Harvesting Hope in Haiti

A few months ago, Plant With Purpose won $15,000 to plant 15,000 trees and 15 miles of soil conservation barriers in Haiti through the “Project 7 Challenge” We are thrilled to report that . these projects are now underway in Haiti, and this was made possible by your votes!

Edzer is a farmer from the Bwanef group who has benefitted from Plant With Purpose’s soil conservation program. He has worked with Plant With Purpose since 1997, and he says that the group has helped him with a lot of things. They have showed him how to protect his land through soil conservation, as well as how to plant trees and create nurseries. Following the January 12th earthquake, Edzer became involved in Plant With Purpose’s “Cash for Work” program. With the cash he is making from this program, he said he is able to get food to feed his family. Edzer says that planting trees and protecting the land is the most important thing he can do following the earthquake. In February he was given bean seed to plant, and he is already starting to see the first harvest! “For those who support Plant With Purpose, I want to say a big thank you, said Edzer. “I ” don’t know what will happen next, but we are

waiting on God and we are thankful for all he has provided for us so far. Things could have been a lot worse for us. ”

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a novel idea: tending to eden
Looking for a clear explanation of how poverty and the environment are connected? Plant With Purpose Executive Director Scott Sabin explores the heart of our mission of caring for the poor and the earth in his new book Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People. Help us spread the word about this book by sharing it with your Bible study, your church, your family and friends. For every purchase that is made through our web site, (www.plantwithpurpose. org) will donate a portion of the proceeds to Plant With Purpose, which will go toward directly benefiting the rural poor.

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Visit to Fonds Verrettes, Haiti Gala Save the Date Breaking news 2 3 4

FormErLy knoWn AS FLorESTA USA

By katHie culHane-pera, Md

a visit to fondsverrettes, Haiti

The below article was written by a member of St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, minnesota. St. Clements sponsors the village of FondsVerrettes, which is a part of Plant With Purpose’s Haiti program, and kathleen had the opportunity to visit that village on a recent trip. Here are some of her experiences.
In may I visited Haiti where I worked as a medical volunteer at Leogane. Because our church congregation has joined funds to support Plant With Purpose’s community and agricultural development program in Fonds-Verrettes, I also visited Fonds-Verrettes. I saw evidence that Plant With Purpose is making a significant impact on people’s lives in Fonds-Verrettes. I met farmers in a field as they were planting trees and in a church building. I was able to hear some of their stories—and their testimonies about the importance of Plant With Purpose in their lives. They said: “m’aime Plant With Purpose. Plant With Purpose es m’manman, m’papa. (I love Plant ” With Purpose. Plant With Purpose is my mother and my father.) “Plant With Purpose does not give me things, but has taught me to do for myself. ” “Plant With Purpose has taught me how to compost, how to increase the yield of my soil. ” “Plant With Purpose has taught me how to plant with natural fertilizers, graft trees, and raise goats. ” 2 FormErLy knoWn AS FLorESTA USA “Plant With Purpose has taught us to conserve our soil and decrease our erosion. ” “Plant With Purpose has taught us how to pool our money, and loan it to each other. ” “Plant With Purpose has permitted us to be a big family of 10 villages, united in preserving the land. ” “Plant With Purpose helps us partner together. ” one man quoted a Haitian proverb: “men anpil chay pa lou, which translates to: ” “many hands, the load is not heavy. ” Another man quoted a different Haitian proverb that supports this same idea: “yen sel dwet pa manje kalalou. yen sel nou feb ansanm nou fo, which translates to: ” “one digit alone cannot eat ochre. We alone are weak, together we are strong. ” Indeed, Plant With Purpose and the people of Fonds-Verrettes are doing God’s work. But they cannot do it alone. The congregation at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, mn is committed to supporting them in their work. Together, we know we can do great things.

Haiti relief and recovery project as of 6.7.10:
• Provided 125 tons of food to over 2,000 families. • Distributed nearly 80,000 pounds of bean seed to over 2,000 families. • Employed nearly 2,000 farmers through our “Cash for Work” program. • Constructed 212 miles of soil conservation barriers and planted 82,000 trees. • Thanks to your generosity, we’ve raised nearly $1 million!

