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Concept Mapping

Grade Level: 8 Subject: English/Language Arts/Reading Prepared By: Cayson Spinks

Overview & Purpose Education Standards Addressed

The students will learn new vocabulary, their definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and 110.20 English, Language Arts, Reading Grade 8
proper use for the vocabulary.
Use context (within a sentence and in larger sections of
text) to determine of clarify the meaning of unfamiliar or
ambiguous words or words with novel meanings. [2B]

Determine the meaning of grade-level academic English

words derived from Latin, Greek, or other linguistic roots
and affixes. [2A]

Lesson Details
Objectives New vocabulary Materials Needed
(Specify skills/information that will Synonyms/antonyms
be learned.)
Use of new vocabulary learned The Raven printout
Concept Map printout
Information Students will prepare/create a concept map of their Cell phone/classroom
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary choice of new vocabulary. This will include the ipad/dictionary
definition of their choice of vocabulary, a synonym, Coloring utensils for
antonym, example of the vocabulary in a sentence, and illustration
an illustration that corresponds with the vocabulary.
Verification Ask questions. Other Resources
(Steps to check for student Assign group/partner project to check understanding
understanding) Dictionary/
before a quiz later in the week.

Activity Students will create their own concept map of their

(Describe the independent activity to choices of vocabulary throughout the poem they read
reinforce this lesson)
the week before. These maps will then be put on a
larger scale and placed throughout the classroom to be
viewed and studied before a quiz over the new
Summary Students will learn new vocabulary by creating a Additional Notes
concept map. This will give them more opportunity to N/A
fully understand the meaning and concept of the
vocabulary for future reference.