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Volume: 04 Issue: 11 | Nov -2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

Comparative Studies of Construction Techniques

(Conventional vs Mivan)
Vasav R. Rakholia1, Srinil H. Soni2

1,2 P.G Student Dept. of Civil Engineering MIT Art Design and Technology, Loni, Pune, India
Abstract - Formwork, which holds and supports wet cement constrained spaces lead the best approach to develop the tall
till such time it cures, is an exceptionally key component in building structures. Developing the skyscraper was not a
concrete construction. With the globalization of Indian simple assignment at first but rather now with the assistance
economy and presentation of multinationals in India for the of the advanced innovation and machines it has turned out to
development and countries pride program of golden be very simple.
quadrilateral, it has turned out to be chief to have fast
development and opportune finishing of projects. Now a days Lack/non-accessibility skilled and semi-skilled
current formwork system for superstructure development are workers brings about issues of cost and time over-runs, sub-
ordinarily received. Formwork system influences on the cost, par development, poor completions spillages, consumption
time, and nature of project delivery. Yet at the same time these of structures and so forth this can be escaped by receiving
formwork frameworks are very little utilized as a part of India present day formwork frameworks. This additionally
and the majority of the temporary workers don't prefer to maintains a strategic distance from repairs and restoration
move to the most recent innovation as they have the of structures before its normal life expectancy.
uncertainty of confronting misfortunes in the undertaking and
they are especially comfortable with the current formwork 2. CONVENTIONAL FORMWORK
sort, the ordinary sort. Mivan is new development innovation
up and coming for fruitful finish of mass lodging venture in This more often than not comprises of standard framed
India. In the meantime they trust that these formwork panels tied together over their backs with even individuals
frameworks are bit costly. This paper means to look at benefits called waling. The waling is furnished with the essential
and faults by utilizing an ordinary timber formwork system capacity of opposing the flat power of wet concrete. One side
and current formwork system like Mivan. The examinations of the wall formwork is first amassed guaranteeing that it is
incorporate costs, time, and nature of these frameworks. For accurately adjusted, plumbed and strutted. The steel support
better comprehension of this subject, diverse development confine is then set and situated before the opposite side of the
destinations are contemplated where most propel methods in formwork is raised and settled. Plywood sheet in mix with
formwork are utilized and the information gathered from timber is the most well-known material utilized for wall
these locales is exhibited keeping in mind the end goal to give formwork. The standard technique is to make up wall shapes
examination between present day Mivan formwork and as framed panels with the plywood confronting sheet
conventional formwork framework. screwed on to studs on a timber outline. This takes into
consideration the plywood to be effortlessly evacuated and
Key Words: Formwork, Mivan, Conventional, turned around and utilized on the two sides in order to build
Comparison, Requirement the quantity of reuses. The wall forms are powerless to edge
and corner harm and should be precisely taken care of.
1. INTRODUCTION Uncommon consideration must be given to comers and
connected wharfs since the expanded weights connected by
This Indian development industry has begun utilizing a wet cement could make the projections open up, offering
portion of the world class advancements. A few formwork ascend to unsatisfactory grout escape and a poor complete to
systems are being used at better places on the planet; in the the cast divider. The cycle time for one floor with the use of
end the systems which are sensibly efficient and simple for conventional formwork is minimum 3-4 weeks. Also the
operation with talented work are more valuable in India. block or Brick work and plastering is needed in order to get
Formwork system has critical part in the development the finished surface. This takes more time and skilled labours
procedure, settling on the correct choice by picking the too. This ultimately increases the time required for the
suitable formwork system could prompt reaction to practical completion of the project.
development. Distinctive systems have their own particular
points of interest however one needs to pick a formwork
which best backings singular task prerequisite. The
progression of innovation, increment of populace and

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056
Volume: 04 Issue: 11 | Nov -2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