OcTObEr 9, 2010

planting Hope gala

Join us on Saturday, october 9th at 6 p.m. at the La Jolla marriott for an elegant dinner and lively auctions at the Planting Hope Gala! This year will be particularly critical as we raise funds and awareness for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Visit our gala web page to view auction items and find out more: We hope to see you there!

tHree ways you can Help Haiti:
1 Pray
Pray that Plant With Purpose will be able to give an appropriate response to the needs of the victims of the earthquake, and for protection against any perils the rainy season may bring.


2 SPonSor a Village
Sponsor a Village in Haiti and help transform an entire rural community by empowering them to create economic opportunity and to protect their greatest asset, the land.

3 giVe to long-term Haiti recoVery effortS

director’s corner
By Scott SaBin, ExEcutivE DirEctor

eartH day fair a success
Our 20th year at the Balboa Park Earth Fair was the most successful year yet... BY FAR! We raised $2,000 dollars, which is well over double what we raised last year, and we also had a great article in the Earth Times Magazine, of which 25,000 issues were distributed. People were wonderfully receptive to our message and were really energized to plant a tree for a buck, buy a t-shirt or a bag of coffee, or slap an awesome ‘Plant Hope’ removable tattoo on their arm!

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tHe sower issue #89
The Sower is published quarterly by Plant With Purpose. Editor-In-Chief kate nare 4903 Morena Blvd. Suite 1215 San Diego, CA 92117 Ph: (800) 633-5319 Fax: (858) 274-3728 Email: www.
Please consider including Plant With Purpose in your wills and bequests.

plant witH purpose featured in relevant Magazine
our Haiti relief efforts are highlighted in the may / June issue of Relevant Magazine! Check it out at your local newsstand or bookstore and find out why caring for the environment will be key to Haiti’s recovery.

do you follow our Blog?
Stay up to date on the latest news from Plant With Purpose, including updates on our work in Haiti, information about local events, and stories from the field. We are blogging daily, and you can sign up to receive updates at www.plantwithpurpose.

There are so many exciting things going on at Plant With Purpose. We are moving forward with plans to launch a new savings and loan methodology in many of our programs. our program in Burundi is nearing the completion of its pilot phase and the success of the work there has exceeded our hopes. our program in Tanzania is working on a new grant to connect organic vegetable farmers (women whom we have trained) to local markets. Tending to Eden, my new book, is out and doing well. In the U.S., we are beginning the work on our new strategic plan, so it is a time for visioning and dreaming as we discern where God might have us five years from now. But in many ways it all still feels overshadowed by the events of January 12th. That was the day of the earthquake in Haiti, and the day that the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters changed forever. As our response has become clearer and more organized, life in the U.S. has begun to get back to normal. However, just because Haiti is off the front page of the news, it does not mean that life has gone back to normal in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of peo-

ple still live in makeshift camps, now with the added misery of the rainy season, and the impending hurricane season. out in the countryside, where we are working to provide jobs, rehabilitate watersheds, and plant trees so that people can earn enough money to feed themselves, there are still tens of thousands of “guests” from the city, happy to have a place to stay other than the fetid camps of Port au Prince. I think often of the people I have met in the work teams that we are funding. one such person is marie, a young nursing student from Port au Prince who was wearing a knit cap that read “Jesus is my Boss” when I first met her. She had a meeting on January 12th that took her out of the school where most of her classmates were killed. now staying with a friend in the countryside, she was doing agricultural work for the first time, planning to use the money to buy food, and hopefully pay for her nursing practicum when things got better. She was just one of many that shared their stories with me – happy to have a job, any job, but facing an uncertain future. The situation is dire in much of Port au Prince,

but even in the countryside the situation is far from stable. According to data collected by our team, the average number of meals eaten by families we work with has dropped from 2.7 meals a day in January to 1.4. When I visited Haiti last month it was gratifying to see fields full of green bean plants as a result of the seed we distributed and hundreds of people working to make the country a better place. But it is clear our work is far from done. With the help of generous donors such as yourself, we will continue to plant trees and construct erosion barriers to conserve soil, improve crop yields, and protect farmers from further disaster by restoring their land. So far we have raised nearly $1 million, and we hope to maintain this momentum. Please join us in continuing our relief and long-term recovery efforts in Haiti by donating online at Sincerely,

