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Vol 8 Issue 10
`50 May 2015

We present the
three looks that
are Sculpted to

Shahnaz Husains tips
for mothers-to-be
and young mothers

Cool summer
hairstyles to try-
Hollywood style!


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Maneck Davar
Asst. Editors
Shefali Samdria
Dear Reader,
Hena Desai
Summer is here in full swing; both dresses
Asst. Art Director and tresses are changing their tune. This season
Yogita Iyer is all about getting that summer glow and not
Senior Designer
Namrata D. Shelar
staying low. With the Spring/Summer trends
Graphic Designer now rmly in place, we are condent of what
Sunil Kadam works this year and are sharing every bit of the
Digital Imaging
Ninad Jadhav information with you, our loyal readers!
Rohit Nayak

This month, the world celebrates Mothers
Dhiman Chatterjee Day and we have a big plus for young mothers
CIRCULATION & SUBSCRIPTION this issue. Motherhood is not only a
Robert Gomes transformative experience for the mind but
Suresh Sale
Bhairavnath Sutar also for the body. Skin as well as hair experience uctuations and changes and we
spoke to our experts to help you sail through them. Beauty doyen Shahnaz
General Manager Husain has shared her time-tested tips and knowledge for all young mothers who
Bobby Daniel
are dealing with hair changes. Meanwhile, our expert Dr. Varun Katyal has skin
MARKETING care for young mothers covered with his For a Mommy Makeover feature. And
Director Marketing & Sales Geetu Rai
Mumbai Ashishwang Irani & Pina Shah if you are one of those wondering what to gift that special woman on this day,
Peninsula Spenta, Mathuradas Mill Compound, our To mom, with love feature will solve all your gifting quandaries in a jiffy.
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New Delhi Manoj Gupta, Arti Marwah Summer hair, skincare and make-up are not to be tried with, for this is when
No.7, 1st Floor, Nizamuddin (West) Market, you need to let your hair down in style. With leisure on your hands, our Summer
New Delhi 110 013. Tel: 011-4669 9999
Bengaluru Tina Pillai Hairspiration feature will help you channel your inner diva this summer. And to
No.606, 1st Floor, Rear Building, 80 Feet Road,3rd Cross keep your make-up intact even in the heat, our Make-up meltdown article will
Opp. Koramangala Police Station, Bangalore - 560 095
Landmark - Behind Boca Grande Restaurant. leave you fearless and awless. As a rst, we are sharing a unique DIY
Tel: 080 4161 8966 / 080 4161 8977 Conditioners feature that the more experimental of you can try, while our Heat
Kolkata Pulak Ghosh
206-Jodhpur Park, Kolkata 700 068. it up feature will simplify your hairstyling routine.
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Chennai Shoba Rebecca We were also presented with not one but two event platforms where TIGI and
5, First Floor, Montieth Road
Egmore, Chennai - 600008 Sebastian Professionals redened hairstyling and presented unique looks that are
Tel: 044-42188984 / 85 sharing and decoding for the brave heart amongst you. A loyal fan speaks her
Gujarat Sanjay Chawda heart this month and we hope those of you who concur can share your own Tel: 9824043072
Kerala Sivasankaran T. thoughts with us. Former Miss India International, Jhataleka Malhotra is our
Plot No-60, Rose Gardens, Thrissur 680 022 summer cover girl and she has shared her hair and beauty secrets for you too.
Tel: 9947683001
For the guys, we have the male grooming feature that decodes your personality
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Heres wishing you the perfect summer then. Happy reading!
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Model: Jhataleka Malhotra
Photographer: Rushil Mehta

12 May 2015
May Whats in this months ?
on the cover
Cool summer hairstyles to
try- Hollywood style!
We present the three
trend-making hairstyles of
2015 by Lakm Salon
Shahnaz Husains tips for
young mothers and

whats new
18 Hello, ! p43 SCULPTED TO
Letters to the Editor PERFECTION
e trend-making R NOW
20 Today We present the thre Lakm Salon p56 HAIR TO WEA on
Get the latest buzz from hairstyles of 2015 by Top trends for the se
the world of hair
26 Get the Look
We present the Bed Head
looks that rocked Lakm
Fashion Week 2015!
32 Event Watch
Presenting the Sebastian
Gallery Jam Session 2015

Find our cover sto FOR GREAT TIPS
May 2015


e 10
Vol 8 Issu
`50 May

p43 HAIR
TREN tyles
ent the
Cool summer hairs le!

We pres
three looks that
to try- Hollywood
are Sculpted to

p48 HAIR

Shahnaz Husainse 56 to wear now real life

for mothers-to-b
and young mothers
Top trends for the season
28 how-to
p37 Your hairstyling routine
Cool summer
expert advice
hairstyles to try-!
Hollywood style
simplied and perfected
21 Hair repair

Q&A with Dr. Sonal and
Dr. Apoorva Shah Catching up with our cover
girl, Jhataleka Malhotra!

14 May 2015
The best new ne
looks nd o ou.
s for young
p72 MALE GROO d says
thats right for y
Shahnaz Husains tip -to-be Know what your
mothers and mothe about you 76 Highlights
Pass with ying

78 Short
e in
Great things com
small pack ages

80 Curls
Give it a whirl if yo
u p26 GET THE LO you 82 Messy
The summer treat yo Two Bed Hea d looks
The art of rufng
cannot miss m mer !
must try this su pw
up well

Future Redened by p22 BRIDAL EDU !
Sebastian Bridal beauty reden

34 Celeb spy 52 Reader Testimonial

Presenting the red A salon owner on why
carpet looks we love! she loves and so
49 Stylist Q&A should you!
Bytes from the biggies 75 glossary
50 x The cut & colour guide
DIY conditioners
fab freebies
19 Want it? Win it IN IT
Great goodies up for p19 WANT IT? W
Great goodies up
Check ount the Beauty grabs
section o page 87 for grabs
BEAUTY COVER yakova - Toabh Talents
Model: Irina Strem ic
Stylist: Tamara Co tist: Shirin Ebrahim Merchant
Hair and Make Up iting: Mohit Holani
d Ed
Photography an

16 May 2015

have your say THE


Vol 8 Issue 9
`50 April 2015

We present the
movers and shakers
of the hairdressing

Bollywoods Greek
Goddess shares her hair
care and beauty secrets!

Presenting the art
behind Lakmes
Make-up show


magazine is available at all leading

bookstores and news stands in India.


I loved the Vow to Wow article so much. It I have always adored . The article Damn that Tan by
made me realize how much my hair means to me Dr. Varun Katyal made me understand the difference
and I have decided to abide by each and every between sun burn and sun tan. It also helped me treat my
promise stated there. It also made me realize sun burnt skin with the simple home remedies provided.
how much I can do with my hair and and how I You have no idea how how much your tips help all those
can keep it healthy. I hope that you write many who read the skin care

more wonderful tips and tricks in the future magazine. I

and make us all happy. I will recommend this will eternally
magazine to all my friends.Thank you so much be grateful Are the thoughts of a bad tan shadowing your fun summer itinerary? DR. VARUN
KATYAL is here to help you prevent and get rid of that awful sun tan.

for a publishing a wonderful article like this. to this article

ummer time is the time to go out for vacations and picnics.
But, as we all know, too much sun exposure can be a bad
thing and especially due to skin tan. A day at the beach, hours

and will
spent swimming, not using a sunscreen regularly or not using
it properly any of these may cause a skin tan you dont

- Alaavia
want. Contrary to popular belief, a tan is not healthy. A tan
is a sign of skin damage. When exposed to the suns UV rays, our skins
melanocytes produce melanin, the dark pigment that creates the tan.


from the heart

Though there is no standard
explanation for this, generally
speaking a sun burn is the skins
All Images

reaction to short term exposure to

5 (we mean
I will find the oneist of course)
with my
the harsh UV rays of the sun. It occurs
as painful or sore red patch/ patches
the perfect hairstyl on sun-exposed areas and can even
Image Courtesy Apricot |

develop blisters. A sun tan on the

I will make my peace WREHPRUHGLIFXOWWKDQQGLQJWKHULJKWOLIH other hand, is a painless darkening of
skin post sun exposure. Sun burn is
my natural hair partner at times, right? If you have a stylist

you visit regularly, they will know what hair usually seen in fairer individuals while
Wavy, straight, curly, thin or thick- type they are working with, will already know a sun tan is usually seen in darker
your hair is great in its natural form what your preferences are along with know individuals; however this may not
and you must learn to love it! If you what suits you and what doesnt. The end always be true.
Image Courtesy JD Williams |

accept your hair as it is, with all its result will turn out to be more fabulous so
pluses and minuses, you will be able JHWRQWKHTXHVWRIQGLQJDJUHDWVW\OLVWZKR A tan is our skins attempt to prevent
to treat it with the right products and understands your haircare needs and cling UV rays from doing any further
give it the kind of care it actually onto him/her dearly! damage to the sensitive cells in our
needs. You will look and feel better epidermis. However, it does not help
about yourself and your hair, trust us. protect our skin from getting sunburn
in the future. While all suntans fade

with over time, here are few tips that you
I will nourish my hair

~ Rupa
can follow under supervision of a

2 to healthy food dermatologist to speed up the fading

I will not be afraid of your sun tan.
experiment Just like how it impacts everything else in
your body, what you eat has a great effect
When there are so many great hair 104 April 2015 April 2015 105
on your hair as well. Intake of the right kinds
trends out there, why be afraid to of food can boost hair growth and repair hair
experiment? Different styles, colours GDPDJH)RRGVOLNHZDOQXWVRUDQJHVVK
and cuts- try them all! Have faith in and spinach are known to be good for hair so
your stylist and give your locks a new include them in your diet. Also, taking iron
look every now and then. Dont be and vitamin supplements (under the

too afraid to go wrong; if a particular guidance of a dermatologist) will help
colour ends up looking too drastic improve the health of your locks, resulting in
you can always have it dyed back a glossy, voluminous look.
and if a cut is too short, it will always
grow back!

advice (for

toWow 3
I will follow mums
I will not style without once) and oil my hair
using serum This one is an oldie but a goodie. Weve all

The best letter wins a Lotus Herbals hamper

Let us put it this way: you are slowly heard our mothers and grandmothers
killing your hair by using styling tools advising us to oil our hair religiously and they
ZLWKRXWXVLQJSURWHFWLYHVHUXPVUVW were not wrong in telling us to do so. Oiling
Each time you use a hair straightner, has proven to be a great way to strengthen
the roots, reverse dryness and to add an
Your hair has made a serious curler or even a blow-dryer, make sure
enviable sheen to your hair. There are a
you work in a heat protectant serum
commitment to make you WKURXJK\RXUKDLUUVW7KHVHUXPZLOO variety of oils that you may choose from
depending on your hair type- olive, coconut,
look gorgeous and its time work towards preventing dry,
almond, jojoba, etc. Simply massage the oil
damaged and brittle hair. So if you
you return the favour! Weve want your hair to retain its health and to your hair and leave it on for 20-30 minutes
shine even after styling, dont skimp EHIRUHVKDPSRRLQJWRHQMR\WKHEHQHWV
compiled a list of promises, out on using a protectant.
keeping in mind the teachings
of the wise hair gurus, which
you must make to your
4I will trim my way
to 8 I will accessorise
locks, staying true to them in
sickness and in health.

Text Hena Desai

healthy hair
Getting regular trims is an absolute
must if you want those darned
split-ends to stay away. Trimming will
not dress them up a little? Choose from
hairbands to embellished pins to funky hair
ties or barrettes to dress up your hair! You
can try creating simple hairstyles such as
braids, messy buns, etc and accessorise them
keep your haircut looking fresh and
the ends of hair looking healthy. It with cute hair baubles. There are so many fun

Ive always been trying new things with my hair. When I read
also stops breakage of hair, thus options to choose from; youll be glad you
preventing hair thinning towards the tried them!
bottom. Dont forget to set reminders
to book an appointment with your
stylist every three-four months.
54 April 2015 April 2015 55

your Top 10 Hairdryer Hacks in your April issue, I learnt so

much and it made me look so much better. Working with my
hair has become
TRENDY GEEK a breeze. Ive
been aunting
is the best magazine ever! I love all the articles
perfectly blow-
that are published here but the one article that
really caught my eye was Beauty Specs. I always dried hair ever
felt ugly whenever I wore my spectacles. But after since! Thank you
reading this article I understood which frames are very much, .
suitable for my face and how my eyes can still
stand out. Please keep publishing more articles ~ Naira
like this in the future.
- Karina

Write to us and you could win a fab gift! Tell us what you like, what you dislike and what you want to see in our future issues. Tweet to us at
@HAIRMagIndia. Find us on Facebook at Send your letters to or to
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For subscription, sms SPENTA HAIR to 57333

18 May 2015
fab freebies


Nivea brings to you a sp
ecial range of products
! Give your
summer sun
serves against the harsh
skin the protection it de
Shahnaz Husain offers
to you some of her be
st natural with the Nivea Sun Mo
isturiser with SPF 50 PA
y fresh through the da
. If you are
try the Nivea
lustrous hair and glowli
ng skin! With looking for a way to sta u
products to give you deo that gives yo
ser and Shalocks He rba l Ha ir Oil, Whitening Talc Touch
the Shamla Hair Clean along with those of a
dy and shine of yo ur ha ir. If you are whitening benefits 6
restore the health, bo s Night Whitening
Colourveda Natural Ha
ir regular deo. With Nivea products
battling greys, try the ming Stretchmark Oil
red ien ts suc h as Skin Moisturiser, Q10 Fir
Colour, which has ing
t not only cover 5 and Lemon & Oil
Henna and Catechu tha
products Shower Gel, your
greys but also
skin will be soft,
protect the hair.
smooth and near
They are also
offering the Shafair
perfect! So ladies,
Plus fairness cream stay gorgeous
and the Sh aye s with Nivea
Kajal, so go ahead this
and grab these summer!


