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1. Marks obtained by a student in any viva, shall be average of the individual marks
awarded by the panel members which would be final and binding. No scope of
improvement scoring shall be available for any viva.

2. It is mandatory for and sole responsibility of a student to attend and appear all vivas.
Repeat viva shall not be conducted under any circumstances whatsoever, other than
force majeure. In conditions of force majeure, viva panel shall be endeavoured to be
re-instituted for conducting the viva either as panel viva or as table viva.

Changes and improvements whatsoever, suggested to the candidate, by the jury

during a viva, shall have to be presented to the jury only in the next viva.

***Conditions of force majeure:

Serious ailments leading to prescribed bed-rest or quarantine.

Unfortunate demise of near relations or close family member.

3. Certificate of Guides Approval (in prescribed format) shall be issued by a Guide for
her/his students.

Award of the Certificate shall depend on:

Consulting/referring to the Guide her/his work at regular and satisfactory interval;


Satisfactory level of work, conforming to the requirements of the viva (as

prescribed in the Review Details)

In case a student is not referring her/his work to the Guide at regular and satisfactory
interval, the Guide shall not issue the same. In such cases, a deduction of ten percent
(10%) of marks from the marks obtained in a viva shall be levied.

4. A Guide shall certify and sign each sheet of the portfolio on the front, prior to sheet
submission before a viva. Sheet submission shall be scheduled a day in advance
before the actual date of viva. Only sheets checked and duly signed by the Guide
shall be allowed for the viva.

It shall remain responsibility of a student to get her/his sheets checked and signed from
her/his Guide prior to the submission.

5. Dates of viva publicly notified in the Thesis Schedule in the day of Thesis Briefing shall be
final. Requests for change of dates shall not be entertained. Change of dates of viva,
if at all, for any unforeseen events, shall be notified only by the Thesis Coordinators.

6. Any applications for anything with respect to the thesis (case study bona-fide letters,
absence applications, etc.) shall be addressed to the Thesis Coordinators duly
forwarded/attested from the Guide.