Scott Sabin

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FormErLy knoWn AS FLorESTA USA

people witH purpose

rattaka Attawittikhan (Waa)

Jem noi Village, Chiang mai Province

volunteer spotligHt: FAiTH cOMMuniTy cHurcH

currently working in:

number of years working with Plant With Purpose-thailand: 5 years and 3 months Job title: Financial and office manager Brief job description: I’m in charge of office administration work, and I also host guest groups who come to visit our programs and learn more about them. How you became involved with Plant With Purpose-thailand: Singkham, my husband’s cousin, worked at the Upland Holistic Development Project, (Plant With Purpose-Thailand’s sister company, UHDP) already and let me know about an open position.

motivation for working with Plant With Purpose-thailand: I come from the karen hill tribe and so I understand hill tribe people and would like to help them in any way I can. favorite part of your job/ Plant With Purposethailand’s work: I enjoy taking care of guests and preparing food for guests and the staff. favorite Plant With Purpose-thailand memory/story: Part of my responsibility is working with foreign volunteers and interns. I really enjoy talking with and watching volunteers show kindness and love to all of the staff and adjust well to life up at UHDP . Hobbies/interests: In my spare time I love to watch movies, take care of my dogs, and work in my garden.

favorite books: I enjoy reading books about history, the karen people, Thailand, and Burma. favorite quote: “If I want to do something, even if I think I can’t, I should try to do that. ” one or two unique/interesting facts about you: I’m usually talkative and friendly, but sometimes I like to spend time by myself and be quiet. As some of you may be aware, the political situation in Thailand remains unstable. Please pray for the political instability in Thailand and for protection for the marginalized people Plant With Purpose advocates for.

Faith Community Church in San Diego has been a long-time supporter of Plant With Purpose. In fact, Faith Community Church includes some of Plant With Purpose’s very first supporters. Since the early days, the church has been involved on many levels. Pastor mark Slomka is on our board of directors, and some members of the community have visited our programs or sponsor a village. However, one of the most faithful and innovative groups is the team that sets up and staffs a Plant With Purpose table. Every Sunday, volunteers set up a table at the church, like the one pictured above, as a resource for people who would like to learn more about our organization. They also sell t-shirts and coffee, and to date have raised thousands of dollars to support Plant With Purpose’s programs. Church member rick moncauskas conceived the idea and has coordinated the effort for years,

and is one of the volunteers who takes a turn running the table on Sundays. According to rick, “the idea for the table was to have Plant With Purpose be at the top of people’s minds if they should feel led to support mission work. not everybody is ready to give to missions all the time, but we want to be there if they are ready. ” Plant With Purpose’s Program officer, milmer martinez, first heard of Plant With Purpose about 10 years ago when he visited the table at the church. He approached the table for more information, and after learning more decided that it was an organization he wanted to become involved with. now milmer oversees our Haiti and oaxaca programs, and travels there a few times a year to meet with communities and evaluate their progress. our partnership with Faith Community Church has been a huge blessing, and we thank them for their support over the years!

From lEFt to right: Dirk Smith, rick moncauSkaS, EmmEtt PinnEy, anD tErry moorE at thE Plant With PurPoSE Faith community church taBlE.

“Not everybody is ready to give to missioNs all the time, but we waNt to be there if they are ready. ”
-rick moncauSkaS

If you are interested in hosting a Plant With Purpose table at your church, please contact:


FormErLy knoWn AS FLorESTA USA

save tHe date: octoBer 9, 2010


nearly $1 Million raised to plant Hope in Haiti

floresta is now plant witH purpose!

ADDrESS SErVICE rEQUESTED Email: Fax: (858) 274-3728 Ph: (800) 633-5319 4903 Morena Blvd. Suite 1215 San Diego, CA 92117 Plant With Purpose

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