Soulfower Lavender
Rosemary Healthy Ha
alwood Ge ran ium
ir Aroma

tan with MEGLOW Pre

mium Massage Oil and Sand
Battle the summer sun ingredients r So ap can be your happy
cktail of skin whitening Sham po o Ba
Fairness Cream! This co ins A, C, E and hair formula! With the
se naturally
ing botanicals, Vitam
is rich in beauty enhanc , your tresses wil l
formulated products
also contains Crystal Bri receive the no uri shm ent they
ec tively G
Essences that will eff QHHG Z LWK EH QH WV RI LPSURYHG
eve n in the ula es
fight skin damage blood circulation tha
t stim
of the skin. Wi th art from
deepest layer your hair growth. Ap
Cre am , yo u can sed Avocado
this Fairness this, the Co ldp res
get even-toned, Carrier Oil will replen
radiant skin that essential nutrients an
is not only bright 2 revitalize your ski
but also healthy leaving you with a
from deep within! refreshing glow!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS l These offers are brought to you by the marketers of the brands featured. Neither Magazine nor its agents, successors or assigns shall be liable for any claims relating to these offers/
products. l Closing date for entries is May 31st, 2015. l 7KHSUL]HVZLOOJRWRWKHUVWQDPHVVHOHFWHGDIWHUWKHFORVLQJGDWHl These offers are not valid in the state of Tamil Nadu. l DATA PROTECTION FOR ENTRIES: ,
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Spenta, Mathuradas Mill Compound, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400 013.

May 2015 19
Krastase BRAUN
While you never step out in the sun without
protecting your skin against sun damage with Satin- Hair 7 Brush
lots of sunscreen, why ignore damage care for with Iontec
your hair? Just like a day If the heat and humidity have
cream for your skin, the gotten the best of your hair this
Elixir Ultime Beautifying season, then Braun's Satin-Hair
Oil Crme launched by 7 Brush with Iontec will surely
Krastase vows to keep your come to your rescue! With this
hair hydrated, nourished revolutionary brush, you can
and protected through the tame frizzy hair and give it a
hot summer days. With its boost of shine with just the
anti-oxidant properties and press of a button! Portable and
UV lters, it revitalizes the convenient to use, this styling
hair, giving you the benets of tool can become your best ally
oiling without weighing your for ghting frizz and y-aways.
hair down. Your hair will be sleeker,
glossier and well-protected and
we assure you that with Braun,
bad hair days will become a
thing of the past!

HENA DESAI brings you the latest updates from
the world of hair.

We've all heard how
benecial beer is for our
Oriflame hair, haven't we? Using this
After caring
insight, Denver, known for
for your
their men's products, have
beauty and
launched the Denver Beer
Shampoo- one that will help
your hair become stronger
cosmetic giant,
and silkier! The shampoo
Oriame has
has been formulated using
now come forward
contents present in beer that
to offer you their latest solutions
include maltose, biotin, silica
for hair care! The brands latest
& magnesium which are great
offering is its HairX Styling range Moroccanoil for hair care. From combatting
that includes the HairX Smooth & After taking India by storm, the pioneer and originator of luxury hair loss to increasing hair
Sleek Styling Hair cream & HairX argan-oil infused products, Moroccanoil, has now entered Sri Lanka, volume, this shampoo does it
Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray. thus successfully expanding their market. Operating under the all, so use this as the perfect
Enriched with Keratin, these distributorship of Lewanna, Moroccanoil will now be available in all excuse to carry beer infused
products will strengthen damaged leading salons in Sri Lanka as well, starting with Colombo. goodness to the shower!
hair and control frizz to give you a Mr. Manish Dialani (Managing Director, Lewanna Group) plans to be
sleek and perfect nish. distributing Moroccanoil products to the top 100 salons in Sri Lanka
by the end of 2015. With their innovative and brilliant products, were
sure that their venture will receive a great response in Sri Lanka too.
20 May 2015
expert advice

Hair Repair
Your route to perfect hair every day.
rst certied trichologists,
give you all the haircare
advice you need.

back. The
ed m y ha ir a few months different
I had straighten rmal growth is completely

texture of my
no ke. How do I de
lo ok ugly and fa
Q What measures do I take to
combat the greying process?
which m ak
with this transi
es it
tion? ~ Karina
y tedious and
~ Arti
ht en in g is an extremel at to
A St raig emendous he
A A faulty diet and stress are the
h proc es s w hich applies tr ak es up hair)
two primary causes while deficiency hars cy stin e (which m
ot ei n hair into a
of B vitamins, iron, copper and iodine convert the pr en m anipulates the
th a
into cysteine an d afts by eating
in the daily diet worsens it.Treatment no ur is hm en t to the hair sh d ch ec k
o ensure intern
al ent an
for premature greying is preventive certain look. D d re gu la r tricho-scalp treatm e em ph as is
with a regular healthy diet, proper ed diet, re gu lar oiling an ne ar es t trichologist. Th
balanc siting your wash cycle with
hair and scalp hygiene and de- your hair by vi re you end the
the strength of So m ak e su ly coco nu t w ater.
stressing activities are helpful along ld be on co nditioning. ta ke of w at er, especial
shou the in
with intake of L-tyrosine. Consult a itioner. Increase
intensive cond
trichologist to know the cause and
treatment accordingly. intake of L-tyrosine, an amino acid
infections due to scratching. Keep that decreases the neuropeptides in
Q My daughter seems to have
caught a lice infestation. Is there
a permanent and effective method to
combs, pillows and towels of the
affected child separate and wash
the skin. This in turn reduces auto-
inflammation. This condition needs to
them as many times as possible. be diagnosed and treated by a
keep these issues at bay?
trichologist only.
~ Vedika
A To keep lice at bay and prevent
subsequent complications like cross
Q Ive recently learnt that my son
has alopecia areata. What do
you recommend?
QI have flaky dandruff that refuses to
come off unless I scratch it out.
infections, boils and pustules, ~ Shweta Please recommend a solution.
maintaining a regular hygiene routine A The main cause is physical or ~ Anuj
is important. Nits or lice eggs need to mental stress, post vaccination, lice A Wash hair daily with scalp
be removed manually. Keep the scalp or during viral illnesses. cleanser and alternately with an
healthy and clean, oil hair thrice a Treatment for alopecia areata anti-dandruff shampoo. Regular
week and wash off with shampoo as attempts to reduce the white blood oiling and cleaning of hair with a mild
unclean hair causes clogged pores cells associated with the problem. If formulation helps. Use some lemon in
and lice. Cut the nails of the child if this can be done, the hair will regrow. the last rinse after a shampoo as it
he or she has lice since it may lead to Trichologists often recommend oral keeps dandruff at bay.

advice from our experts.

The views and recommendations expressed Send us an e-mail and get some with Hair Repair as
on this page belong to the experts quoted
and do not reflect those of magazine.
Write to
the subject.
May 2015 21
MATRIX India and
Cheryls Cosmeceuticals
reinvent the bridal season!
What happens when hair innovators and skin experts combine forces? SHEFALI SAMDRIA
shares the exciting development.

ducation is true
empowerment. It is heart-
warming to see that two of
Indias leading brands share our
belief and walk the talk with a one
of a kind initiative. Recently, MATRIX
India and Cheryls Cosmeceuticals
came together to present BRIDAL
TRENDS Hair and Skin Seminar
across nine cities. The series of
workshops saw participation to
the tune of 1800 hairstylists and

The Indian wedding is THE event

for families and couples across
communities. From make-up to
hair to trousseau, the wedding
industry is a money spinner
across all components especially
for hairstylists and beauticians.
The bridal market in India, is by
far the biggest in the world, with
extravagant event and beauty
splurges for not just the bride
but also the families.
With the vision of
accessible education,
MATRIX and Cheryls
Cosmeceuticals came
together to present
the latest trends and
styles that hairstylists
and beauticians can
adopt for this wedding
season in both hair as
well as skin through
the Bridal Trends Skin
and Hair Seminars.
These seminars were
conducted by Mr.
Melroy Dickson the
MATRIX guru and Mr.
Oscar Pereira the
founder of Cheryls

22 May 2015
bridal education

Being a bride is no longer just about
tradition but also self-expression. The
The seminars were divided into two MONALISA DOWERAH modern Indian bride has a powerful
parts; the first being conducted by
Marketing Manager, Matrix and ally in Matrix India and Cheryls
Mr. Oscar Pereira who unveiled these Cosmeceuticals we feel!
Cheryls Cosmeceuticals said,
cutting edge professional treatments :
We are thrilled and excited to
Cheryls 02C2 treatment - a engage with our salon partners on
revolutionary oxygen-enzyme peel These services were demonstrated live
a topic that is close to their hearts.
that infuses radiance into dull skin to showcase the visible and the dramatic
The Bridal Trends Skin and Hair
difference that a professional can make
Cheryls HeelPeel a unique Seminars were designed by Matrix
to a brides D-Day look in the salon. The
treatment that effectively repairs and Cheryls to impart knowledge
approach was to offer an expert solution
painful calluses and cracks in just and share expertise from the best
complete with the home care to enhance
20 minutes in our industry. These seminars
the results delivered in the salon.
have also given us a platform to
Cheryls OxyDerm Gold Bleach connect with our salon partners
a safe bleach formulated with The second half of the show was
across different cities and we look
technology that is gentle even on conducted by renowned MATRIX INDIA
forward to continuing this in the
sensitive skin. creative hair artists - Mr. Melroy Dickson,
coming years.
Mrs. Pooja Singh and Mr. Faiyaz Shaikh
wherein they showcased their cutting
edge look for the Cocktail or Sangeet
Ceremony - the Mocha Sidesweep look
from the Matrix Bridal collection was
re-created in this show and is featured
on the left page. This glamorous and
trendy look had both colour and styling
technique to it. The interesting hair
color technique was demonstrated
using MATRIX SOCOLOR. To complete
the look, styling was done using Matrix
Design Pulse Styling products. The gurus
also presented a stylish and modern hair
cut using a razor.

May 2015 23
asking in a sunny day always
seems like a good idea,
doesnt it? Rubbing sunscreen
and lotions dont even begin to sum
up the measures you take to nourish
and save yourself from tanning.
As you shield your skin, dont you
think you need to shower some
love on those tresses as well? Your
hair goes through as much stress
as you do, making it dull and lifeless
especially in summer. The season
brings numerous scalp problems
along with it that range from battling
with greasy hair and accumulation
of impurities. Pampering yourself
is a necessity in order to maintain
a healthy lifestyle. Your hair needs
a regular hydrating spa regime
especially in this season. Trust
LOral Professionnel to help you
get that well deserved time off with
its all new Hairspa that will help you
care for your hair from root to tip,
so that your tresses look beautiful
inside out.

treat with
Hairspa! Give your tresses a breather and
brings to you an experience you
must try this summer!
24 May 2015
hair spa

This exceptional Hairspa is infused with

the soothing and calming water lily, to give
you an even more relaxed and restorative Therapeutic In-Salon Hairspa services
experience. Known for its hydrating and
therapeutic properties, water lily helps
relieve stress and ensures that you have a Detox Hairspa: A therapeutic spa service that
soothing experience. Treat yourself with this helps soothe your scalp by removing dandruff
blissful regime which is available exclusively flakes and excessive oil for a delightful experience.
at LOral Professionnel salons through the
therapeutic Hairspa services. These services Original Hairspa: Offers personalized deep
are based on the Sensory Spa System treatments and conditioning for your hair and
Purify & Nourish and Treat; to ensure that scalp.
you get the specific treatment suited for your
hair and scalp condition. Whats more, the Express Oil Spa: A quick spa that nourishes your
signature Hairspa Massage is sure make your hair and scalp with the Extra-Nutritive Olive Oil,
experience all the more special! coupled with a fragrant cleansing routine.

The new Detox Hairspa service is the perfect Extra-Nutritive Oil Spa: An ultra nutritive
treatment that cleanses the scalp and gets rid experience for deep nourishment for your hair
of hair impurities ranging from flaky dandruff and scalp.
to excessive oil. The range is also enriched
with tea tree oil which gives you a cleansed,
relaxed and rejuvenated scalp. There are a
range of other Hairspa services that your
LOral Professionnel expert can recommend
as per your unique needs.
Whats exciting is you would willingly pamper your hair at
Timely hair care regimes are the secret to a home after your first session and look forward to your next
healthy and gorgeous mane. In todays fast Hairspa experience, because thats what these sessions
paced and polluted lifestyles, we need to take do to you. For this, make sure you pick up the Hairspa
extra care of our scalp and hair. What better Detoxifying and Hairspa Deep Nourishing homecare range
way to pamper oneself than complete sense offered exclusively at the LOral Professionnel Salons for
of well-being for your scalp and hair with post-service care. So make sure you complete circle of
LOral Professionnel Hairspa service every 15 healthy scalp and hair after your favourite in-salon service
days followed up with right home care. with the right home care range!

H a not only
restores the health of
you hair but also helps
you relax and unwind!

