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The antioxidant beta-carotene has long been thought of as “provita- EDAP $6.69
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But a new study raises new doubts about how efficiently some people All items are available while supplies last. Offers end 9/25/10.
make vitamin A from beta-carotene.
Beta-carotene is found widely in vegetables, particularly carrots, pump- Your Neighborhood Locations
kins, and butternut squash. Most multivitamin supplements contain see page 2 for details
beta-carotene instead of pure vitamin A, based on the assumption that the
conversion occurs consistently. Boulder
George Lietz, PhD, of Newcastle University, United Kingdom, and his 2355 30th St
colleagues analyzed a specific gene known as BCMO1, which regulates
the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A, also known as “preformed Lafayette
vitamin A.” In their study of 62 women, they found that 29 – almost half – 100 W. South Boulder Rd
possessed a genetic variation that prevented them from efficiently making Longmont
vitamin A from beta-carotene. 1745 N. Main St
Lafayette, CO
“This genetic variability should be taken into account in future recom-
mendations for vitamin A supplementation...[people Continues on page 16 Visit us online at
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any specific person or condition; consult a qualified health practitioner for advice. The articles appearing in Health Hotline ® are either original
articles written for our use by doctors and experts in the field of nutrition, or are reprinted by permission from reputable sources. Articles may be
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andal McCloy Jr. might gladly serve as Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD, author
a poster boy for omega-3 fatty acids. of Health and Nutrition Secrets, says, “Several
The only survivor of the January studies...have shown that babies who receive
2006 Sago mine explosion in West Virginia, adequate amounts of this vital fat have better-
McCloy was experiencing multiple organ functioning brains and higher IQs.” In one
failure and severe brain damage as the result study, children with reduced attention span
of oxygen deprivation. who received an EPA/DHA mixture showed
Then one of McCloy’s physicians, Julian improvements in test scores.
Bailes, MD, chief of neurosurgery at the West Kids aren’t the only ones helped by
Virginia School of Medicine, decided to try high- omega-3 fats. “Japanese studies have shown EDAP $25.15 - $35.95
dose omega-3 fatty acids as part of the stricken that supplemental DHA sharpens memory in
miner’s overall treatment regimen. Eventually, patients with dementia and depression, and Pycnogenol 100 mg.
the inflammation in McCloy’s brain eased and improves behavior and speech in those with by Country Life®
Pycnogenol helps support the
he went home within three months. Alzheimer’s disease,” says Julian Whitaker, MD, collagen structure of blood
McCloy received eicosapentaenoic acid author of The Memory. Scientists believe that vessels and other tissues
(EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two of omega-3 can also help alleviate symptoms of throughout the body.
the three omega-3 fatty acids. (The third, alpha- mood disorders; one study found a correlation
linolenic acid, or ALA, is converted to DHA and between an omega-6/omega-3 imbalance and
EPA within the body.) Vital for optimal brain depression. What’s more, the brain isn’t the
health, some scientists even think that omega-3
in the early human diet is what allowed our
only organ that benefits from omega-3 fatty
acids—they also help promote cardiovascular

brains to evolve. That’s because DHA is found in well-being and support peak skin and joint
$ 99
30 Vcap
the gray matter of the brain, where it is needed health as well.
for proper cell membrane function and nerve Whether you’re an expectant mom or a
signal transmission. great-grandmother, look to the omega-3s for a
better brain. 
Food for Thought Reprinted with permission from
The average American diet is low in omega-3 Energy Times, September 2008.
fats, which are found in such coldwater fish as
herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna, and sardines. EDAP $29.99
Omega-3’s cousin, omega-6, is far more plentiful
in the processed food many Americans eat, and NAC 600 mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg.
experts warn that an imbalance between the two by NOW® by NOW®
NAC with selenium and molybdenum Alpha lipoic acid is
omegas can be detrimental to health.
Research shows that the most beneficial fat-
is a critical antioxidant that
maintains cellular health.
a universal antioxidant.

15 49
ty-acid ratio is four parts omega-6 to one part
omega-3. The current estimated balance of ome- $ 120 Vcap

gas in the American diet is around 20:1—20

parts omega-6 for every part omega-3. Because
omega-6 tends to promote inflammation, re-
searchers believe this imbalance may contribute
to the rise in inflammatory disorders.
19 99
250 caps

Babies and Omega-3

The need for omega-3 fatty acids starts early in
life: A deficiency in a pregnant woman’s diet
can impair development of the baby’s brain
and retinas, which in turn can affect the child’s
intelligence, nerve functioning, and vision. EDAP $29.99 EDAP $22.79
All items are available while supplies last. Offers end 9/25/10.
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(found in hydrogenated oils) promote weight

gain. Additionally, trans fats interfere with how
the body and brain use essential dietary fats
IS THERE (e.g., the omega-3 and omega-6 families), which

are needed for normal brain development.

Eating Habits and Learning Problems
Nutrients form the foundation of our body and
brain biochemistry, and they are crucial for
normal brain development and stable moods.
By Jack Challem, When a child routinely eats nutrient-poor food
The Nutrition Reporter™ The eating like the ones mentioned above, he will be lack-
ing the nutrients his body, and brain, need to
habits properly function. Because the brain is so sensi-
that cause tive to its nutritional milieu, the first signs of
overweight nutritional imbalances and deficiencies usually
affect concentration, mood, and behavior.
prediabetes Glucose (blood sugar) serves as the principal fuel
can also set of the brain, but foods high in processed sugars
and refined carbohydrates lead to sharp fluc-
the stage tuations in glucose levels. For a growing child,
for severe ups and downs in blood sugar can lead to
irritability, lethargy, hyperactivity, and/or inabil-
learning ity to concentrate and focus.
behavior The dietary solution is fairly straightforward: Focus
on eating mostly fresh foods, particularly quality
problems protein, at each meal to maintain steady blood
sugar levels. High-fiber vegetables—practically
everything except potatoes—also help stabilize
blood sugar levels. A quality breakfast, such as eggs
or steel-cut oatmeal, can help start the day with
Forty or 50 years ago, chubby chil- blood-sugar disorders can also interfere with ener- better energy levels, moods, and mental focus.
dren were a pretty rare sight and gy levels, concentration, learning, and moods.
Jumpstart Improvements
learning disorders were practically Why Are Kids Getting Fatter? with Supplements
unheard of. Now, one of every three With the majority of American adults over- Dietary supplements can play an important
children and teenagers is overweight weight or prediabetic, it shouldn’t be surprising role in ensuring adequate nutrition, maintain-
or obese and, by some estimates, that children are following in their parents’ foot- ing normal blood sugar control, and improving
one in 12 children has some type of steps. Infants, children, and teenagers are being concentration and learning. Compared with
learning disorder. exposed to a toxic food environment much adults, though, infants, children, and teenag-
earlier than their parents and grandparents ers usually need smaller amounts of vitamins,
And the situation is getting worse real fast. were—and suffering the health consequences at minerals, and other nutrients because of their
The latest statistics indicate that almost three younger ages. lower body weight.
million adolescents have prediabetes, the precar-
ious steppingstone to full-blown type-2 diabetes. Several dietary factors have converged to under- Multivitamins. A quality multi should be the
The Centers for Disease Control estimates that mine the physical and mental health of children. foundation of any supplement regimen, and
one of every 14 adolescents and teenagers now Because of time pressures, families increasing- many supplement companies offer multivitamin/
has type-2 (adult onset) diabetes, a disease that ly rely on quick-to-prepare convenience foods multimineral supplements formulated specifi-
never used to occur in children. and fast-food restaurants. Most packaged super- cally for children. Adolescents can take half the
market foods—think boxes, cans, jars, bottles, dosage of a multi intended for adults and, as a
But the problems with childhood obesity and bags, and tubs—have been processed, meaning general rule, teenagers 15 and older can prob-
diabetes go beyond these two health problems. that their nutritional value has been degraded. ably take an adult supplement. Multivitamins
The same underlying eating habits—too many Additionally, high-fructose corn syrup and trans contain the B-complex vitamins, which help
junk foods that are high in calories but low in fats are common ingredients in all of these convert amino acids to functional neurotrans-
nutrition—that set the stage for overweight and foods. HFCS increases appetite and trans fats mitters, aiding mood and concentration. (If you
Vitamin Cottage Health Hotline ® • August/September 2010 • Order online at • Call toll-free at 800.817.9415 • Page 7

