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Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System

1. Introduction
This project is is mainly concerned with selling the all systems and servicing of customers in both hardware and software problems. The company will require more manpower to maintain financial transactions, sales transactions etc. The main aim of this project is to automate the manual processing in the stock maintenance, financial transactions, and employee transactions etc. If these are done manually, it consumes large amount of time, scope for errors, and cost of maintenance is also very high. So, in order to reduce all these disadvantages we developed a business application for the concerned company. The application will generate reports for the order status and service call status in order to place purchase orders and assigns duties to the employees for attending the service call. Automation will helpful in maintaining the accounts accurate and up-to-date. The objective of this project is to automate the Computer Systems dealer transactions as a whole. This application should eliminate the burden on accountant and should also eliminate the delays and arithmetic errors more importantly. This application should provide the following features to the users. Planning employee responsibilities and specifying employee targets is no more difficult. A faster way to produce employee performance reports and to maintain their daily reports. Now formal communications between organization and customers is easy in the form of automated document generations and printings. Maintaining daily expenses and generating monthly reports is not a tedious job. Generating financial reports like pending bills, monthly income and turn over is faster and automatic. The main objective of this project is to automate the information processing of hardware sales and servicing of an authorized dealer of ‘Zenith computers’. As business volume increased it is difficult to process the information fast to serve the customers in good manner. We aimed in developing this package to make the information processing easy and fast.


Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System

In the perspective of the user, the package must have an easily operable graphical user interface. To satisfy the user, we aimed to give online support such as entry wise help, form wise help and also off line help. Finally we want to design this package such that anyone can use it without any manual training. processing the input data. The objectives also include the following business requirements from the client. Automated enquiry tracking sub system. An efficient and fast quotation preparation. A flexible order information processing. An efficient ‘service request’ handling sub system. An accurate financial sub system to handle income and expenses calculation and to generate financial reports. A good planner to serve the customers. The outcome of any business application is a well-defined set of reports. We aimed to extract an useful set of reports by


2. Servicing Module: This module is designed such that to handle all the transactions related to service calls. Sales Reports: These reports give an important extract from the data. which will help to take decisions to improve the sales. These reports include financial reports. Design Principles & Explanation 2. 4 . A structured system is one that is developed from the top down and modular. These reports are enquiry reports. This involves different sub modules like enquiry tracking. Using these reports one can plan their calls to attend in an easy manner.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 2. Reports: The reports generated in project depict the up to date information about the current status of various records. broken down into manageable components. quotation reports and order reports. Modules: Well-structured designs improve the maintainability of a system.1. This module is sub divided into ‘AMC’ service calls handling and temporary service calls handling sub systems. that is. Servicing Reports: These reports give the details of calls served according to given time period. The various types of reports that will be generated in this project are as mentioned below. quotation preparing and order booking.2. sales reports and servicing reports. Module Description Sales Module: This module is intended to implement all the transactions related to the sales of computers. In this project we modularized the system so that they have minimal effect on each other. Reports Module: The reports module generates reports related to all the above modules.

2. So the system plans a very important role in the process of system development. The space required to store the data is also very much and it is a waste of both time and manpower. Customer can send the account details. Directed interaction between Customer and the Online Banking Application. the through analysis of the existing system has to be done. Everything is in a printed form and instantaneous input and retrieval of required information is a tedious job. 3. Account detail database has to be updated by Authorized person. view. checks the availability of all transactions. Admin can accept or deny the customer request. 5 . The main objective of Online Banking System is to minimize the customers time and effort maximum extent and for maintaining details of the customers. Automatically the transaction request is stored the transaction table. All this consumes a lot of manual work and time.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System LITERATURE SURVEY System study: System analysis and design is an approach towards formalization the analysis and design of information systems with the objective of improving the system performance by automation. 4. once the order is sanctioned or denied it does not notify to the customers. Salient Features Of Proposed System 1. In the process of planning a new system or to replace or improve the old system. Whenever a particular customer’s information is to be known several records have to be searched. his/her personal account details and for fast processing of the business interaction and its approval which can be done in a networking environment. Proposed System In order to overcome the limitations of the existing system we have planned to have a computerized Online Banking System which runs through the network of the Banks. 5. Existing System In the existing system the customer has to send an order. Therefore depending on the requirements of the company.