May 2015 25
her lovely experience at the
#BedHeadHairSpace showcased

by TIGI at Lakm Fashion Week.

akm Fashion Week is the to create looks such as bouncy curls, latest collections. Speaking about hair
high-point of fashion, glamour volume blow-dry, messy updos, trends this season Clint said, Texture
and style for India, its sartorial the evergreen sleek shiny super- and rock and roll is in this season.
pulse and a canvas for straight blow-dry to name a few. Even a simple ponytail can be
hairstylists and make-up artists. The He showcased the art of cocktailing styled and defined with texture. In
event is always in an experimental where he put together the right collaboration with Clint, TIGI unveiled
mode, challenging perceptions and products to achieve any look one 5 different looks during the five
creating a new paradigm in style desires. The attendees were not only days of Lakm Fashion Week using
much like Bed Head! Thus it was surprised to hear about cocktailing Bed Head products. Some of latest
that TIGI associated with LFW and but also enthusiastic to try mixing hairstyles created were scrunched
created a #BedHeadHairSpace at products by themselves. updos, modern bouffant, textured
The Apartment at Palladium Hotel, slicked back hairdo, mohawks and
Mumbai. With a host of exciting Taking ahead the brands founding faux hawks.
activities lined up, from engaging with principle - By Hairdressers, For
beauty bloggers to styling models Hairdressers, TIGI associated with
and celebrities, Bed Head by TIGI award winning hair and makeup artist
stole the show. Clint Fernandes who created unique
looks to complement the designers
Lakm Fashion Week saw a styling
masterclass at The Apartment by TIGI
Celebrity stylist Savio John Pereira CLINT SAID,
along with TIGI Experts Audrey Texture and rock and roll is in
DSouza and Reetu Dang which
included TIGI Bed Head hair tutorials this season. Even a simple
on the latest summer hairstyles and ponytail can be styled and
trends. To grace the summers with a
smile, Savio showcased techniques DENEDWITHTEXTUREo

26 May 2015
get the look

Get the Faux Hawk with How to achieve Rockstar

these simple steps! hair style instantly
1. Spray TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen 1. Apply TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A
For A Day on mid-lengths and ends on Day Hairspray on damp hair from roots to end
damp hair for volume and hold factor
2. Section the sides to tie them up at the back 2. Blast dry 100% while creating natural movements
and to clean the look on the sides with your hairdryer simultaneously bending
your hair
3. Blast dry till 100% and apply TIGI Bed Head
Manipulator Texturizer on the crown area to 3. Spray TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece at the end to
create texture keep the texture in place
4. Seal the style with TIGI Bed Head Hard Head 4. Spray TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret
Hairspray Dry Shampoo on the roots for prolonging the
hairstyle and adding volume

May 2015 27
Styling does not always have to
suck the life out of your hair.
one are the days when youd
run your fingers through your
hair and play it like a soulful
harp. Your tresses have gotten a bit
help you turn it all around! too fussy this season with the irregular
heat and humidity. Were here to guide
you through these distressing times
in a stylish manner. There is a stigma
associated with using too many heating
tools on your hair but then weve all
known at least someone who styles
their hair so very frequently without any
traces of damage. Although, we dont
encourage this behaviour, weve just
observed that many have figured out a
way to do it right and we shant stand
the fact that you arent one of them. So
behold the techniques that didnt come
with the manual.

Limit your exposure: Jumping

out of the shower and falling under the
dryer is the worst thing you could do to
yourself. Either wrap your head in a towel
turban or air dry about 80% of your hair
and then blow-dry to style it. Never use a
hair straightener on wet strands.
All Images

28 May 2015
chic zone

Make smart sections: You dont

have to numb your arms by dividing
your strands into a million sections;
just four are enough. Clip the rest up
while youre working on one. Left,
right, front and back; the back of the
head can be divided into two but
thats about it.

Test the air blast: Your scalp

is sensitive as it has always been
extremely protected. Feel the heat
on the back of your hand before
exposing it to your hair for calculated
risks are comparatively safer. Stroke the right way: Always
maintain more than eight inches
Always use heat protectants distance between the nozzle of
the dryer and your hair. While
before styling: While heat straightening, always start from the
protectant serums prevent your roots and iron your way slowly to the
hair from damage caused by hot tips; never start mid-way as the lack
styling tools, it is important to choose of consistency will lead to breakage.
products that do not contain alcohol- Generously invest about two to three
based ingredients. The alcohol seconds per strand.
content will only make your hair dry,
which is the exact opposite of how
a protecting serum is supposed to Clean your wand: Make
function. sure you regularly clean your
magical equipment for an optimal
performance. Dust the back of your
dryer with a tooth brush and you
could use baby wipes for your hair
straighter among other options.

Now that youre

oure all set to experiment
a lot more with your looks, go ahead
urself VEGAs Chic Styler
and get yourself
Grooming kit containing of both, a
eat setting Hair Dryer and
multiple heat
er with Ceramic coated
plates for the perfect styling regime.
matic overheat cut- off
The automatic
mechanism m will ensure you dont go
d. You now have nothing
keeping you from finding the new you!

May 2015 29
Photographs Rushil Mehta

Youve seen her steal the

spotlight and earn the
Miss India International
2014 crown! HENA
DESAI chats with our
cover girl Jhataleka
Malhotra about her
journey through the
modelling world,
bringing you her secrets
to staying jaw-dropping
gorgeous at all times!

Tell us a little about your

exhilarating Miss India
International 2014 journey.
I have been asked this question a
number of times and I never get
tired of answering it; being crowned
Miss India is something I will cherish
forever. It was a journey filled with
surprises! At 19, when most of us are
busy studying or going to college, I
was given this huge responsibility of
representing India.

30 May 2015


* 8 hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden
* Mascara
* Mineral Powder
* Lip Tint
* Wet Wipes

Whats does Jhataleka Malhotras

hair care ritual consist of?
Looking after your hair is extremely
important. Everyone has different
hair types, varying in length, texture
and thickness. For me, conditioning is
the most important aspect. I stick to
natural means that involve using curd
and eggs they work wonders!

What is the one hairstyle that we

are most likely to spot you in?
I love beach waves love the raw
texture and it is totally my thing!

What is your idea of pampering

I am a firm believer of retail therapy!
I love to shop and that is only way in
which I truly indulge!

Whats your mantra to deal with

a bad hair day?
I like to tie my hair in a braid or a high
ponytail. One quick fix would be to
use some curling mousse and tie your
hair in a braid or bun when you open
How has life changed post this pagent? them you will have beautiful waves! All
This is something that has helped me grow as an individual, made me you need to do then is just use a spray
independent and invoked a sense of understanding, which otherwise to set it in place.
would have developed much later.
What are your thoughts on short
Do you think you are under a certain amount of pressure to hairstyles like the undercut and
look perfect all the time? How do you deal with it? bobs that are all the rage these
I dont treat it as pressure to me its more like a process where days? How likely are you to sport
youre constantly being introduced to different shades of your own them?
personality. Someone told me long ago that happiness is the key to I think they look super cool and edgy! I
looking perfect all the time. I think its how you feel about yourself surely want to try them someday.
and how happy and confident you are about the way you carry
yourself that makes you look your best. Moreover beauty lies in Do share a message for your
imperfection; we shouldnt lose our individuality. loyal fans and readers.
I want to thank you all for the love and
Do share your fitness secret with our readers. support that you have showered me
My fitness regime is not complicated at all! I do take breaks in the with last year! It means a lot to me and
middle, but I give all credit to ATS Workouts (high altitude training) gives me immense encouragement to
and Pilates to keep me in shape. Besides this, it is extremely keep working harder and doing better.
important to eat healthy and in the right quantities.

May 2015 31
Sebastians Gallery Jam session was back with a bang,
bringing together hairstyling powerhouses from across
the country for an innovative and creative gathering that
aimed to modernise the 2015 hair trends.

Text by Hena Desai

year after its successful and sensational
Sebastian Gallery Jam 2014, Wella
Professionals came back with their event for
the top Sebastian stylists from across the
country. This Jam combined training and
workshop sessions, making it a platform to showcase
international hair trends. These stylists got to witness an
International Hair Show and a chance to participate in a
competitive workshop that aimed at revolutionising the
trending looks for the coming year, shaping the future of
hairstyling yet again.

Spearheading this event was the acclaimed hairstylist

Diva Poulos, Sebastian International Design Artist and
celebrity hairstylist who flew down all the way from San
Francisco for the session. Through the course of the event,
Diva conducted a program on the current hairdressing
trends for the Sebastian stylists, bringing them up-to-
speed with the hottest hair trends. This session worked
out to be an inspirational one, helping the stylists push
their creative boundaries and helping them upgrade their
skills. I have been associated with Sebastian Professional
for more than 20 years now. Sebastians Gallery Jam
session is truly unique in this sector and highly appreciated
by hairstylists too. It was an absolute pleasure to work

32 May 2015
event watch

This session was a true

wonderland for any stylist- one
where creativity owed no
holds barred with Indian hairstylists; I am amazed with their zeal to
learn techniques of hairstyling, said Diva. Nikhil Sharma,
Sebastian Design Artist was truly exhilarated at having had
an opportunity to work with Diva Poulos. He said, I was
looking forward to working with Diva in India. I have had a
Diva Poulos few opportunities of working and learning from her on an
With opportunities to be trained under hair international stage, but this was totally different. Having
maestros such as Geri Cusenza, Robert Lobetta her in India and preparing looks with her especially for the
Indian market to inspire the stylists here was truly amazing.
and Trevor Soribe, Diva Poulos has made her
Sharing stage with her was an incredible experience, I
mark in the hairdressing industry and has been a
learnt a lot from her.
part of the Sebastian family since the mid 90s.
It is because of this experience and expertise The Sebastian Gallery Jam 2015 gave the Sebastian stylists
that she is part of the Sebastian International hands-on experience in witnessing and creating hair trends
Artist team and the core Design team from North that are innovative yet capture the essence of Sebastian
America, and is also entrusted with mentoring Professional in the looks and the techniques used. This
new members. Apart from this, she owns a salon session was a true wonderland for any stylist- one where
with her husband in San Francisco named Diva creativity flowed no holds barred, where stylists were
International. Her artistry takes hairdressing to the encouraged to have a futuristic vision in hairdressing and
next level, well-establishing her esteemed place in were given a platform to showcase their individuality for
the Sebastian family and the hairdressing industry. the world to see.
May 2015 33
Weve rarely seen Karishma Kapoors red carpet
appearances go wrong, havent we? Even this time around,
she was spotted wearing her hair in a sleek, high ponytail
that went perfectly well with her owly ensemble. Paired
with a coral lipstick, she looked fresh, radiant and gorgeous!

Summer Waves
Ok, were totally bowled over by this look! A owly oral
gown with wavy hair worn loose chic and summery,
Deepika Padukone maganged to grab eyeballs as set out
for Sabyasachi Mukherjees opening show at this years
Lakm Fashion Week. Coupled with dark lips and nails, this
made for a perfectly breezy summer look.

favourit es
on the Lakm
Fashion Week
red carpet!

Hair Spy
Blissfully Indian
In a demure and elegant avatar,
Jacqueline Fernandez was spotted
at Anamika Khannas show wearing
the quintessential Indian hair updo,
adorned with the famous gajra. She
Resort 2015 paired soft, radiant make-up with
Fashion Week Summer/
BY Hena Desai IMAGES Lakm statement lips that wowed us all!

34 May 2015
If Tay Tay does it, you HAVE to
do it too! This style may look
intimidating but trust us, it isnt
so! Divide your hair into two
sections and comb through.
Make two braids in your hair
and use some hairspray or
styling gel to hold the braids in
place. Hold one plait upwards,
pulling it across as you would
do with a hairband and fix it
on the side using bobby pins.
Pull the other braid over to
the opposite side and repeat
the process. Once pinned, the
braids should look like a plaited
hairband on your hair. If you
have bangs, iron them for a
sleek appearance like Taylors.
Finish off with hairspray to
make sure that the style lasts
you through the day, with no
need of constant fixing!

Looking for fun ways to dress your mane this summer?
Take a leaf out of these Hollywood beauties style
diaries and learn how to get your glam on!
All images

By Hena Desai

May 2015 37
An age-old favourite, Mila Kunis shows
us how ponytails, when done right, can
be your best bet as a summer hairdo.
A messy ponytail, a sleek one, a high
or a low there is a ponytail variant
for absolutely any occasion! For this
sophisticated style, create a centre-
parting in your hair and backcomb the
crown section to give it a teased look.
Use some hairspray onto this teased
section to hold it in place before moving
on. Once the crown is set, pull your hair
back into a high ponytail and secure
it with a hair-tie. Use a strand of hair
from underneath the ponytail and wrap
it around the hair-tie so as to cover
it, adding that touch of sophistication
to the look. This style will take you
effortlessly from your office to a to a
late-night party so show some love to
the versatile ponytail for the summer!

38 May 2015
If youre not ready for a pixie or any
drastically short cut just yet, try a lob
(long bob) instead! This will give you a
feminine yet cool look, adding a fresh
twist to your look at the same time.
Styling a lob isnt a challenge either;
you can leave it unstyled and wavy,
straighten it or curl it, depending on
your mood! To emulate Katys famous
look, work a heat protectant serum
through your hair and blow-dry. Divide
your hair into small sections and using
a curling wand, curl each section.
Comb through your curled hair with
your fingers, breaking the curls apart
to create waves. Once youve covered
all your hair, spritz some hairspray on
to set the curls and youll be good to
go! If youre daring enough, colour
your hair in a bold shade as hers and
we assure you that all eyes will be on
you as you step out!

May 2015 39
When all else fails, trust the top knot
bun to be your trusted saviour! Neat and
hassle-free, this hairstyle will keep the
hair off your face as you jet-set through
the day. To get the style, blow-dry your
hair using a paddle brush till completely
dry, applying a thickening serum in your
hair as you proceed. Once dry, tie your
hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a
hair-tie. Twist and pull your hair into a bun,
knotting it at the top of your head. Once
youre satisfied with the look of the bun,
secure it using bobby pins. Tame flyaways
using hair gel or a strong-hold hairspray to
ensure a sleek output. This fierce hairstyle
will give you a confident and no-nonsense
appearance so do try it, especially for work
meetings in this sweltering heat.

40 May 2015
The best option to deal with the summer
heat is chopping off those long locks!
Short hair is THE raging trend to go for
currently, and we present Scarlett as the
perfect inspiration. Run to your stylist and
place your trust in their expertise to give
you a pixie or undercut style that suits
your face. You may choose to retain longer
side-swept bangs or even go in for a top
crop. If you have bangs, straighten them
using a hair iron. For the rest of your hair,
simply blow-dry it lightly and run some
styling gel or paste through your hair using
your fingers. Style it with your fingers till
you are satisfied with the final result. This
style isnt for the faint-hearted but if youre
willing to take the risk, we suggest you go
for it and transform yourself into an uber
cool diva right away!
Hot, sweaty summer days
demand messy hairstyles that
last through the day with little
maintenance like Blakes. This
look will keep you glam be
it at work or even at a party!
Just blow-dry your hair with a
diffuser, creating soft waves.
Create small fishtail braids
using small sections. Sweeping
all the hair to one side, pin
it up tight, knotting up the
ends of the loose hair and the
braids to hold them together.
Pull out a few strands of hair
and straighten them to frame
your face. Finish off with a
shine-enhancing hair spray to
hold the style in place. If you
plan to wear this style on a
night out, dont forget to jazz
it up by pinning a cute, blingy
accessory to your braid.