have questions about supplements for children, effects of other omega-6s. GLA is derived from agers is usually as much about family dynamics
check with a Natural Grocers’ nutritional health borage, black currant, and evening primrose seed as much as it is about nutrition. Making positive
coach for suggestions.) oils—but the dosage is more important than the changes will take time and effort—and what
source. For children and teenagers, consider add- you probably don’t want to hear—most of the
Vitamin D. Most multivitamins don’t contain ing 40 to 100 mg of GLA daily. burden will fall on parents. As a parent, you are
optimal amounts of vitamin D3. Experts now ultimately responsible for your kids’ meals and
recommend that every infant, child, and adult Phospholipids. These compounds are among eating habits. On the positive side, you have
take at least 1,000 IU of vitamin D. That amount the healthy fats found in the brain. Like the some 1,000 opportunities (breakfast, lunch,
is fine for infants, but you can safely go up omega-3s, phospholipids are needed for brain dinner) each year to coach your kids about
to 2,000 for adolescents and 3,000 IU daily development, and they help learning and good nutrition.
for teenagers. memory. Two of the chief phospholipids are
phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine. If you’ve made a decision to improve your kids’
Fish oils. More than half the brain consists of Although they are available in capsule form, eating habits, expect some resistance. After all,
fat, and quality dietary fats are essential for lecithin granules are an excellent source of both. most people, young or old, don’t like change.
brain development, cognitive function, and Lecithin, which is derived from soy, has a nutty You’ll probably get less resistance with incre-
steady moods. Fish oils are rich in eicosapen- flavor and can be sprinkled on salads, yogurt, mental changes, quietly taking unhealthy foods
taenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid or oatmeal. out of the diet and slipping in healthier ones.
(DHA), two of the most important omega-3 fats. It’s a delicate balance to avoid making mealtime
Research published in the American Journal of Magnesium. Magnesium supplements often a battleground.
Psychiatry and other journals has documented produce a calming and relaxing effect, par-
how fish oils help children and adults with ticularly in hyperactive children. The mineral Remember that you can’t control everything
depression, bipolar disorder, impulsiveness, hos- stimulates production of gamma amino butyric that your child eats, and being totally inflexible
tility, and poor mental focus. Consider 1,000 to acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter with a calming encourages resentment and resistance. But if
2,000 mg of fish oils daily. effect. Magnesium is also one of many nutrients you can help your kids eat one or two healthy
involved in the body’s production of dopamine, meals a day, and supplement their diets with the
Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The omega-6 fats noradrenaline, and adrenaline. right nutrients, they will be on the path of good
are also essential for brain development, and health that will enable them to stay calm, bal-
gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) provides the benefits Improving Your Child’s Diet anced, and ready to learn. 
of this family of fats without any of the negative Improving the eating habits of children and teen-

costs for the disease will exceed one trillion dol-

Maintain lars by 2050. However, researchers calculate that

delaying Alzheimer’s disease onset by one or two

years could significantly decrease the disease
burden by 2050 by 9.5 million or 23 million
cases, respectively. With this sort of information

in mind, much research is shifting from finding
a cure to prevention and searching for ways to
delay onset and slow progression.
Alzheimer’s is a neurological disease in
which brain nerve cells (neurons) deteriorate
and die. Researchers have found two abnor-
mal structures–plaques and tangles–that are the
By Lindsay prime suspects in damaging and killing brain
Wilson cells in Alzheimer’s. Plaques build up between
nerve cells and contain deposits of a protein
called beta amyloid. Tangles are twisted fibers
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. These of another protein called tau proteins. The
words have never rung more true than when plaques and tangles tend to form in a predict-
it comes to Alzheimer’s disease. One of the able pattern, beginning in areas important in
most debilitating degenerative diseases of our learning and memory and then spreading to
time, Alzheimer’s robs a person of his or her other regions.
mind, destroying brain cells and leading to It is believed that long-term oxidative stress
extreme memory loss and behavior problems. As and inflammation may be factors in the devel-
many as  5.3 million Americans are living with opment of Alzheimer’s; therefore, much of the
Alzheimer’s and it is predicted that healthcare continues on page 14
Page 8 • Vitamin Cottage Health Hotline ® • August/September 2010 • Order online at • Call toll-free at 800.817.9415

Bee Pollen Granules or Propolis GABA 500 mg. or SAMe 200 mg. C-1000 TWIN PACK or D-Mannose 500 mg.
or Royal Jelly by NOW® by NOW®
by NOW® GABA with B-6 promotes relaxation. SAMe Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection,
Bee pollen and royal jelly are nutrient rich superfoods, sale!
supports emotional well-being and joint health. while D-Mannose supports urinary tract health. sale!

$ 49
16 99
while propolis supports the immune system.
1399 sale! 120 caps se
60 softgelly D-Manno

Royal Je 30 tabs
sale! sale! sale!
$ 100 +100

$ 99
$ 99

8 oz.
Bee Polle
n $
100 caps
100 caps

EDAP $12.59 GABA; EDAP $14.95 C-1000 TWIN PACK;

EDAP $7.49 - $12.75 EDAP $19.49 SAMe 200 mg. EDAP $22.39 D-Mannose

Creatine 1000 by Natural Balance® Magnesium 500 mg. or Ring Stop®

or Omega 3-6-9 The Total EFA™ by NaturalCare®
by Health From The Sun® Magnesium plus vitamin B-6 helps support muscles
and nerves. Ring Stop fights ringing in the ears.
Creatine is real muscle food. Omega 3-6-9 provides essential fatty sale!

acids that help support the heart, joints, and brain.
$ 9
sale! sale! 60 caps
Ring Stop

$ 59 90 caps
99 gels
180 soft 6-9
Omega 3-l EFA
Th e To ta “We make a living by 5
$ 29 100 caps m
500 mg.

what we get, we make a

life by what we give.”
Sir Winston Churchill

EDAP $12.89 Creatine 1000;

