 Events
Subs Enquiries Englemere Room
1971 where for the 16 years prior to its ADVICE TO YOUNG Since 2012
(Members) 01344 Bookings, Conferences
Have been involved at board
winding up I was the property CONSTRUCTION level with Lomond & Clyde
Training Partnerships
and Business Meetings
01344 630825
maintenance manager. MANAGERS Care & Repair 01344 630726 Weddings and
Certificate Ceremonies Receptions 01344
I then joined Dunbritton Housing Gain as much all-round experience in 01344 630785 630815
Association in West Dunbartonshire and the industry at an early age as you can SMTS Enquiries 01344
630742 CIOB International
after that worked at the mental health and then decide on the area in which Experienced General Enquiries +44
Practitioner Assessed (0) 1344 630791
community care organisation The you want to specialise. Too often I Programme (EPA) CIOB Africa + 27 11 234
Richmond Fellowship Scotland until I see people in the industry with a 01344 630887 7877
Experienced CIOB Australasia +61 (2)
retired last July. specialised area of experience who find Practitioner Assessed 9816 4700
Report Route (EPAR) CIOB China East +86 21
I am currently the vice chair of it difficult to change direction in later 01344 630887 2211 1556
Lomond & Clyde Care & Repair, a years because they do not have the Benevolent Fund 01344 CIOB China North +86
630780 10 6528 1070
charity that sends tradesmen to broad level of experience. Also, enjoy Professional CIOB China West/South
carry out free minor repairs in the what you do your working life can be Development +86 23 3670 6360
01344 630716 CIOB Hong Kong +852
homes of the over 60s or disabled. a long time. Library Enquiries 01344
2543 6369
CIOB Malaysia +852
I also chair Care & Repair Extra which Head of Education (603) 2284 5754
is a subsidiary commercial arm company 01344 630822 CIOB Middle East +971
Adjudication and (0) 4457 9107
of Care & Repair. Dispute Resolution CIOB Singapore +65
I gained my MCIOB in 1976 and 01344 630732 6334 4116
Scholarship and
have been a Fellow since 1988. I have Faculties Manager The views expressed
01344 630798 in Contact are not
been active within the Institute during Chartered Building necessarily those of
most of that time. I was chair of the Company/ the editor or the CIOB.
Consultancy Scheme The editor reserves the
West Of Scotland Centre, treasurer for
the Scottish Branch and have been Gain as much experience at an early Chartered Building
Scheme Manager
01344 630746
right to edit any article
submitted for publishing.
Printed on paper produced
age as you can and then specialise.

the chair of the Scottish Branch since Administrator 01344 from a sustainable source.
2012. I have also been a member of the
UK & Ireland Members Forum for the
Also, enjoy what you do your
58 past six years. working life can be a long time.
T: +44 (0)20 7490 5595 E:

BIM files for window products from NorDan

will see greater optimisation of glazing
properties in future buildings
BIM (building information modelling) files for use with
Autodesk Revit software are now available to download
from to enable architects insert NorDan
window and door product information directly into their
Still a fairly new concept in the UK, this approach to
architectural CAD referred to as Building Information
Modelling BIM provides parametrically defined interacting
building objects.
BIM software will enable traditional building drawings with
an intelligent layer of information in addition to the outlines
of windows. John McMenamy,
of NorDan, says As this Download the new Polyflor iPad App
information layer develops it Polyflor has launched its first App!
will greatly assist the design The Polyflor app for the iPad is free and can be
team in their energy analysis downloaded via the Polyflor website or directly from
of the building. We envisage the Apple Store. The App allows the user to look
greater optimisation of through hundreds of installation images by sector or
glazing properties to control by colour. High quality sample scans of all colours can
heat transfer through the also be viewed, along with product details and technical
building fabric will result in specifications. Samples can be added to the sample
cost savings for heating and basket as the user browses through the content and at
cooling systems. the end of the session, address details are entered and the samples are dispatched free of charge. There is also
a My Gallery section which allows the user to collect
images whilst browsing through installation shots, these
images can then be viewed and emailed in a pdf format.
Tom Rollo, Polyflors Marketing Manager comments the
DULUX TRADE LAUNCHES App is a great tool for the flooring contractor and specifier
SPECIFICATION CREATOR TOOL alike, allowing instant access to product information,
imagery and sample requests and is a useful addition to
Dulux Trade has launched Polyflors online presence.
a handy online tool to
help professionals in
building construction
and maintenance create
detailed paint and
woodcare specifications
quickly and easily.
The Dulux Trade Paint
Specification Creator
tool allows specifiers to
search and filter through
AkzoNobels decorative portfolio, access product information
and select the right coating for the job.