The customer can easily check all the transactions up to particular day. 9. Requires less time for transactions and searching records. The goal of requirement specification phase is to produce the software requirements specification document (RAD). ability to meet user needs and effective use of resources. impact on the College. Considering the resources at Surana College the project is technically feasible. the software system is to solve. The hardware 6 . The objective of feasibility study is not to solve the problem but acquire a sense of its scope. System Analysis The analysis is the process of understanding the system at a greater depth. The requirement analysis is done in order to understand the problem. The person responsible for the requirements analysis is often called the analyst. Requirements analysis is on identifying what is needed from the system. 8. Validation and verifications are done in the system. Admin search and view the details of a customer. 10. we performed two feasibility checking – (i)Technical Feasibility (ii)Economical Feasibility Technical Feasibility Technical feasibility analysis includes the resource availability of the College.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 6. There are three major activities in this phase are: Feasibility Study: Feasibility study is a test of system proposal according to its workability. identifying the missing functions with an intention to improve it through better methods and procedures. not how the system will achieve its goal. In this phase we study the system and observe the problem of existing system and think how to cover the problems (Problem Analysis). Employee can instantaneously know the availability of the amounts. 7. It is connected with the banking system. Therefore. 11.

The maintenance cost of the proposed system will be less compared to the present system.NET also provides some inbuilt tools for validating various fields in containing in a Form which is to be filled by the user. This features refers to as cross-language development.NET. security. its suitable for coding server side program and we can also add JavaScript in the source code for various validation. code specialization.NET with the intention of bridging the gap in interoperability between applications. like ASP. Organization needs security. we have used the ASP. Overview of . It is know exaggeration to say that many thousands of organizations have become critically dependent on the continued and successful operations of a database system. easy to install the software and capable of storing huge amount of data so we selected SQL2000 as a backend. scalability. AJAX.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System and software available in the organization is enough for the proper working of the system going to be developed. and administration. resource management. the development cost is optimized. Software Selection: The software we selected for our project is VB. So the new system is economically feasible. It allows the developers to write their applications/programs in any of the . Reason for choosing VB.NET Microsoft introduced the .NET. It is designed to make significant improvements in code reuse. It aims at integrating various programming languages and services. as they can share their applications /programs with those of their co-programmers. programming in another. deployment. 7 . So the new system is technically feasible.NET technology hare to write the code.NET languages with which they are most comfortable.NET is a new development platform that helps in creating Web applications very fast. In our proposed system. Here. which provides a frame for using different technology.NET platform. is the primary strength of the . C#. the cost includes development cost software/hardware cast of maintenance. VB. multi-language development. Data base technology has been described as one of the most rapidly growing areas of computer and information science.NET is that. Economical Feasibility The aspects mainly verify whether the development is cost-effective.NET.NET. The . Net compatible language.

These are Common Language Runtime (CLR) Base Class Libraries (BCL) Common Language Runtime (CLR) A runtime is a component. It provides the basic execution services and makes the . to the various .NET platform is centered on two basic components.NET language is compiled. to get the basic functionality it requires the CLR is similar to the Java virtual machine. is a comprehensive. Visual Basic. In fact. the base class library provides the basic functionalities like console input/output.NET languages are C#.NET.NET languages.NET languages. in order to execute programs written in a particular programming language. When a program is written in .NET languages executable on the . Visual Java. The class library. The runtime component of a language provides the basic features. the other main component of the . which a computer must have. needed by the programs written in that language to execute successfully. The . When a program is executed it links to the runtime component of the language in which it is written.NET.NET Framework. object-oriented collection of reusable types that you can use to develop applications ranging from traditional command-line or graphical user interface (GUI) applications to applications based on the latest innovations provided by ASP. mathematical function etc.NET platform.NET environment provides a base class library which can be used by all . such as Web Forms and XML Web services. text manipulation.NET. it produces Metadata Microsoft intermediate language Base class library (BCL) The .NET languages.NET platform are called . A few of the common .NET program written in any of the .Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System The languages supported by the . 8 .

