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Datasheet | intelligent Multiservice Gateways

Modular, Ethernet intelligent Multiservice Gateway for Outdoor Deployment
AT-iMG626MOD Software Real-time Applications Key Features
The AT-iMG626MOD ia a modular gateway Optimization
product that consists of a base module with: Quality of Service High-speed up to 100Mbps delivery
6 x 10/100TX LAN ports, 2 x VoIP FXS ports The AT-iMG626MOD ensures Quality of
and pluggable IP Triple Play ready
Service through OSI Layer 2 and 3
1 x LAN module, 1 x WAN module
prioritization techniques that include priority
Stateful Inspection Firewall / NAT for customer
Modular, Ethernet intelligent tagging with IEEE 802.1p and IP DiffServ Code
and service security
Multiservice Gateway for IP Triple Points (DSCP) Type of Service (ToS).
Play Services Optimization for IP Video Streaming Modular WAN and LAN modules reduces
A member of Allied Telesis family of residential The AT-iMG626MOD snoops IGMP multicast deployment cost (CAPEX and OPEX savings)
and intelligent Multiservice Gateways, the packets in-transit allowing the simultaneous
outdoor hardened AT-iMG626MOD combines AlliedViewTM NMS integration removes need for
delivery of multiple movies or TV channels to
truck-roll during deployment
powerful Layer 2 and 3 networking functionality the subscriber using the minimum bandwith.
together with Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony This results in high-quality video streaming Major softswitch manufacturer interoperability
support, to provide versatility, value, and without impacting other services like Internet established
validation for any network.The environmentally browsing or IP telephony and delivering the fast
sealed enclosure mounts outside the customer channel changes users expect from video Service specific management and monitoring
premise for optimal service provider ensures Quality of Experience to customers
services.The iMG aids in the management and
diagnosis of the MPEG video service.The video
quality can be monitored using the unique Environmentally hardened unit for outdoor
Applications deployments
MPEG stream monitoring tool.
Capitalizing on Existing Infrastructure
The AT-iMG626MOD offers tremendous IP Telephony Installation flexibility through two part
versatility by offering both a modular Wide The AT-iMG626MOD offers 2 FXS interfaces enclosure and electronics design
Area Network (WAN) interface, as well as a that leverage the H.323, SIP and MGCP Voice
modular Local Area Network (LAN) interface. over IP (VoIP) protocols, with interoperability Internal fiber management for fiber-optic drop
Combined with the built-in Ethernet LAN and established with major softswitch vendors.The cable termination
Plain Old Telephony Service (POTS) ports, the AT-iMG626MOD supports the connection of
MOD offers unlimited adaptability for field Eight hour battery back-up option for lifeline
dial-up modems and fax machines with voice
deployments.The AT-EN646MOD enclosure POTS support
PSTN interfaces and transports the data
provides integrated fiber-optic drop cable streams to support existing SoHo business
management, where needed, with the ability to
secure and ground the drop cable, as well as
protect a fusion splice. Enclosures may be Data Delivery and Security
deployed at the time of fiber installation, Differentiated Bandwidth Services
allowing a single fiber crew to complete all The AT-iMG626MOD provides extensive
fiber-splicing needs during a single truck roll. support for per-port rate-limiting enabling the
service providers to deliver tiered data services
catering for the wide spectrum of end-
customer profiles.