EDAP $31.35 Omega 3-6-9 The Total EFA EDAP $7.79 - $23.59

Save up to an additional 33% off Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage’s Everyday OptiZinc® or IbuActin™ or Açaí 500 mg.
Affordable Prices on select KAL® supplements! or 16 oz. Organic Açaí Juice
SALE! SALE! by Solaray®
100% Vegetarian Magnesium Potassium Bromelain 60 tabs 4.99 sale! OptiZinc promotes proper immune, nerve, and muscle function, growth, and
$ 19
MSM & Glucosamine 60 tabs 6.39 Melatonin-5 (Lemon Flavor) 60 loz. 5.99 development. IbuActin hops extract blend provides all day, all body comfort.
16 oz.
100% Vegetarian Glucosamine 60 tabs 7.99 NADH 30 tabs 13.89 Liquid + Açaí provides antioxidant benefits.
Acidophilus Probiotic 4 250 caps 8.29 Pure Stevia Extract Organic 1.3 oz. 10.19
sale! sale!
3 9 99
Actisorb Trace Minerals 30 tabs 2.59 e !
Pure Stevia Powder 1.3oz 1.3 oz. 8.49 sal $ $
$ 99
60 Vcap

16 oz.

$ 49
B-12 1000 100 tabs 5.29 Quercetin Reacta-c Bromelain 60 tabs 8.89 s
Açaí Açaí Juice
60 Vcap
Betaine HCL 100 tabs 4.99 Ultra Omega 3.6.9 100 softgels 10.99
60 caps

Bone Meal 8 oz. 4.99 Vitamin K 100 tabs 2.89 sale!

Brewers Yeast Flakes 12 oz. 6.59

$ 99
Vitamin D 1000 100 softgels 3.69
Cal Mag + Liquid Orange 16 oz. 8.19 Xylitol 1 lb. 8.49
60 lozen in
Cal Mag + Pineapple 16 oz. 8.19 Xylitol Packets 100 ct. 7.39
Cal Mag + Raspberry 16 oz. 8.19 Zinc-15 Amino Chelate 100 tabs 2.89
Cal-citrate + 120 tabs 5.79
Dinosaurs Multi Saurus sale!

$ 89
Fructose Free 90 chews 6.39
Dinosaurs Multisaurus
Magnesium Glycinate
90 chews 6.39
90 tabs 8.79
100 tabs K
$ 69100 softg
D 1000 IU

EDAP $3.89 - $20.75 EDAP $5.09 - $15.89

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Dairy Free!
So Delicious®
6 oz. Coconut Milk Yogurt Cups
See store for all the tasty flavors.


$ 19 6 oz. Cu

B a c k
to School
Bra i n s By Heather Pratt, CNT
Grab ‘N Go
Organic Z Bars™ or Twisted Fruit™ Snacks
or 2.4 oz. Clif ® Bars or 1.59 oz. Mojo™ Bars
by Clif ®
Pencils? Check. Notepads? Check. See stores for flavors on sale. sale!
¢ each
Textbooks? Check. Brain food?...Uh Oh. sale! 89 2.4 oz. CL
Bar or
1. 59 oz
Mojo Ba


¢ each
In the back-to-school hustle and bustle it is all too easy to forget the
most important tool your child has for learning: the brain. While it might
seem like enough to just get that brain into the classroom, without the
59 1.27 oz.
Z Bar or
.7 oz.

proper nutrition, a growing child will have trouble focusing, concentrat-

ing, comprehending, and retaining information.
From the very beginning of life through adolescence, the human
brain is continually developing. During this crucial time, brain cells are
created, along with the myelin sheath, a fatty material that covers the
nerve endings and helps with nerve conduction. And chemical messen-
gers called neurotransmitters, and the neuropathways they travel along, box of 6 Z Bars or Twisted Fruit on sale for $3.49.
Wrapped box of 18 Z Bars or Twisted Fruit on sale for $9.99.
are continually being formed to relay messages between neurons. While Wrapped box of 12 Clif or Mojo bars on sale for $9.99.
this growth process goes on without much conscious thought, it is very
energetically and nutritionally expensive; therefore, children and adoles- Refreshing!
cents need many different nutrients to feed their developing brains. 16 oz. Organic Iced Teas
or 8-Count Kids Fruit Drinks
Building a Healthy Brain: The Right Nutrients by Honest Tea®
The right nutrients create healthy brains and healthy brains are better See stores for flavors on sale.
able to stay focused, alert, and effectively learn. On the other hand, nearly sale!
any nutrient deficiency can impair brain function and development. ¢ each
Considering that only about one-quarter of American children regu-
larly consume the recommended five to seven servings of
99 16 oz.
Iced Teas sale!
vegetables a day, it is no wonder that mood and learn-
ing disorders are on the rise. Eating a variety
of fresh vegetables and fruits provides
$ 39
3 8 ct.
Organic e
Kids Juic

an array of vitamins, miner-

als, and antioxidants
needed to

continues on page 10
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Non-Dairy continued from page 9 DHA-rich eggs can also supply some of these
Selected 32 oz. Aseptic-box Rice Beverages support a growing brain. Encouraging kids to essential fatty acids. These foods are also good
by Rice Dream® eat fresh vegetables and fruit several times a sources of quality protein, which supplies the
Choose from Regular (carob, original, vanilla) day is a good start to correcting nutritional body with the amino acids necessary to produce
or Enriched (chocolate, original, vanilla).
imbalances. In addition to supplying growing neurotransmitters.
sale! children with important vitamins and minerals, All major neurotransmitters are made

$ 99 veggies and fruits provide a host of antioxidants from amino acids found in dietary protein. A
32 oz.
that help protect brain cells from oxidative low-protein diet may lead to inadequate neu-
damage associated with exposure to neurotox- rotransmitter production, and an insufficient
ins and free-radicals in the environment. Fresh level of neurotransmitters can upset the balance
fruits and veggies are also rich in fiber, which of brain chemistry, resulting in apathy, lethargy,
helps maintain healthy blood sugar balance. lack of interest, mood swings, aggression, and
Essential fatty acids, specifically EPA and trouble concentrating. Neurotransmitters are
DHA, are also crucial for healthy brain develop- largely responsible for learning and behavior,
ment. DHA, required for proper cell membrane and how you feed your child’s brain directly
function and nerve signal transmission, appears affects their production of neurotransmitters.
to be especially critical during late fetal devel-
case of 12 on sale for $21.49. opment and early infancy, and as a child Keep Them Focused:
grows, it continues to be
Healthy Starts required in the areas The Importance of
8.5 oz. to 17 oz. Organic Boxed Cereals or of the brain associ- Blood Sugar Balance
Granolas or 5-Count Organic Granola Bars ated with judgment,
“Blood sugar” is the amount of glucose cir-
by Cascadian Farm® focus, and the abil-
culating in the blood at any given time. Glucose
See stores for flavors.
ity to complete
is the brain’s only source of energy; therefore,

