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Subject: Social Studies Type of Lesson: Internet Use, Discussion, Guided


Grade: 10 CSEC OBJ: Identify the essentials of good

governance. (Section A, # 25)

Term: 2 Unit Number #1 - Government

and Title:

Duration: 1 x 35 minutes Week Number: 10

Lesson Number # 32 The Essentials of Good

and Title: Governance (Accountability,
transparency, prudent use of resources,
independence of judiciary, efficient
civil service)

As a result of this lesson, the student will be able to:
1) explain the concept of governance.
2) identify the characteristics of good governance.
3) assess the value of accountability and transparency to good
4) debate the necessity of prudent use of resources and an efficient
civil service to good governance.
1) express understanding of the principle independence of the

Prerequisite Student Knowledge

The student should be familiar with:
1) the principle of Separation of Powers.
2) the composition and function of the Executive.
3) the role of the Civil Service.
4) the structure of the courts system.
5) the relationship between citizens and their governments according
to the constitution.

Important Points
1) As a conclusion to the Government Module it is necessary to
develop an understanding of the necessity of good governance.
2) Governance refers to the process of decision-making and the
process by which decisions are implemented (or not
implemented) (UNESCAP 2012).

Teacher Instructional Material 1

3) From the definition, we realize that governance involves all the
branches of government working to complete their respective
4) Good governance goes a step further by placing value on the
decision-making process as well as focusing on how the decisions
are implemented which, if done following a set of core principles
will ensure that the countrys resources both human and physical
will benefit.
5) The core principles or characteristics mentioned above are
accountability, transparency, prudent use of resources,
independence of judiciary, efficient civil service, participation,
responsiveness to the needs of citizens, access to information and
tolerance of freedom of expression.

Key Terms

Accountability Civil Service Executive

Governance Judiciary Transparency

Challenge Areas
(To be done after you have completed this lesson)
1. Search old online news papers for articles about issues of
i. Try to find about seven articles.
ii. Ensure that you read the articles and pick a
point that you think is most important.
iii. Post the article or link it to your Facebook,
twitter or MySpace account.
iv. Post your important point as a question to your
v. Post one article each day and check to see which
issue of governance generates the most buzz.
2. Prepare a speech about good governance and highlight its main
characteristics. Then challenge the Student Council
Representatives to promote good governance in their affairs.

Equipment/Materials Needed
Multimedia projector, screen, computers with internet connectivity

Teacher Instructional Material 2

Note to Teacher
The issue of good governance will require more teaching time than
what the syllabus allows. In your class discussions, you may notice
that the issue of good governance is very real for your students as they
are aware that they are citizens who have needs to be met by various
government agencies. It is important that where students seem to be
very enthusiastic about the issue of governance that you encourage
them to become active by writing letters to the editor or embarking on
a project to have aspects of governance improved in their

Teachers Lesson Notes

Teacher Instructional Material 3

1) Introductory Activity

What is Governance? Internet Use, Discussion.

a. Stimulate class discussion by projecting the image in Box

34.1 below onto the screen. Ask about three students to
share their interpretation of the image.

Your discussion should conclude that governance has two

basic steps decision making (we think) and
implementation of decisions (we do what they think)

Box 32.1: Governance

b. Next, direct students to the webpage >>
Instruct students to read the first paragraph under the
heading governance.
Extend the previous discussion of the image based on what
was read from the webpage.
Assist the class to frame a definition of governance.

c. Inform students that this lesson will identify the

characteristics of good governance.

2) What are the Characteristics of Good Governance?

Brainstorming, Word Puzzle.

Teacher Instructional Material 4

a. Following from the discussion in the introductory activity
ask students What are the characteristics of good
decision-making and implementation?
Note students responses on board forming a word cloud as
seen in Box 32.2 below.

Box 32.2: Governance Word-Cloud

b. Now have students use the word-cloud from the

brainstorming activity to complete the puzzle in Box 32.3

The name of the puzzle is Coded Principles; the objective

of the puzzle is to unscramble the code to find out the
characteristics of good governance.

Instructions: The characteristics of good governance have

had their letters replaced by symbols. The first group of
symbols spells prudence, can you work out the names of
the other creatures?

Using the gridlines as a guide, fill in the letters that spell

each principle.

Teacher Instructional Material 5

Box 32.3 Coded Principles Word Puzzle

Be careful not to
confuse symbols.

Expected Answers:

Teacher Instructional Material 6

Body of Lesson
1) Why is Accountability and Transparency Important for Good
Governance? Discussion, Internet Use, Case Study.

a. Instruct students to go to the webpage below and read the

article from the Jamaica Observer>>
transparency-and-accountability (Portia promises
transparency and accountability)

Tell students to make note of the quote from Prime

Minister Portia Simpson-Miller found in the second
paragraph: Our approach must be to right the wrongs
and insist on accountability. Jamaicans want a more
transparent and accountable government and should
accept nothing less.
Next, ask students the following questions:
i. What do you understand accountability and
transparency to mean?
ii. Using the internet to conduct research (using
Jamaica government corruption as search terms)
Give two examples of the wrongs referred to by
the Prime Minister in the quote.
iii. Explain three reasons why Jamaicans want a more
transparent and accountable government

b. Present a case study of the Legislation for Transparency in

Jamaica (Protected Disclosures Act, 2010). A summary and
explanation of the act may be found at the webpage

c. Box 34.4 below contains excerpts from the Jamaicans for

Justice webpage. Project the box onto the screen then
instruct students to read the three paragraphs. Lead a brief
discussion on the legislation. Ask students:
i. What are the aims of the Protected Disclosures
ii. Why do you think the legislation is called the
Protected Disclosures Act?
iii. How will the act help to ensure good

Teacher Instructional Material 7

Expected answers:
i. The Protected Disclosures Act aims to limit
corruption in government by increasing
transparency and accountability.
ii. It is called the Protected Disclosures Act as it
allows persons to do the right thing without fear
of being targeted or labeled an Informer
iii. This act will ensure good governance as it will
lead to more inefficiencies or unethical practices
being reported and dealt with.

