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This project presents an overview of speech recognition technology which can be used to
communicate with machines. Speech is not merely to transfer words from one person to
another but rather to communicate, understanding a thought, concept or idea.With the
invention and widespread use of mobiles, telephones, data storage devices etc. has
provided a major help in setting up of speech communication and its analyzing. The
concept of speech identification was began in the early 1960's with voice Print analysis
which was similar to fingerprint concept. In 1984 a science fiction called "Star Trek to
George orwell's, derived the concept that a machine can recognize the human voice.With
further growth & advancement in the field of speech recognition, the humans who are
physically challenged such as blind and deaf can easily communicate with the
machines.The simple speech recognition involves in Speech Editing, Speech
Degradation, Speech enhancement, Pitch analysis, and formant analysis.

The project truly based on independent speech recognition which can be achieved by the
use of Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients which will process the input speech signal
and further will recognize the speaker.It can be performed by using MATLAB
Programming in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) .The speech recognition using
MATLAB involves in Speech identification, Speaker Verification and MFCC. The
advantages of speech recognition are work process become more efficient, saves a great
deal of labor, security. The speech recognition is mainly implemented in the fields of
banking, database access services, information services, security control secret
information areas.

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