NET and give it the kind of access to system resources that in the past required the use of languages like C++. One of the most important additions is object inheritance.NET is the result of a significant rebuild of VB for the Microsoft . No more Asp-Imposed Limitations 6.NET. Using Objects 7.NET: 1.NET: Visual Studio . One of the best things about VB.NET. Object. all managed types derive from System.NET developers to do things that we couldn’t do before – things like inheritance & structured error handling. There are a number of changes that make VB. which is administered by the common Language Runtime & provides better memory management. Common Functionality 4. VB. development. and deployment of our solutions. Another long-awaited capability is the ability to write applications that interact with the user via the command line.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Advantages of . The universal type system allows for greater interoperability. more powerful than VB. also contributing to the enhanced power & flexibility found in visual basic . 9 .NET functionality.NET makes this easy & with full . In VB. Visual Studio includes componentbased development tools.NET Framework.NET is that it allows VB. Visual Basic.NET easier to use. Multiple Platform Support 2. as well as a number of additional technologies to simplify team-based design. and Visual C++.NET is the tool for rapidly building enterprise-scale ASP Web applications and high performance desktop applications. Performance 3. An important new language feature is garbage collection. VB. such as Visual C#. No More Language Functionality Debates 5. Name Spaces Visual Studio.

NET supports structured exception (error) handling. Inheritance also allows you to use inheritance-based polymorphism. and then reuse that code over and over as the basis of new classes.NET are inheritable by default. Structured exception handling combines a modern control structure (similar to Select Case or While) with exceptions. but with functionally different. VB. the ability to define classes that can be used interchangeably by client code at run time. Exception Handling: VB.NET uses an enhanced version of the Try…Catch…Finally syntax already supported by other languages such as C++. which allows the program to detect and possibly recover from errors during execution. Used to create controls to use in Windows-based applications. you can use inheritance to define new forms based on existing ones. . Used to create services for Windows. Used to create Web Services to use from other applications. Used to create class libraries for use in other applications. Inheritance allows you to write and debug a class once. and filters. Derived classes inherit and can extend the properties and methods of the base class. yet identically named methods or properties.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Inheritance: VB. They can also override inherited methods with new implementations. ASP.NET 10 . protected blocks of code.NET supports inheritance by allowing you to define classes that serve as the basis for derived classes. Because the forms you design are really classes. All classes created with VB. Used to create applications with static or dynamic web pages as a user interface.NET project types: Project Type Windows Application Class Library Windows Control Library Web Application Web Service Web Control Library Console Application Windows Service Description Used to create applications with a Windows Form based user interface. Used to create controls to use in web applications Used to create command line applications.

