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Felisha Diaz

Child Development 259 Instructor: Professor Hearns

Fall 2017
Activity Plan Format
The following information must be included in each activity plan. Please include each
number and description when writing your plans. You must create at least 2 activities
from each of the following developmental domains: Physical, Social/Emotional and

1. Activity title: Lets Build A Community!

2. Curriculum area/Developmental Domain: The curriculum area is Block building,

creativity. The Developmental domain is Social/ Emotional.
3. Number of Children/Age and number of adults: 1:6

4. Materials needed:


5. Location and setup of activity: The location of lets build A community is the table
area in the classroom. No set up will be required for this activity.

6. Preparation: Check your manipulatives binds for needed material.

7. Specific behavioral objective: The students will be able to create/build a

community with their classmates.

8. Procedure (step by step):

Have the students place the manipulatives bins on the table area.
Start to motivate the students minds about what things make up an community.
Allow the children to build A community area on the table. (With buildings, cars,
Ask the students this question. What do you have in your community? What did
you build or create?
Speak to the children on the answers given.
Clean up: Follow #11.

9. Discussion (key concepts, facts, skills, vocabulary, etc.):

Vocabulary: Community, build and roads.
Skills: Creativity skills are being developed, sharing and working together.

10. Terminating statement (how will you summarize the activity with the
children): Today we will be working together to creating A Community using
objects in our classroom like Legos, wooden blocks, cars and people.
11. Cleanup: Make sure the objects taken out for activity is stored into their correct
12. Transition (How will you transition children from this activity to another?):
The Clean Up song will be used to transition from this activity to another.
13. Evaluation (Were your objectives met?):
Yes, my objectives where meet in this activity the students to create A community with
their classmates.
14. Follow-up activities/Future plans:
A follow up for this activity will be to read books about different communities around the
world. My Future plans will be to build other things with the students.

Cooperating Teacher signature for approval:


NAEYC Standards: 1a Knowing and understanding young childrens characteristics and needs
5 Using content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum
Supportive Skills: 3 Written and verbal skills
Supportive Skills: 4- Making connections between prior knowledge /experiences and new learning