42 May 2015
hair trends

SHEFALI SAMDRIA speaks about
the three trending hairstyles
created by Lakm Salon that you
MUST try this year!
All Images Lakm Salon

akms trend mantra for 2015 has been
officially launched as Sculpt. In the same
vein, Lakm Salon further consolidated
this trend at the fashion week with
sculpted hairstyles and make-up that were
both avant-garde and contemporary at the same
time. Think Barcelona with its alluring architecture,
natural construction stones, twisted iron sculptures
and organic like shapes and you will be drawn
to these styles much like we were. Inspired by
contemporary architecture, Sculpt- a versatile trend,
works seamlessly across hair and make-up, and is
available at Lakm Salons across the country.

May 2015 43
The chignon has travelled
a long way from ancient
Greece where it first added
glamour to Athenian women.
Traditionally, the chignon was
a smallish bun at the nape of
the neck. Lakm salon has
created its own dramatic
version of this classic low-key
style, inspired by the double
domes commonly seen in
Barcelona. Voluminous hair
sleekly styled in an up-do
that resembles a faux hat,
this style adds oodles of
oomph when needed. With a
sculpted saree gown, this can
even take you back to ancient
times as you make a queenly
entrance at soirees!

44 May 2015
The colour of the year deserves
its own dedicated style and this
geometrical piece of art is not for
the faint-hearted! The cascading
hair with abrupt yet sculpted layers
will add a note of Renaissance
modernism to any personality
irrespective of clothing or occasion.
Straightened or crimped, hair is
elevated to a statement rather than
an afterthought and the colour
takes the Sculpt philosophy to a
new stratosphere!

May 2015 45
Gold is no more an ornament
but a sentiment. Women
have used gold powder
and pigments for make-
up for a while now and
this style counts on subtly
shimmering pigments. With
this look, bold, precise and
high-definition is back in
vogue, and the sculpt look
if applied right, can deliver
this to perfection. Not only
does it accentuate dominant
features like high cheekbones
and striking eyes, it defines
and highlights sharper facial
features, thereby reinstating
make-up as an art form.

46 May 2015
hair care

Trying to fix the section between your
chemically treated hair and the fresh
growth but failing miserably? POOJA
RAISINGHANI is here to rescue you!

f the multiple things that have
teamed up to make our lives a little
more better and convenient, the
shampoo and conditioner combo is
arguably the best. Although, the conditioner is
fairly new and doesnt really get enough credit,
its a shame to not acknowledge its importance
especially when youre recovering from all the
chemicals you splashed over yourself!

Colouring, rebonding and smoothening are

scribbled eloquently on the list of endless
attempts for making your tresses manageable,
vibrant and trendy. They all tend to suck the
life out of your hair if you fail to maintain a
nourishing routine. That is reflected on the
health of the new batch of hair that peeps
out the roots. We agree that dealing with the
transitioning process is the worst phase ever.
Also, its always wise to choose to wait for
your natural hair to completely grow
back rather than risking a dramatic
chopped off look. Since, shampooing
your hair everyday can adversely
damage your hair; condition even
without washing, it is a viable option
to escape dull hair.

One of the biggest challenges is to


prevent breakage; the most brittle

zone is where the fresh growth
meets the chemically treated hair.
Berinas Protein Conditioner is
specially enriched with goodness of
proteins that not only nourishes hair
and refurbishes dead locks but also
repairs and restores them completely.
The oil-free formulation acts as a
moisturizer and makes hair silky
smooth. The protein in the conditioner
gets easily absorbed by hair, thereby
nurturing them completely. Regularly
use this innovative hair mask to make
your tresses dramatically stronger,
healthier, smooth and shiny!

May 2015 47
Hair care
for mothers
SHAHNAZ HUSAIN shares the secrets every young mother needs
to know for a yummy-mummy mane!

womans body goes through multiple physiological, hormonal
and glandular changes during and after pregnancy. The hormonal
activity usually benefits the hair during pregnancy, because of
higher estrogen levels. Many women recollect that their hair
looked thicker and shinier during this time. Actually, hair normally
grows in three phases: growth, resting and shedding. But, during pregnancy,
due to higher estrogen levels, the growth and resting phases become longer
and the hair falls less. It also looks healthy and thick. Good nutrition, along with
vitamin and mineral supplements also improves the look of the hair. Of course,
stress can trigger off hair problems and hair loss.
48 May 2015
hair care
Once or twice a week, heat pure olive oil and apply on the scalp with
coconut oil or olive oil and apply on a light massage. Leave on overnight.
the hair. Do a hot towel wrap for five Next morning, apply the juice of a
minutes and repeat four times. This lemon on the scalp and wash the
helps the hair and scalp absorb the hair after ten minutes as usual.
oil better.
 Green tea can also be used as a hair
Go for timely hair cuts and head rinse after shampoo. Add the juice
massages. I feel that it is better to avoid of a lemon to four cups of green
chemical dyes and colourants during tea and use it as a last rinse after
pregnancy. Go for natural hair colour, shampoo. Like Coconut Oil, but
like henna, or those that contain natural Coconut milk is also said to promote
colourants like indigo, catechu and hair growth too. It also softens the
henna. They give the hair a blackish hair. Mix it with lemon juice and
brown colour. apply on the hair. Wash the hair
with plain lukewarm water after ten
Nutrition is a very important factor for minutes. Follow this treatment twice
healthy hair, especially during and after a week and you will find your hair is
pregnancy, as well as lactation. The smoother and healthier.
hair is actually fed by the nutrients in
the blood stream. I would recommend  Egg is one of the most versatile
taking a small bowl of sprouts daily. ingredients. It contains silicon,
Sprouts contain amino acids, which sulphur and fatty acids that help
are very beneficial to the hair. Include to nourish the hair and promote
fresh fruits, raw salads, leafy green growth. It also contains Biotin, a
vegetables, whole grains, curd and vitamin that helps hair growth. Beat
adequate protein in the diet. Consult an egg with a little milk to form a
your doctor about it. Along with a thickish consistency and apply it on
nutritious diet, daily exercise, relaxation, the scalp and hair. After half an hour,
adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle rinse the hair well with water, after
are required for healthy hair growth. adding some eau-de-cologne. It is
said that onion juice can be applied
on the scalp to help hair growth
because onions contain sulphur.
 Dandruff often triggers hair loss. Healthy hair is not really difficult to
Apply two tablespoons apple cider achieve. What one needs is awareness
vinegar before shampoo. After of the kind of treatment it requires.
shampoo, add two tablespoons I also believe that nature is not only
vinegar to a mug of water and use an expert chemist, but also the best
it as a last rinse. Once a week, heat cosmetologist.

During pregnancy, due to higher estrogen

levels, the growth and resting phases become
longer and the hair falls less. It also looks
healthy and thick
Regular hair care during pregnancy
should include shampooing the
hair, two to three times a week
depending on the season and also
on the hair type. For eg. oily hair
needs to be shampooed frequently,
All Images

especially during humid weather.

Allow the hair to dry naturally as
often as you can and avoid tying
the hair back tightly. Habitual
tying of the hair tightly can cause
enough trauma to the roots,
leading to hair loss. It can often be
the cause of hair loss at the hairline.
May 2015 49
DIY Conditioners o n th e high street
d itio n ers
n different con ld you create
There are a millio su lts b ut c o u
es, e a c h p ro m ising incredible re rt of your own kitchen?
shelv from the comfo
the perf e ct m oistu ris er
tio n s fro m p e o ple who think
rev ie w s om e of the best sugge w n ga m e, b ut you dont
b e a te n th e b ig brands at their o n d se e for yourselves!
theyve m o u t a
e to ta ke o ur w ord for it. Try the

Apple showers
As seen on

A conditioner with crunch

INGREDIENTS: One tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar and one cup of water.
METHOD: Add one tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar for every eight ounces of water and mix
thoroughly. Its the simplest recipe you could ever
ask for!
Aroma: +++
Effect: ++
VERDICT: Cheap as chips, but not a patch on the
high street brands. You get what you pay for!

Avocado ambition
As seen on

A creamy concoction
INGREDIENTS: One avocado, two tablespoons of
honey and one tablespoon of olive oil.
METHOD: Mash up your avocado into a pulp. Add
the rest of your ingredients to the mix and blend until
smooth. Use this mixture as a leave-in conditioner for
Feature Josh Heff Images

one hour, then rinse thoroughly.

Difculty: ++++
Aroma: ++
Effect: ++++
VERDICT: A strong contender and one of our
favourite DIY discoveries. Just make sure you mash
the avocado well to avoid having to pick the lumps
out of your hair later!

50 May 2015
Coconut shine
As seen on

An exotic elixir
INGREDIENTS: Quarter cup of coconut milk, two
tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of coconut oil,
one tablespoon of Greek yoghurt and two-three drops of
lavender essential oil.
METHOD: Mix the coconut milk as you add the other
ingredients one by one. Stir thoroughly. Massage well into a
damp scalp before rinsing it away.
Difculty: ++
Aroma: +++++
Effect: +++
VERDICT: The scent is simply to die for! The end result
doesnt quite live up to the early promise, but its not too
bad either!

Lemon aid
As seen on

Citrus shine
INGREDIENTS: Two tablespoons of lemon juice,
two tablespoons of olive oil and two
tablespoons of water.
METHOD: Mix the lemon juice and olive oil in
with the water to create a zesty conditioner. Use
for 20 minutes as a leave-in conditioner.
Difculty: ++
Aroma: +++
Effect: ++
VERDICT: We expected this DIY conditioning oil
to add a little sharpness to our style, but in the
end it just left a sour taste in our mouths!

Do you have your very

own home conditioner
recipe? Tell us your secret
Banana balm
As seen on
ingredients on Facebook
@hairmagazine.india or
Mush in that lush by Tweeting to us
INGREDIENTS: One banana, two-three tablespoons of olive
oil, a quarter cup of plain Greek yoghurt and one tablespoon
of honey.
METHOD: Blend your banana with olive oil until completely
smooth. Then add your other ingredients one by one until all
the lumps are gone. Apply your mix to wet hair, leave in for
one hour and rinse thoroughly.
Difculty: +++
Aroma: +
Effect: +++++
VERDICT: If you can cope with the consistency, the banana-
based conditioner is our pick of the bunch, maybe even giving
the big brands a run for their money!

May 2015 51
reader testimonial

Fan spotlight
SHEFALI SAMDRIA presents a loyal reader who is a proud
fan and salon entrepreneur. Read more to know how
the magazine plays a part in her business!

t was a pleasant surprise
to walk into a salon
on a random day and
discovering how a
salon owner regards the
magazine. Gazala Salim
Panjwani is a like any other
beauty professional who
strives everyday to take her
business to a new level. She
started her salon Zeenia in
2004 in the neighbourhood
of Bandra. Like many
female beauticians, this was
a career switch for her and
an exhilarating experience
as an entrepreneur. Gazala
is not just a salon reader
of our magazine, she
also proudly displays our
previous issues on the walls
of her salon and has this
to say

The journey as a salon entrepreneur

It has been the most fulfilling experience of my life!

The evolution of her customers

From when I started, the average customer today is so
much more beauty conscious. Grooming is a priority
ARE YOU with them today and they consider it an important
A HAIR FAN? aspect of their lives.
Email and share
your sentiments at The magazine or Its a boon for professionals like me; I depend on it to
connect and message us at update myself about new product releases, knowledge
our Facebook page: upgradation and ideas on how I can be a better service provider. Not only that, my customers also refer to the
magazine when it comes to services and hairstyles they
hairmagindia want to try.

Message for salon owners

This is a great industry to be in, not only is the business
creatively fulfilling, its also booming right now and with
you will always know how to improve yourself!

52 May 2015
Bare ly there
hairc are a sie st tr e n d o f SS 15 healthy, slee k
ber unfussy
incing to rock
the e ally
s m in im a l p rod ucts. As if you re s on s w e think its ace.
and use a few re a
trend b u t if you do, here are

SS15 Zeynep Kartal

Anyone can make it work
Yes, anyone! Long, short, wavy, fine or thickly-tressed
ladies can pull it off! Think of the trend as the sleekest,
healthiest version of your own hair.

And for curly girlies

This look totally works for curls too, but if you want to
smooth them out, try applying a smoothing balm on
freshly-washed, damp hair before blow-drying. Blow-dry
your hair straight with a paddle brush for the sleekest
finish (if you dry small enough sections at a time, you
shouldnt need to break out the straighteners).

It cuts out unnecessary products

For the most part, all youll need is the following:
This will help to hydrate your hair, ensuring itll
be yaway-free!

TAIL COMB For the precise side-parting.

SMOOTHING BALM To prep damp hair for


method of straightening you prefer.

SHINE SPRAY Wave bye-bye to crisp nishing

sprays the only thing youll need to complete
your look is a subtle glisten for the ultimate in
fuss-free, glossy locks.
Feature Akesha Reid IMAGEs Courtesy of TONI&GUY

No time? No problem!
You can make this look last until the next time you wash
your hair! At night, simply twist into a low bun and pin
in place, then come morning, undo and brush through.
Youll be left with an oh-so-subtle natural wave.

The only thing is

Theres nowhere to hide! Just like the no make-up
trend, this look really does expose flaws, so you need
to keep your mane in tip-top condition. That means
regular trims, deep-conditioning treatments and
moisture masks!

May 2015 53
Like the idea of a fresh new mane but unsure of the outcome?
Whether youre scared of scissors or nervous of a colour change,
our no-panic guide will help you take those small steps towards
facing your fears and embracing a whole new you!

Im scared of wearing my hair up


Lee Stafford
Its all about nding
the right ponytail to
suit your face shape
and there will be no
need to hide behind
your hair. Practice
wearing your
ponytail at different
heights from high
on the crown to low
at the nape. High
ponytails will look
great on round face
shapes, while those
with square faces
should frame their
look with a few

Im scared to dye my hair for the rst time
Sylvestre Finold & James

Find out what shades would
suit your natural skin tone
and ask your stylist for their
advice before picking one.
Dont too stray too far from
your natural shade so you
can still transform your look
without being too drastic. If
you dont want to commit,
try an ombr style, as it is
easy to grow out and you
Feature Emily Louise Overy

can cut off your ends when

youre bored with it.