$ 79
tasks. Deficiencies
17 oz.
it is essential for proper brain function. We
8.5 oz. - Cereals of DHA and EPA have
Organic as often think of blood sugar balance as an adult
or Granol been associated with
or 5-ct. Bars issue, but maintaining healthy blood sugar lev-
Granola depression, mem-
els in children is just as important, especially
ory impairment,
when it comes to behavior and learning. Too
and ADHD. Cold-
much, or too little glucose can increase brain
water fatty fish, like
fog, moodiness, and fatigue. In either extreme,
wild-caught salmon,
attention, focus, learning, and memory are
sardines, mackerel,
impaired. When blood sugar is maintained
and halibut, are excel-
within a healthy range, the brain is clear and
lent sources of DHA and
moods and energy are steady. Avoiding blood
EPA. Grass-fed beef and
sugar highs and lows, known as a “blood sugar
buffalo, wild game, and
continues on page 12

Creamy & Delicious Good Morning! 100% Juice

6 oz. or 24 oz. Greek-Style Yogurts 11 oz. Organic Toaster Pastries Selected Organic Juice Quarts
by Greek Gods® or 6 oz. Organic Crispy Rice Bars by R. W. Knudsen® each
Choose from a variety of great flavors. sale! by Nature’s Path® See stores for flavors on sale.
$ 99 32 oz.
Organic ji

$ 49
See stores for flavors. Açaí, Go
or Prune
24 oz.

¢ 2
$ 49 32 oz.

6 oz. cu


$ 29 11 oz. bo


$ 49 x
6 oz. bo ce
Crispy Ri

32 oz. organic tomato juice on sale for $1.99.

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Protein Rich Yummy Bunnies Stock Up!

6 oz. Canned Pink Salmon 7 oz. – 7.5 oz. Bunny Grahams or Cheddar 9.5 oz. Organic Fruit Spreads
or 4.37 oz. Canned Wild Sardines Bunnies or 5-Count Organic Fruit Snacks or 23 oz. Organic Apple Sauces
by Wild Planet® by Annie’s® or Organic Apple Sauce 6-Packs sale!
sale! Perfect snacks by Santa Cruz Organic® e ach

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for the little ones. See stores for flavors.
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Organic ks
Fruit sn
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each sale!


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Sardines .
7 - 7.5 oz ahams
Bunny Gr r 6-pack
or Cheddaacks Organic
Bunny sn Apple
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Simple Ingredients Super Snacks Quick Meal

1.6 - 1.8 oz. Lärabars® or Jocalat ®
Bars 4 oz. – 6 oz. Assorted Pirate’s Snacks Frozen Burritos or Wraps or Pockets
by Lärabar ®
by Pirate’s® by Amy’s®
See stores for flavors like apple pie, Choose from Booty, Smart Puffs, Tings, See stores for delicious varieties on sale.
peanut butter cookie, and many more. or Potato Flyers in a variety of flavors.

¢ each
$ 99
1.6 - 1.8 Wraps
Lärabar ck et s
or Po


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Jo˘ colat

$ 4 4 oz. - 6
wrapped box of 16 lärabars on sale for $14.99.
wrapped box of 16 jocalat bars on sale for $17.99.

Fill Your Pantry Healthful & Quick Family Favorite

15 oz. Organic Canned Beans 7 oz. – 10 oz. Organic Boxed Frozen 6 oz. Organic Mac n Cheese Boxed Mixes
by Westbrae Natural® Vegetables or 16 oz. Organic Bagged by Annie’s ®
See stores for varieties on sale. Frozen Vegetables See stores for varieties. sale!
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by Cascadian Farm®
See stores for varieties and stock up. 6 oz. bo
Organic eese
Mac n Ch

99 15 oz.

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1 gs
16 oz. baoz.
or 7 - 10

Frozen asparagus on sale for $2.69.

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Nut Butters continued from page 10 Prepackaged foods, especially those marketed
16 oz. or 10-Count Single-Serve Packs toward children, are notoriously full of artificial
rollercoaster,” improves focus, and in many
Nut Butter Varieties colors, flavors, and preservatives. These addi-
cases behavior. Maintaining healthy blood sugar
by Justin’s® tives have long been suspected to cause, or at
sale! levels is relatively simple if you keep a few basic
See stores for flavors. least aggravate, hyperactivity.
rules in mind.
sale! 5
$ 79 16 oz. or
Make sure your child starts the day with
a quality, nutrient-rich breakfast. Always
Pesticide residues on foods are also proving
to be damaging to developing brains. A recent

$ 29 16 oz. or
include quality protein, such as eggs or cot-
tage cheese, and vitamin and mineral-rich
study published in the journal Pediatrics found
that children with the highest levels of pesticide
residues in their bodies were most at risk for
fruits and yes, veggies!
attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Teach your child to eat at regular intervals
The most frightening finding of this study was
throughout the day. For most children this will
that pesticide compounds turned up in 94 per-
be three solid meals and two to three snacks
cent of the children tested. Although the study
spread through the day.
did not determine the exact method of exposure,
Make sure each meal and snack contains some
the National Academy of Sciences estimates
protein from naturally-raised meats, poultry, fish,
dietary exposure–from eating non-organic fruits
eggs, and/or organic dairy products; healthy fats
and vegetables–to be the biggest contributor.
from foods like avocados, olives, nuts and seeds,
Choosing organic foods whenever possible is the
organic butter, olive oil, and coconut oil; and
An Everyday Favorite best way to protect a child’s delicate brain from
fiber from vegetables and fruits.
17 oz. or 25 oz. Organic potentially harmful
Avoid, or strictly limit, refined flours, caf-
Extra Virgin Olive Oil pesticide residues.
feine, and sugar. These foods cause blood sugar
by Newman’s Own Organics® to soar and then quickly drop. It is this blood
Perfect for salads, grilling, and more.
sugar rollercoaster that spells disaster for focus,
attention, and mood.

$ 99 17 oz.
Organic in
$ 9925 oz.
Organic in
Extra Vi
Olive Oil
Protect Their Delicate Brains:
Extra Vi
Olive Oil
Artificial Colors, Flavors,
and Preservatives
Ensuring that your child eats plenty of
vegetables, fruit, quality proteins, and omega-3
fats and keeping their blood sugar balanced is
crucial for brain health, but the effect chemi-
cals, toxins, and artificial substances have on
a child’s developing brain cannot be ignored.

Smooth & Creamy Eco-Friendly Naturally Delicious

16 oz. Organic Butter Sticks 100 oz. Concentrated Liquid 16 oz. Organic Grain-Finished Ground Beef
by Organic Valley® Laundry Detergent or 16 oz. Organic Grass-Fed
Choose from salted or unsalted. sale! by Seventh Generation® by Organic Prairie® e! sal

$ 49
Helps keep clothes clean • 100% organic
16 oz.
and the planet green.

• No animal byproducts
• No antibiotics or synthetic hormones
• Humanely raised
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Organic d

11 99
100 oz.