scalability.NET Server Controls In addition to supporting standard HTML input controls. 4. .NET Web Forms pages can target any browser client (there are no script library or cookie requirements). ASP. 3.NET ships with 45 built-in server controls.NET 1. Comparison of ASP and ASP.NET enables developers to utilize richer custom controls on their pages. 1. It is a complete architecture for developing Websites and Internet distributed object using managed code.NET Multiple Languages ASP has been a limited Scripting engine. ASP.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System ASP. But asp is not. 5. security and reliability. ASP. so we can use whichever we feel most compatible with. Improves the Session rate. The . Provides better support for different browsers and devices.NET is an Upgrading Version of Asp 3. ASP.NET Framework to target Web-based applications. ASP.NET Web Forms provide an easy and powerful way to build dynamic Web UI.NET is pure Object-oriented. It is the hosting environment that enables developers to use . ASP.NET server controls provide an easy way to encapsulate common functionality. 3. the following sample demonstrates how the <asp: ad rotator> control can be used to dynamically display rotating ads on a page. 6.NET Web Forms pages provide syntax compatibility with existing ASP pages. notably VBScript and Jscript. For example. Make code easier. 4. Introduction to ASP.NET 11 . 4. Developers can also use controls built by third parties. Enable a new breed of Web applications. 2.NET Framework inherently supports multiple languages.0. Improve deployment. ADO versus ADO. Advantages of ASP. Pure Object-oriented. 2. Object-oriented ASP.

It also gives Ado. Some organizations have different databases for each group in their organization & sometimes a database used by a single application. containing all the data for their organization. Advantages of ADO. Some organizations have only one user database. Better performance Exchange and persist data stores much more easily. SQL Server has four system databases (Master. 12 . SQL Server makes all databases on the server available to all users that connect to the server.NET interacts with Databases.NET was the adaptation of XML for data exchanges. SQL Server is capable of handling thousands of users working in multiple databases on the same server at the same time. which eliminates lengthy connections. and database locks.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System A Fundamental change from ADO to ADO. Overview of SQL Server 2000 Each SQL Server installation has multiple databases. Tem band & Msdb) & one or more user databases.NET doesn’t. But ADO. similar to Html that presents an efficient way of representing data. One of the main features of SQL Server user here in this project is that: SQL Mail Feature allows notifying users when a particular change occurs in the database. XML is a text-based language.NET much more scalable because user isn’t in connection for database resources. This allows ADO. It uses disconnected datasets. This makes Ado. a trigger can automatically run SQL Mail to send an e-mail message to the purchasing department. It does not require the complex conversions that wasted processor time with classic ADO. For example: when inventory falls below a certain threshold. More Scalable. 2. SQL Mail provides a mechanism to send & receive e-mail directly from SQL Server. Another major change is the way ADO. Model. ADO requires “locking” of database resources and lengthy connections for its applications.NET 1.NET to reach exchange and persist data stores much more easily than ADO.NET much better performance because XML data is easily converted to and from any type of data. subjects to defined security permissions.

the SQL standard published by ANSI and ISO in 1992. deployment and use System Integration with Other server software Scalability Availability. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Hardware Requirements: The hardware requirements are specified below: Processor RAM Hard Disk : Intel Pentium IV.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Conversely. including standards for the SQL language. & a SQL Mail task can check the mailbox regularly to automatically insert the data from the messages it finds and reply with a confirmation message. The dialect of SQL supported by Microsoft SQL Server is called Transact-SQL (T-SQL). E-mail messages can be sent to mailbox set up for SQL Server. the user have to use a set of commands and statements (language) defined by the DBMS software.2 GHz and Higher : 256 MB or above : 1 GB or above 13 . you can use e-mail as the input vehicle for data that is defined for a SQL Server database. & a SQL Mail task can check the mailbox set up for SQL Server. the most common is SQL. Data warehousing. 1. SQL Server 2000 supports the Entry Level of SQL-92. Internet Integration Structured Query Language To work with data in a database. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) define software standards. SQL Server feature: Ease of installation. Several different languages can be used with relational databases. Enterprise-Level Database Feature. T-SQL is the primary language used by Microsoft SQL Server applications.

NET 2005. 2003 Internet explorer 5. SQL Server 2000.1. Project Dictionary 3.0 or Higher Visual Studio . Customer H/W sales and Service Information System Reports 14 . Dataflow Diagrams: A graphic tool used to describe and analyze the moment of data through a system – manual or automated – including the processes. Microsoft Office 2003 Input-Output Devices Computer input and output devices for are described as follows. • Output: Monitor • Input: Keyboard and Mouse 3. 2000.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Software Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98. stores of data. XP. through processes. Data flow diagrams are the central tools and the basis from which other components are developed. and delays in the system. may be described logically and independently of the physical components associated with the system. The transformation of data from input to output.