54 May 2015
PROBLEM: My updo looks lack variety
I want a pixie cut, but Im scared of
the chop SOLUTION:
Dont try too hard with your
SOLUTION: updos. Keep things relaxed
Savvy Hair savvyhair.

Pixie cuts are great for an by incorporating plaits into

edgy look and really show your look. There are plenty
of how-to videos online that

off those cheekbones, but

Louise Wood, The Hair Advice

make sure you know your can teach you how to do
face shape before visiting Dutch, French and shtail
the salon. Oval-shaped plaits. Try incorporating
faces can pull off nearly these into your standard
any style of pixie cut, updo they are set to be
but heart-shaped ladies among the biggest catwalk
should aim to add height trends in 2015.
at the crown to elongate
their features.

Hooker & Young

I struggle to style
PROBLEM: my short hair
Im a slave to my straighteners
SOLUTION: Invest in some good quality
As tough as it is, step away from the irons they are hair extensions, clip-ins
extremely damaging to the hair and can cause split and styling products like
ends. As an alternative, wash your hair with straightening moulding pastes and waxes.
shampoo and conditioner, then, after towel-drying your Have fun experimenting
hair, apply some argan oil and plait your hair or put it up with lots of different
into large rollers before sleeping with them in overnight. textures and styles. You can
Voil! Gorgeous curls or waves without the heat damage! also update your look with
semi permanent colours
and hair chalks for a blast of
creative colour.

PROBLEM: My hair gets

Sharon Peake and Rosie Binns Ethos

Hairdressing for Quif; Kieran Tudor, D&J
Ambrose for Quif
Im worried greasy too quickly
a fringe may after washing
not suit me
SOLUTION: Try to wash your hair
Test the every other day to
water with a better regulate sebum
good quality production and stock
clip-in fringe up on the wonder that
before taking is dry shampoo. Pop a
the plunge! can in your handbag
and spray and massage
in when you need those
root touch-ups during
the day.
Girly accessories make me look silly My style falls at in an hour and I can never
SOLUTION: keep the volume!
Keep things all grown up by making your look effortless but
edgy if youre wearing a glittery hair band then put your SOLUTION:
Jonny Engstrom at Guy Kremer

hair in a loose, messy bun and keep your eye make-up dark. Try not to use too much
conditioner, as that can weigh
the hair down and make it
fall at after styling. Instead,
when your hair is towel-dry,
get plenty of mousse on the
crown of your hair, which
will uplift roots. Applying a
root-boosting powder and
washing with a volumising
shampoo/conditioner will
also work wonders.

May 2015 55
waves always work.
Effortlessly ELEGANT,
this style EXUDES
luxury and condence.
Hair is GLOSSY, well-
groomed and all

CLASSICS Photographer Pete Pedonomou Make-up artist Andriani Vasilou
Creative director/ Styling Sophie Beresiner Hair Headmasters Pro Artistic Team
Words Emily Louise Overy

56 May 2015

NO LONGER strictly a schoolgirl style, plaits,
twists and braids will be seen in EVERY shape
and form this season. We like ours REFINED
and sophisticated in a TIMELESS updo.

May 2015 57
Every INCH the tragic heroine,
this swept-to-the side style
with a touch of CRIMPING
and TWISTING is a little
DRAMATIC, beguiling and
even BEWITCHING while
beautifully combining
texture and shine.

58 May 2015

Buns and twists are still BIG on
the catwalk and everyday styling.
Swept UP AND AWAY, your hair
lets your clothes and face do
the talking. CHIC and elegant,
nothing is as REFINED as a
CLASSIC top knot.

May 2015 59
Its all about PURPLE this
season whether youre
into lilacs or plum hues, pair
them with an EDGY cut and
STRIKING fringe that will leave

PUNK Hair Jamie Benny, Rush Hair Photography Jemima Marriot Make-up Alex Chalk
Styling Sasha Louise Words Emily Louise Overy

60 May 2015

PLAY with length and
texture and create a
longer VEIL over a short,
CHOPPY pageboy cut
for a FEATHERY, longer
take on a fringe.

May 2015 61
Why have one look when
you can have THREE in one
go? MIX UP a top knot with
a french roll, quiff and a
SPLASH of mint hair crayon
for skill AND style!

62 May 2015

style in backcombed beauty,
TEASE those tendrils
and show them the
tailcomb to reach
heights known
to mane-kind.

May 2015 63
A modern look with BOLD
lines to accentuate the
face, this cute crop will suit
is a great transformation for
anyone wanting to go for
the CHOP.

STYLINHair MOVA Art Team Photographer Roberto Aguilar for TIGI Stylist Jiv
Make-up Sandra Reynolds for TIGI Words Emily Louise Overy

64 May 2015

This soft, layered look is EDGY,
DISCHEVELLED and can be dressed up
or down. The beautiful blunt fringe opens
the cheek bones.

May 2015 65
Go for something COOL
look can be styled SMOOTH
and CHOPPY. This is an
extremely VERSATILE style
which can be worn in a
variety of ways.

66 May 2015

A VOLUMINOUS look with natural
movement and body this style is a
PROGRESSIVE take on tousled hair
which will leave your hair looking naturally
BEAUTIFUL. Spritz with sea salt spray for
ultimate beach babe texture.
May 2015 67
WORK groups of small
braids through the
lengths of your hair and
play TRIBUTE to your
inner 90s WILD CHILD.
Pair them with a crown
plait and a few long,
LOOSE tendrils to frame
the face.

STRUCTURE Hair Sophie Chandler, Rush Hair Photography John Rawson Make-up Kristina Vidic
Styling Magdalena Marciniak Words Emily Louise Overy

68 May 2015

Who says a French roll
has to be positioned at the
back of the head? PILE it
on top and wear it HIGH
and DRY. Secure with
PLENTY of hairspray for

May 2015 69
She STEALS hearts with just
a SWISH of her beautifully
textured bowl with CHESTNUT
and auburn tones GALORE.

70 May 2015

BUBBLEGUM hues are
BIG for 2015 and are a
super cute way to LIVEN
UP a blonde do.

May 2015 71
ts quite a daunting task to weigh the intensely
contradicting preferences in choosing what
style of beard to sport. Considering the options,
its a shame to not have experimented with the
second most masculine thing you have to offer.
Although, the only king in the deck of cards without
any facial hair is of Hearts, it shouldnt convince you
otherwise. You could probably give it a shot to get

All Images

your fist bumped by your men and swooned over
by your women. This is the perfect season for you
as summer speeds up the growing process and
also protects you from tanning, making it easier
for you to achieve the ultimate symbol of strength,
manliness, self-esteem and status.

A man with a beard has an immediate,
visceral impact. POOJA RAISINGHANI
sheds some light on the general

perceptions for you to choose your
look this summer!

b et t er things STUBBLE
Well, I hafe. I could add The rugged stubble can be misleading
to do in li at list. in several fun ways. It speaks volume
you to th about a man who cares to keep up
with the current trends. Contrary to
popular belief, the reckless look is
extremely high maintenance for it
requires timely grooming and styling
sessions. But, youll be out there
making them wonder what youve
been up to. You were probably busy
cracking that major deal or practicing
for the soccer finals. Lightly scratch
your beard when you spot them
looking at you as though in deep
thought, thatll do the trick.

72 May 2015
male grooming


You live in the gym, juggling your

women while grooving to the beats
of EDM. Then subtly flex your biceps
to exhibit your abstract tattoo for
some more attention; attention
which you totally deserve. Do they
have any idea how long it takes
you to shape that perfect strap?
Youre sure to dominate her entire
existence and shell be more than
happy to jump into this ride.

a really nice
tuall y en,
Hey, Im accuddle! No? Okay th .
guy. Lets rself for some poetry
brace you

Having gotten bullied your entire teenage

life, these patches of hair finally shoved
those disturbing encounters in a dark alley,
right where they belong. If only you could
keep that desperate adolescent version of
you from making every situation awkward.
An annoying know-it-all wholl criticise the
wine till its last drop to a mushy sitcom dude
who believes in romanticizing everything;
basically anything that increases the
probability of getting in her pants will sum
up a man who chooses to sport this look.

Youre sure to dominate her sculinity

l m y m a
entire existence and shell be F ee
. M ess with
from a fa r
more than happy to jump
nd Ill h a ve my men
onto this ride. me a of you.
tak e c a r e

May 2015 73

A glance from the corner of the eye, thats all it

would take for you to slice their soul into pieces
and you can very well put it back together in
the same moment. But by then, you would have
figured them out. Struggled your way through
life, youve survived it all but nothing and no one
was ever worth the effort. Youve travelled far
and wide, sold the Harley for the woman who
was once enchanted by it. But thats not the story
your children would hear.

So, have you taken your pick? Or are you still

pondering over the options whilst stroking
your existing beard. We couldnt agree more,
its a massive decision as it would instantly add
five years to your look but effectively seal the
younger version of your skin as well. The UV rays
that it blocks, reduces the chances of cancer. So
if not for sex appeal, grow it for science at least!

d on t d e serve my
You N ow if you o
atte nt ion .
s e m e, I h ave to g
excu o my woman.
get ba c k t


The self proclaimed macho creature of the forest,

you can talk about your adventures all day.
Whether its slaughtering a random goat for dinner
or a car crash you nearly escaped, your extreme
stories can get so amusing that they question the
authenticity. Just let them enjoy the old country
music playing while you carry out your day to day
manly chores. Well, that pretty much sums up your
You look b xe. Do you
extravagant dare devil persona. than my a oo?
like wood t
74 May 2015
Find your
cut, colour
and style

This page- hair by Altin Ismaili For Marc Antoni
The Style Guide is compiled by Hena Desai

ort 80 Curly 82 Mes
76 Highlights 78 Sh
May 2015 75
DJ Victory
Think pink with
some bold rose
highlights perfect
for festival season

Dont be afraid to
mix colours
together to create
a rainbow effect

HIGHLIGHTS with ying colours!

76 May 2015
Rae Palmer, WeLove Hair and Beauty Liv Dexter, Grossman & Jack Joey Scandizzo

Hair by JOICO Allan Mckechnie, Hair by Rutherfords, Oban Argyll Scotland

Saks Hair & Beauty- Robyn Saunders, Creative Director of Chesters on Hay, Perth Munhui Wong & Marius Liu, TONI&GUY
The style guide colour

Jason Hall

May 2015 77
Mix up dark and light
tones to add contrast
to your pixie cut

Lewis Moore @ Lewis Moore Salons, Sutton Coldeld

Use a bronze
eyeshadow to
bring out those
auburn hues

Great things in small packages.
78 May 2015
PKAI Art Team, D&J Ambrose Karine Jackson Paul Mitchell Media Team

Marc Antoni Giorgio Lavorato, Caos Artistic Team

Anne Veck Joanne ONeil Maria Yus Hair by JOICO

May 2015 79
The style guide short
Dont be afraid to
experiment with colour
from greens and blues,
to reds and oranges

Michelle Grifns BHA Collection

Hair chalks and
curls make the
perfect combination

80 May 2015
Give it a whirl if you may.
The style guide curls
Heads in the Cloud by Sam Rizzo
Chris Stevenson, Emma Jones and Sam Rizzo

Gleneld, Rodney Wayne Colour Trophy Collection

Project X--
Ken Picton Wales Art Team

Neil Smith-Barrie Stephen Hair

Sylvestre Finold & James Ale
Neil Smith-Barrie Stephen Hair

Momoko Hair Shaping

x3 Professional Hair
ir Curling
Wand from BBlunt nt
This lightweight curling
urling wand gives
you smooth, beautiful,
utiful, glossy curls
that last for days.
s. It also boasts of
ultra-fast heating
ng with ceramic &
nology. So if youre
infrared technology.
looking to sport super curls like
these, get your hands on this styling
tool soon.
May 2015 81
Taming one section
of hair is a good idea
if youre skeptical of
going messy all the

Ishoka Hairdressing & Beauty

Tons of hairspray is
the only secret to
keeping this look

The art of ruf ng it up well!
82 May 2015
The style guide messy

Loni Hale

Jean Claude Aubry

Toni&Guy Moisturising
Shine Spray
Messy hair can end up looking
rather dry and frazzled. To
prevent this, nish off your look
with a shine spray like the
Toni&Guy Moisturising Shine
Spray which will give your
hairstly an enviable shine!
Olivier De Vriendt, Mods Hair

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

The Lockonego Art Team

Andrea Brasola, Rocco Longobardi, Diego Avellini,

Samantha Favretto and Bruno Cristina- Art of Matter
Loni Hale Factor Artists

Abby Smith, D&J Ambrose

May 2015 83
May 2015


Whats in this months issue?
on the cover
94 Making Eyes
Decoding three must-try eye
lakme fashion week
96 Make-Up Meltdown p98 MOMMY
Summer-proof your make-up MAKEOVER
Tips and tricks to he
98 Mommy makeover p96MAKE-UP in that pe rfect
you atta
Tips and tricks to help MELTDOWN
e-up mommy glow
you attain the perfect Summer proof your mak
mommy glow! p105 COLOUR
whats new Very White
88 Beauty today
Whats happening in
the world of beauty p110
90 Beauty insiders guide TRENDSPOTTING
The latest news in beauty AT LAKME
Decoding three must-try Revolutionary sun
make-up firsts seen at the
Lakme fashion week

Flash em nails!
Soothing vertiver

Find our cover sto

real life expert advice
R 105 Colour Splash! 92 S.O.S save our skins!
MAC COSMET Very white Ishika Taneja solves all
May 2015

your skin troubles

YOUR PICSotographic 106 Nail Art
We welcome ph Flash em nails 118 Expert directory
submissions: 108 Mothers day Special See whos helped us
/ jpeg
l We only accept tiff this month
images at 300dpi hig
h To mom with love
resolution (6 x8). 114 Flavour of the month
l All CDs should be
dits. Soothing vertiver
labelled with full cre
116 Tarot
Its on the cards

p98 pp888 BEAUT Y TOD
h ts happening in the

! Wha
orld of beauty

May 2015 87
Este Lauder
A healthy beautiful skin is just a simple routine away.
Infused with Este Lauders highly potent Pomegranate
Complex, this powerful and energizing new collection
recharges skin with the power of 8 in just 8 days, 8
powerful ingredients help reset skins natural dynamic
LOral Paris
Recharge, replump and redene
equilibrium to help activate 8 dimensions of radiantly
your skin with the new Revitalift
healthy looking skin.
L.A.S.E.R x3 Power Water infused
with a powerful combination of
Pro-Xylane and Adenosine. This
new product is your best bet for
hydrated summer skin.