3. REQUIREMENT FOR MODERN FORMWORK 4.1 Comparison of Mivan formwork system with
SYSTEMS Conventional Construction

The most punctual formwork systems made utilization of Table -1

wooden scantlings and timber sprinters as it empowered
simple shaping and making at site. Be that as it may, these Factors Conventional System Mivan Formwork
wooden scantlings and timber sprinters have a tendency to System
lose their auxiliary and dimensional properties over a period Speed of The speed of development In this framework the
time and after rehashed utilization consequently posturing developm is much slower because of divider and the floors are
ent well-ordered fruition of threw all the while in one
security issues. A large number of the mischances happen in
various phases of the nonstop operation and
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) development in light of exercises, for example, furthermore the
sub-par formwork and scaffolding. Now center must be erection of formwork, completing work can be
moved to other key factor "Formwork", to confront the cementing and de- begun instantly, so the
difficulties for the consummation of quick track ventures. By covering and from there speed of the development
going in for system formwork, considerable reserve funds are on putting and other is considerably speedier.
conceivable by quicker profit for speculations. completing exercises.
Quality Because of traditional Superior quality is
4. MIVAN TECHNOLOGY strategy for development acquired due to in-situ
ordinary quality is throwing of entire
obtained. structure and transverse
MIVAN TECHNOLOGY is an aluminum formwork innovation. dividers done in constant
MIVAN framework is formwork development, cast in situ operation.
solid divider and floor chunks cast solid gives the auxiliary Aesthetics On account of ordinary If there should arise an
framework in one nonstop pour. Expansive room estimated development the partition occurrence of Mivan
shapes for dividers and floors sections are raised at site. walls are comprised of framework the wall and
These structures are made solid and durable, manufactured blocks because of which the roof components are
with exactness and simple to deal with. They bear the cost of the column and the beam casted together because
expansive number of redundancies (around 250). The solid is indicate unattractive of which the insides have
projections in room flawless and clean lines
created in RMC clumping plants under strict quality control
interiors. without unattractive
and pass on it to site with travel blenders. Formwork projections in different
frameworks for structures are delegated either flat or vertical corners. The wall and the
formwork. Level formwork frameworks are those used to roofs likewise have a
shape the flat solid work (pieces or rooftops), while vertical smooth even surface.
formwork frameworks are those used to frame the vertical External All the outer walls are All the outside walls are
supporting components of the structure, e.g., segments, finishes comprised of blocks, so it comprised of concrete
center dividers, and shear dividers. Because of the fine requires manual bond and don't require manual
resistances accomplished in the machined metal formwork putting which should be cement putting and
parts, predictable solid shapes and complete are gotten floor repainted as often as furthermore have smooth
possible. completing, so this will
after floor, a great many buildings, affirming to the most
require no regular
demanding gauges of value and precision. This enables repainting.
plumbing and electrical fittings to be pre-assembled with the Maintena The maintenance cost is The maintenance cost is
specific information that there will be a correct fit when nce too high as it requires visit negligible as the walls
gathered. The dimensional exactness at the cemented work repairs of mortars of wall and roof is comprised of
likewise brings about reliable fittings of entryways and and roofs, painting of excellent concrete which
windows. The arrangement of Aluminum frames has been external and internal walls don't require visit
utilized broadly in the development of private units and mass because of leakages. repairs.
lodging ventures. It is quick, basic, versatile and cost Proficienc Skilled workers are Less talented works
y and cost required on the site are required on the
compelling. It produces add up to quality work which
saving as the structure isn't site as all the
requires least upkeep and when sturdiness is the prime
solid and it ought to completing things
thought. This framework is most reasonable for Indian be in appropriate are pre-assembled.
condition as a tailor made aluminum formwork for cast in measurement. The formwork
situ completely solid structure. The formwork boards boards are light in
are not light in weight and can be
weight. lifted physically, so
there is no need of
burning through
cash for substantial

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056
Volume: 04 Issue: 11 | Nov -2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

cranes for lifting. 10 Need of any Not required These are the
There is no timber or plywood main
prerequisite of components
works for building 11 Re-use estimation 150 200 Maximum 50
block dividers and of formwork
putting as real piece 12 Stacking of Hard Easy
of the structure is materials
thrown in concrete 13 Initial investment High Less
by little gathering of in the system
specialists. 14 Economy in Economical for Economical on
development mass housing small scale
4.2 The following are the limitations of using Mivan
formwork System 3. CONCLUSIONS

1. Modifications are costly as all members are cast in It can be concluded that the modern methods of construction
RCC. such as 'Mivan formwork system' are the key to meeting the
2. Concealed services become difficult due to small demand for efficient, sustainable housing. Also the quality
thickness of the components. and speed must be given due consideration with regards to
3. The aluminium formworks are far more expensive economy. Mivan formwork system not only helps in
than the conventional formwork. improving the quality and efficiency of the work but also has
4. It requires uniform planning as well as uniform helped in maintaining the site safety. Traditional formwork
elevations to be cost effective. for concrete construction normally consisted of bespoke
5. The formwork can be cost effective only if it is used solutions requiring skilled craftsmen. This type of formwork
in symmetrical type of structure. often had poor safety features and gave slow rates of
construction on-site and huge levels of waste inefficient
4.3 Comparison and unsustainable. Modern formwork systems, which are
mostly modular, designed for speed and efficiency. They are
Table -2 engineered to provide increased accuracy and minimize
waste in construction and most have enhanced health and
Sr. Characteristics MIVAN System Conventional safety features built-in. By using MIVAN system we can
No. Formwork achieve cost reduction in less time. By reducing cycle time
System than conventional method overall financial cost saving can
1 Speed of 7 days cycle per Min. process be achieved.
development floor. duration is of 21
2 Quality of surface Excellent. Putting Bad.
finish is not required Putting is
We would like to acknowledge and thank the companies,
3 Pre-planning of Required Not required Marathon Realty Pvt Ltd and Nyati Builders Pvt Ltd for
formwork system sharing and providing us with all the necessary data and site
4 Type of Cast-in-situ Simple RCC visits required for completing the case study without which
construction Cellular encircled it would have been difficult for us to complete the Study.
construction development
5 Wastage of Very less In incredible REFERENCES
formwork sum.
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props Comparison Between Conventional and Formwork

2017, IRJET | Impact Factor value: 6.171 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal | Page 1146
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056
Volume: 04 Issue: 11 | Nov -2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

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2017, IRJET | Impact Factor value: 6.171 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal | Page 1147