0 Financia l Process 3.0 Service Process 2. Data Sales Process 1.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Service Request Service Response LEVEL 1 DFD Data Reports Data Store Service request Sales Order Response / Bill Custom Item / Bill Receipt er Service Data Sales Data Sales Data Service Data Fin. Data Fin.0 Cash 15 .

1 Quotation details User_info Quot_info Porder_info Order data Quotation s Process 1.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Enquiry Details Quotation Request Customer Quotation Details Order data Bill / Item Enquiry Response Enquiry Data Enquiry Tracking Process 1.3 16 .2 Orders Process 1.

2 Expenses Maintenanc e Process 3.1 Spare Buy Data Employee data Spares buying process 3.3 Emp_info TADA_info Spares store Expenses Expenses 17 .Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Spares Buy Data Employee Details Daily Expenses User Receipt Spares report Expenses report TA & DA Employee pays Process 3.

As the name suggests.of computers 18 .2. ORDER_INFO: Name ORD_NO CUST_ID partids Order-date n no-ofcomputers CUSTOMER: Name CUS_ID CUST_NAME DESIG STREET COLONY CITY PHONE E-MAIL Type Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Constraints Primary key Description Customer id Name Occupation Street name Colony name City name Phone number Email add Type Varchar(50) Varchar2 (25) Number Number Number Constraints Primary key Foreign key Foreign key Foreign key Description Order serial Customer id Enquiry number Quotation number Order amount AMC: Name CUST_ID TOTALCOMPUTERS Type Varchar (50) Varchar(50) Constraints Foreign key Description Customer id No.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 3. In a data dictionary you will find a list of all the elements composing the data flow through a system. these elements center on data the way they are structured to meet user requirements and organization needs. Data Dictionary: A data dictionary is a catalogue – a repository – of the elements in a system.

Address Phone number Salary Qualification Experience 19 .REG_DATE SERVICE_REQ: Name CUST_ID PROBLEM SYS_TYPE REG_DATE Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Varchar(50) date Type Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Constraints Description CUSTOMER ID Problem SYSTEM TYPE REGISTRATION DATE SPAREPART: Name PART_ID PART_NAME BUY_DATE NUM_OF_PARTS MOUNTPER SINGLE TOTAL AMT_PAYED Type Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (50) Varchar2 (50) Constraints Description ID of spare NAME OF SPARE Amount TOTL SPARES PER SINGLE TOTAL AMOUNT AMOUNT PAYED EMPLOYEE: Name EMP_ID NAME ADDR PHONE SALARY QUALI EXPR Type Varchar2 (50) Varchar2 (25) Varchar2 (200) Varchar2 (15) Number Varchar2 (25) Number Constraints Description ID OF EMP Primary key Name of service Eng.

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Redirect("allinfo. using System. using System.Text = "Enter the id and password".Coding Form1 using System. EventArgs e) { 27 .Collections.Web.Text = "plz check the id and password".UI. EventArgs e) { if (TextBox1.WebParts. using System.HtmlControls. using System. public partial class adminloin : System. SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Initial Catalog=phani.Data.Read()) { if ((TextBox1.Configuration.SqlClient.UI.Text. SqlDataReader rd = com.Web.Text = "".Text. using System.UI.Web.ToString())) { Response.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender.integrated security=yes").UI. } else { Label5.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 5.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender. using System.Web.ToString().Text == "") { Label5. using System.Open().Text == "" || TextBox2.ExecuteReader(). using System.WebControls. EventArgs e) { Session["id"] = TextBox1. con.UI. } } con. } Form2 public partial class changepassword : System. } else { Label5.Trim() == rd[0]. using System.WebControls. if (rd.Web. } protected void Button1_Click(object sender.Web. SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("select * from admin".UI.Close().Data.aspx").Text.Security.ToString()) && (TextBox2. con).Trim() == rd[1].Web.Web. using System.