Box 32.4: Review of the Protected Disclosure Act

What do you
Do you think that the
Government is doing
enough to ensure
accountability and

2) How is prudent use of Resources and Efficient Civil Service

Necessary for Good Governance? Document Analysis.

a. Project the words of the National Pledge and the song

Jamaica Land of Beauty onto the screen (as seen in box
32.5 below).
b. Instruct students to read the words of the pledge and the
song aloud.

Teacher Instructional Material 8

Box 32.5: National Song and National Pledge

c. Begin a discussion with students using the following

questions as a guide.
i. Give one line from the song Jamaica Land of
Beauty which makes reference to good governance
ii. The line to serve thee with our talents and bring
Important Point our gifts to thee refers to human resources; why do
Remember that you think that human resources are important to
governance has two good governance?
parts: iii. What does prudent mean?
1. Decision-
making iv. How does the line work steadfastly and wisely
2. Decision and never bring thee shame relate to prudent use of
implementa resources as a hallmark of good governance?
The Civil Service is v. Recall the role of the civil service from the lesson
responsible for on structure of government (executive branch).
implementing State three actions that the National Pledge calls on
decisions taken by
the Executive as Civil Servants to take.
well as enforcing vi. How do these actions result in good governance?
laws passed by the vii. What line(s) in the National Pledge highlights the
end result of an efficient civil service?

Expected answers:

i. Together in our country, in love and

brotherhood, well work and play in freedom

Teacher Instructional Material 9

ii. Human resources are vital to good governance
as talent, intellect and skills of people are what
make government work effectively.
iii. Prudent means to be cautious or practical.
iv. Working steadfastly and wisely demonstrates
that there is commitment to the task. This
increases confidence that the task will be done
v. Civil Servants are called to use their wisdom
and strength to serve the nation as well as to be
diligent in standing for justice.
vi. These actions, if carried out properly will lead
to good governance as there will be
transparency, accountability, responsiveness and
vii. So that Jamaica may, under God increase in
beauty, fellowship and prosperity and play her
part in advancing the welfare of the whole
human race

3) What Role does an Independent Judiciary play in Good

Governance? Discussion, Internet Use.

a. Project the Judicial Solar System as seen in Figure 32.1

below. Using the diagram as a guide, review the function of
Try This! the Judiciary as a branch of government.
Make a three
dimensional figure of
the Judicial Solar b. Next, review the principle of Separation of Powers by
System. looking at the relationship between the Judiciary, Executive
and Legislature as indicated in the diagram.
c. Ask students why the diagram may be considered a solar
d. Instruct students to read the letter to the editor found at the
webpage below>>.
www.jamaica- (Interfering
with the Judiciary)
e. Based on the reading, ask students:
i. What do you understand the principle of
Independence of the Judiciary to mean?
ii. What reasons does the IJCHR give to support
the claim that independence of the Judiciary is

Teacher Instructional Material 10

iii. Giving TWO reasons, state why you think that
independence of the Judiciary is important for
good governance.
iv. Using your imagination, describe TWO ways by
which Independence of the Judiciary may be

Figure 32.1: Judicial Solar System

In Class Assignment
1) Write down the characteristics of governance then rank each
characteristic according to which is most important to you. Explain
your reasons for the rank order selected.

Out-of-Class Assignment
1) Conduct further reading on each characteristic of governance.
Select this text, delete and start typing activities that the student is
expected to do, e.g., practice problems, review sheets, discovery

Teacher Instructional Material 11

Glossary of Terms

Accountability The responsibility of elected and selected

representatives to explain their actions both
positive and negative to the public.

Civil Service A group of full-time workers employed to

implement the decisions taken by the

Governance The process of decision-making and the process

by which decisions are implemented (or not

Transparency Clarity in governance.

CSEC Questions
a. Identify TWO characteristics of good governance (2 marks)
b. For EACH of the characteristics stated above give an example
(4 marks)

c. Explain why good governance is necessary for democracy

(2 marks)

d. As the president of a national interest group, suggest to the Mayor

of your Parish Council, THREE actions the Council can take to
promote greater transparency and accountability (6 marks)
e. Explain why EACH of the actions will be successful. (6 marks)

Recommended Materials
The following websites may prove useful
y/modernisation (Public Sector
service_11565359 (Rebuilding the
Jamaican civil service)

Teacher Instructional Material 12

Buckle-Scott, L, Davis-Morrison, V, Louis, A and Lunt P. (2012).
Social Studies for CSEC. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes Ltd.

Box 32.1 and 32.2
Created by Candice Watson

Figure 32.1
Created by Candice Watson

Web sites used in this Lesson

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