Long, uttery lashes
are just a stroke away.
This mascara boasts of a
Quad Pro lenghthening
system that makes lashes
dramatically fulller with
a dened nish. So,
stroke away!

Summer spells long, relaxing cold
showers. Iraya has launched a new,
irresistable range of bath goodies
enriched with the nourishing
properties of lavender, basil, green
tea, almond, wheatgerm and other
ayurvedic herbs to give you an
instant jolt of energy. SHEFALI SAMDRIA brings to you this
seasons beauty must-haves!

Lotus Herbals
Summer calls for pop, fruity lips; this new
range of botanical tinted lip glosses give
just the right colour and sheen to your lips.
Enriched with grape extracts and jojoba
oil, this innovative lip gloss keeps your lips
soft, moist & supple all day long!

Nothing says glamour and style
like a bold, matte lip. Faces has
launched a luxurious range of
lipsticks with an unbeatable gliding
quality and unique satin nish. Try
the FACES Ultime Pro Velvet Matte
Lipstick this summer!

88 May 2015
The brand

Star buy Premium
Fairness Cream
Come summer and every woman wants to flaunt that
glowing, flawless skin. When on vacation, your skin
needs that extra care to protect it from the ravages
of travel. So while you are indulging in vacation fun,
trust this revolutionary product from MeGlow to keep
your skin glowing . Its SPF 15 protects you from sun
damage while Vitamins A and E help perfect your skin
by addressing the lost glow; it also treats dark spots,
fine lines, blemishes and sun spots. Vitamin C boosts
production of collagen and gives firmness to your skin,
in addition to protecting skin against discoloration.
The aloe vera in this cream soothes the skin after sun
exposure to prevent tanning. The botanicals in the
formula penetrate deep within the skin and target
damaged surface, diminishes dark patches, blemishes,
sun spots and reveals an even toned complexion. The
natural ingredients work at the upper and the levels
beneath to remove any signs of skin damage and reveal
a clear, bright and well moisturised skin while the
luminising botanicals add an instant radiance. On those
warm summer days when you feel conflicted between
your fairness cream and sunscreen, we insist you try this
and see the difference!

whats hot in the world of
beauty this month!

90 May 2015
The brand
The brand
Kiehls Live your
Star buy Hydro-Plumping
Re-Texturizing Serum Now
Star buy LYN Nail
Concentrate Lacquer
Age-related dehydration is caused by an
Indias first hi-definition nail
imbalance of moisture within the skin
lacquer and nail care brand
that occurs as we age, making skin more
LYN was launched recently.
prone to showing signs of aging sooner.
The Live Your Now team has
This breakthrough, innovative formula
worked closely with an expert
is clinically demonstrated to help correct
formulator based in France to
the signs of age-related dehydration by
create a revolutionary High
flooding the deepest layers of dehydrated
Definition nail lacquer that
skin to restore vital moisture. The result
promises to give nothing less
is skin that appears fresher, plumper and
than pure color perfection through 100
nail lacquer shades and 28 nail art kits.

The brand
The brand
Bharti Taneja Palmers
Star buy Alps Star buy Cocoa Butter
Super-Gold Facial Formula Body Lotion
Award-winning pioneer, Dr. Bharti
Taneja of Alps Cosmetic Clinic Luxurious yet affordable, this iconic
Ltd. is best known for introducing beauty classic has been a cult favourite
the 24 Karat Gold Facial and we world-wide for generations. This
recommend it this summer. This advanced moisturiser softens, smoothens
facial involves an intense exfoliating and relieves dry skin. It also helps
action from deep inside the skin that smoothen and blend marks and scars.
helps bring out the natural luster This preservative-free, lightweight, non-
of the skin in just no time. Writer greasy formula contains an exclusive
and luminary, Dr. Taneja recently blend of key ingredients that helps in
completed 25 years of success at hydrating the skin and improving skin
Alps with nine cosmetic clinics and imperfections, making it an apt solution
eight beauty academies. for all seasons. Because summer skin
needs TLC too!

The brand

Star buy Rebel Bouquet Collection
Maybelline India gave us a new flirtatious and fierce take
on make-up as it launched the Rebel Bouquet, its first ever
Spring Summer collection. Inspired by the International
runway trends, MNY launched four new product ranges
across lips, nails and face that bring together the latest season
trends, with the most innovative technology. The Rebel
Bouquet Collection introduces the Color Sensational Rebel
Bouquet range of lipsticks, Dream Satin Skin Liquid Mousse
Foundation, Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake and Color
Show Go Graffiti nail polishes giving you a completely fresh
assortment of products to add to your vanity. The must-haves
in the collection also include Maybellines 2015 new launches
Colossal Liner & Colossal Kohl for perfectly defined eyes
this season.
May 2015 91
expert advice

Q face, use a de
applying it on
sure it
A Dry sk

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to get too oily

oily while the
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your cheeks an
apply a gel-bas
your skin with
ed moisturizer
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in summers. Si
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save our skins!
I have a com of it in the summer to m
can I take ca get too dry or too oily?

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but mix it with

a tea-tree astr
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ISHIKA TANEJA, international make-up expert and
Executive Director, The Alps Group, solves all
your skin and make-up troubles.
in. How
ry and oily sk ake

d oily skin tend

s a

water while
ingent and
sure you prot
-s pe cific

to use
washing your

Q Years of waxing and other
forms of hair removal have
left my underarms dark and
patchy. Is there any way to
effectively reverse this?
A Waxing can never cause dark
uc ts to bid adieu to any sh underarms. The reason for your woes
make-up prod
Q My feet are in a terrible
shape-cracked and tanned. Is
there a foot care routine that I
seem to be the other measures you
must have gone through like hair
removal creams and razors. To deal
Q Ive heard that waxing off
facial hair causes the facial
skin to loosen over time. Is this
can follow to combat this?
with it, you may use this effective
scrub-cum-pack: add two tbsps lemon
true? If yes, what would be the A Your feet clearly exhibit the care juice with three tbsps oats, three tbsps
best way to deal with this? you provide to them. Keep them clean sandalwood powder & two tbsps
Shraddha and well-moisturised just as you grated potato to form a paste. Now,
A Skin does tend to lose its do for your face. For this, scrub your gently scrub your underarms using it.
elasticity over time with regular feet using a pumice stone on a daily Wash off and repeat regularly to notice
waxing sessions. Go in for threading basis while bathing and massage them steady effects of this remedy. Ditch
instead. But, in case your hair density with a rich moisturizer after. Prepare your deodorants for some time as it will
is high, threading may not work for a mixture of glycerin, papaya pulp, only hamper the brightening process.
you. In order to avoid the hassle honey and lemon juice in equal parts You may also go for bleach and peel
forever, you can go in for a hair- and apply it daily to get brighter and treatment sittings at a professional
removal procedure called Intense smoother feet. You may use lemon salon but make sure to maintain an
Pulsed Light (IPL). Its a skin-friendly, pieces with sugar to scrub you feet. adequate interval between sittings. In
convenient, painless laser treatment. While the sugar takes all the dead skin FDVH\RXQGWKHVHPHDVXUHVDKDVVOH
In case your hair growth in not too away, the lemon extract will brighten IPL is the solution for you. Intensed
coarse, you may opt for bleaching, \RXUWRQH,QGXOJHLQUHJXODUSDUDIQ Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is the best
which is in no way harmful when pedicure sessions that are helpful way to permanently reduce unwanted
done at a professional salon. Oxy, for healing cracked heels. At nights, hair. This revolutionary, Italian
Protein and Gold are the ace options massage your feet using petroleum technology is the safest and effective
for bleaching, which are suitable for jelly and sleep off with cotton socks on measure for hair-removal that has no
all skin-types. to pacify your overworked toes. side effects.
our expert.
The views and recommendations expressed
E-mail us to get some advice from with S.O.S as the subject.
Write to
on this page belong to the expert quoted and
do not reflect those of magazine.

92 May 2015
Pink pouts and cheeks
with radiant spring skin
tones set the stage
at Anavilla. Natasha
created a cat eye that
was barely there, yet
made just the right
impact. This is a look
girls across the country
can replicate safely, be it
at campus or work!
Images Lakm Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

94 May 2015
eye spy

Kohl is almost primeval, the smoky eye
is almost a clich. Then FAT MU went
ahead and created a smudged out,
smoky eye in grey hues that spread out
towards the temples like a fish fin. The
combination with the mohawk braid and
bodycon silhouette was just delectable.

SHEFALI SAMDRIA presents three eye make-up innovations from
the Lakm Fashion Week that will soon be the trends to follow!

ince ancient times, eye make-up has been the focal
point of beauty and its pursuit from gemstones ground
for Cleopatras eye-lids to the home-made kohl that
remind you of your grandmother. Indian make-up has
thus far steered away from intense experimentation
when it comes to the eyes. You saw the same boring eye-liner/kohl
look everywhere, until Natasha Nischol of FAT MU gave three very
unique looks that had everyone raving!

Think beaten gold leaves on Indian
sweets seen at weddings and festivals.
An almost identical look was created
at the Raghavendra Rathore show
for his bridal collection. Luminiscent
bronze cheekbones and pale pinkish
gold lipcolour made this every brides
ho doesnt
love sunny
days? But,
skin, smeared eye liner, sticky
lipstick and melting foundation
are not so appealing, right?

We thought youd say that.

In this heat-fuelled weather,
keeping your game face on
is a task. But dont worry; we
wont let your beautiful make-
up masterpiece go to waste
so easily. Follow these simple
beauty tips to make sure
that your make-up stays on
perfectly from dawn to dusk,
making you look like a flawless
summer goddess.

The sweltering summer heat can be

your make-ups biggest enemy! HENA
DESAI is ready to step in as your
knight in shining armour to save you
from a messy make-up meltdown.

96 May 2015
make-up mania

Stay away from layers upon layers of
make-up in the summer days. Skip
the heavy foundation and switch to
BB creams instead. In case you are in
dire need of coverage, opt for silicone-
based foundations like the Fluid
Foundation No Transfer by Make-Up
Studio. This lightweight wonder gives
you a natural, smudge-proof finish.
Remember, more layers of make-
up will only make you sweat more,
making your make-up melt faster so
dont forget to KISS!

Forget about what anyone hass
told you otherwise primers LIP LOVE
work wonders! One pea-sized L glosses look great on bright,
drop will give you shine-free ssunny days but may start feeling
skin that makes the perfect base se iicky and sticky very soon! To
for make-up application. Along g avoid this mess, its best to switch
with covering the pores, it will tto tinted balms which will take
also make the colours of your care of moisturising your lips
make-up pop more. Be sure to while adding a dainty touch
use an eye shadow primer too as of colour to them too. Natural
it will prevent your shadow from and beautiful, tinted lip balms
creasing and clumping halfway definitely need to find a place in
through the day. your make-up bag.

A healthy glow is an absolute must
this season! Flaunt a sun-kissed, Y
Your flawlessly applied make-up
flushed look by applying some Make-Up Studio offers n
needs to be set with a mineral or
lloose powder. This powder works
creamy blush to the apples of your
cheeks, and blend it in with a light
products that cater to all to smooth out the skin and absorb
dusting of bronzer as well. Be wary your summer needs any excess oil. Focus on the T-zone
(chin, bridge of the nose and the
of not adding too much bronzer
though or you may end up looking perfectly. From Make-Up forehead) as these tend to get oily
fast. Keep some pressed powder
badly tanned. You may even mix an
illuminator to a tinted moisturizer
Fixers to silicone-based handy so that you can quickly buff
and apply to achieve a beautiful foundations, we love it all! some on as the need arises through
the day.
Who says waterproof make-up
is only needed on rainy days? To
Powder mixed with sweat paints a prevent your make-up from running Powdering your face repeatedly
clumpy, messy picture right? Avoid down your face onto your favourite through the day can be quite an
this by switching your powder based summer dress, make sure your exhausting task. Also, lets not forget
products with creamy concoctions use waterproof products. This is that theres a greater chance of your
for the summer. Lightweight and essential for liners and mascaras, make-up starting to look cakey thanks
sheer creamy products will not cake for you dont want to end up with to the extra layers of product. Instead,
in the heat, thus preventing creases raccoon eyes by the end of day, you can use oil-blotting sheets as an
and smudging. Silicone and gel based right? To keep your look smudge- easier way to keep shine at bay. These
products work well too as they are proof spray on a make-up fixer like sheets will soak up any excess oil
lightweight and great for locking in the Make-Up Studio Make-Up Fixer without smudging your make-up and
colour. which will render your make-up will keep you looking fresh as a flower!
waterproof, making it last endlessly!
May 2015 97
All Images

May 2015
For a Mommy
skin care

Makeover DR. VARUN KATYAL shares his

expert advice for mommies
who wish to bounce back to
their pre-pregnancy skin!

ave you ever
why the
word busy
ends up in
front of the word mom
most of the time? With
small kids and a hectic
pace, moms do come up
with effective ways to
manage time but things
like skin care and beauty
issues take a back seat at
times. Finding the time
for self-maintenance
can be really challenging
but worry not, here are
some tips that you lovely
moms can follow under
the supervision of a
dermatologist to manage
two common maternal
beauty concerns
and cellulite.

Do you feel you have developed dark spots or dark
patches on your skin? These may be because of a
condition termed as hyperpigmentation. So, how
can you get rid of hyperpigmentation?