The simple and easy-to-use format aims to make product

specification more straightforward and can be used as
either a quick reference guide, or as a resource to produce
in-depth specifications, which can then be saved and used
during the tendering process. By asking a series of questions
about factors such as the in-use requirements, substrate,
condition and finish, the tool directs users to the most suitable
coating options and offers tips and advice, including detailed
information on all aspects of painting, from preparation and
priming to achieving the best finish.

The Dulux Trade Paint Specification Tool can be accessed via

dedicated specifier website,,
Specifiers pages
T: +44 (0)20 7490 5595 E:

The interface between specialist distributors superior service to their specialist contractor
and manufacturers and installers of insulation customers.
and interior building products, including The Encon Group claims to be one of the first
suspended ceilings, partitioning and drywall companies in the industry to offer an academy
systems, has been taken to a new level with approach and has invested over the last few
the launch of a training academy by the years in training its workforce in the areas of
Encon Group. sales, leadership and operations. The academy
The Encon Group companies, which include building itself takes this to a whole new level
specialist distributors Encon Insulation and and was recently shortlisted in the AIS
Nevill Long, have unveiled the academy at (Association of Interior Specialists) Best Practice
their North West branch in Chorley, to help Awards Training Best Practice category.
their employees provide added value and

A new multi-storey car park in the centre of The UKs leading door and window
Swindon, boasts a revolutionary terracotta control system manufacturer, GEZE
screening solution from Levolux. The UK, is demonstrating its green
solution comprises vertical aluminium and credentials by achieving ISO 14001.
terracotta fins, which satisfy a number of ISO 14001 is the worlds most
specific performance criteria. The vertical recognised environmental
Fins protect the core structure from management standard. To achieve
excessive weathering, while providing shade it organisations need to measure
to occupants and their vehicles. their impact on the environment
T 020 8863 9111 and set goals to improve their
E performance.


Glazing systems designer and manufacturer Senior Architectural Systems has
continued to strengthen its senior management team in order to handle the
companys anticipated growth.
James Keeling-Heane and Michelle Damms have new roles on the board at
Senior, while Mark Burton has joined the company from Norking Aluminium.
James has transferred from his post as General Manager at Senior Glass
Systems to join the board of Senior Architectural Systems as Sales Director.
Meanwhile, Michelle has replaced James to join the board of Senior Glass
Systems (SGS) as Operations Director and take full board responsibility for
SGS operations. Mark has become Paint Line Manager at the firms Denaby
site, replacing Michelle.


A new system for making quality, materials, which include White PVC; Self
personalised signs on demand has been adhesive vinyl; Aluminium sign backings in
launched to the construction industry by bronze, silver, gold and white; & Clear
JepSign. It will save time and money in acrylic.
producing many kinds of signage, The finished signs have no screw holes,
including site and building signs, allowing for greater flexibility in the
directional and health and safety signs. All printed image, and can be attached to
can be personalised with logos, colour most surfaces using self-adhesive fixers
schemes, names, numbers, even provided. Signs are suitable for both
photographs, using the JepSign system. outdoor and indoor use, with excellent
Quality, durable signs can be designed and colour fastness and weather resistance.
printed to order onto JepSign sign


Leading washroom manufacturer, health and fitness clubs in the world
Washroom Washroom has with over 80 clubs in the UK alone, is
demonstrated its flexibility for expected to be rolled out to half the UK
producing bespoke design, during branches over the next two years as
a refurbishment project for Fitness part of a large scale refurbishment
First, which features its stunning programme. Overseen by Admiral
Luminoso range manufactured Construction as main contractor with
in vibrant blue for the first time Antarchitecture leading the design,
in the UK. Washroom was tasked with
The recent project to refurbish the refurbishing the shower and changing
South Kensington branch of Fitness room facilities.
First, one of the largest private


A new Clinical Block at Worthing Hospital rooms on the ground floor, also has two
has benefited from innovative Hybrid 19-bed wards on the first floor and room
casement window systems and for offices in its roof space. Specifying
aluminium entrance doors from Seniors glass system, with ClimaGuard
manufacturer Senior Architectural A+ coating, in conjunction with the
Systems and also incorporates Seniors companys Hybrid system ensured the
own glass, ensuring the use of a smooth logistical running of the project,
complete system. not to mention a host of cost and time
The 8 million building, which provides savings due to the specification of a
a new outpatients department, 24 complete system.
consultation rooms and three treatment


