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Final Reflection

Globalization. This is what my elders feared and continue to fear. My elders fear of this
process because it is causing the world to essentially be the same. In my tribe, uniqueness is
valued and according to my elders, making everyone the same is not a positive thing. There are
positive and negative effects associated with globalization. However, taking the perspective of an
indigenous person, globalization has more of a negative effect. Globalization desires conformity
among the world. To create this conformity, this causes a decrease of diversity and increase of
assimilation into the Western culture. One indigeous tribe, the Oglala Lakota Native Americans
are an example of the negative effects of globalization.
This tribe resides in on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This tribe has
horrible living conditions because the governments fails to seem them important. Eighty to
ninety percent of the tribes are unemployed. They do not have running water or electricity
throughout the day. People must heat their water to bathe and use generators for electricity. They
have limited healthcare and it is far from the reservation. The members of this tribes has pleaded
the government help them, but like most governments in the USA, they ignore them. This
population does not have the basic elements to have a healthy living. This tribe is an example of
the negative effects of globalizations. Indigenous tribes face the negative effects of globalization
because they do not desire to conform and assimilate in modern times or Western Culture. Each
indigenous tribe has their cosmology, their origin story of the world, myths, rituals, traditions,
and etc that makes them unique. Each tribe brings a diversity to the world because of their
different beliefs. Each tribe is prideful to show what their culture is about and what norms they
have. Globalization is mostly assimilating to Western Culture because its the most dominant
culture of the world.. Indigenous culture is very different from Western Culture. The cultures
have a different understanding of how to use the Earth, way to run society, how to dress, what to
eat, what religion to follow and etc. Indigenous do not want to assimilate because that causes the
loss of diversity. If they assimilate, their traditions will disappear. Their tribe is their identity and
assimilating would be taking on another identity. Globalization causes the public to look down
on indigenous culture as primal and savage because they do not want to assimilate. Instead of
globalization, one should focus on bring diversity and embracing uniqueness.
Uniqueness and diversity is being eroded with globalization. There are positive advantage
to globalization such as increase communication and having more access to other parts of the
world, however it causes destructive effects on the indigenous population. For instance, for the
Oglala Lakota tribe, they are having a hard time being able to have basic house commodities
because they do not want to join the process of globalization. Globalization overlooks indigenous
people because they do not want to assimilate, however what globalization fails to see if that
conformity is good, but diversity is better for the future development of the planent. Allowing
everyone, including indigenous could innovate new ideas for the better for society and Earth.
Globalization needs to include the indigenous population and decide if this is the path that will
lead to progress.