$ 99

1 lb.
Organic nished
Grain-Fi Beef

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continued from page 12 pie or quiche dish. Pat hash browns with a Red pepper, cut into 1” chunks
So while this all sounds great, the real chal- paper towel to remove excess moisture. Bake at Cucumber, sliced into 1/2” rounds
lenge is to get your kids to actually eat healthy 450° until potatoes are golden brown, about 20
foods, right? Consider a few of these suggestions, minutes. Remove from oven and lower the tem- Ranch dressing (Combine 1 cup buttermilk; 3
and remember to be patient and persistent; perature to 350°. tablespoons sour cream or mayonnaise; 1 tea-
small steps result in big changes: While crust bakes, whisk eggs, half-and-half, spoon lemon juice; ¾ teaspoon garlic powder; 1
• Take control of the foods that are kept in the and milk together. Add veggies and bacon, stir- tablespoon minced chives; pepper to taste.)
house; get rid of the junk foods and have ring to incorporate. Pour into potato crust and
healthy snacks on hand instead. bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 350°. Cool for Waldorf Chicken Kebobs
• Get the kids involved with choosing recipes and 10 minutes before serving. Serve with a fresh Chicken breast, cubed
foods; giving them a choice empowers them. fruit salad. Grapes
• Be adventuresome in your exploration of Celery, cut into 1” chunks
healthy foods; try new vegetables cooked differ- Quinoa Breakfast Porridge Yogurt dipping sauce (Combine ½ cup plain
ent ways and have fun trying new recipes. Serves 2-3
yogurt; 1 teaspoon lemon juice; 1 teaspoon
2 cups cooked quinoa
• Finally, start with yourself–studies have honey; ½ teaspoon cinnamon.)
shown that the biggest influence on chil- 1 cup milk (or substitute almond, rice,
or coconut milk)
dren’s eating habits come not from peers or
½ cup raisins Pinwheel Rolls
TV, but from parents. • Lightly spread a piece of nitrate-free deli meat
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Be a role model for healthy eating and your with hummus or cream cheese. Sprinkle with
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
kids are likely to follow suit, which is good for shredded carrots. Place 1-2 slices of red pepper
every brain! ½ cup shredded coconut
at one end of the lunch meat and roll up. Slice
1 medium apple, chopped
References available on request. into smaller pieces or leave whole.
1 cup chopped or slivered almonds
• Spread a whole grain tortilla with a layer of

Back To
Raw, unfiltered honey, to serve (optional)
hummus. Fill with veggies of your choice
In a medium saucepan, combine cooked (shredded lettuce, carrots, cabbage, sprouts,

School Brains- quinoa with milk and heat over medium heat,
bringing just to a simmer. Add raisins and
cucumbers, avocados, olives, etc.) and sprin-
kle with feta cheese. Roll the tortilla up

Breakfast & Lunch cinnamon, cover and reduce heat to simmer

for about 5 to 10 minutes, until the quinoa is
tightly and then slice into thick rolls. Secure
with a toothpick.

Box Ideas heated through and the milk is starting to be

absorbed. Stir in the rest of the ingredients and
• Spread a whole grain tortilla with a layer
of your child’s favorite nut butter.; sprinkle
When making breakfast or packing lunch for serve with honey on the side. For a complete with a bit of cinnamon. Lay a medium-sized
your child, think simple, natural foods. Avoid breakfast, serve with your favorite sausage or banana at one end of the tortilla and roll torti-
pre-packaged foods in favor of real foods that scrambled eggs on the side. lla around banana. Slice into smaller pieces or
will nourish your child’s brain. Use leftovers
leave whole. 
whenever possible to make your job easier, or
consider some of the fun suggestions below. Kebobs
Eating food off a skewer is always more fun!
Simply slide the ingredients onto skewers, alter-
Vegetable Quiche with nating ingredients as you go. Pack the dipping
Hash Brown Crust sauce in a separate container.
Serves 6
This is a great make-ahead dish that is easy to Pizza Kebobs
reheat for a quick breakfast through the week.
Italian sausage, cooked, cooled,
8oz. bag frozen hash browns, thawed
and sliced into 1/2” pieces
and drained
Mozzarella, cubed
3 large eggs
Grape tomatoes
½ cup half-and-half
½ cup milk
Small button mushrooms
¼ cup diced red pepper
Small container of marinara sauce
¼ cup diced onion
for dipping
¼ cup chopped broccoli
2-3 slices turkey bacon, cooked
and chopped Turkey Sandwich Kebobs
Preheat oven to 450°. Spread defrosted hash Turkey breast, cubed
browns in bottom and up sides of a buttered Cheddar cheese, cubed
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continued from page 7 plaque formation in Alzheimer mice. Later, in Epidemiological studies suggest that increased
current research is investigating how diet and 2008, the same researchers reported that they intake of the omega-3 fatty acids found in
particular nutrients like antioxidants and essen- gave mice that were engineered to develop fish oil, particularly DHA, is associated with
tial fatty acids (EFAs) may play a role in protecting Alzheimer’s disease green tea extracts in water a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s. It is
the brain from oxidative damage, inflammation, for six months.  Drinking their daily green tea believed that DHA suppresses neuro-inflam-
and amyloid plaque. halved the amyloid plaque deposited in the mation and oxidative damage that contribute
Lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise, brains of the mice. That same year, a team of to neuronal dysfunction. DHA also appears to
may have a profound effect in protecting the German researchers found that EGCG appears slow the development of Alzheimer’s by reduc-
brain from Alzheimer’s. A study conducted at to change potentially harmful amyloid proteins ing amyloid plaque buildup. A mouse model
the Columbia University Medical Center in into proteins that are nontoxic to brain cells. showed that a DHA-enriched diet significantly
NYC and published last summer in the Journal A 2009 study found that EGCG reduced amy- reduced overall plaque burden by 40.3 percent.
of the American Medical Association, found that loid-induced memory dysfunction, and actually The researchers concluded that “the results sug-
those subjects who consumed the most foods enhanced memory function, as well as reducing gest that dietary DHA could be protective against
found in the Mediterranean diet–vegetables, amyloid plaque levels and inhibiting amyloid- beta amyloid production, accumulation, and
fruit, fish, olive oil, nuts, and legumes–and who induced neuron cell death in the brain. potential downstream toxicity.” In addition to
were physically active, had a lower risk of devel- having its own neuro-protective effects, fish oil
oping the disease.
The Mediterranean diet combines several Resveratrol has also been shown to enhance bioavailability
Several epidemiological studies indicate that of other protective phytonutrients, including
foods and nutrients that are potentially neu- EGCG and curcumin, while also working syn-
roprotective, including fish, monounsaturated moderate consumption of red wine is associ-
ated with a lower incidence of dementia and ergistically with these antioxidants to inhibit
fatty acids, vitamins B12 and folate, and antioxi- amyloid deposits.
dants (vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoids). Alzheimer’s disease. Red wine is a source of
It is known that certain phytonutrients pro- resveratrol, an antioxidant with potential neu-
roprotective effects. A number of studies have A multifaceted approach
tect cells (including brain cells) from oxidative Alzheimer’s is a complex disease, and it is
damage and inflammation; some of them also indicated that like curcumin and EGCG, resvera-
trol also promotes the break down of amyloid important to note that there is no magic bullet
seem to protect the brain from the buildup of to prevent or cure it. Additionally, researchers
the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s. plaque. Additionally, a Chinese study indicated
that resveratrol could improve cognitive ability have found that the disease is often already
Curcumin, epigallocatechin (EGCG), and res- far progressed before any noticeable symptoms
veratrol, phytonutrients that are known to have in Alzheimer mice.
appear, which makes it difficult to treat. It is
potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory prop- also important to note that much of the research
erties, are a few that have been researched. Other nutrients has been done in vitro and on animal models,
In addition to the protective antioxidant though a few human clinical trials are currently
Curcumin phytonutrients mentioned above, other nutri- underway. However, we do know that like in
It is well known that curcumin exhibits ents are gaining support for use in protecting the most degenerative diseases, chronic inflamma-
significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory brain from Alzheimer’s disease. In a small human tion and oxidative damage play a role.  We also
properties, and now, a number of in-vitro study of nine Alzheimer’s patients, vitamin D, know that there are a number of phytonutrients
and animal models of Alzheimer’s disease in combination with curcumin, was shown to and other nutrients that work together to protect
studies have indicated that curcumin has a strongly stimulate the uptake and absorption of the health of the brain by reducing inflam-
direct effect in decreasing amyloid plaque amyloid beta by macrophages in a majority of mation, oxidative stress, and amyloid plaque
buildup, helping to break it apart and pos- patients. Macrophages act as the immune sys- buildup. Lifestyle habits, including diet and
sibly preventing it from forming in the first tem’s clean-up crew, traveling through the brain exercise, also play an important role in the pre-
place. Research published in Food and Chemical and body, mopping up waste products, includ- vention of developing a disease like Alzheimer’s.
Toxicology found that curcumin also protected ing amyloid plaque. Take a multifaceted approach in maintaining
cells from damage from amyloid plaques by Another powerful antioxidant, alpha lipoic the health of your brain, because remember… a
decreasing oxidative and DNA damage to acid (ALA), has been shown to have a variety mind is a terrible thing to waste. 
the brain cells.  Human clinical trials are cur- of properties that can interfere with the devel-
rently underway, but population studies have opment or progression of Alzheimer’s disease, References available on request.
shown that populations who consume a large including down regulating the expression of pro-
amount of curcumin (in the form of turmeric) inflammatory proteins and increasing production
have a significantly lower risk of developing of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter;
Alzheimer’s compared to those populations a deficiency of acetylcholine has been linked to
who consume little to no curcumin. the development of Alzheimer’s. Researchers say
that “data from cell culture and animal mod-
Green tea els suggest that ALA could be combined with
Another phytonutrient showing promise in curcumin, EGCG, and DHA from fish oil to
Alzheimer’s research is epigallocatechin (EGCG), synergistically decrease oxidative stress, inflam-
found in green tea. A 2005 paper reported mation, amyloid levels and amyloid plaque load
that the EGCG in green tea reduced amyloid associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”
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Rhino Chewy C Plus Zinc & Echinacea™ Protein Energizer™ Powder 7 oz. Kelp Powder or Grape Seed Extract
or Gummy Multi-Vitamin™ by Rainbow Light® or Norwegian Kelp Tabs
or Gummy Calci-Bears™ High protein, low fat shakes made without soy or added sugar. by Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage®
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Vitamin lci-Bears 7 oz. 500 tabs n
Bears Ca
y Kelp 60 caps ed Norweg
AçaÍ Berr Powder Grape Se Kelp
14.6 oz. .7 oz. Vanilla
Blast, 15. Chocolate Extract
or 16 oz Energizer


