Kamilah Hinton

4045 S. Buffalo Dr. Ste. A101-297  Las Vegas, NV 89147  (702) 542-2123 kami.redd@esculentaffairs.com

Objective ___________________________________________________________________________

Position allowing for parlay of demonstrated organization, event planning, culinary, customer service,
communication, and management skills proven by 3 years of successful, profitable self-employment.

Profile _____________________________________________________________________________
Motivated, personable business professional with multiple degrees and certifications and a successful 3year track record of profitable small business ownership. Talent for quickly mastering technology – with advance proficiency in all Microsoft Office Programs, and many others. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and nonprofessionals at all levels. Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential records. Demonstrated history of producing exceptional work in a timely manner. Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Excellent team-building skills.

Skills Summary ______________________________________________________________________
    

Culinary Management Report Preparation Written Correspondence General Office Skills Event Planning

    

Computer Savvy Customer Service Scheduling Marketing & Sales Project Management

    

Insurance Billing Accounting/Bookkeeping
Front & Back-Office Operations

Professional Presentations Training

Professional Experience _______________________________________________________________
COMMUNICATION: REPORTS/PRESENTATIONS/TECHNOLOGY Prepare complex reports for managed care organizations and insurance companies, ensuring full compliance with agency requirements and tight deadlines.  Author professional correspondence to customers, students, and vendors.  Design and deliver series of classes for clients, local businesses, and associations, providing relationship counseling and educating students on proper culinary techniques.  Conduct small-group sessions on meditation/relaxation techniques.  Communicate medical concepts to patients using layman’s terms to facilitate understanding.  Rapidly learn and master varied computer programs  Prepare presentations for clients, local businesses, and associations, providing detailed breakdown of event or meeting plan.

CUSTOMER SERVICE/MARKETING/PROBLEM SOLVING Oversee front & back-office operations and provide impeccable customer service: o Built a clientele supported by 60% referral business.  Develop and implement strategic marketing plan for business: o Launched a thriving private firm, building revenue from $0 to over $56K in first two years with minimal overhead. o Create special promotions, write/design print and outdoor advertising, and coordinate all media buying.  Won over a highly skeptical community as a chef erasing the line between food and fantasy: o Food presentations resulted in standing-room-only crowds of 50+. o Numerous client and professional referrals, and referred family members as well. o Increased client base by one-third resulting from MD referrals.
 

DETAIL MASTERY & ORGANIZATION Manage all aspects of day-to-day operations as owner and Executive Chef of Candied Yam Affairs, L.L.C.: o Facility rental/maintenance. o Client and event scheduling averaging 4 appointments weekly and 8 events monthly. o Finances: accounts payable/receivable, invoicing, insurance billing, budgeting.

NV. EDMONDS & ASSOCIATES – Atlanta. GA.com . Supervision of daily business practices. NV 89147  (702) 542-2123 kami. Las Vegas.C. 2001-2003 References __________________________________________________________________________ ATTACHED OR AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST 4045 S. – Atlanta. Global Owner/Executive Chef.L. Las Vegas. GA. Ste. Buffalo Dr. GA Client Support/Billing Specialist/Administrative Assistant. 2006 to Present BODIES: THE EXHIBITION ATLANTA – Atlanta. Compliance with all state and federal business and health code requirements. 2006 SELF-EMPLOYED– Atlanta. L. GA Start-up Retail/ Café Manager(Temp). A101-297  Las Vegas. 2005-2004 CHAMBERLIN.redd@esculentaffairs. NV Personal Chef/Personal Assistant.Kamilah Hinton o o Supervision of test and prep kitchen. Employment History _________________________________________________________________ CANDIED YAM AFFAIRS.

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