Allied Telesis

AT-iMG626MOD | Outdoor Ethernet intelligent Multiservice Gateway

Firewall Capability Specifications Network Management

The AT-iMG626MOD has an integral Stateful Users Ports AlliedView NMS
Inspection Firewall with Network Addess 6 x 10/100TX (RJ-45) Local console port
2 x VoIP FXS ports (RJ-11) Telnet
Translation (NAT), Denial of Service (DoS) and HPNA LAN (F-connector) requires HPNA end-point Remote software upgrade
an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with DHCP
blocking to protect end-customer networks. WAN Ports
100BX single-fiber (BX, SC/UPC)
Reducing Operational Cost TX 1310 nm, RX 1550 nm Technical Specifications
Value,Versatility, and Validation Range 15km Power Characteristics
The AT-iMG626MOD will support many Power budget 17 dB External power supply
GEPON (available 2H07) Input 12vDC, 1.5A
different types of deployments senarios. Using
Power consumption 10W (typical) 18W (maximum)
the AlliedView NMS, the iMG can be auto- Layer 2 Operation
configured during its initial power on sequence, Layer 2 wirespeed packet switching IGMP v1/v2 multicast Environmental Specifications
further reducing the need to touch the device support Operating temperature -40C to +60C
during service provisioning and therefore Tag-based IEEE 802.1Q VLANs (16 max.) Storage temperature -40C to +80C
IEEE 802.1p prioritization Operating humidity 5% to 95% RH
reducing the service providers operational IEEE 802.1Q tag insertion and stripping programmable
expenditure (Opex). rate limiting ingress/egress (32,000 steps)
Port mirroring ingress/egress traffic Physical Characteristics
With a modular HPNA LAN interface, the iMG Input /egress QoS queue on each port AT-EN646MOD Enclosure
can provide connectivity via existing customer Port speed selection 10, 100 or 10/100 1,000 MAC addresses Dimensions 41.75cm x 29.25cm x 11.75cm
(H x W x D) 16.7 x 11.7 x 4.7
premises (inside) wiring, reducing the costly and Weight 3.6 lbs
time consuming rewiring jobs. Layer 3 Operation
A modular WAN interface, enables the service Dimensions 30cm x 21.75cm x 3cm
Stateful Inspection Firewall
(H x W x D) 12 x 8.7 x 1.2
provider to use the same system and configure Intrusion detection and blocking system
Weight 2.65 lbs
it for different access networks. Further IPSec/VPN passthrough
Virtual server
extending its value and reducing the service Global IP address pool Protocols and Standards
providers opex, the AT-iMG626MOD offers Dynamic port opening IPv4 RFC 791
testing and fault-isolation on the Ethernet, DHCP client, server and relay TCP, UDP RFC 1144
DNS proxy IGMP (v1/v2) RFC 1112, 2236
HPNA and POTS ports, that assist the service PPPoE RFC 2516
PAP/CHAP authentication
technician to quickly pinpoint the solution when Static and dynamic IP address assignment PAP RFC 1334
troubleshooting a problem. RIPv1/v2 CHAP RFC 1994
NAT RFC 1631
VoIP Protocols DHCP RFC 2131
Management VLAN IEEE 802.1p/Q, IEEE 802.1d,
Easy to Deploy and Manage H.323 3.0
SIP 2.0 IEEE 802.2, IEEE 802.3x
With the AT-iMG626MOD customer premises MGCP/NCS 1.0 SNMP v1,v2,v3
deployment has never been easier. The RTP/RTCP
AT-EN646MOD Outside Plant Enclosure may VoIP Ports Telnet RFC 318
be pre-installed. It accommodates fiber G.711 a-law and -law 64kbps G.723 (optional) ARP RFC 826
termination and grounding for the iMG. When G.726 16/24/32/40kbps H.323 4.0
G.729 8kbps SIP 2.0 RFC 3261
services are ordered, the AT-iMG626MOD G.168 LEC 8-32m/sec MGCP/NCS 1.0
electronics chassis mounts easily into the T.38 fax relay Codecs G.711, G.726, G.729
enclosure, and terminates in-home wiring and Automatic fax/modem detection
power connection. Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Approvals
Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) CE Marking
AlliedView NMS Error mitigation/bad frame Saftey EN60950-1 (TUV), EN60825-1,
Interpolation UL 60950-1 (cULus),
The AT-iMG626-MOD is designed to be easy
Adaptive jitter buffer CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
to deploy and manage. With the AlliedView REN: 5 per FXS port Emission FCC Part 15 Class B
NMS software platform, the AT-iMG626MOD RTP voice packet encapsulation EN 55022 Class B
can be automatically provisioned and managed Immunity EN 55024
remotely.The NMS provide secure Class 5 Services
Call transfer
authentication and registration with intelligent, Call waiting
automatic configuration of remote iMG units,
Softswitch Interoperability
Call hold Cirpack, Net Centrex, Sonus Networks, Marconi, Siemens,
and seamless integration via XML/SOAP with Message waiting Alcatel, Audiocodes, Mediatrix, Arelnet, HotSIP, Iptel, Italtel,
service providers existing OSS platforms. Caller ID Lucent, Netmeeting, Nuera, OKI, Open H.323
LED Status Indicators Warranty
Power Two years
POTS Use/ready/ringing
WAN Link/activity
LAN Link/activity
Allied Telesis
AT-iMG626MOD | Outdoor Ethernet intelligent Multiservice Gateway

Ordering Information
Model Description Part #
iMG626MOD-PKG1 Outdoor intelligent Multiservice Gateway with single-mode BiDi WAN, AT-iMG626MOD-PKG1
6 x 10/100TX LAN, 2 x FXS. Requires enclosure AT-EN646MOD, power supply
AT-iMG006G and AT-iMG646MOD-C01 cable for battery back-up.
The enclosure may be ordered in advance of the electronics, for pre-installation.
EN646MOD Outdoor Enclosure for AT-iMG626MOD. AT-EN646MOD
iMG626MOD-PKG2 Outdoor Modular intelligent Multiservice Gateway with single-mode BiDi WAN, AT-iMG626MOD-PKG2
6 x 10/100TX 2 x FXS plus HPNAv3 module. Requires the HPNA end-point to
terminate each coaxial cable end-point. Requires enclosure AT-EN646MOD,
power supply AT-iMG006G and AT-iMG646MOD-C01 cable for battery back-up.
iMG626MOD-PKG3 Outdoor Modular intelligent Multiservice Gateway with single-mode GEPON AT-iMG626MOD-PKG3
WAN, 6 x 10/100TX 2 x FXS. Requires enclosure AT-EN646MOD, power supply
AT-iMG006G and AT-iMG646MOD-C01 cable for battery back-up.
iMG646MOD-L01-001 HPNA v3 LAN module. For use with AT-iMG646MOD and AT-iMG626MOD. AT-iMG646MOD-L01-001
Battery back-up: order with the following:
iMG006G DELTA PowerShield Grounded battery back-up (indoor) for RG/iMG series AT-iMG006G-10*
(requires relevant battery back-up cable: AT-iMG646MMOD-C01).
iMG646MOD-C01 Battery back-up cable, for use with AT-iMG646MOD. 15 connectorized UV rated AT-iMG646MOD-C01
cable for connection between DELTA PowerShield battery back-up unit and iMG.

Configuration Cable
Model Description Part #
MOD console cable Configuration cable. AT-iMG-MOD-CONSOLECABLE-00

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*Power supply information Where xx = region specific power cord / adapter *Where xx = 10 US power cord / adapter
30 UK power cord / adapter
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