1399 14 oz. otein
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EDAP $7.49 EDAP $12.99 - $18.69 EDAP $6.65 - $19.15

L-Arginine 500 mg. or L-Tyrosine 500 mg. Vanadyl Sulfate 5000 mcg.
by Country Life® or Sharp Thought™
L-Arginine and L-Tyrosine are free form amino acids. by Country Life®
B-6 may aid in the utilization of both forms.
sale! Vanadyl Sulfate is a dietary supplement. Sharp Thought is shown
to support memory, faster recall, and increase mental clarity.

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“He who never 7
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Kyo•Green® Tabs or Drink Mix Daily Fiber Formula or Daily Fiber Caps Green Tea Fat Metabolizer ® or Power to
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een Tea
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EDAP 7.49 Daily Fiber Formula; or 75 ct
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Journal of Medicine, researchers combined either Reference: Lee P, Greenfield JR, Seibel MJ, et al.
niacin (a form of vitamin B3) and a statin drug Adequacy of vitamin D replacement in severe defi-
or the drug Zetia with a statin (a combination ciency is dependent on body mass index. American
known as Vytorin). The niacin combination Journal of Medicine, 2009;122: 1056-1060. 
© Jack Challem worked far better in terms of reducing the thick-
ening of the carotid artery, a major blood vessel.
The independent newsletter that reports
vitamin, mineral, and food therapies As good as niacin is, the finding was neither
new nor surprising. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD,
continued from page 1
discovered that niacin lowers cholesterol back in
with the genetic variation] may benefit from 1955 – and it has been approved by the FDA for
supplementation with preformed vitamin A that purpose for more than 50 years.
rather than increased intake of plant provitamin Meanwhile, the Journal of the American
A sources to combat vitamin A deficiency,” Lietz Medical Association published a study claiming
and his colleagues wrote. that supplements of the B-vitamin folic acid
The researchers hope to conduct a similar increased the risk of cancer. The study was a sta-
study of the gene and its variation in men. tistical shell game. Folic acid allegedly increased
In addition to the regulatory role of the the risk of cancer by 38 percent, but the results
BCMO1 gene, intestinal bacteria are also required were not statistically significant.
to convert beta-carotene to vitamin A. The bac- If you read the actual study, not just the Vitamin C Supplements
teria cleave, or cut off, part of the beta-carotene
molecule to make vitamin A. Unbalanced intes-
panicky newspaper and web news, you would Appear to Reduce Risk
have learned that 70 percent of the subjects were
tinal bacteria, along with some diseases, can also current or former smokers, all of the subjects of Fractures
interfere with the conversion of beta-carotene to had a high risk of cancer, and nearly all of the A long-term study of elderly men and women
vitamin A. cases were lung cancers. Omitting this informa- has found that taking vitamin C supplements sig-
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that, like tion was nothing less than sloppy journalism. nificantly lowers the risk of fractures, but dietary
vitamin D, is a precursor to a specific hormone So, if you smoke, should you stop taking your vitamin C alone does not confer this benefit.
that enhances immunity and reduces inflamma- vitamins or stop smoking? –JC  Katherine L. Tucker, PhD, of Tufts University,
tion related to chest infections. An article in a Boston, and her colleagues analyzed dietary and
1928 issue of the British Medical Journal described health data from the Framingham Osteoporosis
it as the “anti-infective” vitamin.
Being Overweight Study, which tracked 365 men and 592 women
Vitamin A is also needed to make and Increases Requirements who averaged 75 years of age when the study
replenish rhodopsin, a key eye pigment that for Vitamin D began in the late 1980s. The subjects completed
enables sight. Night blindness – difficulty seeing If you’re overweight or obese, you’re more a dietary questionnaire at that time and then
in the dark or being blinded by bright lights – is likely to be vitamin D deficient – and will need were tracked for 15 to 17 years.
a classic sign of vitamin A deficiency. larger amounts to restore normal blood levels of Overall, men and women who had the high-
In 1995, a study found that pregnant women the vitamin. est intakes of vitamin C – more than 300 mg
taking more than 5,000 IU of vitamin A daily Previous research has found that vitamin D, daily – had the lowest risk of hip and nonverte-
around the time of conception had a greater a fat-soluble nutrient, is sequestered by fat cells, bral (nonback) fractures, compared with people
risk of delivering infants with birth defects. keeping it out of blood circulation and away with the lowest intake of vitamin C.
Since that time, companies have used either from other tissues. However, the benefits were related to supple-
beta-carotene or smaller amounts of vitamin A Paul Lee, MBBS, of St. Vincent’s Hospital, ments, not dietary intake of vitamin C. Men and
in vitamin supplements. Sydney, Australia, and his colleagues measured women who took an average of 260 mg of vita-
Reference: Leung WC, Hessel S, Meplan the vitamin D levels and weight of 95 outpatients min C or more daily were about 69 percent less
C, et al. Two common single nucleotide poly- at a medical clinic. The patients’ vitamin D levels likely to experience a hip fracture and 42 percent
morphisms in the gene encoding b-carotene were inversely related to their weight – that is, less likely to suffer a nonvertebral fracture.
15,15’-monoxygenase after b-carotene metab- heavier people had lower vitamin D levels. Vitamin C is required in biochemical reac-
olism in female volunteers. FASEB Journal, Lee and his colleagues also gave 10,000 IU tions leading to the production of bone, cartilage,
2009;23:1041-1053.  of vitamin D3 daily for one week to 17 hos- and connective tissue.
pital patients who had a severe deficiency of “More than 1.5 million Americans experi-
Perspectives the vitamin. While vitamin D levels increased ence osteoporotic fractures each year with an
in the patients, the amount of increase was annual cost of nearly $14 billion to the U.S.
Up and Down related to their weight. Again, heavier patients healthcare system,” the researchers wrote.
Media Reports had small increases in their blood levels of Reference: Sahni S, Hannan MT, Gagnon D,
The media roller coaster continued with vitamin D. et al. Protective effect of total and supplemen-
recent news reports on the good and bad of “The current epidemic of overweight and obe- tal vitamin C intake on the risk of hip fracture
nutritional supplements – all without providing sity is likely to increase the frequency and severity – a 17-year follow-up from the Framingham
any real context. of vitamin D insufficiency encountered in clinical Osteoporosis Study. Osteoporosis International,
In one study, published in the New England practice,” wrote Lee and his colleagues. 2009;20: 1853-1861. 
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Case Report: Silymarin ments, including more frequent ovulation. the same percentage of patients taking green tea
