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Unit 1 speaking

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About you Photo description

1 Talk about your possessions. 3 Describe the photos.
What things have you usually got in your bag? Photo A
What is your favourite possession? Why? Describe the shop in your photo. What things
How often do you go shopping? How often do can you buy here?
you buy new things? Do you often buy these things? Why?
Do you prefer going shopping with friends, or What do you think these people like buying?
with your parents? Why? Do you think these people save or spend a lot of
Do you usually save money or spend it? Why? money? Why?
Photo B
Describe what you can see in your photo. What
Role play
things can you buy using your computer?
2 Complete the dialogue with the expressions. Do you buy things using the internet? Why?
Then practise the dialogue.
Do you think this person often goes shopping on
Dont you like it? I cant stand the internet?
I dont think much its OK do you think of it
Do you think this person saves or spends a lot of
A Hey, look at this T-shirt. money? Why?
What (1) ?
B Not much, really. Its not very fashionable.
EXTENSION Answer the questions.
A Oh. (2) Do you like going shopping with friends or
I like it. I think its really nice. shopping on the internet?
B Well, (3) , What things do you buy on the internet? Why?
I suppose, but I dont really like the colour. What What things do you buy in shops? Why?
about this jumper? Do you like it? A
A No, (4)
of that. Its not fashionable. And its red, and
(5) red!
B Oh, well. Its good that we dont all like the
same clothes!

EXTENSION Imagine you are in a clothes shop.

A ask your partner to look at some clothes
B give your opinion of the clothes
A respond
B show some different clothes
A give your opinion
B respond