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com3. TextBox7. rd. com2.Text = "".Close().Parse(TextBox6.Text = "One record is added".Text = "". } else { 32 . cou = com1. SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("initial catalog=phani. Label10.Close(). TextBox8.tamount='" + tot. SqlDataAdapter ad = new SqlDataAdapter(com1).Text. SqlCommand com2 = new SqlCommand("update spinfo set noofparts='" + c1. Label10. con).ExecuteNonQuery().Text = "".ToString() + "' where partid='" + TextBox5.Text = "".ExecuteReader(). SqlCommand com3 = new SqlCommand("delete orderinfo where orname='" + TextBox3. cler().aspx").ToString()). TextBox3. int num. TextBox6. } rd. } Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System public void cler() { TextBox1. SqlDataReader rd = com.ToString()).Text = "".ToString() + "'. SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("select max(salid) from salseinfo".Text = "SA000" + "1". Response.Text + "'". //TextBox4. } con. SqlCommand com1 = new SqlCommand("Select max(salid) from salseinfo".ExecuteNonQuery(). TextBox5.a1 = int.ExecuteNonQuery().Text = "".Parse(rd[3].a1. b1 = int. TextBox2. con). } protected void Button1_Click(object sender.Text = "".Redirect("salesinfo. con).ExecuteScalar(). EventArgs e) { cler(). con.Open().Text = "". con).Close(). com. string cou = "".Text + "'". c1 = b1 . string str.ToString().integrated security=yes"). if (cou == "") { TextBox1.Text = "".

Substring(2.if (rd. SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Initial Catalog=phani.Parse(str.DataBind(). GridView1.orderid. while (rd. EventArgs e) { int flag = 0. con). if (num < 9) { num = num + 1.Text = "The custmuer id does not exist in orderinformation". SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("select *from orderinfo where custid='" + TextBox2. con). break. 4). } else { flag = 0. } } } con. TextBox1.Text = "SA000" + num.Open().ToString()).ToString()) { rd.Text + "'".Text == rd[1].Parse(str.ToString()).Text + "'".Trim(). str = str. } else { str = str. 2).Fill(ds).ExecuteReader().ToString().integrated security=yes"). num = Int32.Close(). } else { Label10. SqlDataAdapter ad = new SqlDataAdapter(com).ToString().Read()) { str = rd[0].Read()) { if (TextBox2.noofcom from orderinfo where custid='" + TextBox2.Close().Substring(2. ad. flag = 1. } Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 33 . con. GridView1. SqlCommand com1 = new SqlCommand("select partid.ToString(). num = Int32. num = num + 1. } protected void TextBox2_TextChanged(object sender.Text = "SA00" + num. } } if (flag == 0) { Label10. TextBox1.Text = "select the any one productid and enter the specified textfield". SqlDataReader rd = com. DataSet ds = new DataSet().DataSource = ds.