Saghar Salehpour, MD, of Shahid Beheshti extract or placebos developed cancer, the green tea
Benefit or Spontaneous Medical University, Tehran, Iran, and her col- did delay the cancer-free time until diagnosis.
Cancer Regression? leagues treated 46 women with either NAC or The amount of green tea was roughly equal
Silymarin, an extract of the herb milk thistle, placebos for six weeks. Those getting NAC sup- to drinking 10 cups of tea daily.
has a long history as a folk remedy for liver plements took 1,800 mg daily. All of the women Reference: Tsao AE, Liu D, Martin J, et al.
disease. Medically, it has been used to improve had been diagnosed with PCOS. Phase II randomized, placebo-controlled trial of
type-2 diabetes and, in combination with other Salehpour reported that NAC led to more fre- green tea extract in patients with high-risk oral
nutrients, to treat hepatitis C. quent monthly ovulations. The supplements also premalignant lesions. Cancer Prevention Research,
It may have potential benefits in the treat- prompted significant decreases in weight, body- 2009;2:932-941. 
ment of liver cancer, according to a recent case mass index, and waist-to-hip ratio. In addition,
history published in Cases Journal. fasting blood sugar, insulin, total cholesterol, Royal Jelly Enhances
Yaw-Sen Chen, MD, and his colleagues at LDL cholesterol, and HOMA-IR (a marker of
E-Da Hospital, Taiwan, described the case of
Glucose Tolerance in
insulin resistance) decreased. Meanwhile, HDL
a 66-year-old man with a large liver cancer. cholesterol improved, but no changes occurred Healthy Men
The tumor measured 11 cm (4.3 inches) and in female hormone levels. Bee products have a strong, even cultish
appeared related to a history of liver cirrhosis “Hyperandrogenism [high levels of male following, but studies have shown that they do
and hepatitis. When examined in March 2006, hormones] interferes with follicular maturity have many health benefits. For example, propo-
the patient refused a biopsy and any type of con- lis, which bees derive from the resin of trees, is
in women. It seems that to further ovulation
ventional treatment. Instead, he began taking rich in polyphenolic antioxidants.
induction, NAC preserves more follicles in the
450 mg of silymarin daily. The latest research along these lines focused
ovary...” wrote Salehpour. She added that “lon-
Chen and his colleagues conducted regular on royal jelly, a particular substance bees feed
ger treatment with NAC may result in more
follow-up exams and ultrasound imaging. By to larvae to turn them into queen bees. It likely
desirable outcomes, such as more effective con-
December of that year, the tumor shrank to 4.6 cm contains nutrients to encourage growth and fer-
trol of clinical hyperandrogenism.”
(1.8 inches). The tumor did not shrink any further, tility in queen bees.
NAC is used medically to treat Tylenol overdose
and the patient agreed to surgery in May 2007. Karsten Münstedt, MD, PhD, of the Justus-
and mucus in the lungs. It is a potent over-the-
“The postoperative course of this patient was Libeig University Hospital, Fiessen, Germany,
counter antioxidant that has also been shown to
smooth...Twenty months after the surgery, the and his colleagues began their study by admin-
significantly reduce influenza symptoms.
patient is doing well and has no signs of tumor istering a 75-gram oral glucose-tolerance test to
Reference: Salehpour S, Tohidi M, Akhound
recurrence,” wrote Chen and his colleagues. 20 men between 21 and 27 years of age.
MR, et al. N acetyl cysteine, a novel remedy
The researchers noted that spontane- A week later, after one of the subjects was
for poly cystic ovarian syndrome. International
ous regressions of cancer are extremely rare, excluded because of abnormal glucose tolerance,
Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 2009;3:66-73. 
although they cited a 1995 report of liver cancer the remaining 19 men were asked to take 20
grams of royal jelly immediately before under-
regression following silymarin supplementation. Green Tea Extract May going a second glucose-tolerance test.
In general, liver cancer has a poor prognosis and
is rapidly fatal.
Reverse Growth of The royal jelly reduced the glucose response
Reference: Hsu CY, Sun PL, Chang HC, et al. Precancerous Lesions one hour after the test and significantly so two
Very large amounts of green tea extract can hours after the test. In other words, royal jelly
Spontaneous regression of advanced hepatocel-
reverse the growth of precancerous lesions in reduced the steep increase in blood sugar after the
lular carcinoma: a case report. Cases Journal,
the mouth, according to a study by research- men consumed 75 grams of sugar. Insulin respons-
2009;2:6251. A free copy of the journal article
ers at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in es also decreased, but the researchers did not
is available at:
Houston, Texas. consider that change to be statistically significant.
articles/PMC2769275/?tool=pubmed 
Vassiliki Papadimitrakopoulou, MD, and her Reference: Münstedt K, Bargello M,
colleagues used a standardized, stable green tea Hauenschild A. Royal jelly reduces the serum
N-Acetylcysteine, an glucose levels in healthy subjects. Journal of
extract or placebos to treat 41 patients over 12
Antioxidant, Helpful in weeks. Because of their lesions, all of the patients Medicinal Food, 2009;12:1170-1172. 
Treating PCOS were at a high risk for developing oral cancers.
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects Patients received one of three doses of the Quick Reviews of
an estimated 10 percent of women of reproduc- green tea extract, and they were instructed to Recent Research
tive age. The condition is often diagnosed when take that dose three times daily. Each dose con- Supplements may reduce eye strain
doctors investigate a cause for infertility and sisted of approximately 1,200 mg, 1,800 mg, or Japanese and Singapore researchers asked 22
infrequent ovulation. It is also characterized by 2,300 mg of the extract for a 150-pound person. subjects to take a supplement containing black
high levels of testosterone and insulin, insulin The two higher doses of green tea extract currant fruit extract (200 mg), lutein (5 mg), and
resistance (prediabetes), and overweight. PCOS led to a positive clinical response in almost 60 zeaxanthin (1 mg) or a placebo daily for two
is often treated with anti-diabetic drugs, such percent of the patients. Only 18 percent of the weeks, after which time the supplements were
as metformin. patients improved in response to the placebos. reversed. When the subjects were asked to proof-
A recent study has found supplements of After follow up for a little over two years, 15 read for two hours, people who had been taking
N-acetylcysteine (NAC) led to a variety of improve- of the patients developed oral cancer. Although the supplements showed continues on page 18
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fewer symptoms of visual fatigue. Lutein and The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression,
zeaxanthin form the macular pigment, the part
of the eye responsible for fine vision.
Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind
By Mark Hyman, MD (Scribner, 2010) sale!
Yagi A. Applied Ergonomics, 2009;40:1047-