What is Hyperpigmentation?
This condition is caused by over activity of skin
cells called melanocytes resulting in increased
production of melanin, the substance that gives our
skin colour. Factors like sun exposure, hormones,
certain illnesses and medications, genetics, chronic
inflammation, allergies, heat, etc. alone or in
combination lead to hyperpigmentation.

If you feel you have developed hyperpigmentation,

you must consult a dermatologist as soon as
possible for proper diagnosis and treatment.

May 2015 99
The statement Prevention is better than cure applies in
case of hyperpigmentation to a very large extent. The tips
listed below should help you combat it:

Sun Protection Use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen

with SPF of at least 30 everyday. Apply your sunscreen
liberally 20 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply it
every two hours.

Dress to protect
Lightweight, cotton clothes along with a cap, scarf or
broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses act as shields from
harmful UV rays.

Practice an appropriate skin care regimen

Use an antioxidant cream or serum in the morning to fight
free radical damage and a cream or serum containing
peptides, alpha hydroxy acids or retinol at night to
gently exfoliate the skin and also help increase collagen

Exfoliate regularly
Sweep away the top layer of the skin and remove excess
pigmentation by using a chemical, manual or fruit enzyme
exfoliator which is effective as well as gentle on the skin,
once a week.

Your dermatologist can help you determine
which treatment would best suit your needs.
Options may involve the use of bleaching
creams or topical skin lightening creams,
clinical procedures or a change in your skin
care routine and lifestyle. The best treatment
however can only be determined by your

Clinical procedures
The clinic treatments for hyperpigmentation
can be Micro-Dermabrasion, superficial
chemical peels, Photofacial or IPL Therapy
and some laser treatments. Deeper peels or
laser peels are usually not recommended for
treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Foods rich in antioxidants like berries, papaya,
watermelon, tomato, soybeans, nuts, etc.
are helpful in protection from UV rays. Make
sure you also take vitamin and mineral
supplements after consulting your doctor.

100 May 2015

Add some plain oatmeal to
unflavored yogurt and apply the
mixture on to the affected part
of the skin. Wash the mixture off
after 20 minutes with cold water.
Some tomato juice could also be
added to this mixture to increase
its effectiveness.
Grind five almonds and mix with 1
teaspoon of fresh cream and a few
drops of lemon juice. Apply this
paste to the face and neck. Leave
on for about fifteen minutes.
Potato has natural bleaching
properties. Cut a potato into thin
slices and place them on the
affected area for 20 to 30 minutes.
Mint works wonders in lightening
the skin tone and therefore, the
paste of freshly ground mint leaves
should be applied on to the skin
for around 15 to 20 minutes, before
being rinsed off.

topical products for cellulite can help

Endermologie and Laser lipolysis are two in reducing it over a period of time,
promising non invasive treatment modalities immediate results may be achieved
through professional cosmetic
used for treating cellulite. treatments.


CELLULITE These treatments provide safe and
Under the guidance of your doctor,
Most of us are slaves to our cellulite. the following tips can help you effective cellulite reduction options
We cover it up, hide it, lie about it, reduce cellulite: when performed by qualified doctors.
hate it, and try to deny its existence! From among the non-surgical options
Now is the time to learn the truth Diet and exercise available, the best one is the body
about cellulite and how we can You need to remove as much shaping treatment. Endermologie and
eliminate it: saturated fat from your diet as Laser lipolysis are two promising non
possible to fight cellulite. Eliminate invasive treatment modalities used for
What is cellulite? deep-fried food, limit your intake of treating cellulite.
Cellulite is made up of fatty deposits processed and sugary food and avoid
trapped in pockets just below the skin. caffeinated/alcoholic beverages. HOME REMEDIES FOR CELLULITE
As a result, the fat cells are squeezed Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and 1. Add about two cups of sea salt
into small bulges that give the skin drink lots of water to flush out toxins. to warm bathwater and sit in the
that unsightly lumpy, dimpled or Focus on specific cardiovascular and soothing water for at least 20
orange peel look. Cellulite is typically anaerobic exercises that target the minutes.
located on thighs, buttocks and pelvic cellulite area affected area. 2. Take coffee beans, grind it to a
region, giving skin a cottage cheese- powder and mix with a hand lotion.
like appearance. Massage Rub this into your cellulite affected
Massage, particularly the kind that region for 1-2 minutes a day, and
Cause improves lymph flow, is very good for then wash it off.
There are many causes that lead to reducing the appearance of cellulite. 3. Prepare a mixture of dried thyme
cellulite formation, some of which with small amount of grapefruit
are hormones, diet and lifestyle. It is Topical products juice and corn oil and apply to your
primarily seen in women during their Many popular cellulite treatment cellulite affected region.
hormonal changes such as puberty, products today include ingredients 4. Mix three parts apple cider vinegar
pregnancy and menopause. Cellulite which have proven to be helpful with one part of your favorite
also occurs when additional toxins in reducing the amount of excess massage oil. Gently knead this
and waste products remain in the fat being stored by skin tissue in solution onto affected skin areas
body. those areas. While a select few twice daily.

May 2015 101

skin care

Ultimate care
Lotus Professional wows
us with yet another
revolutionary range.

for your skin! SHEFALI SAMDRIA

presents Ultimo.
Did you know that your body has both
negatively and positively charged elements
that form its electric component?

Ions, as they are termed, are charged

particles that aid in the energetic processes
of the body. When the flow of positive ions
increases in the body, the immune system
becomes weak, sluggish and vulnerable. The
bodys metabolism slows, which can cause
toxins and waste to build up in the various
systems of the body, causing weight gain,
diseases and cellulite. Positive ions help
facilitate premature ageing.

There are various sources where our body

picks up these positive ions, such as:
Cell phones
Electronic & Electrical
Chemical & Acid Rain
Ultraviolet rays

In order to reverse the effect of Negative ions are plentifully present in

these positive ions our body needs precious metals!
more negative ions. Negative ions
have important skin benefits like Lotus Professional has introduced
eradicating free radicals, balancing ULTIMO, a revolutionary range of
acidic body tissue fluids, and Ultra-Premium Skin Care Treatments
aiding in the excretion of waste based on Precious Metals for
through the pores to promote the first time in India. ULTIMO is a
accelerated cell removal. luxurious range of facial treatments
that includes the Platinum Facial
which contains pure platinum, an Anti
Ageing Treatment, the Gold Facial
that contains 24 karat Gold, a brilliant
Radiance Treatment and the Oyster
Pearl Facial made with real pearls
which is an effective Skin Brightening

The negative charge ion in metals

helps balance both positive and
negative ions within the body and
helps purify the blood thus providing
a consistent and healthy beautiful skin
and eliminating the puffiness of the
face. Each facial is prescribed for skin
type as per skin needs and condition
by the facialist.

So go ahead and Ion on!

102 May 2015
expert talk

O3+ hits a new high

SHEFALI SAMDRIA in conversation with Vineet Kapur over the exciting new
developments in the O3+ universe.

Since the past 10 years, NEXT LEVEL platform

O3+ has not only expanded for education, research,
nationally but also development and experience
internationally, tell us about to review the latest trends
your passion and vision for in the industry. We will be
the industry. having guest speakers from
My passion is DREAM SKIN. It all over India including the
has taken 27 years of research, dream skin team to share
development and technology to their experiences and
give the most advanced facial knowledge of the industry.
ranges for the salon industry
in order to upgrade their skill Tell us a little about the
development in order to make O3+ PROFESSIONAL
high profits and benefits in TECHNICAL CLASS 2015-
terms of both monetary as well 2016 book. How did this
as customer results. I believe come about?
we should develop five things O3+ has come up with a
to improve quality in order to one year education plan
become a better entrepreneur and extensive support. We
learn the skills, double your believe that salon growth is
income, dream big, do what you very crucial for the growth
love, commit. of our industry and we
work day and night for it.
We would love to know We have this clarity of our
about the six experts of partnership program for
your Dream Team team, salons and O3+ to move
their journey and why you together in this industry. We
selected them. provide communications
It has taken me 10 years to support, media support,
identify the dream skin team, salon management and four
which is a blend of pioneer Today it is not about technical levels for this.
research and experience in the form
of Mrs. Indra Ahluwallia and the adding services but You have launched 2 beauty
passion and need of the younger
generation in the form of Vidur
to understand how treatments with this book. Can
you share some information
Kapur. The rest of the people have to evolve in a about the same?
been working very loyally with The Indian skin has typical
O3+ for decades and both O3+ competitive world problems and reactions as per the
and these six skin experts have weather and climate conditions in
mutually evolved together in these platform for the industry be it hair, the country. We have developed
10 years. I believe that professional spa, make-up, skin care etc. where two unique treatments keeping
skin care is not where we should do everyone can come together as a this in mind. The first is a unique
multi-branding. We must have an forum under one roof to share their technique of black head and white
in-depth knowledge of the science reviews, strengths, experiences etc. head removal along with descaling
and ingredients to be able to excel Today it is not about adding services lotion which is to be done during
professionally. but to understand how to evolve in a the facial. In the other treatment, we
competitive world. have launched a unique bleaching
The industry is abuzz with the system for the first time which helps
BEAUTY CONGRESS 2015, what How is this event different for in boosting the complexion. From
are the key goals for this? salon professionals as compared mother to daughter, father to son,
Beauty Congress 2015 is my vision to other such events? these treatments fit
where I want to promote a common This is not a seminar. This is the all categories.

May 2015 103


Apple to

the rescue
Skeyndor brings to you fruity
freshness to rejuvenate your skin!

Text Shefali Samdria

lant stem cells are the latest buzz
word in the world of beauty.
The internal fluid of these plant
cells helps protect and maintain
the function of the skin cells. Skeyndors
Eternal line is a breakthrough in skin
science, it uses the actives found in the
stem cells of the Uttwiler Sptlauber, an
extremely rare apple species found in
Switzerland. It is believed that the stem
cells of this species of apple contain
metabolites that ensure longevity
of skin cells and guard them against
chronological ageing.

Harnessing the known regenerative

powers of the long-living apple species,
it delivers its benefits to the skin through
using its own Nanoliposomes Release
System whose actives successfully
penetrate all the layers of the skin.
Their activity targets and improves the
appearance of wrinkles, lifting and vastly
improving tone and helping skin recover
its volume, while boosting texture and The application of the unique, technologically
skin clarity. advanced ingredients, rich in phyto-nutrients,
protect and enhance the skins durability, while
In this way Eternal works from inside delaying and minimizing the signs of ageing.
out to repair damaged tissue and guard Oil soluble Jambu Extract: It strengthens the
against premature ageing with its arsenal biological function so the dermis, reforms the
of ingredients. support structures and produces a tensing
activity within cells and collagen fibres.
Oil soluble Sea Fennel Extract: It detoxifies
asphyxia cells and has a potent anti-free radical
Oil soluble Marine Lavender Extract: It produces
a fast and specific anti-wrinkling effect by
inhibiting muscle contraction.
Lupine Extract: It strengthens the integrity of the
dermis, thereby increasing firmness and elasticity
and improving facial contour.
Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Silica: It supports
collagen synthesis, hydrates and plumps the skin.

The Eternal line offers both, a salon treatment as

well as three retail products for home use. Try them
this summer!
104 May 2015
colour splash

Whit are an absolute essential to cut down the
summer heat! HENA DESAI tells you how you can
add a touch of white for an elegantly cool look.

FOSSIL Earrings
White Dress


Nail Polish

Eyeshadow Base

Lip Gloss

Liquid Eye Liner


Pigment Powder Perfume


May 2015 105

ummer, the season that
adds a natural filter to suit
all our attempts to blend
in with the colours. So
flaunt those tips without
any fear of messing up. Theyve been
taking care of your gestures all this
while; its about time you invest some
time in beautifying them. Were here
to bombard you with inspiration as
always, while youre free to get crafty
and alter them according to your
tastes. So lets dive right into it!

While your wardrobe gets revamped this summer, dont you think your nails
deserve a makeover too? POOJA RAISINGHANI brings to you fun nail trends
that you MUST try this season.

Funky Polka
Settling for one seems like too
much of a commitment? Dont
worry; this season accepts every
colour gracefully so splash those
tips in shades of your moods.
Choose random colours from your
collection for each nail. Add some
perfect dots with a toothpick to
complete the funky look.

106 May 2015

summer nail art

Blissful Floral
Blow a kiss to the sun while your fingertips
bloom with joy! The chirpy floral look
never fails to hit the trend in summer.
This bright art that depicts natures finest
product of beauty is worth exhibiting.
Although, creating it is a tedious process,
the outcome will never disappoint you.
Ideally use lighter shades and fine strokes
for a neat finish.

Radiant White
Experimenting with the colour
of the season is a given. If you
havent managed to escape
those white sun dresses and
eye colours then theres no
reason to keep your nails from
flashing the pretty textures of
white too. Youre allowed to
go wild with this colour. Since
its the chosen shade of the
phase, all your mistakes will
be ignored. So fearlessly sport
a fresh look!

Mystical Dews
The hot and humid climate
calls for some cute dew drops.
This nail art is the easiest way
to match the mood of the
season, if youre the safe artsy
kinds; it is a challenge to mess
All Images

this one up. Just apply random

dots with some clear nail
polish and youre good to go!

May 2015 107

De-Stress Spa
session at Nalinis
Havent you made your mother
run around endlessly to tend
to your every need? Well, its
time you return the favour
and indulge her in a lovely spa
treatment where she can truly
unwind! Nalinis Beauty and Spa
Section offeres special de-stress
massages where two technicians
simultaneously work their magic
to ensure that you walk out
feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and
beautifully pampered! You can
even add in their special facials
as a bonus treat for her.

To mom,
with love.
Struggling to nd the perfect Mothers Day gift? Perfume by Karl
Dont worry, HENA DESAI has got you covered!
Aw whiff of
o a de
g t u pe
u e
aand d theres
t e e s no
o mother
ot e w whoow wont
be oored.
oo ed. From
o the
t e house
age e d, this
t s fragrance
ag a ce has
hintsts o
of lemon,
e o , peac
peach,, rose
ose aand
ag o a. Dont
o t be too su
p sed
if she decides to make this one her
g atu e fragrance
ag a ce aandd wa
wants you
to buy more bottles for her!