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test coverage. In practice. The end user should be comfortable while using all the components on screen and the components should also perform their functionality with utmost clarity. It is absolutely essential that any application has to be user-friendly. opaque-box. It is usually described as focusing on testing functional requirements. and closed-box. Behavioral test design is slightly different from black-box test design because the use of internal knowledge isn't strictly forbidden. so it doesn't explicitly use knowledge of the internal structure.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 6. Some call this "Gray-box" or "Translucent-box" test design. GUI Testing GUI is the abbreviation for Graphic User Interface. how to develop and document test cases. glass-box and clear-box. Synonyms for white-box include: structural. While black box and white box are terms that are still in popular use. and how to build and maintain test data. or it can refer to testing the functionality of each and every component involved. Synonyms for black box include: behavioral. but others wish we'd stop talking about boxes altogether. One has to use a mixture of different methods so that they aren't hindered by the limitations of a particular one. 35 . There are 2 primary methods by which tests can be designed and they are: Black Box Testing: Black-box test design treats the system as a literal "black-box". functional. Testing Introduction: Test Design refers to understanding the sources of test cases. but it's still discouraged. The following is a set of guidelines to ensure effective GUI Testing and can be used even as a checklist while testing a product / application. GUI Testing can refer to just ensuring that the look-and-feel of the application is acceptable to the user. Hence it becomes very essential to test the GUI components of any application. White Box Testing: White-box test design allows one to peek inside the "box". many people prefer the terms "Behavioral" and "Structural". It is used to detect errors by means of execution-oriented test cases. it hasn't proven useful to use a single test design method. and it focuses specifically on using internal knowledge of the software to guide the selection of test data.

Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Testing Strategies: Black box testing should make use of randomly generated inputs (only a test range should be specified by the tester). the software needs to be tested for completeness. especially with real time systems  Crash testing should be performed to see what it takes to bring the system down  Test monitoring tools should be used whenever possible to track which tests have already been performed and the outputs of these tests to avoid repetition and to aid in the software maintenance  Other functional testing techniques include: transaction testing.  Any dirty tests not covered by the above  After the development phase. Some of them are:  To eliminate any guesswork by the tester as to the methods of the function  Data outside of the specified input range should be tested to check the robustness of the program  Boundary cases should be tested (top and bottom of specified range) to make sure the highest and lowest allowable inputs produce proper output  Stress testing should be performed (try to overload the program with inputs to see where it reaches its maximum capacity). syntax testing. reliability and maintainability. loop. and state testing. The testing phase involves testing of the system using various test data. logic testing. 36 . state. etc. domain testing.  Finite state machine models can be used as a guide to design functional tests According to Bezier the following is a general order by which tests should be designed:  Clean tests against requirements  Additional structural tests for branch coverage as needed  Additional tests for data-flow coverage as needed  Domain tests not covered by the above  Special techniques as appropriate--syntax. correctness.

Plan Determine Refine Design Implement Execute Check Evaluate Future Enhancements This application package “Online sales and services of hardware management System” is flexible enough and allows for future enhancements to meet changing user needs. The future holds a lot to offer to the development and refinement of this project. Addition of new modules can be easily implemented. 37 .Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System Unit Testing The system is tested with a set of test cases for each module and the results are compared against the expected output. It is also known as module testing. The system is given the proper test data as input. Each individual module is tested with a set of test data and the outputs of these modules are studied and verified. Backup of database can be takenBetter reporting tools at all levels. The important ones among them are: Detailed level of user help The application can have an automatic recovery of data if it is corrupted. New operation can be easily incorporated in system development.

And it is efficiently handled the complete process and is satisfied with performance of the system. The project has been of great help to me in gaining valuable information on web application.NET and MS SQL Server as the back end. easy to use with no user training or orientation necessary. The system objectives were fulfillment with all the requirements specified by the analysis done were completed satisfactorily. the project proved to be successful in performing complex diagnostics.Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 7. route data between screens and generate required responses. The software will be launched for the internal use of Surana College. Using the features of . Conclusion The project “Online sales and services of hardware management System” is successfully completed in time with all deliverables meeting the requirements. Proper status messages are displayed and hence easy for user to interact and understand. It has given me a great satisfaction in having designed an application that has importance on real world.NET).NET.NET (VB. The screens are GUI based data entry screens and very interactive. ASP. Thus the project was successfully developed and completed using . They were many tangible and intangible benefits in implementing the System. The system is fully functional. 38 .

NET SQL Server 7.0 programming -By Esposito -By Nithinpande -By John papa -By Mathew shaptter 39 .Online Sales and Services of Hardware Management System 8. Bibliography Microsoft programming ASP.NET MicrosoftASP.

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