Is your brain broken? We refer to our broken brains by many names—depression,
1054.  anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, ADHD, autism, to name a few—and although we can’t see
it, this silent epidemic affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. If you can answer yes to
any of the following, you may have a broken brain:
• Are you depressed, feeling down, and don’t have the drive to do anything?
• Do you find it next to impossible to focus or concentrate?
• Do you get anxious, worried, or stressed-out frequently?
• Does your mind feel foggy, unable to experience the world clearly?
All is not lost. In The UltraMind Solution, New York Times bestselling author Mark Hyman shows that to fix your
Fruits and veggies broken brain, you must heal your body first. Dr. Hyman presents a simple six-week plan based on the emerging field
reduce lymphoma risk of functional medicine to restore health and gain an UltraMind—one that’s highly focused, able to pay attention at will,
Researchers from the University of Minnesota has a strong memory, and leaves us feeling calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.
and the Mayo Clinic analyzed dietary habits sale!
and the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) Stop A.D.D. Naturally
among 35,159 women who were in their 50s
and 60s when the study began. After 20 years of
By Billie J. Sahley, PhD, CNC (Pain & Stress Publications, 2003)
There are millions of children in this country who suffer from Attention Deficit Dis-
7 49
$ Paperback

follow up, high intake of vegetables and fruits order or Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD). Scientific research has demonstrated that a bio-
was associated with a significant reduction in chemical imbalance in the brain can cause hyperactivity, learning disabilities, and certain
the risk of developing NHL. Women who ate developmental disorders. 
The orthomolecular program described in Stop A.D.D. Naturally has been successfully
about seven servings of vegetables or fruits daily
used to help hundreds of children whose symptoms range from mild to severe. The program
were 31 percent less likely to develop NHL.
combines the amino acids that feed the brain with dietary reforms and the use of vitamins
Those who consumed more than 14 servings of and herbs to provide the optimum molecular environment for the brain. This program corrects brain deficiencies
yellow/orange vegetables each month had a 28 and imbalances without drugs and without side effects.
percent lower risk of NHL. Stop A.D.D. Naturally is the answer for those parents who want drug-free therapy with positive, long-lasting results!
Thompson CA. International Journal of
Cancer, 2009:epub ahead of print. 
Food to Live By sale!

By Myra Goodman (Workman Publishing Company, 2006)
Omega-3 fish oils found
Organic food is synonymous with premium quality, the deepest, richest taste, con- $ 4Pa9perback
of benefit in PCOS
scientious farming, and optimum health. And no one is doing more to popularize organic
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is typical-
food that Myra Goodman, a mother, a creative cook, and most significantly, co-owner
ly characterized by an excess of male hormones,
of Earthbound Farm, the world’s largest grower and purveyor of organic produce.
infertility, prediabetes, and overweight. As is In Food to Live By, a full-color cookbook, Goodman offers an appealing, casual style
often the case in prediabetes and overweight, of cooking based on using the best ingredients, organic or otherwise. The dishes are
excess fat accumulates in the liver. Australian irresistible: Sweet Corn Chowder; Foggy Day Chili; Merlot-Braised Short Ribs with Cipollini Onions; Spicy Chicken
researchers asked 25 women with PCOS to take Lettuce Wraps; Blue Cheese Smashed Potatoes. Plus, throughout are Farm-Fresh Ingredient boxes offering cooking
either 4 grams of omega-3 fish oils or place- and shopping tips, and health notes.
bos daily for eight weeks. Women taking the Food to Live By brings the organic revolution to everyone who cares about what they eat.
fish oils benefited from reductions in liver fat,
triglycerides, and blood pressure, compared
with those taking placebos.
Keep me informed about the latest research on vitamins & health and
Cussons AJ. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology send me 2 free, recent issues!
and Metabolism, 2009;94:3842-3848. 
m I have enclosed a check for $28 for a 1-year (10 issue) subscription to my U.S. address.
Fish oil derivative potent
m I am subscribing from Canada or Mexico and have enclosed a check for $34 US or $40 CND.
m I am subscribing from a different country and have enclosed a check for $42 US, payable through a US bank
Some omega-3 fish oil is converted to resol- (such as Citibank or The Bank of New York).
vin D2, a potent anti-inflammatory compound.
Sorry, all subscriptions must be prepaid. We cannot bill or accept credit cards.
In animal experiments, researchers from Great
Remit payment to: The Nutrition Reporter • P.O. Box 30246, Tucson, AZ • 85751-0246 USA
Britain and the United States determined that
resolvin D2 reduced bacterial counts and con-
Name (please print) Business / Clinic Name (only if applicable)
trolled sepsis. Resolvin D2 protected laboratory
mice from an over-active inflammatory response,
Street City State
reduced unnecessary white blood cell activity,
and help clear bacteria from the blood.
Zip Country
Spite M. Nature, 2009:461:1287-1292. 
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Coenzyme Q10 50 mg.

by Natural Factors®
CoQ10 promotes cellular
energy production.
At Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
sale! we give you the following pledge:
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• Our groceries & other products do not contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
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Milk Thistle
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5-HTP 100 mg. Lutein 20 mg. Resveratrol Plus

by NOW® by Nature’s Life® by Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage®
Natural source 5-HTP provides With zeaxanthin, Lutein helps
neurotransmitter support and support eye health.
supports positive mood.

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