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Single Phase Static Watt Hour Meter Single Phase Meter - PRECIS
Model No. CP0102

The HUTI Single Phase Meter is a Static Multi Function Meter. This meter features rugged construction,
wide load range, high sensitivity, low power loss, wide voltage range, anti tamper, reliable performance
and easy to program. The simplified design of HUTI meter with standard architecture makes it suitable
to the next generation advanced metering infrastructure (AMI/AMR). HUTI meter is a perfect choice for
domestic metering application.

Specifications Features & Applications

Specification Standard IS 13779:1999, IS 14697:1999 Communication with HUTI METER (AMR/AMI/RMR) :

IEC – 62053-21,22&23 CBIP88 Through Galvanically Isolated serial port RS 485/RS 232 /
IR optical port
Voltage Rating 240V (LN)
Protocol : MODBUS 16 BIT RTU / DLMS (IEC 62056)
Current Rating 5-30A, 10-60A
Pulse rate 7200 pulse/kWhr/kVArh
Billing Reset :
Accuracy Class 0.2s, 0.5s & 1.0s
Billing period is user defined, MANUAL/ AUTO
Frequency 50 Hz ±5% a) Monthly b) Bimonthly (odd/even)
Power Factor ZPF lead-UPF-ZPF LAG (-1 to 0 to 1) And also option for predefined date for auto reset
Temperature -10°c to 65°c Last 12 reset Billing data available for downloading
Relative Humidity <95 % RH (Non-Condensing)
Power Consumption <1.5 W & 10VA Tariff :
Starting current <0.1% of Ib & <0.4% of Ib Multi Tariff: TOD metering for kWh, kVArh, kVAh
Electromagnetic Compatibility As per the IS 13779:1999 and MD with 6+1 Slots (Each slot having 3 timings
& IS 14697:1999 total 18+1 timings)

Impulse test ±6kV

Maximum Demand :
Surge test 4kV AC
Method of MD Calculation is fixed window (Block Method)
ESD test ±8kV – Direct, ±16kV- Air Discharge
MD integration time is 30 minutes
Backup battery (Optional) 3.6V NI-MH rechargeable battery
Insulation Class Double insulation IS 13779, IS 14697 Tamper & Fraud Detection Features :
Terminal Block High insulated Thermo plastic Meter detects and records the Missing neutral
Bottom Cover Glass filled Polycarbonate Current failure, Current reversal
Top Cover Transparent Polycarbonate Tamper details for magnetic interference
Dimensions 107 mm X 58.5 mm X 162 mm Tamper data for last 150 events
Weight ~ 590 gm Withstand 35kV spark discharge test
Display Custom made LCD 10mm Ht. 7.5 digits
30 display parameter Power Failure Records :
Total power ON time since the time of installation
Power failure record for last 10 events

Load Survey Records (optional) :

LSR are available as per the user requirements
(No. of days, No. of samples/day selectable)
(kWhr, kVAhr, kVArhr, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, MD)

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