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Competency 001-

The teacher understands human developmental processes and applies this knowledge
to plan instruction and ongoing assessment that motivate students and are responsive to their
developmental characteristics and needs.
The beginner teacher must be able to understand the stages of cognitive, social,
physical and emotional developments of students in early childhood through grade 12.
They will need to be able to recognize students at different ranges in those stages and
the importance in effectively planning a variety of learning experiences and assessments
to help successfully those students. It is important to be able to understand and
recognize all the factors that affect the cognitive, social, physical and emotional
developments and how one development in any one of those domains impacts the
others. Early recognition of any problems will affect the childs learning abilities later on.
Competency 002-
The teacher understands student diversity and knows how to plan learning experiences
and design assessments that are responsive to differences among students and that promote
all students learning.
The teacher should be able to easily be comfortable and respectful of students with
different backgrounds. A teacher must be able to adapt lessons to address students
diversity. A teacher must be able to understand the significance of helping students
learn according to their cultural and socioeconomic differences. A teacher has all the
students to consider and must be able to strategize for diversity in the classroom.

Competency 003-
The teacher understands procedures for designing effective and coherent instruction
and assessment based on appropriate learning goals and objectives.
A beginner teacher must understand the importance of TEKS and be able to
appropriately evaluate a students skills and needs, assessing their students strengths
and needs to guide them individually and in groups. A teacher will need to be able to
plan lessons timely and structure units that will be effective in teaching the objectives of

Competency 004-
The teacher understands learning processes and factors that impact students learning
and demonstrates this knowledge by planning effective, engaging instruction and appropriate
The beginning teacher realizes that the characteristics of students at different
developmental levels will mean that the teacher will have to adapt to different learning
processes that are age-appropriate. Different factors ranging from home to cultural
factors are all ways that a teacher will analyze and prepare instruction that best helps a
child as the processes changes through the years.

Competency 005-
The teacher knows how to establish a classroom climate that fosters learning, equity and
excellence and uses this knowledge to create a physical and emotional environment that is safe
and productive.

A beginner teacher will need to be able to teach her students age appropriately,
employing different techniques that is beneficial to them. The teachers enthusiasm for
learning is very important and should be conveyed showing high expectations for
students to do the same. A teacher should make sure all material and plans are
physically and emotionally safe and the students are learning to respect their peers and
the community, as well as addressing the students emotional needs and dignity.

Competency 006-
The teacher understands strategies for creating an organized and productive learning
environment and for managing student behavior.
The teacher must be able to use tools for administrative tasks, work with volunteers,
organize and manage groups while conducting the learning and controlling the
environment based on age appropriate needs.

Competency 007-
The teacher understands and applies principles and strategies for communicating
effectively in varied teaching and learning contexts.
A teacher must be able to adjust age appropriately and practice effective
communication techniques and interpersonal skills that are effective in questioning,
leading discussions,and also demonstrating accurately in the teaching and learning

Competency 008-
The teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively engages students in the
learning process.
The teacher needs to be able to apply knowledge, employ different motivational
strategies that encourages, focuses, and engages students in the different learning
processes that are in accordance with ELPS.

Competency 009-
The teacher incorporates the effective use of technology to plan, organize, deliver, and
evaluate instruction for all students.
The teacher must know how to effectively use tools to collaborate and communicate to
plan, organize, deliver and evaluate instructions to students in ways that promotes
creative thinking and innovative processes that construct knowledge, generate new
ideas and create product while identifying and addressing equity issues.

Competency 010-
The teacher monitors student performance and achievement; provides students with timely,
high- quality feedback; and respond flexibly to promote learning for all students.
The beginner teacher must adjust situations and respond accordingly to students needs
while demonstrating knowledge of the different strategies and technological methods of
real-world applications.

Competency 011-
The teacher understands the importance of family involvement in childrens education
and knows how to interact and communicate effectively with families.
The teacher employs different and effective ways to interact appropriately with
families on a regular basis to enhance the involvement of the family because of
the importance it is to the students success.

Competency 012-
The teacher enhances professional knowledge and skills by effectively interacting with
other members of the educational community and participating in various types of profession
The teacher understand that by effectively being part of the community, committees,
interacting with other school professionals appropriately , understanding their roles and
responsibilities as well as attending extracurricular activities and functions that
educational community is involved in that they are enhancing their professional
knowledge and making sure they are using resources effectively.

Competency 013-
The teacher understands and adheres to legal and ethical requirements for educators
and is knowledgeable of the structure of education in Texas.
The beginning teacher knows legal and ethical requirements and applies the knowledge
of ethical guidelines for educators in Texas, following procedures and requirements for
mandated assessments. The beginning teacher also uses knowledge to seek
information and advocate for students and in some circumstances the profession.