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Simulation 3

The Parking lot

General Instructions

A community in Alajuelita has been asking its local government for a solution to a very
annoying problem: a 4500m2 abandoned site has become a bunker for teenagers to be
pulled into drugs and there have been several reports of violent confrontations that have
damaged public and private property. Overwhelmed by these conditions, neighbors have
been organizing rallies and protests in front of the Municipal Palace for the last two weeks.
The Mayor, who has passed popular regulations and is rated positively by her
constituents in all categories except one: crime; is worried since her political party
probably loses the support of its base for not fixing this problem. This would deeply affect
them in the upcoming elections, only six months away. The rising concern about the
criminal bunker has fed the opposition with many likely voters.

The community, lead by a popular architect, has presented a draft project for a new park,
built on top of the bunker once it is seized. The architect has not been involved in politics,
but she has promoted different initiatives to improve the living standards in the
community. She is known for being a great listener, a skilled negotiator and deeply
committed. In her design, she has included a proposal to increase tourism in the area by
having a butterfly garden and public greenhouse, where school teachers could take
students to learn more about urban agriculture. The construction of this park would
generate 150 jobs in a period of 6 months, and then would operate normally, with 60
stable jobs.

All of her contributions have been ad honorem, and she has also gained great prestige
as an architect for the different projects she has designed in their town. Only a small
minority of neighbors is suspicious of her intentions, since her projects are developed by
her familys construction company. However, she has published all her income
declarations to prove there is no economic benefit for her. She has been approached
many times by the opposition, who have always shown interest in her political potential.

Another draft project has been submitted to the Mayor, supported by representatives from
the largest companies in town. Their idea is to build a parking lot, that will allow for more
people to buy products and services in town. The construction of the parking lot would
generate approximately 200 jobs in a construction period of 6 months, and then would
operate normally, providing 75 stable jobs. Constituents dont see this as a priority,
according to recent polls, but the companies involved represent 65% of the donations
received by the Mayors political party for her last race.

This project was drafted by the Business Representative, a well-known businesswoman

who owns many of the towns most visited stores. Rumors say she will personally benefit
from the construction of the parking lot, since she has a considerable amount of shares
in almost 60% of the businesses around the site. However, she represents over 20
business owners and has successfully passed their projects with the Mayor, in the past.

A negotiation has been scheduled between the Mayor, the Architect, and the Business
Representative, at the Municipal Palace, after lunch.

Confidential Instructions for the Mayor

You are running for re election but havent announced it publicly. For your campaign, the
economic support from business owners is crucial. The opposition is in a much better
financial position than in last elections and their support is rising due to crime rates in
town. You know the park could bring positive attention and a considerable number of
supporters, plus, it would make your base very happy. But, you are convinced you will
reach a larger audience if you take the money from donations and spend it in

On the other hand, if you build the Park, you want the Architect to use a different
construction company. Using the one owned by her family would look bad and cost more
than if it was built by a state agency. All the savings you can make will mean more money
for actions oriented to get you re elected.

If the Park is built by a state agency, it would take 1 year to complete, while the private
company would only take 6 months. Only the second would have the Park ready before
the elections.

Your highest priority is to be re elected.

Confidential Instructions for the Architect

You have been offered the nomination for Mayor by the opposition, with a 45% chance of
winning the elections, 55% if you manage to get the Park built on time. You know the
state agency would take more than you would, but you dont how much longer.
You have a reservation value of $400,000 dollars for the project, since you want to give
this valuable contract to your family and also use some of that money in the promotion of
your political campaign. The opposition includes many business owners who are afraid
of challenging the Business Representative, but are waiting for the perfect time to break
bonds with her.

You have a close relationship with the Business Representative, and you have designed
many of her private developments.

You are very interested in being supported by the public, since you might run for Mayor.

Confidential Instructions for the Business Representative

Your company has suffered considerable losses in the past year because the drug bunker
and increased criminal rates stop people from coming to town. On top of that, there are
no safe parking spaces nearby, especially in the area where the parking lot would be built.

You have a high interest in that area because youre planning to build new residential
apartments and would benefit from parking spaces, but especially from the increased
security from closing down the current bunker.

Your have a close relationship with the Architect, who has designed many of your private
developments. However, your political interest is more aligned with the Mayor, who has
always been open to your recommendations and needs.

You are willing to fund up 15% of a candidates race, if you are confident they will win the

Your highest priority is to be in best terms with whoever runs the local government, to
receive support in the future.