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Electrocardiogram Signal Acquisition and signal processing

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a tool to measure the hearts electrical activity. ECG

waveform can be used to detect a wide range of heart conditions and is very useful for
continuous monitoring of serious patients. The ECG machines available in hospitals these days
are very expensive and dedicated for a single patient only.

As cardiac patient needs to be observed continuously 24 hours a day about his electrical
activity of Heart. The ratio of heart patients is increasing day by day thus giving rise to a demand
of cheap ECG Machine which can be easily operated as well as cheaply purchased by cardiac

Another major issue is to avoid examination at Hospital throughout a day, the patient
needs to observe him at home for further use. For this said purpose a simple, cheap and easily
operating machine is required.

The goal of this project is to detect the ECG signal of human body and to view that
ECG signal on a personal computer. The purpose of this project is to get a clear ECG-signal
without any noise, save it and send it through wired communication.

This ECG machine can be implemented very easly and at a low cost. It can be
extended from acquisition of ECG signal to analysis of ECG signal which is under