Maintaining the energy efficiency of internationally renowned university every
buildings is a challenge at the best of times day, heating and air conditioning demands
but with the entrances of two state-of- would be greatly increased through the
the-art buildings at the University of St opening and closing of doors. Situated
Andrews facing the full force of strong above the main entrances, the AC and ACR
North Sea winds, the university turned to series of air curtains from Airbloc proved to
revolutionary Airbloc air curtains to ensure be the ideal cost-effective and energy
significant cost savings and up to an 80% efficient solution for the Gateway Building
reduction in heat loss. and new multi-storey Medical Science
With more than 9000 students and Building which both face the sea.
staff passing through the doors of this


Alumascs Hydrotech Hot Melt system which has had zero product
Waterproofing System has been used failures in over 50 years of use
on the roof of the new National Trust worldwide was specified by main
Visitor Centre at the world-famous contractor Gilbert Ash and installed by
Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. GBS Roofing of County Down.
Created by architects Heneghan Covering a total of 1800m2, Hydrotech
Peng, the brand new Visitor Centre is provided seamless waterproofing ideal
part of an 18.5m investment at the for highly detailed schemes such
site and boasts a striking design, as this.
inspired by the bold material and For further details on Hydrotech
geometric lines of the Causeway itself. structural waterproofing please visit
The tried and trusted Hydrotech


Sika a global leader in products professionals taking on
and solutions for the increasing amounts of work
construction industry has within their individual roles,
developed a new Key Project comments Ivo Schaedler, General
Management Team to provide Manager of Sika Limited. Were
support for professionals able to offer a full range of
working on large construction products and so why not also
projects. provide a service that allows
Our experience spans more busy people to access a
than a century and throughout one-stop-shop, ultimately saving
this time weve seen time and possibly money too.
construction industry


Project of the month
Oxford University
Museum of Natural

A PROJECT TO REPAIR the leaking roof

and refresh the interiors of the Oxford
University Museum of Natural History
has been completed by regional contractor
Beard and architect Purcell.
The grade I listed building has been a
tourist attraction and centre of learning
since it first opened in 1860, and houses
the University of Oxfords scientific
collections of zoological, entomological
and geological specimens.
The Gothic Revival museum building is
characterised by its three dramatic glass
and cast iron roofs, four storeys high,
which span the main exhibition quad.
Over the past 36 months, Beard has
carried out an extensive restoration
project to clean and repair the vaulted
glass roof, with each of the 8,500
diamond-shaped glass panels removed,
cleaned and resealed.
The roof has leaked from completion
150 years ago, despite many attempts
to fix it. The problem is the inconsistent
thickness of the sand-cast glass tiles,
which were cast to a nominal thickness of
10mm, but actually ranged from 8-12mm.
These were nailed to the timber batons in
an overlapping design, which created gaps
that water could penetrate.
An effective solution was devised
using a mastic silicone adhesive which As well as the roof work, the museum
proved ideal for both adherence and interiors required extensive cleaning and
accommodating the tolerance required conservation. During the works, graffiti
for the rough surface texture of the sand- was discovered on the timber beams of
cast glass. This innovative solution is fully the roof, thought to have been daubed by
reversible and allows the glass tiles to the Victorian roof painters. As a gesture
move and the building to breathe while to this, the present day project team was
maintaining the original aesthetic. honoured with a plaque in the roof.
In addition, the lead has been With a new lease of life, we hope the
replaced on the ridge and hips of the museums newly-restored glass-tiled roof
three glass roofs and the slate roof will continue to be admired and enjoyed
The roof of the museum had
has also been relaid around the roofs leaked for 150 years. Beard used by many generations of visitors to come,
perimeter, extending down to the mastic silicone adhesive to seal said Stephen French, Beard site manager
the sand-cast glass tiles.
adjoining Pitt Rivers Museum. for the project.

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by Atom Publishing. The contents of this
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Load-through Bulkhead
Many things make Transit Connect the backbone of business, like the
ingenious Load-through Bulkhead or the fact that it won Van of the Year 2014.
However you look at it, nothing else helps you go further.

Transit Connect International Van of The Year 2014.