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Artist Bio

Jean Weinrich is a Senior at Northern Michigan University.

She is studying Outdoor Recreation leadership and
management. She enjoys working in the outdoors, helping
others, and farming. She hopes to work on a farm or work in
conserving the natural areas we have left.

Artist statement

Surrealist painters in the 1900s felt that the intellectual

movements of the 18th century had begun to suppress our
creative minds. They used art as a way to express the
unease they felt about the worlds uncertainties, as well
stimulate the qualities of our irrational and unconscious
minds. I feel a sense of duty to protect the rest of the earths natural environments, those that have not
yet been tarnished by the needs of our expanding population. With these surrealist paintings I hope to
convey the unease I feel towards, especially in the western culture, where our beliefs and values lye.

Waves- Waves was inspired by the surrealist painter Guy Billout, to show that we our a consumption
culture putting way to much plastic into the oceans.

Hayduke This painting was inspired by Edward Abbey and his book The Monkey Wrench Gang. In the
book Abbeys character Hayduke feels a growing sense of unease about the development of the western
United states. With his trigger itch hands he begins to blow up developments and dams in the Western
United States.