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Student rubric for advertisement task

Student name: Date:

Success criteria Indicators of student performance

High Medium Low
Advertising I presented the I presented the I presented a
concept advertisement as a advertisement close finished
concept design: a to concept design advertisement
(a) Development sketch with detailed stage with little OR I presented a
of a concept labelling. labelling. rough sketch.
design for an

(b) I used a range of I used some suitable I used a few
Demonstration strategies very strategies for the strategies for the
suitable for the target audience of target audience of
of an awareness
target audience of the advertisement. the advertisement.
of the target the advertisement.

Oral I explained the I explained the I identified the

presentation persuasive persuasive persuasive
strategies with close strategies with some strategies.
(a) Relevant and reference to the reference to the
appropriate concept design. concept design.

(b) Appropriate I planned, and my I planned, and my My presentation

structure of the presentation was presentation was showed occasional
organised and generally organised evidence of
fluent. and fluent. planning.

(c) Effective I tried to convince I spoke to the I spoke about my

skills of oral the audience that audience about my concept ad.
my concept ad was concept ad.

I used body I used some body I used a little body
language well to language to support language.
support my speech. my speech.

Success criteria Indicators of student performance
High Medium Low
I spoke clearly and I spoke quite clearly I sometimes spoke
accurately, and at and accurately, and clearly and at an
an appropriate at a generally good appropriate volume
volume and pace. volume and pace. and pace.



Record yourself using Vocaroo or a

Voki audio tool. I would prefer you to speak on your
own, but if you cannot get a microphone then choose a voki a text to
speech option and write your text. Choose a speaker and the accent.

You will post the link to a PADLET wall (slian linoitu, ako se sjeate
Shelly je na takav zid lijepila vae mobile stories). You do this by double
clicking on the wall and a note appears. Add your name/class- short
description then click on the icon for URL and paste your link of voki or
SUTRA u jo pokazati u koli.

TASK for ADVERTISING. - recording has to be minimum 30 seconds long, but

mustn't be longer than 60 seconds.
min 30 secs - max 60 secs.

Option 1. - YOU can record a false radio advertising - act out the advertisment
of a certain product, show, film or anything else you think people advertise.

Option 2. - discuss shortly advantages or disadvantages of advertising, what

you like about them, give your opinion, where can we find advertisment, do
you like to watch them ( this is a way of brainstorming like for writing an

Ova e se zadaa ocjenjivati na 2 nain:

1) My assessment (evaluation)
2) Peer assessment (students evaluation)

You will get the rubrics for this so you know what we will evaluate.

FOLLOW carefully the tasks and suggestions for making the tasks.

Good luck - let's have fun!

I will record my example as well.