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COURSEBOOK: Compendiu introductiv pentru gimnaziu

UNIT: Food and Drinks

LESSON: At the grocery

TYPE OF LESSON: listening , language acquisition and vocabulary practice

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: worksheets, guidebook, youtube sites;

COMPETENCES: 1.2, 1.3, 2.3, 2.4, 3.2,3.3, 4.2, 4.3.

AIMS: 1. To activate previously acquired vocabulary

2. To practise newly introduced vocabulary structures

3. To develop their communicative skills by sharing ideas on the topic

Stages of Timing Interaction Competences Teacher does Students do Observations
Warm up 5 min T-Ss 3.3 Teacher writes the key words : Students come up with
FOOD AND DRINKS on the words related to the topic
blackboard , draws a spider which they acquired
map around it and elicits previously
students to find as many words
as they can think of, connected
to the topic.
Lead in 5 min PW 2.3 Teacher provides the students Students match types of The worksheet
(Introducing 2.4 with a handout containing a food and places where contains elements of
new matching exercise. (see they can buy them vocabulary to be found
vocabulary) worksheet 1) in the next exercise
Guided practice 10 I 1.2 Teacher invites Students read the Teacher allows
min 1.3 students to open their tasks from exercise students 2 minutes to
books on page 57 and 3 get familiarized with
explains the tasks to Students answer the task
the students the questions
Teacher plays the video while watching
twice without pausing Students share
Teacher elicits the their answers and
students answers complete their
peers answers.
Further 8 min 1.2 Teacher tells students they are Students work in pairs to They practise using
practice PW going to write a recipe and in complete the worksheet countable/uncountable
order to prepare for that, nouns and their
he/she will give out a determiners
worksheet containing a sample
recipe to be filled in with
determiners : some, any, no ,a,
an (see worksheet 2)
Consolidation 10 GW 2.3 Teacher divides the class in Students brainstorm ideas
/Reinforcement min 3.3 groups of 5/6 students and about the ingredients of
selects a leader for each group. the recipe chosen and its
He/She asks them to write the procedures, then write the
recipe of their favourite food. recipe.
Feedback and 10 T-Ss 3.3 Teacher invites each leader of The group leaders present The other students
Peer min 4.2 the groups to present the their recipes . may come up with
Assessment 4.3 recipe. Students rank the observations,
Teacher asks students to assess presentations according to questions and possible
the presentations and express their preferences . comments.
their preferences.
Homework 2 min T-Ss 3.3 Teacher asks students to do a
project about a traditional type
of food including: ingredients,
procedure and pictures .
Worksheet 1

Match the types of food on the right with the place where you can buy them:

soup a restaurant
rolls the grocery
soda a fast food restaurant
mashed potatoes the market place
a burger the bakers
fresh fruit

Worksheet 2

Fill in the gaps with SOME, ANY, A, AN or NO.

How to make . pancakes

If you have .. experience, dont worry, its really easy. First, you need flour, milk, and .. egg. Put them all in .. big bowl and mix
them well to make a batter. Then, you need .. really hot pan. Ask .. adult to help you. Put . of the batter in the pan and cook it. Place the
pancake on plate, and add topping to your liking. It can be chocolate, ..jam, or even . banana.

Best to enjoy it with .friend!