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Political Dynasty

Political dynasties are common and prevalent in almost all democratic country in the world.
In varying degrees, political dynasties can exist in any democracy regardless of its structure,
history, or the level of economic development of the country. We can say that political dynasty is
a sequence of political rulers from the same family, stock or group. Literally, it is when political
power is retained or transferred within members of the same family tree. It is not uncommon in
the Philippines political scene that relatives run for or currently holds interrelated political posts.
These type of set-up has been present in the Philippines political scene since the Spanish
era up until now, the prevalence of political strongholds in evident in local and national elections.
We can atleast the power and strength of political dynasties, and we have seen firsthand what a
ruling family, such as the Ampatuans can do if their power remains unchecked over their
Political dynasty is succession of people from the same family who plays a role in politics.
Political dynasty exists in the Philippines because of families that have an intense desire for power.
Political dynasties exist for various reasons. They can gain money through graft and corruption.
The family gains influence which is beneficial in both the local. Political dynasties exists even
though they are unconstitutional. They exist because there is no proper definition of political
dynasties. A law regarding the elimination of political dynasties cannot be properly made. Political
dynasties affect Philippine politics. The capacity of independent candidates to gainer votes. Many
politicians overlook the mistakes and offenses of others because of familytics. Political dynasties
is due to their wealth and the capability to control the economy, they can exercise influence which
gives them chance to gain political power because in some communities, money can run their lives
and can buy their dignity so it will be easy for wealthy families to build a dynasty. Many Filipinos
are bothered when there is political dynasty on their area because they think that corruption will
be the result of it, but for the candidate, it is getting difficult for them because their family members
to simply help and support them. The lack of bills and laws that may define and prohibit such as
political dynasties because the members of the government that have the power to pass bills and
laws are the one who is in such as acts like this.
The political dynasty is succession of people from the same family who plays a role in
politics and now one of the problems in the Philippines politics that the government cant solve. It
is because the people in the position are those who are involved in these political dynasties. These
people want to stay in their position because they want power for personal gain.
Almost all citizens know that political dynasties are lurking in the government but still they
continue to support them even though political dynasties are unconstitutional. They cant be
blamed because those candidates who have political dynasties use their influences and money to
dominate and manipulate the politics since this country doesnt distribute good quality of life to
its citizens those who are in the position are greedy and maybe scared because they dont want to
experience a difficult life. Different cities in the Philippines are being ruled. They have the
superiority in the Philippine politics both national and local levels have been there for at least three
decades. Family to survive in our modern world economy. Even in showbiz people there are
running for their chosen positions in the political world. Because of their exposure on television.
They have all this campaign, from pass to face media. Celebrities today are tempted in what the
former. But every society in unique in its development. Building strong modern political world is
decidedly toward the formulation that we can get not only from adjuncts of clans.
The statement shows that people always think that having an relative in position while a
certain person is in position also is called political dynasty and can result to corruption. This cause
candidate to have a hard time asking help to their relative because people may see it as a negative
sign or not a worthy man for position but as everyone can see it is normal to ask for help to relatives
and non relatives.
The researchers found out that the political dynasty is a succession of political positions to
people to the same family. They maintain their power, influence or authority over the course of
Also, the political dynasty is one of the many problems of our government. It promotes
graft and corruption because of the family members turning a blind eye to each others mistakes
and crimes.
After conducting this study the researchers were able to determine the different families
that have political dynasties in their constituent. The research showed that every region in the
Philippines has political dynasties.
Political dynasty is hindrance for the success of our country. These dynasties must be
slowly removed so that the true meaning of democracy will prevail and other candidates will feel
secured in terms of the quality of elections within our territory.
The researchers conclude that political dynasties do exist even though it is unconstitutional
because of the different reasons like to have the power for personal purposes. It also exists because
of the money and connection of the political families to control some government officials is
creating dynasties hast but not the least. The suggest that prohibit political dynasties is to consider
saying that this act is a way to create a political dynasty. Then they must get rid of political officials
who doing this act that will enable them to pass the laws and bills that prohibits political dynasties
here in the Philippines.
With abuse power, political dynasties can also control the people of a locality by
threatening them by using old fashioned methods. This will effect the peoples freedom and rights
because they can bel killed anytime by the private armies of these political dynasties without
anyone knowing so people will be scared and be afraid to talk.
In this study it shows that power is the political dynasties aim so that they can have
superiority to others. They also want personal gain and they are able to maintain their position by
using their money and influence.

Submitted by:
Grace Buyuccan

November 29, 2017