Mothers Day Gift

Hamper by Wikka
This specially curated hamper from
Wikka contains goodies enriched
with the properties of walnuts,
milk extracts, avocado oil , etc.
The rejuvenating hamper includes
an irresistible combination of the
soothing Beauty Potion, revitalizing
Chamomile Body Nourish and the
refreshing Basil Walnut Exfoliating
Scrub which will make her beauty
regime a luxurious treat!

108 May 2015

mothers day special

Bottega Di Lungavita
Help your mothers skin retain its youthful
charm by gifting her some of Bottega Di
Lungavitas anti-ageing products that are
formulated using the award-winning stem cell
technology that will repair her ageing skin,
bringing back her lost radiance! Make her realise
that age is just a number with this ideal hamper.

Mothers Day Gift

Hamper by Iraya
With the goodness of natural ingredients, this
hamper contains products that work wonders for
mature skin. Ingredients such as almond, honey,
lotus extracts, etc. are guranteed to bring back her
skins luminosity.

Goodies by Shahnaz Husain

If your mother belongs to the Shahnaz Husain
w be
loyastist club, then these products will
guranteed to impress her on Motherss Day. ay.
This beauty veteran has developed d anti-
a t
pigmentation, blemish cover and fairness ess
c ea s which
w c will
w helpelp your
you mother
ot eer bid
farewell to those darned skin ageing woes!

Set a trail of timely surprises for the
most important woman in your life!
Gift her an annual subscription of the
My Style Mile (MSM) Box and let it
bring a smile to her face each month.
This cute box contains goodies from
upcoming as well as established
beauty brands, which are sure to nd
space in her beauty shelf and keep her
looking awless!

May 2015 109

Daiinty nett
ses and
one sti
l ttttos
wiith fla
van nesscent
- p and
o accessories e
Chharacterise ed w wiith
othe er than the
p rc
po r elain skkinn and d
e be
em bellsihed
mson lipss, th hiss
clotthing- seen
okk evokek d a ra aree
on the runway
O ie
Or ent
n al cha armm.
as well as the red
en witith
h apppl
qu uee
carpet, this look
w s in fla
wn aming g
made many a
s, it ga
outt a vi
vibe thhat
ancede sultr try
annd sw

110 May 2015

runway magic
From make-up and

Trendspotting accessories to rebel

styling, SHEFALI
SAMDRIA rounds up

at LFW
Lakm Fashion Weeks
top trends that you must
try out to stay fashion-
forward this season.

Image Lakm Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

The flow werr powower er
of the 70s is here
nd its the hee besestt
ce ssorory yo
or you
an inve
v sstt in thhis
y a
yearr. Th
Thiss can n be
youurr bese t frf iend
on a bad ad hai air day,
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May 2015 111

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112 May 2015

Ageless Daily Moisturiser
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UV Protect Body Ideal Soleil Hydramist

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May 2015 113

Breathe in the soothing scent of vetiver. Savour its cooling
benefits inside-out to beat the heat, says BRINDA GILL!

n this hot climate, some
prefer to build Kas-kanays or
neat houses made of straw or
odoriferous roots placed near
a reservoir of water that the servants
may easily moisten the outside by
means of water, described Franois
Bernier, French traveller and personal
physician to the Mughal Emperor in
the mid-17th century, of the cooling
attributes of khus!

Native to India, vetiver locally known

as khus, is a tall perennial grass with a
long and thick intricate root system.
The extract of the roots have a lovely
fragrance, cooling effect and wellness
attributes. These are also present
in the ingredients of perfumes, skin
products and beverages. Historical
texts have references to vetiver
perfumes being used by royalty, and
Ayurvedic texts refer to it as Sugandi-
mulaka or sweet smelling roots and
Sita-mulaka or soothing roots. In fact,
its fragrance is so indelibly etched in
the psyche that often just a whiff of
vetiver instantly creates a feeling of
freshness and calmness!

114 May 2015

flavour of the month

Summer Special
Due to its cooling properties,
vetiver is a summer favourite.
Khus sherbet, a green coloured
traditional Indian drink, is typically
enjoyed as a refreshing summer
drink. It cools and calms the body,
purifies the blood, detoxifies the
body, acts as a diuretic and reduces
acidity. It is an effective digestive
drink. It reduces burning pain from
the stomach, joints and any part of
the body. It also reduces fatigue,
fever, bleeding from internal
organs, thirst, vomiting and ulcers,
says Dr Tushar Kulkarni, Ayurveda
specialist, White Water Spa, The
Corinthians, Pune.

Dr. Kulkarni explains that vetiver is

excellent for external application
in a raw powdered form, useful
in excessive sweating and skin
diseases, and enhances the
complexion. Vetivers attributes Soothing the Skin
help in promoting good health Skin and beauty experts also endorse While vetiver oil has a calming effect
from within. It is also beneficial the valuable effects of vetiver. on the mind, it also strengthens,
when applied topically. As vetiver Vetiver is a humectant, which nurtures and revitalizes the body. As it
oil extracted from the roots has attracts moisture to the face thus helps in the formation of new tissues,
a refreshing aroma, and as it is benefiting dry and dehydrated skin it is used for treating skin wounds,
soothing and cooling for the skin, conditions. As vetiver helps to reduce marks and scars, and stretch marks.
it is used in aromatherapy oils and inflammation, soothes and moisturizes It strengthens the connective tissues
creams applied in spa therapies the skin, it is of special benefit to dry and promotes skin regeneration. It
especially in the summer. skin and pimple prone skin. These is useful for mature, dry or irritated
may be in nourishing creams in which skin, says Dr. Varun Katyal, Consultant
vetiver has been used along with Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, The
other ingredients that help dry skin, Skin Centre, New Delhi.
says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.
As vetiver roots absorb water and
nutrients from the soil, its aromatic
features may differ slightly from soil
types, making it a fascinating essential
oil to work with. Vetiver blends well
with lavender and ylang ylang oils.
In blended massage oil or diluted in
the bath water, vetiver oil can help
with mental and physical exhaustion,
nervous complaints, rheumatism and
arthritic pain, insomnia as well as
balancing the hormonal system and
have a healing effect on the skin., says
Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson,
Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies.
In this way, the humble grass that
grows naturally in the wild finds its way
in myriad wellness, its uses range from
traditional medicine to branded beauty
and wellness products, and soothing
spa experiences.

May 2015 115

Its on the cards
See what lies in store for you this month.
By Monisha Singh Dudaney

Aries Taurus
Your tarot card is The Wheel of Fortune. Big Your tarot card is The Temperance, depicting an
transformations lie ahead of you this month. With ambitious month filled with happiness. As you
exciting breakthroughs in your career that motivate soul search, you discover your true desire, make
you, this month is guaranteed to be eventful; you just peace with it and aim higher. You attract great
need to be a little patient. A new role or job would opportunities, earn more money and make better use
require you to change your look; enhance yourself of your time. You indulge in luxuries as well. Since
with formal suits or ethnic wear. You may cut your youre extremely particular about your beauty, you
hair in stylish layers, add a global ash or dark brown focus on skin care to glow naturally this month. You
colour and even some short bangs. Shades of red and grow your tresses below your shoulder. Add red
burgundy suit you best. Love life blossoms with new streaks, it will make you look glamorous. If single,
suitors coming up over exciting weekends. youre sure to be the life of every party.

Tip of the month: Mix Fullers Earth and sandalwood with Tip of the month: Oiling your hair once a week will
rose water and apply it to your skin for a cooling effect. increase the volume of your hair.

Gemini Cancer
Your tarot card is The Magician, depicting your Your tarot card is The Lovers, depicting harmony and
creative and social self. You prove yourself on every love in your relations at work and in your personal life.
platform and inspire colleagues with fabulous ideas Your tendency to be impatient and short-tempered
and strategies. Artists and media professionals are in can be cured with meditation and outdoor activities.
the limelight, desiring to shine. You opt to go in for New and intriguing friendships are formed that help
health spas, yoga, natural facials, etc. that will make you enhance your life in many ways. Travel cum
you glow as you work towards clinching important pleasure trips allow you to take a break; you may
business deals. Colourful hair accessories will be a experiment with local fashion and hairstyles. Colouring
favourite this month. Travel and social events are on and deep conditioning your hair will give you a
the cards. Love life is interesting as someone you glamorous look. If single, you decide to date, look
like finally decides to shower you with attention and forward to romantic evenings and long walks into the
admiration. sunset.

Tip of the month: Have 8 glasses of water a day with

Tip of the month: Smile, it enhances your beauty. cucumber, lemon and mint to feel cool and wonderful.

Leo Virgo
You tarot card is The Tower, depicting huge Your tarot card is The Ace of Cups, depicting a deeper
changes as you enter a month of high pitched action sense of being and living. You are defined by beauty
and activity. Your work flourishes, especially if youre inside out this month, as you tap your potential and
an entrepreneur. Investments made in your business look perfectly angelic. You desire to experiment with
will enhance and partnerships will do well. Your everything from your hair and wardrobe to your shoes
crowning glory has always meant the world to you. and even your attitude. You yearn to be trendy and
You indulge in spas, deep conditioning treatments youthful. You decide to be adventurous and streak
to take care of your beautiful tresses as you plan to your hair blonde or crimson, making a great fashion
grow them long. Use shine enhancing shampoos, a statement. Hair care is vital so indulge in herbal and
touch of eye shadow, deep orange and red lipsticks Ayurvedic treatments. Shades of green and blue will
to give you that well-put-together look. Love life is ensure that you look ravishing for all your meetings.
full of surprises this month. Love life is happy, giving you a bright and secure feeling.

Tip of the month: A cleanser is essential for keeping Tip of the month: Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is
skin clean and hydrated, giving you a youthful look. excellent for your health and beauty.

116 May 2015


Libra Scorpio
Your tarot card is The Hermit, depicting great Your tarot card is The Three of Cups, as you get
evolvement in thinking and planning at work this ready for a challenging month. You travel far and
month. You will be in a good mood with luck in your wide this season, as you mix business with pleasure.
favour. You catch the attention of seniors as you Your social life is heightened as you decide to be the
perform well. You follow a healthy diet and make sure toast of every party, making new friends and business
you get enough fresh air. You also shape up, restyle contacts. Having decided to grow your tresses long,
your hair and colour it bright to feel young, fresh and you plan on colouring it in a dark brown shade. To
enthusiastic. Shades of white and pink suit you as you highlight your chiselled features for a classy look, you
turn into quite a fashionista. If single, your new look wear sunny dresses and well-cut gowns. Money is
and dashing attitude will attract many. Get ready for good and you spend it lavishly on luxuries and gifts
some exciting romance. for your loving mate.

Tip of the month: Green leafy vegetables are great for Tip of the month: Over-conditioning will leave your hair
beauty and boosting immunity. limp in this weather. Opt for leave-in conditioner instead.

Sagittarius Capricorn
Your tarot card is The Sun, as you attract the right Your tarot card is The Devil, depicting a hectic
people, circumstances and opportunities to work. schedule full of late nights and demanding people.
You accomplish success by meeting your deadlines This month brings you love and popularity, especially
at work and finally decide to make time for yourself at the workplace. Things will flow beautifully if you
to enhance your looks. You feel on top of the world. take a deep breath, learn to love yourself and do
You experiment with hair braids and bling accessories things that suit you, without hurting others though.
as you try out a shorter bob to lend your hair You look your best as you are very particular about
some volume. Indulge in hair massages and Henna your style. Short is the way to go this month, as you
treatments to care for your hair. Earthy shades of decide to get a cool summer cut, while adding bold
brown make you look great. Love life is adventurous streaks to make a statement. Make time for romance;
and your partner is in a playful mood. a new love interest will walk into your life.

Tip of the month: Exercise is a must for good blood Tip of the month: Moisturise your heels to keep them
circulation. supple and young.

Aquarius Pisces
Your tarot card is The Moon, depicting that you will Your tarot card is The Empress, depicting a creative
be on your toes this month, meeting and mingling with phase in your life where you stumble upon platforms
people. Renovating and redecorating your home is on to showcase your talents. A successful month lies
Images Abdulsatarid |

the agenda as well. You go on shopping sprees this ahead of you. With little effort, you make big changes
month, indulging yourself thoroughly. You love your to your appearance and look your best. You may
long hair; however, you may decide to get practical decide to straighten your hair to give it a smooth look
and trim it, getting rid of dryness and split ends for and maintain it at shoulder length. Tying your hair in a
a neat look. Use a daily shine shampoo and soothing French plait will give you a grand look as well. Bright
conditioners in the scorching heat of the season as you colours suit you well; be sure to incorporate it in your
spend a lot of time outdoors. You may also feel the look. Travel is inevitable and you decide to take trips
need to look and feel calm and in control. Your love life with your partner so that you can have a romantic
needs tender loving care. and happy time.

Tip of the month: Raw salads and milk products are good Tip of the month: A manicure and pedicure will make you
for you. look and feel great.

May 2015 117

We work with some of the worlds
best to ensure we bring you the very
best style inspiration, trends and
advice. Here are some of the experts
who have helped with this issue.

Dr Apoorva Shah,
Founder of
Richfeel Trichology
Centre, gives
detailed solutions
to all your
hair woes in
Hair Repair. Dr Apoorva Shah

Heres how you can be featured in Restyle Me Dr Varun Katyal

helps in
Complete this form, cut it out and send it with a recent photograph to: perfect skincare
Makeovers, Magazine, Spenta Multimedia, Peninsula Spenta, 2nd regimen for men
floor, Mathuradas Mill Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (W), in Mens Skincare.
Mumbai 400 013. Note: Selection is as per s discretion. Dr Varun Katyal
Name...................................... Hair length......................................
Address................................. Hair type..........................................
Ishika Taneja,
................................................... Natural hair colour...................... international make-up
ATTACH expert and Executive
RECENT ................................................... Current hair colour.....................
Director, The Alps
PHOTOGRAPH ................................................... Description of how youd like
HERE Group, answers your
Tel no..................................... your hair.......................................... skin and makeup
Age.......................................... ............................................................. worries in S.O.S
Save our skins! Ishika Taneja
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118 May 2015